Outrage Follows "Jaw-Droppingly Shocking" 1986 Prince Charles Letter Blaming Mid-East Problems On "Foreign Jews"

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Prince Charles has sparked media outrage following a report he wrote a letter blaming "the influx of foreign, European Jews" for aggravating the Arab-Israeli conflict and leading to general unrest in the Middle East, while also asking whether an American president would "have the courage" to take on "the Jewish lobby" to put an end to terrorism in the region.

The note, written on November 24, 1986, was found in a public archive and published Saturday by the Daily Mail. The Prince penned the letter after official visits to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar with Princess Diana.

"I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally,” the then 38-year-old Prince of Wales wrote in his letter, adding, that “it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems” in the Middle East. “I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated?” he questioned.

"Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in the US? I must be naive, I suppose!” he concludes.

The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, described Charles’ comments “both shocking and entirely predictable.”

"To me this is the most astonishing element of the Prince’s letter. The “Jewish lobby” is one of the anti-Semitic themes that have endured for centuries. It is this myth there are these very powerful Jews who control foreign policy or the media or banks or whatever."  Pollard then told the daily mail that the letter was "jaw-droppingly shocking" and added that "[the Prince’s comments] come from the heir to the throne is unsettling, to put it mildly."

While the letter is inflammatory, there is no suggestion Charles holds anti-Semitic views according to The Mail: "He has many prominent Jewish friends and in 2013 became the first Royal to attend a chief rabbi’s inauguration ceremony. In a speech that year, he expressed concern at the apparent rise of anti-Semitism in Britain."

At the same time, he is seen as a defender of Islam, with one historian noting that no other major Western figure has as high a standing in the Muslim world. 


It has also been suggested he has pro-Palestinian leanings, a perception the letter appears to support.

Prince Charles is not the first one to fall in the "lobby" spotlight: among those to come under fire for using the term ‘Jewish lobby’ are General George Brown, the highest-ranking military officer in the US as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was publicly rebuked and disowned by President Gerald Ford in 1974 after claiming that a ‘Jewish lobby’ controlled Congress, according to The Daily Mail. Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage was criticised earlier this month when he referred to ‘a powerful Jewish lobby’ in the US.  In 2006, Chris Davies, former leader of the Lib Dem MEPs, was forced to resign after he used the term. Archbishop Desmond Tutu also came under fire when he used the phrase in a newspaper article in 2002.

The Prince’s reference in the letter to the influx of European Jews also caused dismay.

It is not clear if he is referring to immigration before or after the Second World War, or both. Mr Pollard said: ‘It is the absolute classic Arab explanation of the problems in the Middle East.


'And it is what everyone has always said the British aristocracy actually thinks – the idea that Jews were some kind of foreigners who had no real place in Israel until we decided to make it their homeland. Historically it is nonsense and it’s quite stunning when it comes from the heir to the throne.’


A senior Israeli diplomatic source said last night: ‘He [Charles] was travelling around the Gulf states [just before he wrote the controversial letter], which in those years were very anti-Israel. It seems he was presented with a narrative in a very convincing way.’

Earlier this month, Britain marked the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, the document that paved the way for the state of Israel, with a gala dinner in London attended by Theresa May and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is also not the first time Prince Charles has gotten in hot water for controversial remarks: In 2007, leaked emails between senior Clarence House staff put Charles at the centre of a row about the Royals’ attitude towards the Jewish state.

* * *

Attempting some damage control, a spokesman for Clarence House said the thoughts revealed in the 1986 letter, were actually “not The Prince’s own views.”

“The letter clearly states these were not the Prince’s own thinking on Arab-Israeli affairs, but represented the opinions of some of those he met during his visit which he was keen to interrogate,” the statement said. It added that Prince Charles "was sharing the arguments in private correspondence with a long standing friend in an attempt to improve his understanding of what he has always recognized is a deeply complex issue to which he was coming early on in his own analysis in 1986," the representative said.

