Conservatives Smash Keurig Machines In Social Media Uproar

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Over the weekend, CNBC reported on five companies that halted all advertisements of their products on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show. These companies included:

  • 23 and Me
  • Eloquii
  • Keurig
  • Nature’s Bounty

The story began last Thursday, with the sexual allegations against Roy Moore, the Alabama senate candidate who, The WaPo reported that day, made sexual advances towards four teenagers when he was in his early 30s. As of today, there is even a fifth women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct.

After the story broke on Thursday, Fox host Sean Hannity came out and asked his audience to give Moore the benefit of the doubt. According to NYTimes,

Mr. Hannity, describing those actions on his radio show while speaking with a co-host, Lynda McLaughlin, seemed to justify Mr. Moore’s reported conduct by calling one of the encounters “consensual.”

Hours later "On his television show, Mr. Hannity said that the statement “was absolutely wrong” and that he “misspoke.” He then brought up the possibility of accusers lying for money, or for political purposes."

The following day, Angelo Carusone, President of Media Matters, a ‘politically progressive media watchdog’ that monitors “conservative misinformation in the U.S. media” said this to Keurig:

On Saturday, Keurig responded by saying “we worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show”.

What happened next was a firestorm on social media that swept across the United States late Saturday into Sunday. The bulk of the trend #BoycottKeurig exploded on Sunday, as many conservatives who have boycotted the NFL because of kneeling problems, decided they had to urgently get involved in the latest bitter debate splitting America. We start with ‘Snoop Baily’ who smashed the living hell out of Keurig with a driver.

To keep it short, this is what it looks like when a sizable chunk of the US decides to go "Office Space":

For a while, Hannity played along with the trend empowering it to grow through his enormous social media network as conservatives were called to action to smash Keurig machines. As the day closed, he then told his audience that he was buying 500 coffee makers to give away on Monday.

On Monday, however, the Krush The Keurig fun ended when Hannity told his audience to stop smashing the Coffee machines, after Keurig CEO apologizes for ‘taking sides’…

Moore's sexual allegations aside, which have yet to be rejected or confirmed, what is more concerning is the blind willingness of substantial portions of the population to succumb to instant mobilization through social media and or a media figure(s), to collectively work as a unit in completing tasks, in this case the destruction of one's own property. Ironically, something tells us that for Keurig the news that its machines were being "Office Spaced" across the nation, was music to the CEO's ears (think replacement value), not to mention the unprecedented media exposure as virtually everyone spent the day talking about the incident (think unlimited advertising).

There's more: as The Atlantic writes, "in destroying Keurig machines also clearly aligns these people with a global environmentalist movement. In 2015, the “Kill the K-Cup” campaign took hold among those concerned about the net waste of so many pods. A Canadian advocate encouraged people to publicly abandon the machines."

Now America finds itself in the midst of hordes of angry people with clubs who will soon be going through caffeine withdrawal. They could go to Starbucks, though the chain has also been condemned and boycotted by some isolationist conservatives, since earlier this year it promised to hire 10,000 refugees in response to President Trump’s executive order barring them from the country.

Meanwhile, always eager to ride on the latest social media trend, corporate America has promptly noticed the events over the past 72 hours, and it is guaranteed that many more companies will follow in Keurig's activist footsteps. Who knows: the resultant breaking and smashing of various "resistance" products may just end up being the CapEx spark that the US economy so desperately needs...

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cbxer55's picture

I've never bought anything from any of the advertisors that are pulling ads from Hannity's show. Never watch commercial interruptions in any event. That is what the TeeVee remote control is for, dodging the blah-blah-blahs. Even the restaurant I frequent, they leave the remote for the TeeVee on the counter so any customer can change channels. Guess what they all do, change during the advertising interruptions. Every time I'm there. Watching a foolball game, when the ads come on, dodge to a basketball game. Vice-versa. 

As for my morning joe, I just use a regular old coffee maker and buy my coffee in big jugs. Fuck them overpriced little joe cups for the keurig machines. The one we have in our break room at work sits unused 95% of the time. Most just bring coffee in from a convenience store, or heaven forbid, starsucks! 

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

This is not good at all for Keurig...

