US, Russia Agree On "Iran-Free Zone" In Syria

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Multiple Israeli news outlets reported Saturday that the US, Russia, and Jordan have reached a ceasefire agreement over southern Syria which proposes to expel Iran-backed militias from the border with Israel in the Golan Heights. The reports came on the same day presidents Trump and Putin issued a joint statement on Syria after meeting on the sidelines of the APEC conference in Danang, Vietnam, which reaffirmed de-confliction efforts as both countries fight ISIS and underscored willingness to keep Syria's territorial integrity intact while pursuing the Geneva process.

Though the joint statement references the "Memorandum of Principles concluded in Amman, Jordan", it doesn't make explicit reference to Iran or Hezbollah, but more broadly to efforts for "the reduction, and ultimate elimination of foreign forces and foreign fighters from the area to ensure a more sustainable peace."

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But according to The Times of Israel, the Amman agreement is geared toward preventing a continuing Iranian presence in Syria:

Under the agreement apparently inked Saturday, all non-Syrian fighters, including Iranian proxies fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, would be required to leave the border area and eventually Syria, Hebrew media reports said Sunday, citing an American official.

Currently, there's been no confirmation of whether or not the deal actually singles out "Iranian proxies" or if Israel had any influence within the negotiations. The deal is based on a previous ceasefire agreement reached in July in Astana, Kazakhstan - a deal which Israel blasted at the time as being too tolerant of Iran's presence in Syria. 

As part of the Astana talks, Trump agreed to a southwest Syria 'de-escalation zone' with Russia, which would necessarily involve Iranian cooperation. The agreement implicitly acknowledged Iran's troop presence in Syria as legitimate, and as reported at the time further "ignored Israel’s positions almost completely." But analysts have been in general agreement that the US-Russia brokered deal has been relatively successful and a step in the right direction

A subsequent Reuters report covering a contentious Netanyahu-Putin meeting in August bluntly acknowledged Israel's willingness to see the Iranian and Shia allies of Assad expelled from the region, even if that should mean the ascendancy of ISIS. According to the Reuters report

In parallel to lobbying Moscow, Israel has been trying to persuade Washington that Iran and its guerrilla partners, not Islamic State, pose the greater common threat in the region.

For this reason, Israel has blamed - seemingly without any pretense of an investigation - each and every border incident on Syria and its allies, to the point that even when anti-Assad groups fire mortars in the direction of Israeli territory, the Israeli military response targets Syrian government forces.  

This phenomenon has been long recorded by United Nations investigative reports. For example, in October 2014 the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which at that time still had a significant presence in the Golan area, reported to the UN Security Council:

On 23 June [2014], Israel targeted nine Syrian army positions with tank fire and air strikes after mortar fire from the Syrian side the previous day killed an Israeli civilian. Israel’s assessment is that most of these incidents are due to errant fire resulting from fighting in Syria. Israel said that armed opposition groups were probably responsible but that its forces fired on Syrian military positions to stress that Syria was responsible for security on its side of the ceasefire line.

Since then Israel has repeatedly struck targets inside Syria deemed to be Hezbollah weapons storage locations - and over the past year such airstrikes have occurred almost weekly - with Israeli jets often firing from over Lebanese airspace. 

And again over the weekend Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly shot down a drone above the Golan Heights, which the IDF claimed was a "Syrian Spy drone" which originated with either Iran or Hezbollah. The incident prompted Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman to once again threaten Syria. “The Syrian regime is responsible for every attack and violation of our sovereignty, and we will not allow the Shiite axis to be established in Syria as a base for action,” Liberman said.

On Friday Israel continued to escalate its rhetoric after a dubious report published by the BBC claimed that Iran has established a military base at a site used by the Syrian army outside El-Kiswah, 14 km (8 miles) south of Damascus. For Israel this would constitute the crossing of a "red line" by Iran: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned that Iran wanted to establish itself militarily in Syria. "Israel will not let that happen," he said.

Though Israeli media appears to be reporting the latest 'deescalation agreement' in southern Syria which would force the exit of Iranian proxies as an Israeli diplomatic victory, it is unlikely that Israel's heightening war rhetoric will cease.

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Joe A's picture

Isn't it for the Syrians to decide who they want to be in bed with? They might want to think that carefully over but still, it should be their call. Anyway, Putin knows all this and just agrees to something and then sees how it all fans out.

