Steven Mnuchin: "Nobody Thinks Russia Had An Impact On The Election"

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With at least one crucial vote on the White House’s tax reform plan looming later this week, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly preparing to indict former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and possibly his son as well, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended the administration’s approach to both issues during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, saying that, while nobody in the administration is denying that Russia tried to interfere in last year’s election, few believe Russian intelligence was successful in swaying the outcome of the vote.

“The president has said he believes in the intelligence and also believes that Putin believes what he said, but it’s really time to move on off this issue. The president was focused on very important issues like North Korea and Syria where we have to get along with and have common goals with - Russia."

“I’ve seen information I’m not going to comment on any of the confidential information I’ve seen....but let me be clear, nobody thinks this had any impact on the election. Whatever occurred, there was no impact, and I think the American public is ready to move on to more important tax reform and foreign policy and national security."

Mnuchin, who is in charge of implementing US sanctions against Russia that were passed over the summer despite the White House’s objection that they would hamper efforts to cooperate on combating terrorism, said the administration isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to enforcing them.

“First let me just say that we are absolutely carrying out the sanctions and that’s something we’re very focused on."

Moving on to the administration’s tax reform effort, Mnuchin said he’s not worried about the many discrepancies between the House and Senate versions of the bill...even as issues like the elimination of SALT deductions, the massive expansion of the deficit, and a possible delay in the onset for corporate tax cuts have stoked opposition within the Republican caucus.

Repeating a line he has used many times since the administration first unveiled its original one-page tax reform “outline” back in April, Mnuchin said he’s confident all the kinks will be worked out when the bill reaches the conference committee consisting of lawmakers from both the House and the Senate.

“Let me tell you the good news is both the House  and Senate bill have the same objectives. Obviously we would prefer that...I’m confident this is one of those issues when we get to conference will be resolved between the House and the Senate."

When asked about the potential fallout should the administration fail to pass tax reform by its self-imposed year-end deadline, or if the bill includes certain provisions that are less favorable to US corporates, Mnuchin said the administration is “studying the impact. "

“I’m highly confident we’ll get it done and I think you see that in the for the effect of delaying for one year...we’re studying that impact."

Speaker Paul Ryan has said the House plans to vote on its version of the tax bill on Thursday or Friday after the bill cleared the powerful Ways and Means committee last week.

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Giant Meteor's picture

Well I'm not so sure ...

Seems like a few souls do ..

For the recod, I'm not one of them ...

Definitely not with HER ..

Two-bits's picture

Lots of people are going to be pissed off that Mnuchin just called them nobody's.

gmrpeabody's picture


And so why the phuk are wasting all their time and our money...?

Are there any adults left in Washington?

Giant Meteor's picture

Is this a serious question or sarc ?

Bes's picture


the goldmanite speaks

from both sides of his mouth

Hoi Polloi's picture

I think the Ruskis were as much surprised by the Trump victory as (almost) anybody else. Why would they intervene an election for a candidate who is an almost certain loser?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is confuse, you are refer to Hillary who is certainly loser, grifter, washup toothless whore with unexplicable hole in tongue and dizzy spell? Or you are refer to Trump who was almost certain to lose?

American Psycho's picture

My week gets better when Boris shows up.  I've missed you comrade. 

Implied Violins's picture

That 'unexplicable hole in tongue' is actually a fork, which reveals ALL.

Son of Loki's picture

I'm losing hope Putin and his Russians will never return my TV remote dealy.


Maybe I should ask Kongress to open an investigation....get a special counsel?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is most frustrating to Russia! We are work tireless labor to elect Clinton and then we are dismiss as having no influence on election! Maybe Russia is go back to build stock pile of thermonuclear weaponry…

Two-bits's picture

It's sleight of hand. It's the same reason the magician has a pretty assistant.

Giant Meteor's picture

Takes the focus off of the fact that the left has their hand in your left pocket, and the right has their hand in your right pocket ..

Both are clacking your balls ..

Two-bits's picture

Using the pockets for leverage while they both ream you out. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

You all are aware this entire Russia Narrative is nothing more than a badly scripted propaganda Psychological Operation right?

Seems as though everyone & their mothers are aware of this irrefutable FACT except the Pure Evil Criminal Deep State Intelligence Agencies themselves which Scripted it.

Amateur night. It truly is.

Two-bits's picture

Correct, and it's working so well here in the USSA that France picked up on it. The other day I saw them blame some bullshit  on Russian hackers. It's working so well here the playbook has been passed on.

INTJ Economist's picture

Plenty of liberal cunts still believe that Russia meddled in the election.  Too many friends of mine.  It's fucking sad.  Can't convince them otherwise.

Paul Kersey's picture

I know Mnuchin has to be right about this, because, if you can't believe a Goldman Sachs partner, who is also a partner of George Soros, who is also one of the chief authors (along with Paul RINO Ryan and Gary Goldmaninte President Cohn) of the Billions-More-For-Billionaires Tax "Reform" Plan, then who can you believe?

junction's picture

Mnuchin, you unloaded all your stocks income tax-free thanks your appointment as Treasury Secretary.  Just resign and go to hell, you thieving POS.  You notice, California's senile governor  Jerry Brown has done nothing about Mnuchin's IndyMac bank illegal foreclosures.       