"Over the years, the prince has continued his study of the complex and difficult themes he referenced here. He has built a proven track record of support for both Jewish and Arab communities around the world and has a long history of promoting interfaith dialogue and cultural understanding,"
she added.

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The Zionists run the world


With their economic system in shambles there are those that see an opportunity to toss them under the bus.


China - Russia - with Trump heading up the US anti Zionist movement


This would go a long ways to explaining why the Zionist controlled MSM is villifying Putin and Trump.


What exactly has Trump done to get such a hammering in the MSM?   Sure he acts like a bozo much of the time and sends out ridiculous tweets - but so what?  


When I ask anti Trump people why they hate him so ---  what specific policies has he enacted in the past year that piss them so much -- they have no response


On the other hand remind me how many wars Obama started and continued....    of course the Zionists demanded those wars... so the MSM was NOT going to be ordered to hammer Obama



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Trump always has Andrew Jackson in background when he holds WH press conference. Jackson's portrait is sign to money lenders, I think Trump wants to dissolve Feral Reserve.

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I've never run with the sheep. Made up my own mind. Its a failing I have.

I decided I liked Charles a long time ago. Good on you, YRH! You've got the measure of your people.

You jealous Yanks can throw as many hissy fits as you want, but if you haven't got Royalty, you haven't got a Nation. Just look at the state of you.

And to all you British anti-monarchist I've got this to say to you, "No. You can't have the Top Job. Its taken." And besides, you are not half as good as you think you are.

Well done Charles. You are welcome to sit at my table, as humble as it is.

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hmm..the evil satannic reptile that is the queen or being ruled by zionist elites.

I guess I'd probably choose that old hag, but most definitely would not be publicly bragging about it.

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Hi Charly, go and work one day in your useless life. Repeating like a parrot whatever you are told is a sign of mental weakness. It makes sense because an entire life off the taxpayers doesn't require any effort. Licking the Arab ass is normal for PC, but is getting old.


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The Arabs would be well served to abandon your Abrahamic Patriarchal monster and revert to the gods of their ancestors.


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Excellent that they have outed this letter by Prince Charles. Some education required, it seems.


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The Jews are master manipulators. If they don't tie you down with frivolous lawsuits, they'll try their sophistry.

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I don't wanna be a jew!

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I don't see any outrage... in fact 98% of the world's population agree with him... so why all the articles saying 'outrage'? He hit the nail on the head... the unspoken truth 

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Because when you own all the tools of information, you get to say what is what, period.


Reagan and Bill Clinton put the nails in America's coffin, allowing consolidation and MASS MIGRATION. 


How often do you hear, even on ZH about Muslim migration versus the Latino invasion. Even though Trump was elected to STOP mass migration, all we hear about is about Muslims, from countries WE ARE DESTROYING! 


38,000 Muslims from countries fleeing America (see: Zionist) Middle East wars, while there are some 35,000,000 Latinos and millions upon millions of anchor babies...


Because mass migration is the tool of choice to destroy America. As long as you give the Latinos their free goodies, they will not question foreign policy, privacy violations, or militarism, they are used to all that. 

Omega_Man's picture

how could a US president stand up to them, when you can't become president without them?

nevertheless's picture

Carrot and the stick:

Obama, Clinton(s), Trump, Reagan, Bush...

Work for us, get rich, "we own the media, wall street, publishing, entertainment...", million dollar book deals, lucrative speaking engagements, "favorable loan agreements"...

Work against us and we will use those same institutions to destroy you'

The Clinton's increased their net worth by 1650%, Bill Clinton being the worst traitor in US history, a total slave to the Zionist Jews. Jimmy Carter on the other hand 0% increase...And we already know Chump made all his money from his loyalty to Zionists, and now they put him in office. 


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Prince Charles for president! Can't be worse than the crypto jew Drumpf.

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Any time I see the phrase "jaw-dropping" I know I am looking at lowbrow clickbait. That expression is almost exclusive used by blue collar Jews from NYC, mostly from Brooklyn or Queens. It is accompanied by a a facial expression in which the speaker opens his eyes and mouth wide and justs his head forward to make a fake expression of disbelief.

