Roy Moore Responds To Mitch McConnell

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Just minutes after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sided with "the women," and called for Alabama Senate candidate to "step aside," the outspoken former judge has responded...

We suspect this twitter battle is far from over, and for now President Trump has not stepped in. As Axios notes, this is setting up as a proxy war, with Steve Bannon (who has called for McConnell to be removed as speaker) on a mission to discredit Moore's accusers and McConnell intent on forcing Moore from the race.

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Doesn't Mitch's wife's family own a shipping line that's a known drug smuggling operation.
And she's Chinese, FFS

spy .... commie spy

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>>>>     McConnell

>>>>     Moore

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Aww, look what backfired on poor Bitch McConnell.......

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This whole hing stinks to high heaven as a Deep State setup.  Personally I think it has Rove's and McConnell's finger prints all over it.   The Establishment will not relinquish power without a fight.   So my attitude is lets rumble!

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Evidently, Keurig (the overpriced machine makers) is funded by Soros and far left groups:


Sean Hannity Encourages Keurig Boycott

After Keurig pulled its ads from Sean Hannity’s show, the Fox News host is encouraging a boycott of the coffee-maker manufacturer.

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drain the swamp

drain the swamp

support pedophiles!

drain the swamp

drain the swamp

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I don't doubt Moore dated younger women. He married one. 40 50 years ago in the south particularly it wasn't unheard to see a big age difference. My mother got married at barely 18 and my dad was in his late twenties. Being the scumbag liars that they are the MSM, libs and rino's are trying to assasinate Moore with bullshit. Hopefully Alabama sees thru this

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Aristotle thought the best age for men to marry was 37, after they had proved themselves and found their niche in society, but the best time for women to marry was 18 when they were most fertile and capable of looking after children.

Older men dating younger women is simply a feature of all traditional cultures. It's foolish to pair two young people together without either having wisdom or being proved by life.

(Obviously, none of that sick 9 year-old shit that Mohammed did, though.)

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i was dating an 21 year old when I was 39. She was super serious about marriage and commitment. I just couldn't do it. Dating and marriage are two different things, and these days 21 year old women are very immature. I ended up marrying a 28 year old when I was 40... not such a huge difference in maturity, and the age gap is not so big that she is going to face decades alone when I kick the bucket.

In a society with tight knit social bonds, community, families that support each other... fine, you can marry young like that. These days, with rampant materialism and the like... forget it. That is why Somalian women pack 6 kids each by the time they are 25, while white women can barely crank out 1 baby and two cats by the time they are 40.

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This fight will stimulate the turnout on both sides.  The more it escalates, the more likely Moore wins.  I am a deep South native, and have relatives in AL.  Those folks don't take kindly to outside intervention, and my bet is that Moore will win - bigly.  Just watch.  He will not hold back, and Mitch will end up being very embarrassed.

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"I'm with Moore."


WaPo is 90% Fake News these days. They sit around and just make up shit. It's filled with far left wing writers anyway.

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Yabbut, Yabbut, wut about all them cops slaughtered by the BLM?

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What's the difference between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell?

Chuck Schumer wears his yamaka in public.

justin423's picture

He is accused of hitting on more than one woman who was younger than 16. No one cares about the 3 who were older than 16 at the time.
Creepy, yes but illegal, no.
But the kicker was he more than likely knew exactly how old they were because they he met them through the family court system and had access to their personal details.

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This is definitely a Deep State operation. The book Katharine the Great, by Deborah Davis, exposed the revolving door of editors and counsels going between the CIA, big DC/NY law firms and the Wapo, after Katy Graham took over the paper.

Graham and the Wapo couldn't sue the author because the book was court evidence quality fact. The media helped bury the book because all of the establishment press had (and still has) the same revolving door action.

Katy Graham's husband, Wapo owner Philip Graham, was a friend of JFK and ended up suicided a few months before Kennedy was murdered. The assassination plot was operational in August 1963 and probably before that. Phil Graham was already under psychiatric care before his death and may have been secretly drugged to seem paranoid as a way to get him out of the way. The Wapo joined the lone assassin chorus with Katy Graham running the paper.

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McConnell is sitting on a bunch of bills the GOP House has passed.  He doesn't even want to vote on them.  I agree, he should step aside.   And if he doesn't, look for him to lie again when he tries to get re-elected.   He's a classic RINO: claims to be a conservative except he doesn't perform his job like a conservative would.  The only thing he's "conservative" about, is keeping the statists in charge of the swamp.

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I'm at a loss as to why Bannon gets all this publicity.  He's not in the White House any longer and never got a huge following.  I understand he supported Judge Moore but still.


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McConnell is the red Harry Reid. What a POS.


847328_3527's picture

McConnell, like McShame, Bonner, Graham, Corker, Flake, etc, is a Deep Swamp Creature.

McConnell needs to resign and allow an American patriot in his place.

McConnell, Flake and McShame would probably crawl over to the DNC except Perez and Brazille already made it clear the DNC don't want any white people.

xcct's picture

Wrong.  Reid was successful for his party.  Mitch is just a RINO donor cuck and has no clue or interest in what his party voters want.  Mitch should be removed.