Giant Meteor's picture

He should be hung for his involvement with the LEGO Batman movie for the crime of bad taste alone ..

lurker since 2012's picture

But I want to fuck his wife.....

Giant Meteor's picture

After the hanging might be best ..

alangreedspank's picture

Massive Russian interference in favor of Democrats.

SloMoe's picture

"Nobody thinks / Everybody thinks" arguments always convince me to change my mind......

alangreedspank's picture

Nobody thinks this argument works on everybody

Giant Meteor's picture

Hmmmm, you reminded me of this ..

That’s Not My Job

 This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.  There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.  Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.  Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job.  Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.  It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have.

And if you followed along, this is the story of the swamp ..

The end ..

Temporalist's picture

Unfortunately in that story the job actually does get done. In real life all four parties hire PR firms and accuse everyone else of sexual/racial/age/gender/political/class discrimination until it gets bogged down in court and the lawyers take all the money to defend the lobbyists, politicians, media execs, hollywood actors.

So in the end the lawyers wind up owning everything and making nothing.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Okay, so then why the fuck are you wasting our capital, time, and resources?

What a stupid fuck.

"Full Faith and Credit"

VWAndy's picture

 Yep some of us figured out it was just about banksters games.

VWAndy's picture

 His head would also look pretty good on a stick.

buzzsaw99's picture

funny how holder and lynch never investigated all the felonies of the owebomber administration.  now sessions says it's too late for that.  how convenient.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Shit. Is that what he said...because I was almost certain it was more like....

...”During the testimony, several Republican reps pushed Sessions to confirm that he would appoint the special counsel, something Sessions declined to do since he said to do so would reveal the existence of an ongoing investigation...”

I hope those to be prosecuted heard it more the way you did, though.
Say, what’s Hillary been up to? What’s with that leg brace? And Tony Pedo...good to hear he is stepping down to spend more time with the family.

peddling-fiction's picture

It never is too late if you are the Deep State.

roadhazard's picture

I know ZHers were eating up that ruskie stew.

Giant Meteor's picture

I've mostly watched the latest shitshow , re: Sessions ..

What I find myself thinking after that is ..

The Russians would be an improvement ...

roadhazard's picture

You should go there. If I had money to burn I'd buy you a one way ticket just for shits and giggles.

Giant Meteor's picture

See you in the funny papers comrade ...

Implied Violins's picture

I've actually been there. Must fucking beautiful women on the planet. And everyone there is INTELLIGENT.

Truthoutthere's picture

Put your average Russian chick and your average American chick side by side(if she'll fit) and see where you would rather be.There would probably be an intelligence gap as well.

Implied Violins's picture

Actually, a 'void'. 'Chasm' intimates that there is something on either side.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Steve... can I schtoink your wife?

aloha_snakbar's picture

I would throw the old dog a bone...

Bernie Madolf's picture

Only if you like blondes with huge fake tits

I would go a few rounds with her but she looks like a major PITA to keep around

Giant Meteor's picture

"Only if you like blondes with huge fake tits." My God man are you un-american?

Bernie Madolf's picture

I like em natural but...

Once you've seen one pair of tits, you want to see them all

Hope I didn't offend any blondes with big fake tits.

Giant Meteor's picture

Meh, you may have a point. When Giant Meteor was a lad, and back in his mass quantity inbibing days, he once had a $5.00 polaroid snapshot of himself and one, Melissa Mounds .. the quintessential blonde with big fake tits, taken upon request (and $5.00 American paid in advance). It was in a seedy place where this did occur, and where such happenings were not at all unusual. Being at the time somewhat awkward and shy, and not knowing exactly where to "be" in the picture, Melissa unabashedly leaned over and exclaimed, "come on in here sweetie!", and Meteors face was thus pushed right into those bare  bouncing beauties, unceremoniously, looking like a fumbling professor Clump when CLICK went the camera shutter!

Well right from the beginning, this became one of Giant's most prized posessions of all time, giving many fond memories over the years, especially while re-telling the story, sometimes brought out from the underwear drawer where it was kept, right next to the old boyscout merit badges. The prize sometimes brought out in the mixed company of fellow revelers for special viewing over drinks, regailing this most treasured Polaroid moment ..

Then on one such night, once again going to retrieve the dusty heirloom for yet another such bawdy and boisterous affair, the horror! Melissa was no longer found beneath the scivies and socks! Well you can only imagine the absolute shock, and dismay!

Mrs. Meteor has to this day, steadfastly denied any involvment in the strange disappearance of Ms. Mounds, although Giant Meteor has always suspected otherwise and has secretly plotted one day his revenge, like the good Count of Monte Cristo .. although probably not that extreme ..

Sadly, all these many years now, and she (Melissa) lives only in my memory ..   Kinda of like the Titanic ending ..



NoPension's picture

I just couldn't help myself.

Mr. Meteor, I hope this brings back a fond mammary or two.

BTW...they make me stupid, too.