These people usually write for the lowest of the tabloids.

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The son of the House of Windsor suddenly realizes that the Balfour declaration created during the Sykes Picot rampaged partition of the spoils of Ottoman decline had an add on  : the creation of a Jewish Templar state to protect what was already the perceived prize of the region : The Oil rich basins of Iran/Iraq/Baku that Clemenceau had labelled in 1916  "the blood of nations as precious as the blood of our soldiers as it feeds the great industrial turning"...

In fact, the French got put into the Red line loop of Seven Sisters, engineered by Mr Gulbekian, the Armenian magnate and go between between Ottomans, Germany and Persian princes of the region. When Kaiser Wilhem subsequently lost the fruit of the Stamboul train built, from Constantinople of his Ottoman ally, to Baghdad-- that he had financed to access PRECISELY Baku and Kirkuk with his Ottoman counterparts in 1912.

France replaced Germany in the Red Line partition of Iran/Iraq/Syria post WW1 demise of Germany ; but not Saudi Arabia... which fell into the laps of Saud and a certain Allen Dulles subsequently; all due to the machinations of Mr Saint John Philby...

But to go back to the origins of the great rush for ME OIl, the British with Knox D'Arcy had done a similar deal with the rival princes of Iran, creating Burmah Oil in around 1910. The Great game between Germany, Czarist Russia and Imperial Britain had already been focussed on Baku's Oil since...1859 and the extraction of Kerosene to replace whale oil as heating and lighting oil. SO Oil was in the industrial loop even before the motor car was invented; but  vitally and strategically more so after WW1.

While Lawrence and Gertrude Bell started the carve out the Hashemite kingdom from the remains of the day of Ottoman Arabia, post Ottoman collapse, it fell flat on its face by the unexpected victory of the Sauds over the HAshemites-- in 1925-- which put the Wahhabites at the centre of the Middle East oil game, under the control of a rival British deal maker and renegade to his own Rule Britannia clan : Saint John Philby; a typical british mystical thinker --influenced by oriental soufiism-- and socialist thinker--not a blue blooded king and country man-- who would father an even more notorious renegade subsequently : Kim Philby of the Cambridge five spy ring.

Saint John Philby had converted to Islam and then pissed on the Brits, who chucked him out of the Colonial Service for debauchery and womanizing, by bringing in Chevron--non signatory to Red Line-- into Saud-- to find Ghawar under the advice of a prominent lawyer and red blooded Wasp of the US Ivy league circles : Allen Dulles. Thats how Aramco was born.

So... Prince Charles realizes --that the great game having been started by all these scions of Colonial Rule Britannia-- had spawned a toxic mix of Abraham's legacy into the region. And King and Country owed so much to the Rothschilds who had been their Royal bankers since Waterloo days.

Now the game was so complicated-- and as Pax Americana had replaced Pax Britannica in the region since Suez debacle of 1956-- and the subsequent "wind of change" retreat had announced that Britain was now sidelined-- it was up to Reagan to change that phucked up situation.

History has proven that Reagan was on another trajectory, where the Sauds were part of the loop to bring down the Soviets...

Now its payback for the Hubris of Pax Americana's prolonged criminal implication in "regime change" and doing what it takes.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Nice. Very fine history lesson.

prymythirdeye's picture

It's so hilarious that everyone knows what a problem the jew is but no one's allowed to talk about it.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

1986, back in the pre-87 crash days when terrorism was still just an entertaining problem for Europe and Aparthied was still keeping South Africa from burning down.

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Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't know Price Charles is intellectually a bit lacking? He's spent too many years smiling at cameras for photo ops while his brain has lost ability. He collects toilet seats for Gods sake. 

Dickweed Wang's picture

If you're implying that what Charles is saying I'd not completely factual it's you that is intellectually deficient, or you're in complete denial which means you're likely a Jew yourself.

brazilian's picture

At least he has a brain. That's more than you can say about Netanyahu.