Peak Finance's picture

Bannon gets huge publicity because the media is setting him up to be the newest "Emmanuel Goldstein" 

I believe this is a strategic error on their part. 

dark pools of soros's picture

They killed Brietbart and you know the saying on why you shouldn't create martyrs for your enimies

wcole225's picture

Because he's right most of the time. The dems lost because they were thinking like you. Steve who? Then they found out Steve who.

spaniel's picture

Bannon is a Patriot, and is doing his best to rout the RINOs, the reason for so much publicity is that he is getting results !

Drain the swamp !

trutherator's picture

" as to why Bannon gets all this publicity." 

Andrew Breitbart was the target for hate against traditional values of respect for the natural nuclear family, and faith, as a proxy to sway the younger set, because he was so effective, a master persuader.

He "died". But his web site grew in influence with true opposition viewpoints. Brannon had to do with that as leader of it. 

I oppose all this Zionism but that's why. He's a focus for Swamp hate. 

trutherator's picture

" as to why Bannon gets all this publicity." 

Andrew Breitbart was the target for hate against traditional values of respect for the natural nuclear family, and faith, as a proxy to sway the younger set, because he was so effective, a master persuader.

He "died". But his web site grew in influence with true opposition viewpoints. Brannon had to do with that as leader of it. 

I oppose all this Zionism but that's why. He's a focus for Swamp hate. 

Dr. Dooms-a-lot's picture

I want to vote for both.  We dont need a ruling class in any form.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Finally, a Republican who actually has a working spine.  Fuck off Mitch you establishment loser.  How much of the $20 Trillion in debt are you responsible for?  Mitch is the perfect example for why we need term limits for Congress.

BlindMonkey's picture

 Mitch is the perfect example as to why we need to introduce politicians to lampposts

Chupacabra-322's picture

Term Limits?

Many of these Globalist Criminally Corrupt, Metally Sick Alzheimer’s geriatric Vermin should be in Prison awaiting trail for Treason / Sedition.

Nothing more than Compromised, Blackmailed Deep State appendages.

The Flase Right / Left Paradigm of

Tyrannical Lawlessness

has been exposed.

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You are such a guppy fag!!!You totally suck cop& soldier cum& poop! Why dont you move to China and your children can be little slope cuckfags?

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

At the request of Reince the Donald offered a spot to try and appease that useless MF gloabalist rhino Mitch by giving her a spot in the Trump Administration. That was a big fuking mistake and I hope he boots her after this Tax Deal crashes and burns....and it will due to the rhino's.

John Kerry-Heinz's picture

Xplanes alot.  Mitch and Sessions must use the same doc for prescribing of zombie pills.  Same blank look when speaking, same do nothing ineptitude.  The prepared script is all that allows them to appear as somewhat functioning human beings.

bpgnp210's picture

You mean Mitch's wife that is currently in Trump's cabinet?  

BabaLooey's picture

Fucking Yahoo and all the other shitfuck sites are blasting this all over - twsting the fuck out of it.

McConnell - fuck off you jowly shitweed.

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Can someone drag $100 through a trailer park and find the women Mitch molested, so we can finally be freed of this Turd?

woody188's picture

Mitch prefers little boys.

wcole225's picture

You mean thru a Chicago bathhouse don't you? With his buddy Barry O

spaniel's picture

I bet that slimer McConnell has lots of dirty laundry, yeah, $100 would probably be enough to out that RINO bastard.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Jooz GTFO."


What's not to like?

Scar Bro's picture

What's not to like is getting us to pay for their GettingTFO. If they left on boats NOW... I'd bite their hand off.

This is like accepting their superiority and our defeat, and begging them to leave. Right. Like we'll be left with anything but a huge debt .. to them. If Israel manages to survive the next 50 years we're fucked.

Akzed's picture

He's also a short tall fat skinny guy.

Rev. 2:9; 3:9

spaniel's picture

I assume ZIONIST , means someone that believes in Israels right to exist as a state, in peace.

I'm a ZIONIST, too.

Akzed's picture

Any nation that needs $3B+ from another nation each year to exist is not a nation that should exist. It is either a puppet of the state infusing it with cash, or a parasite on that state robbing it of cash. If either of those options is what you support, then the word Zionist fits you. In other words, you haven't redeemed the word as you cutely supposed you had, you have illustrated the moral and logical bankruptcy of those who ignorantly sport that epithet.

Rev. 2:9; 3:9.

give me liberty or....'s picture

And how much money does the USA need to exist each year? It borrows billions from the other nations which run surpluses due to the dollar's world reserve currency. And it's far more than Israel's 3 billion. I would agree with you that such a nation should cease to exist. 

Déjà view's picture

10 Commandments...5 down...5 to go...Weinstein attorney booked solid...also defends Zionist talks...

We must remember that Israel is the United States' most important ally and partner in the Middle East and should reject agreements or policies that undermine Israel's security. We should pass the Taylor Force Act and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.