Trump "Chats Amicably" With Putin, Sides With Russia Over "Election Interference"

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All eyes were on Trump and Putin again as the two leaders bumped into each other at the APEC meeting on Saturday. They patted each other on the back several times, and Putin whispered something in Trump’s ear. The US leader listened attentively leaving reporters to guess what the two discussed.

Shortly after, President Trump again dismissed allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s U.S. election, following his first brief meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin at the APEC conference after their first encounter in July. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Trump said that he believes Vladimir Putin's denials about election meddling - over allegations raised by US intel agencies including the CIA, NSA, and FBI which claim that Russia actively worked to meddle in the election - which are an “artificial Democratic hit job” and did not want to press further because he thinks the U.S. and Russia can work together on issues that include North Korea, Syria and Ukraine. He also said that interference talk "gets in the way and that’s a shame," because people will die because of it.

Trump said Putin had told him again that he hadn’t meddled in the election: “I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it,” Trump said of the accusations.

“I think he’s very insulted by it, which is not a good thing for our country.” Trump repeated that “there was no collusion, everybody knows there was no collusion” and called it a "pure hit job" and said that “rhis is really an artificial barrier that’s put in front of us for solving problems with Russia. I think it’s a shame that something like can destroy a very important potential relationship between two countries that are very important countries. Russia could really help us.”

Putin likewise dismissed suggestions Russia influenced the elections through political advertising. Tech companies, including Facebook, have said some Russian-bought political content spread on their platforms around the time of the election.  “There is no confirmation of our mass media meddling in election campaigns – and there can’t be any,” Putin said.

Trump also said he didn’t speak to Putin about North Korea during APEC summit, and was focused on Syria and Ukraine.

While there was no official meeting between the two presidents scheduled, Trump said he and Putin spoke at picture- taking last night and at a roundtable today. “We spoke intermittently.” Scheduling and unspecified protocol issues were to blame for the fact that a mooted sit-down meeting with Trump did not happen in Danang, Putin said.

They were also seen chatting amicably as they walked to the position where the traditional APEC summit photo was being taken at a viewpoint looking over the South China Sea.

Pictures from the APEC meeting also showed Trump walking up to Putin at the summit table and patting him on the back. They also shook hands at the summit dinner on Friday evening. "We’ll have a meeting” in the future Trump said, while adding cryptically that a deal to support a political solution to Syria’s conflict would save “tremendous numbers of lives”.

“We did it very quickly,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One after leaving the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in the resort of Danang for Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. “We seem to have a very good feeling for each other, a good relationship considering we don’t know each other well.”

Talking to journalists on Saturday after the meeting, Putin said that the absence of a separate, official meeting with the US president at the summit further proves that there is an ongoing crisis in relations between the two nations. “It means that US-Russia relations are still in a state of crisis." Moscow is, however, ready “to turn the page and move on, look into the future and solve problems important both to the people of the US and Russia,” including issues within the “sphere of security, and of economic interaction, which has dropped to virtually zero.”

Asked whether he experienced Trump’s trademark "intense handshake" habit, the Russian leader replied: “I know nothing about his habits, we are not so well acquainted, but the US president conducts himself in the best possible way, is a well-mannered person and comfortable to deal with.”

Ahead of APEC, the Kremlin and the White House gave conflicting reports on the possibility of a meeting between the two leaders, before eventually stating that there will not be an official meeting this time around. Nonetheless, Putin and Trump met and shook hands at a dinner on Friday night, and again at the start of the main meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders on Saturday.

Eyebrows were raised when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questioned the necessity of the Russian and US presidents sitting down for a meeting. “The view has been if the two leaders are going to meet, is there something sufficiently substantive to talk about that would warrant a formal meeting?” he told a press briefing in Beijing on Thursday. Tillerson’s statement comes at a time when US-Russian relations have reached one of the lowest points in decades.

On Saturday, the two leaders agreed on a joint statement confirming their commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. “Moscow and Washington agree there is no military solution to the conflict,” the text of the joint statement, published on the Kremlin’s website, said. Putin and Trump have called on all parties to the Syrian conflict to “take an active part in the Geneva political process and support efforts aimed at ensuring its success.”

* * *

Courtesy of Axios, here is the exchange between Trump and reporters on Air Force One

Reporter: Did Russia's attempts to meddle in US elections come up in the conversations?

Trump: "He said he didn't meddle, he said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times."

Reporter: Today?

Trump: "I just asked him again. He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election, he did not do what they are saying he did."

Reporter: Do you believe him?