David Wooten's picture

"Under the agreement apparently inked Saturday, all non-Syrian fighters, including Iranian proxies fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, would be required to leave the border area and eventually Syria..."

Hezbollah should return to Lebanon and be ready for a rematch with "god's chosen ones".

africoman's picture

How in hell will Russia sign such agreement?

It's up to Syria that should decide who has to stay or not, isn't that be giving in to the wolf cry that "Iran is building a military base in Syria" latest accusation?

I haven't read the whole article but this sounds a bit outrageous and false in seeing its the I$$rahellli medias who are broadcasting it.

We are reaching the episode where we know for sure who is who for REAL including RUSSIA/PUTIN/SERGEY LAV/etc amidst I$$rahell/Saud pack of filth are busy creating another war with Hezbollah/Iran

Isn't a fucking wannabe Bibi bomb said I$I$ our boy now gone, and Iran replaced it? Everything out of his/its mouth is an insult.

Ms No's picture

WTH are they doing?  Did the US and Israel sign a cease fire on behalf of ISIS?

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Well, they invented them, created them, incubated them, supported them, supplied them, directed them, hospitalised them, propaganized them, aided them, abetted them, financed them, pushed them, evacuated them and bought oil from them... so signing a cease fire on behalf of them isn't really that much of a stretch is it?

White Devil's picture

ameriKa will be fighting wars for Israel for the rest of it’s existence.

I Write Code's picture

Debka puts this in a very different light, fwiw.

Ital Scratch's picture

Bibi: They turned me into a...horny toad!


Also, leaders should ask other neighbourgs in vicinity that American troops are red line and that they should go. There Debka, fixed for you. Oh, what about nuclear nuclear proliferation?

Nassim's picture

"Israel will not let that happen"

The Israelis are in for a shock. Lots of things are going to happen whether they like it or not.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Bibi is the number one terrorist on the planet. US has no treaties with Israel, and we should have no official or unofficial diplomatic relations either. Den of vipers.

any_mouse's picture

How about an Israel free zone in Syria?

Expel Iran, but not Israel?

Keep in mind the oil reserves found under the Golan Heights by a Dick Cheney company. Israel wants those Syrian oil reserves.

Goibhniu's picture

Regardless of what happens in the future Iran will be blamed for not complying, no matter what they do. A perfect setup.

beijing expat's picture

I was under the impression that this was already agreed, the presence of Iranian troops on their border obviously being a red line for Israel.

That being said, good on Trump for signing on. Even if it is the obvious.

beijing expat's picture

That's being said, if the Iranians aren't there, then the SAA obviously will be.

This could be a sign that Israel is dropping its support for AQ in its border areas, indicating that Lebanon may survive yet.

There must be great gnashing of teeth among the NeoCon community.

Jack Oliver's picture

They are lying to put pressure on Russia !

When Netanyapoo went to Russia recently - to push his fears about Iran/Syria - the Kremlin gave a press release that read -" Israel's concerns have been 'noted' "'!!!

In layman terms - it reads FUCK you - you POS !!!

Brazen Heist's picture

The Ashkenazi's are projecting their well known paranoia onto the big players.

Like someone said, how about an Israel-free Syria?

litemine's picture

Don't think that could be done.

Too many corupt politicians on the Take.

They are the Puppet Masters and don't give a "Flying Fuck" about mainstreet.

They have an Agenda, some a religous one...

You again, are not invited.

menchivist's picture

Canot trust any of these people.  Putin will do what he wants when he wants to do it.

Surrealist's picture


Calm: It's only satire...


Trump thanks Allah for hiding him from headline news for a day

sheketebaka's picture

Notify Saint Berinadine's confraternity of the Holy Name immediately - blasphemy is funny.  I am absolutely certain that Baptists join the military to ensure that infantile reprobates can advertise.  Enjoy your vacation in the Paris of Asia.

1) Donald Trump is a Democrat

2) He's done exactly nothing yet

3) Repeal the ACA before it's too late

nevertheless's picture

Donald Trump is a Zionist globalist, Zionist globalists own both republicans and democrats. 

On all matters that are important to the Zionists, the "US government" fully supports, it is only on divisive issues, that there is a difference, a difference without a difference.


Wahooo's picture

Did Iran agree to this?