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If you hate black people, you are racist.  If you hate black nationalism, you are well within your right.

If you hate white people, you are racist.  If you hate white supremacy, you are well within your right.

If you hate Jews, you are racist (they are a race).  If you hate Zionism, you are still racist.

If one ever criticizes a Zionist, they will attack you and make your life a living hell.  Why?  Well, simply stated, their lives are living hells and misery loves company. 

Dickweed Wang's picture

Jews are not a race numbnuts, they're a tribe or a clan. There's a big difference.

DYS's picture

They would argue that their genetic heritage is more important than their religion.   In whatever case, they occupy the argument that most suits their current situation.   Shifty shieBters.

Dickweed Wang's picture

This is just another "elephant in the living room" issue regarding the Jews that the world is not allowed to talk about.  Well you know what?  Fuck that shit!  Nothing will change for the better unless we all have a serious conversation about the totally disproportionate influence (in comparison to their total population) Jews have on countries like the US and UK and the world in general.

They're less than 2% of the population in those two countries and they control (or have a major influence on) things like; education, the MSM, the movie industry, written media and publishing and banking and finance (note how many of those areas have a huge impact on how public opinions are formed and therefore are easily used for manipulation of public opinion - that is NOT a coincidence).

Something is really messed up with that whole situation that's for sure. No single group should have that much power and influence over the rest of the population.

redmudhooch's picture

Holocaust is fake.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

WHY so late coming to the "Party"?...

Because he's an eccentric coward just like every other member of the "Orange" household and doesn't want to wind up like wife #1!...

DYS's picture

Charles is based?   Whowuddathunkit?

wdg's picture

From the comments, it is clear that Zerohedge readers understand the disproportionate and negative role that Jews have played in Middle Eastern and other wars through their control of Congress, the Federal Reserve, the MSM and Hollywood. The US and UK governments (along with most western governments) are Zionist Occupied Governments or ZOG. The challenge is to educate all Americans and people of the western world which is slowly happening through the power of the internet and mass communication. When I look back 50 years, there is no comparison in access to independent analyses, scholarly articles and opinion between then and now. Even books published decades and even a hundred years ago that were flushed down the memory hole have been rediscovered and are being read by a growing number of people. The genie on Jewish influence and control of western governments, from the Balfour Declaration to Bolshevism and Communism to the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve to the Frankfurt School of subversion to control of the MSM and Hollywood is now out of the bottle and cannot be put back. This will have profound consequences for Zionism, Jewish control and Israel...and ultimately peace and prosperity in the Middle East and throughout the world. 

brazilian's picture

The one thing that always outrages Israeli Zionists is THE TRUTH about their behavior. 

Captain Nemo de Erehwon's picture

Who will be outraged when everyone runs out of rage?

blind_understanding's picture

"Tyler Durden" (Daniel K. Ivandjiiski) has a conflict of interest in reporting matters Jewish, which he failed to mention.

headless blogger's picture

Either say what you have to say or shut up.


Isn't he part of that pickpocket family that live in a council house called Buckingham Palace?

redmudhooch's picture

Atlanta Jewish Times featured a column by its owner-publisher suggesting that U.S.-based  Israeli Mossad agents might someday need to “order a hit” on the president of the United States.



On Jan. 13 the Atlanta Jewish Times featured a column by its owner-publisher suggesting that Israel might someday need to “order a hit” on the president of the United States.

In the column, publisher Andrew Adler describes a scenario in which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would need to “give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel.”

The purpose? So that the vice president could then take office and dictate U.S. policies that would help the Jewish state “obliterate its enemies.”

Adler wrote that it is highly likely that the idea “has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles.”

Numerous Jewish leaders quickly condemned Adler, who has now apologized for the column, resigned, and put the newspaper up for sale. An Israeli columnist noted that the hatred being stirred up against Obama is similar to conditions in Israel that led to the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish extremist.

HoPewGassed's picture

"Adler, who has now apologized for the column, resigned, and put the newspaper up for sale. "

Never tell the truth in public. 