A shit ton of their revenues come from the recurring sales of the coffee k-cups.

Every busted machine will result in hundreds (poss thousands) of dollars of lost revenue streams.

Wait a quarter or two and see what shakes out, but I'm betting their knee-jerk reaction will cost them a lot of money. Being winter, I'm sure they will just blame the snow for shitty numbers. more thing...

Fuck you, David Brock and Media Matters.

You fuckers are on my short list when this country goes into full-blown revolt. I know you scum are lurking here. Consider yourselves warned.

Masher1's picture

I make coffee just like Tyler makes coffee, With a strainer and a kettle, I get great Java and the energy i save can be used to post commentary on the Intertubes....

Dragon HAwk's picture

Kurigs are great for people who don't drink coffee but have friends who do, one cup no problem. but they are like a car battery you prorate that expense over the life of the  coffee maker which isn't that long

DennisR's picture
Throw up your hands and raise your voice!  Monorail!  What's it called?  Monorail!  Once again...  Monorail!
Magnum's picture

Gallagher was first but damn, here's an Epic throwback to this badass!

Bill of Rights's picture

Another well orchestrated act by the scum bag democrats...even a three year old could see this.

silverserfer's picture

am i missing something by hannity saying he was going to buy 500 of these for people to smash up. Is that the dumbest thing you could do if you are boycotting something? 

Magnum's picture

Hannity is pleading with people to stop smashing them. If you already smashed one he will buy you a replacement.  He's trying to delete videos of people who post videos smashing the machines.  He says Keurig creates jobs and this boycott is going to screw up the economy.  

dark pools of soros's picture

probably buy a different model... quick tell Alex Jones to put one on his shop site

PenGun's picture

I'm really fucking poor and I have an Espresso machine. It's not high end, but works just fine.

Shpedly's picture

If you want a decent espresso or coffee, you don't need a fancy machine. Look no further than the ancient technology of the Macchinetta. It's been a fixture in our Italian house forever.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

That's what I use. And it takes up a lot less kitchen space than one of those coffee robots. Maybe I paid $8 for mine.

The pod machines were invented for fat, lazy women. The kind who won't ever clean the big drip coffee machine in the break room, leave the filter basket with wet grounds overnight because they're too lazy to dump it out, and won't cover their fattening crap in the microwave. There are so many of those waddling around the pod makers hit the jackpot.

PenGun's picture

Yeah I have one, somewhere.

I bought The Brevile Cafe Roma for $200 and it's been churning out cappuccinos for almost 5 years now. It's a real tank and having steam is real nice.

Village-idiot's picture

Media Matters : I believe they are sponsored by George Soros.

Need I say more?

Blankenstein's picture

And that majorly creepy, pizza-loving David Brock


And he's always sweaty in his photos -  gross

link for photo

Dickweed Wang's picture

Sean Hannity is a Zionist waste of time and so is smashing a $150 coffee machine that you paid for to "send a message" to the manufacturer of that machine.  How stupid can people be??

Oh yeah, anyone that does ANYTHING because of a meme on Twatter is a total fucking imbecile . . . they don't even qualify for sheep level and should never be allowed to vote.

Benito_Camela's picture

Jesus H. Christ, first world problems. 

Elmerthudpucker's picture

It's funny to watch people act like idiots according to what cable news tells them to do.     Fuckwad Hannity and Keurig are laughing all the way to the bank.  Ratings and sales will both spike even though both products are worthless.


Debt Slave's picture

I never bought the POS, but for those who did and are destroying them now, welcome aboard. Better late than never.

DoctorFix's picture

Overpriced gimmicky shit.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

I gave up at the sight of the diamond earrings.

mb's picture

Keurig is the WORST coffee you can imagine

weak, stale

there is not a better way to waste your money

Ive had 2, still have one.  Never use it because the coffee is so horrible.


I discovered FRESH coffee, and never looked back.  Any mass preground coffee you buy in the store is already stale and nasty. Keurig is the worst.


People are destroying the machines because they are crap to start with.