Trump: "Well, look, I can't stand there and argue with him, I would rather have him get out of Syria, I would rather get to work with him on the Ukraine rather than arguing about whether or not... that whole thing was set up by the Democrats. Look at Podesta, look at all the things that they have done with the phony dossier. Those are the big events. But Putin said he did not do what they said he did. But we have a good feeling toward getting things done. If we had a relationship with Russia, that would be a good thing. In fact it would be a great thing, not a bad thing, because he could really help us on North Korea. We have a big problem with North Korea and China is helping us. And because of the lack of the relationship that we have with Russia, because of this artificial thing that's happening with this Democratic-inspired thing. We could really be helped a lot with Russia having to do with North Korea. You know you are talking about millions and millions of lives. This isn't baby stuff, this is the real deal. And if Russia helped us in addition to China, that problem would go away a lot faster."

Reporter: On election meddling, did you ask him the question?

Trump: "Every time he sees me he says I didn't do that and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it. But he says I didn't do that. I think he is very insulted by it, which is not a good thing for our country. Because again, if we had a relationship with Russia, North Korea which is our single biggest problem right now, it would help a lot. I think they are doing very well with respect to China, they have cut off financing, they have cut off lots of oil and lots of other things, lots of trade and it's having a big impact. But Russia on the other hand may be making up the difference. And if they are, that's not a good thing. So having a relationship with Russia would be a great thing especially as it relates to North Korea."

"Hillary had her stupid reset button that she spelled the word wrong, but she does not have what it takes to have that kind of relationship where you could call or you could do something. But this is really an artificial barrier that's put in front of us for solving problems with Russia. He says that very strongly, he really seems to be insulted by it and he says he didn't do it. He is very, very strong in the fact that he didn't do it. You have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he has nothing to do with that. Now, you are not going to get into an argument, you are going to start talking about Syria and the Ukraine."

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The better red tie, Trump wore. Putin's had stripes.



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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I side with Putin too.

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He whispered into his ear, "Just get one of your goons to splash a bucket of water on her.  Works every time."

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And so it begins………….

The total destruction of the evil deceptive commie-lib democrat and MSM propaganda machine…….


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It's a freakin' joke at this point.

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Things you can trust in this deceptive world:

1)Anyone who is anti-Israel

2)Orthodox Christianity




Everything else is owned by the jews. That includes the orangeman in chief.

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"Putin whispered something in Trump’s ear."

Don Vorry, Im very Rich Man, I take good Care you in Future Time...

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If that was the case then Trump would have laughed back at him: "You aint as rich as the FUCKING ROTHSCHILDS backing me my friend"


Escrava Isaura's picture

It’s astonishing that Tillerson doesn’t see the need to meet because there isn’t something sufficiently substantive to talk about.

While the President is saying that Russia could help with North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine, basically, by leaving those nations. 

It’s like telling the US to leave Cuba and Iraq. Not going to happen.

Trump is learning the hard way his “Art of Deal” lesson by realizing that geopolitics is an entire different animal than dealing with contractors in real estate.


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I might have to turn on CNN today... they'll be going full retarded on this!

It's a conspiracy wrapped in an enigma inside a double secret conspiracy I tells ya!

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This is huge and totally flew under the radar, is their a connection to the massive power shift in Saudi Arabia? 1200 people arrested  300 billion dollars worth of assets seized / frozen so far as if a couple days ago and still presently climbing.

What Forbes fails to mention that their main partner is doing this, so why would you wish to give your creation citizenship? And that creation most likely had a hand in creating this new way for AI'S to interact with each other and actively participate in a common market place? Very buggy shit. Now it gets even more buggy because of this guy, Dr. Ben Goetzel This guy graduated college at 19 with a degree in Quantitative Studies (whatever that is) and kept on going in graduate school with applied mathematics. Now he's important because he developed the AI robot first then this Ai trading / interaction platform was invented, did the Ai develope it's own system to interact with other ai's? Now this Dr is buddy buddy with Peter Thiel, the ultra rich tech mogul  Trump backer. Remember the picture of Trump and the Saudi King with their hands on that Glowing Orb? AND Guess WHAT ESLE, They All Behind ETHRUM (enhanced bitcoin), SPELLED SOMETHING LIKE THAT
Escrava Isaura's picture

Russia and Isis are their orthodoxy.  They can’t change the narrative. Just like a religion.

And Trump is trapped, because it’s impossible to change this geopolitical situation without going to war.


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Russians in North Korea? Since when?

You’re so fucking stupid it’s hard to even comprehend.

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I guess geography is not your thing.


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Yes, they share a border. You said Russians were IN North Korea.

Come on retard. Troll harder.

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The whole idea that Putin did NOT want Hitlary to be POTUS is ridiculous.
Think about it for twenty seconds... if that long.
Putin already knew Clintons could be bought, were on the take. He knew that for less than it costs to feed his army for one day he could own the White House. Hitlary as POTUS would be a political wet dream come true for everyone but the American sheeple.


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Wait ...

Wait ...