HoPewGassed's picture

The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, described Charles’ comments “both shocking and entirely predictable.

How about: "Shocking and long overdue"? 

Andrew-Winter's picture

There is NOTHING jaw dropping about this.  Prince Charles has correctly identified "a" problme in the Middle East.

But here are both sides of the coin.  

Side one:   This is the side that produced Prince Charles comment.    The Zionist movement existed/exists in Europe because of the long standing anti semitism in Europe that has regularly produced mass slaughter.    

European Anti Semitism has it's roots in the aftermath of the Bar Kochba revolt in the old Prefect of Judea.    The emperor was Hadrian.    We do not know the particulars of the revolt because when it was over Hadrian expunged the Roman records.

Hadrian then performed a curretment on Judea.   He removed the population, mostly jewish, plowed the fields, and salted them so nothing would grow for a few generations, and Hadrian renamed the place Syria-Palestina.

The Dispersal of the Jews throughout Europe is the last great "Diaspora" of the Jews.    These jewish communities became the focus of bigotry and hatred throughout Europe.    One fairly large factor was that the Jews of Europe very reluctantly allowed marriage to non-jews, and never "assimilated" to the customs of the places they were dropped into.

These are your European Jews.   "European Jew" is something of a misnomer if you understand all of this.   These communities did all they could to keep their semitic genome intact,  keep their Jewish Traditions untarnished, and to keep themselves as seperate from Christendom as they could.

They were slaughtered at frequent intervals for this, culminating in the Holocaust, which was NOT caused by the NAZIs, was NOT the product of Hitlers imagination, but WAS a grassroots movement Europe Wide to exterminate the Jews in Europe.

These exterminations, that eventuallly culminated in The Holocaust, are what gave rise to "Zionism".

Fast Forward to Post WWII.    The BEST depictions in film of the rise of an Independent Israel are "Cast a Giant Shadow" starring Kirk Douglass, and "Exodus" starring, well, just about everybody in the American and British film industry.   The Latter film portrays a touch of the "other side of the coin" that caught Prince Charles eye.

The Other Side of the Coin:

Begins with the Brits vs the Turks in the Middle East.   To safe guard the Suez Canal the  Brits needed to do something about The Ottoman Empire, which had sided with Germany.   WWI mind, not WWII.   They sent Lawerence there to orgainize a local resistence movement.

One of the pieces of that strategy was the Balfour Declaration that SEEMs to give a green light to the Zionist movement.   After WWI The League of Nations, largely along bigotry laden ethnic boundaries, drew up the political world map we have today.   But, there is no Israel on that map.

The Zionist citing the Balfour Declaration sponsored mass emmigration into The British Protectorate of The Trans Jordan, what Hadrian called Syria Palestina, what the rest of the world knows as "The Holy Land"

What happened between WWI and WWII is where Prince Charles obseravations come into play.    British Authorities closed their eyes to their own emmigration law and allowed the mass migration to continue.   This began to alter the demographic in The Holy Land to a degree that Amin al-Husseini was sent to Jerusalem by The King of Saudi Arbia to try to get this illegal immigration halted.  The change in Demographic alarmed the authorities in Riyahd becase they saw that with The League of Nations charters in place any futre "refferendum" in The Holy Land would see the creation of a "Jewish State".  Riyahd did not like this, because the average Arab did not and does not to this day recognise the Jews from Europe as long lost semitic cousins.   They regard them as Europeans and the Creation of a "Jewish" State a sham, and nothing less that more European "Crusades".   This political reality underlies everything you will read regarding "biblical archaeology, and Egyptology".

Amin al-Husseini failed completely.   When WWII  broke out the resentment against Britain was so great that Amin al-Husseini succeeded in getting the Arab world to side with the NAZIs.    He went into exile and spent the war as a guest of Hitler in Berilin.    His letters and such reveal his support for what Hitler called "The Final Solution" to the Jews.   What happens in the two films mentioned above lays the foundation for where we are now.