Hannity is right....guy is innocent until proven guilty.  Even if hes guilty, its not for the media or a bunch of stupid internet people to determine. Hell get what he deserves.  His opponent is a scumbag as well.  


news flash, Remember Bill Clinton getting his BJ in oval office?  JFK cheating with Marilyn Monroe?  Democrats lead the pack when it comes to lying and cheating.

RovingGrokster's picture

Ted Kennedy sinking Mary Jo Kopechne?

TalkToLind's picture

ZHese Murican goyim have gone mad!  Zhey tink zheir coffee maker iz zhe most important ting in zhe world!  A onez cup coffee maker means nothing!

NAV's picture

Every little bit of market shart loss amounts to substantial competitive disadvantage. I remember from my graduate consumer economic course that a 2 percent loss is substantial.

Salsa Verde's picture

I'm so old I remember when prominent Republicans were not sniveling over-sensitive bitches; my how times have changed.

BlussMann's picture

When was that  ever ??? It's all Uniparty now.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Glad to see these things go away. They are responsible for millions upon millions upon millions of non recyclable non degradable Keurig cups hitting the landfills every day.

Theres another coffee maker that uses little pads that are 100% biodegradable and it make a lot better coffee too.

Don't know the brand but I use it 3 times a day at work, along with everyone else. I have a pail next to it and everyone throws the spent filter in it. When its full I dump it in my compost pile at the cabin.

Makes great dirt for the garden!

NAV's picture

 @Moore's sexual allegations aside, which have yet to be rejected or confirmed, what is more concerning is the blind willingness of substantial portions of the population to succumb to instant mobilization through social media and or a media figure(s), to collectively work as a unit in completing tasks, in this case the destruction of one's own property. Ironically, something tells us that for Keurig the news that its machines were being "Office Spaced" across the nation, was music to the CEO's ears (think replacement value), not to mention the unprecedented media exposure as virtually everyone spent the day talking about the incident (think unlimited advertising – ZH


Let’s be clear. A reputable American citizen with a distinguished career in public service stood up against a mounting wave of immoral corruption in our country and he was shamelessly attacked by the moral corrupters. A modern Tea Pot Dome scandal is trying to defame him for his faith and for his courage. In light of the American response to this injustice I am gratified to see how many people saw the truth of what has happened to a man judged by the corrupt Establishment and media as guilty before any proof is established.

The inappropriate analysis here includes “sexual allegations”; think rather “paid political allegations.” The smashing and boycotting of Keurig is not a collective response to social media, it is an instant individual response to protest an unfair character assassination by citizens who believe a man innocent until proven guilty and or trial dismissed because of lack of evidence.  God help us that the entire nation is not smashing Keurigs; I will never buy their product again for I now know where they stand. And wouldn’t it be interesting to know what company is Keurig’s “media partner.”

It is extremely gratifying to me to know that people understand the unfairness of the attack on Judge Moore and see through the complete corruption of an Establishment that uses any pretext to get and keep its money and its power over the people.

And since when has negative advertising been “music to a CEO’s ears”? Dirge would be more accurate.

logicalman's picture

Just for fun, regsrding coffee.....

Bob Newhart.....

If you just want the coffee part go to 2:49 but the previous minutes on the subject of tobacco are pure genius!

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Fake conservative bitchez looking for attention.

40MikeMike's picture

I quit Hollyweird a long time ago.


So many movies made simply for the pedophiles' casting couch.


They couldn't have carred less about the film's as long as they got their victims.



Silver Savior's picture

I just go to Starbucks or the hippie coffee shop everyday. I don't even know how to make coffee. 

Cherubim's picture

Cancelled 23 and Me account

RedBaron616's picture

A new low for ZH: Quoting both the NY Times AND The Atlantic in the same article. I suspect soon we'll see an article telling us that Obama wasn't half bad. Small wonder that there is no author listed for this piece of trash article.

And I don't even drink coffee. If you can't get going without caffeine, you have major issues.

YourAverageJoe's picture

I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. What are my major issues?

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  Not all of us can tolerate snorting coke first thing in the morning. So, coffee. Some dark days thinking about coffee is the only reason I bother getting out of bed.

The Count's picture

Instead of taking a knee to protest I will now take a gigantic dump.

redmudhooch's picture

What do Hannity and Bannon have in common? ZIONISTS! Don't fall for their tricks. It Faux News! Like Breitbart, FAKE!