Boeing Boy's picture

Bibi is a wet lettuce. Putin probably rolls his eyes every time he has to deal with the little man...Trump instinctively knows Putin is da Man....

Arrest Hillary's picture

If Bibi ran Russia .... they'd be a first world country ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

Trump is putting together .... the Northern Latitude Alliance .... I dreamed ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

 LAW .... Latitude Attitude World .... Muslims and Niggers not allowed  ?

AurorusBorealus's picture

This will, no doubt, make Aeerica great again.  Are the Nero-Trumpers tired of winning yet?

MaxThrust's picture

So Iran backed millitias have been expelled from the border with Israel.  The truth [minus Tyler Durben hype] is, all parties to the recent negotiations have agreed that Iran backed militias will withdraw from areas bordering Israel.

Sounds a little more believable,

pc_babe's picture

Good -- Iran FREE Syria

Better -- Iran FREE Middle East

Best -- Iran FREE World

africoman's picture

8 years 16 weeks on ZH

and all these time nothing passed your dumbass mind.

You must be a cold stone turned into a troll?

headhunt's picture

Besterest -- Iran Eats Shits and dies

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Looks like the HAARP/mini-nuke trick on the Iran and Iraq border yesterday did the "trick" or so the media sources in this read are eager to believe "themselves"!...

Never put it past the Kikes in T-aviv when they want it BAD ENOUGH ( (!

Looks like this is becoming OUR reality moar and moar every day (!...


stiler's picture

You hate Israel when they depend on the USA for their defense $$$ and you hate them them when they strike out on their own and create red lines. You'd love for them to curl up and die, but they already did that in 1939-45. Ezekiel's dead bones have come up from the ground and have had flesh put on them. And you criticize them for not having spirit; look, they're just flesh and bone. Yet God will add His Spirit to them. The Goyim-- Japheth-- has lost the Spirit and are seeking war. All the chess pieces are being moved in place by God.

coast1's picture

so God favors countries that do false flags on the world for war?  u.s.s. liberty and 911 just to name two. God favors the continual killing and land stealing from people that do not have technology given to them by the west? (palestinians) Then God is very weird. Jesus also brushed his feet from israel and said He would not return until they repent, which they are in no way abou to do..Please stop changing the Bible for your own benefit...Thx

redmudhooch's picture

Steve Bannons agenda:

Bannon appeals to US Jewish community to join war on GOP establishment

Steve Bannon appealed to the Zionist Organization of America to "work as partners" in his crusade against GOP leaders he blames for blocking Trump's agenda. Bannon delivered the fiery address at the organization's annual awards dinner in New York, with several current and former Trump staffers in attendance.

"That's how you get the Iran deal," he continued. "That's how we still allow the American government to finance people that have blood on their hands of innocent Jewish civilians."

"President Trump needs our back," he declared. "We're a nation at war. This war is only going to be won if we bind together and work as partners."

Bannon: GOP establishment is dangerous for Israel

Bannon calls on Jewish conservatives to help topple Republican establishment, blames leadership for Iran deal.

Bannon is considered a staunch supporter of Israel, and pushed for the Trump administration to honor the president’s 2016 campaign promise to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Any agreement made with the U.S. government is worth less than garbage, and everyone knows it.

redmudhooch's picture

‘I’m Proud to Be a Christian Zionist’: Steve Bannon Gets Standing O from Leading Jewish Organization

The Zionist Organization of America’s annual awards gala gave Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon three standing ovations Sunday after the former White House chief strategist delivered a fiery speech praising President Donald Trump’s leadership in the Middle East and calling on America’s Jewish community “to bind together and work as partners” in his war against the GOP establishment.

“It is time for us to act,” Bannon said, addressing the Jewish community and other American supporters of Israel, “and I believe the only way to act is not through moderation. I am not a moderate, I’m a fighter. And that’s why I’m proud to stand with the state of Israel. That’s why I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist. That is why I’m proud to be a partner of one of the greatest nations on earth and the foundation of the Judeo-Christian West.”

Calling Trump “the strongest supporter of Israel, since Ronald Reagan,” Bannon recalled President Trump’s inauguration speech:

“On the 20th of January, 2017 … President Trump said we will reinforce old alliances and form new ones to unite the civilized world against radical terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.”

Herdee's picture

Israel broke its' promise to President Jimmy Carter to pull back to pre '67 borders. They've been deceiving everyone ever since.