After the Holocaust the Jewish Community.   Whether you want to call the European Jews vs Semitc Jews really is a mute point,  because all those millions of Europeans who participated in the Holocaust certainly did not care,   After The Holocaust, this Jewish Community said to the Civilized World, simply, and grossly, "Fuck You".   If we will be slaughtered, we will be slaughtered on a patch of ground we can call home."

Thus Israel's existence has at it's core the sad fact that it is there to provide the last living Jew with a patch of dirt on which to stand and die in that last grand act of extermination.

Given that aspect of Israel's existence.   Given that "The Civilized World" was a willing participant in The Holocaust.  Given all of that, is there one sane person out there who would expect Israel to KowTow to any one else's rules at all?

And that last bit can represent a third side of it all. 
Call it The Rim of the Coin.  

Israel exists as an act of defiance,  that last raised middle finger of a people hunted to near extinction for over 2000 years.    Whether they are semitic or not, no longer matters.   Because it didn't matter during The Holocaust.

In short, Israel gonna do what Isreal gonna do, and the world can go bend over and "F" itself if they don't like it.  

But for all of Prince Charles narrowness of percpective.   He was largely accurate in what he observed.   There is NOTHING jaw dropping about his comments, other than the level of ignorance in those outraged by what he said.

Shaznardickleze the Doon's picture

"Whether they are semitic or not, no longer matters."
It fucking matters. Currently they're Sabbatean Frankist LARPing as Nazi fags under the guise of eternal victims in a land given to them by the imbred British crown, strong armed by the Rothschilds via the Balfour Declaration. Zionists will get theirs because their behavior rewards them so. Talmudic antichrist kabbahlists will not have my sympathy when they preemptively strike Iran in paranoia for their own international meddelings. The Goy know.

headless blogger's picture

Well, maybe you should read historian Schlomo Sand, an Israeli Jew who has a completely different history of the "Jews".

And for the Holocaust: Majority of Westereners were not involved in that and did not know about it until much later. Another book: 200 Years Together, tells the History of Jews in Russia, from the time of Catherine the Great forward, and for the most part they were treated well, but continued to exploit the "peasants", and so it was on-again-off-again situation for Jews in Russia. They were well known as antogonistic agains the local populations, deriding their Christianity, but sticking to themselves, except in the brewing of alcohol and mingling with the Elites, as the elites mistakenly used their services.

History is being told (at this point in time) by the Jews. Schlomo Sand and many others have debunked the "Diaspora" for the most part.

Jews deserve NO SYMPATHY. They are not victims but end up in bad situations due to the overall deceiptful things they do to the populations.

Who do you think is behind the Open-Borders policy in Europe?


taketheredpill's picture

Michael Oren writes in his book, Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present, "Though founded in 1953, AIPAC had only now in the mid-70s, achieved the financial and political clout necessary to sway congressional opinion. Confronted with opposition from both houses of Congress, United States President Gerald Ford rescinded his 'reassessment.'"[14] George Lenczowski notes a similar, mid-1970s, timeframe for the rise of AIPAC power. "It [the Carter Presidency] also coincides with the militant emergence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as a major force in shaping American policy toward the Middle East."[15] He further notes that this period also coincides with a major shift in Israeli government policies related to the election of Menachem Begin in Israel.


Common Knowledge....who cares really.

headless blogger's picture

WE SHOULD ALL CARE!!! It matters because these insidiously cunning people are destroying the West, which my bets are on that this was their entire goal. To clear out regions around Israel and then wipe out the West. By the time I got in high school we were getting history lessons on the Lamp shades made of Jewish skin. I remember this distinctly. My parents had never heard of any of it until I started talking about it.

The 70s is when they took over....early 70s. They've been in power in the West for almost 50 years.

It is not anti-semitic to speak the truth about their power structure.

idontcare's picture

1/2 Jewish here & have to admit that Charles wasn't wrong in his observations.  The "European contingent" (at least those that come from lineages of people who converted to Judaism) have caused many problems for the rest of Jewry. 

Drop-Hammer's picture

For once, I agree wilth Bonnie Prince Charlie.