Jesse Ventura Explains 9/11 And Things To Hannity

Mossad-Boy Sean Hannity foams at the mouth when discussing Iran. His particular hatred for Ahmadinejad extended to American “isolationists” who argued for improved relations with Iran (above: attacking “isolationist” Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan)

The LIES of Sean Hannity, Zionist Stooge and Media Assassin

All Hannity quotes from Hannity and Colmes unless otherwise noted.

HANNITY: "You're not listening, Susan. You've got to learn something. He had weapons of mass destruction. He promised to disclose them. And he didn't do it. You would have let him go free; we decided to hold him accountable." (4/13/04)

FACT: Hannity's assertion comes more than six months after Bush Administration weapons inspector David Kay testified his inspection team had "not uncovered evidence that Iraq undertook significant post-1998 steps to actually build nuclear weapons or produce fissile material" and had not discovered any chemical or biological weapons. (Bush Administration Weapons Inspector David Kay, 10/2/03)

HANNITY: "Colin Powell just had a great piece that he had in the paper today. He was there [in Iraq]. He said things couldn't have been better." (9/19/03)

FACT: "Iraq has come very far, but serious problems remain, starting with security. American commanders and troops told me of the many threats they face--from leftover loyalists who want to return Iraq to the dark days of Saddam, from criminals who were set loose on Iraqi society when Saddam emptied the jails and, increasingly, from outside terrorists who have come to Iraq to open a new front in their campaign against the civilized world." (Colin Powell, 9/19/03)

HANNITY: "And in northern Iraq today, this very day, al Qaeda is operating camps there, and they are attacking the Kurds in the north, and this has been well-documented and well chronicled. Now, if you're going to go after al Qaeda in every aspect, and obviously they have the support of Saddam, or we're not." (12/9/02)

FACT: David Kay was on the ground for months investigating the activities of Hussein's regime. He concluded "But we simply did not find any evidence of extensive links with Al Qaeda, or for that matter any real links at all." He called a speech where Cheney made the claim there was a link "evidence free." (Boston Globe, 6/16/04)

HANNITY: "[After 9-11], liberal Democrats at first showed little interest in the investigation of the roots of this massive intelligence failure...[Bush and his team] made it clear that determining the causes of America's security failures and finding and remedying its weak points would be central to their mission." (Let Freedom Ring, by Sean Hannity)

TRUTH: Bush Opposed the creation of a special commission to probe the causes of 9/11 for over a year. On 5/23/02 CBS News Reported "President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11." Bush didn't relent to pressure to create a commission, mostly from those Hannity would consider "liberal" until September 2002. (CBS News, 5/23/02)

Malleus Maleficarum's picture

Excellent post! I am amazed that people on Zerohedge actually admire and support Hannity, apparently simply because he's a member of "red team" and "a conservative like us." Please... I've listened to him in a "know thyne enemy" sort of way since before 9-11, and he panders to whatever or whomever is popular at a given moment. To be fair, he's apparently not the one advocating this juvenile, counterproductive act. But there is no doubt that he's a dyed-in-the-wool Zionazi twit, and an authority worshipping warmonger whom often toes the neoconservative line. He's good at what he does - keeping a segment of Americans focused on generally inconsequential red team/blue team partisan garbage. Erick Erickson is another, even loonier example. FOX and 'conservative' talk radio are every bit as much full of shit as the leftist media. Try calling up and criticising Israel or Saudi Arabia, or questioning 9-11 and see if they let you on the air!

Conscious Reviver's picture

I don't even know what a Keurig is.

Here's how I make coffee. Equipment cost me about a dollar.

Shpedly's picture

Yeah, thats great and all but the wife is going to be none to happy when you add another dirty "sock" to the laundry.

ZD1's picture sucks.

Zillow or Trulia are better. 



haruspicio's picture

Conservatives defending pedophiles.....what could be more apporpriate than that?


What is this business with avid law and order right wingnuts that they conceal their own behavior whether it be adultery, consorting with hookers, taking drugs or pedophilia, while condemning others in the harshest terms?


Fuck Roy Moore!