Wait for it ...



Google: define trump card 

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Good. Now let’s go one step further.

During WW2 the Russians were in North Korea before the Americans.

The Russians even favored the unification of both Koreas but the US blocked it.

Then, the Americans try to go all the way to the Chinese border; but the Chinese pushed the Americans back to where they are now. I think it’s called the 94 or 97 parallel.

I think Russia might be North Korea's second or third largest trade partner.  


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"The Russians even favored the unification of both Koreas but the US blocked it."


The Russians certainly approved reunification under Kim Il Sung, who went about that task in 1950.

"... the Chinese pushed the Americans back to where they are now. I think it’s called the 94 or 97 parallel"


The dividing line was the 48th parallel. After the war, the dividing line was just below the 48th in the west and above it along the rest of it.

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And he’s lecturing us on geography?


Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry, I was too lazy to check it.

Anyway, it’s 38.



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Escrava "I guess geography is not your thing."

             "I think it’s called the 94 or 97 parallel"

I guess geography is not your thing either.

The maximum value of Latitude is 90 degrees (at poles).



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Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats you...

It's whats for lunch.

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I watched a Russian movie on Netflix last night.

Is that "collusion?"

Do I need a lawyer?

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It isn't astonishing. It's simply good-cop-bad-cop behavior. Tillerson says the negative things while Trump says the positive ones. The western press is confused and doesn't know what to say. Mission accomplished.

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Keep saying, conservatives should not run America. America is too complex for their nature of seeing things.

Smaller and rural suits the conservatives better.



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Just keep Brazil straight. That's a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job.

Socialists/Communists always think they know it all.

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Wait ...

Wait ...

Wait for it ...



Google: define trump card 

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"geopolitics is an entire different animal than dealing with contractors in real estate."

And exactly what is any different?

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Can't wait to see how the MSM has a conniption fit with the obvious collusion between Putin and Trump... /s

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“the evil deceptive commie-lib democrat and MSM propaganda machine”

…the main plug keeping the vermin in the swamp swirming around.

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After #3, you went downhill. Not saying that either needs to be our enemy, but neither can you trust them.

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Right, a freaking joke, yet this foolshness is a monkey wrench in the the bilateral relationship - very shameful.  So much good is prevented from materializing between our two nations.

Right now I'm hopeful that Mueller will turn out to be have far more integrity than I ever imagined. This April LaJune says Mueller's objective is to take down Clinton and the corruption.  

Hillary Clinton's House of Cards Falling 100 Sealed Indictments and FBI Raids

31 Sealed Indictments Deep State, Take down of Clinton and Podesta

And, Mueller might be on Trump's side afterall: Heard from someone who writes:  "Some have reported that it's getting on towards 300 sealed indictments.   If that is the case, it's unprecedented and something big is happening." 


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Joke? Maybe they thought it was a joke but I don't find them funny or any less dangerous than they were in the 50s. They may not be as effective thanks to the Internet, Trump and an increase in collective awareness but it doesn't make the holdouts any less intent on spreading their lies to mislead, obfuscate and destroy. If anything they are even more intent on wreaking havoc. Insidious, pernicious, lying, rabid dogs lashing out desperately.

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yes,sure.We have Sessions to do it!


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Dumb fucking reporter continues asking the same fictisious question. Why not keep asking Trump if he has seven heads. Do you have 7 heads? No I do not. But do you believe you dont have 7 heads? No I do not. But are you sure you dont have 7 heads? Yes I am faily sure I dont have 7 heads. Ok thank you Mr President. 

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The only evidence the MSM audience needs are lies, innuendos, accusations and assertions.

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And that's why Democracy is over. It's time for Fascism.

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It's as if we a living in a bad Quentin Tarantino movie... 

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How's that Paz de la Huerta case getting along, kiddie?

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Time ?

I bet you think the fascists lost in WWII as  well.

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Nobody denies the only alternative is fascism. Nobody denies it is necessary and urgent that we have fascism. Their complaints are regarding various situations of the past. But if we look to heroes like Alexander the Great, we can see that fascism not only can work out, but can be ideal.

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Fucking media is doing cartwheels & backflips to avoid discussing anything remotely Trump positive.


If you only listened to those cheap suit fucks you'd think Trump was the ressurrection of Attila the Hun & Adolf Hitler combined.

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Hoping Trump gets pissed enough to say something they can turn and say "See? Unstable".


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How do I block losers like you?

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Noticed other sites as well. Trolls are out in full force. Soros dontations starting to trickle down

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Yeah there was something of a reprieve for a while....but now THEY'RE HEEEEEEEERE.

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a fucking 50 yr old star wars fan who thinks it's funny to speak yoda. Defo in his mother's basement jerkin off.

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Look into laser with remaining eye, you won't see that account's output again!