30 Million Americans Were Just Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure, Here's Why...

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30 million Americans who woke perfectly healthy yesterday morning are now suddenly in need of expensive hypertension treatments after the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology decided to lower the definition of "high blood pressure" to 130/80 from the previous trigger of 140/90.  According to Reuters, the change means that nearly 50% of American adults, or roughly 100 million people, now suffer from high blood pressure.

Americans with blood pressure of 130/80 or higher should be treated, down from the previous trigger of 140/90, according to new guidelines announced on Monday by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.


At the new cutoff, around 46 percent, or more than 103 million, of American adults are considered to have high blood pressure, compared with an estimated 72 million under the previous guidelines in place since 2003.


High blood pressure accounts for the second-largest number of preventable heart disease and stroke deaths in the United States, second only to smoking.


A large, government-sponsored study of hypertension patients aged 50 and older showed in 2015 that death from heart-related causes fell 43 percent and heart failure rates dropped 38 percent when their systolic blood pressure was lowered below 120 versus those taken to a target of under 140.


But patients in the 120 systolic blood pressure group had a higher rate of kidney injury or failure, as well as fainting.


Not surprisingly, these new guidelines are expected to be a boon for pharma giants like Merck, Pfizer and Novartis who supply the world's expensive hypertension medications.

Potentially deadly high blood pressure can be brought under control with a wide array of medications, many sold as relatively inexpensive generics. The drug classes include angiotensin receptor blockers, such as Novartis AG’s Diovan, calcium channel blockers, like Pfizer Incs’s Norvasc, ACE inhibitors, including Pfizer’s Altace, and diuretics, such as Merck & Co Inc’s Hyzaar.


But the drugs have side effects and the new guidelines emphasize lifestyle changes including weight loss, diet and exercise as the first tool for combating hypertension.


“I think this will encourage both patients to adhere to recommendations but also clinicians to be more vigorous in their attempts to prescribe lifestyle changes,” said Dr. Pamela Morris, chair of the ACC’s committee on prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Of course, perhaps a slight, artificial "tweaking" of their addressable market was exactly the right cure for what's been ailing Merck's stock of late...

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the real question is why liver produces cholesterol in the first place not how to inhibit it. balance of vitamins and minerals, natural rates of metabolims, natural, alergen free diet, healthy amount of sunshine etc are always a safe bet.

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reading this makes me sick, the cocksuckers!

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The real drug dealers.

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In England, you didn't have 'high blood pressure' until you were 10 points above the US standard of 120/80. Yet even with their shitbag NHS, they didn't fare any worse than us. 

Big Pharma has great lobbyists. 

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Americans are stupid Guinea pigs.  Your government and the Jewish are your principle enemies. 

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Well now I feel sorry for anyone looking for life insurance. Cost of life insurance just went went through the roof.

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Here is my experience; the heart doctor takes the blood pressure and it is ALWAYS a little higher than all other doctors...why?  Ask the nurse or tech who took it - it is by design or good for business under the guise of caution.  Also how you take it makes a difference etc.  There is some subjectivity to all of it, but the profit motive apart from moral standards is the issue at so many levels - we have no fixed moral standard and character does not seem to matter (i.e anyone with the last name of Clinton running for any political office).

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Yeah, my cousin is a long-time nurse, and she says let the nurse take your BP the doctors always screw it up.  And this fits my experience.  OTOH I trust the machines, I do not trust anyone with a squeeze bulb and stethescope, OMG.

BTW, whose bright idea was it that squeezing your arm and letting go, was a good way to test anything but that the patient will believe anything?  Readings are about plus or minus ten percent.  Why isn't there a non-invasive doppler reader that you could run 24x7?  Geez, medicine is still so f'ing primitive.

Kefeer's picture

Amazing what this generation will do for money (imagine when the next comes along), but no restraint from biblical moral values...so God gave them over to a useless minds to do that which not fit nor proper ... filled with all unrighteousness, evil, greed, and wickedness...

full of envy, murder, disputes, deceit, and malice. They are gossips,  slanderers, God-haters, arrogant, proud, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents,  undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, and unmerciful....they practice and give great approval and are deserving of eternal death.
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Here's my take on it, for better or worse. They did it to get more money from us suckers. That's all.

Anyhow, I check my blood pressure at home regularly. And it's always been good, like this morning 117 over 68, pulse 72. Yet, every time I go into any doctor's office, hospital, it's high. Like 149 over 92, etc. My doctor says it's called "white coat syndrome", and doesn't recommend any medication for me. Just says to keep doing my own and recording them, take them with me to any doctor, hospital I go to. Last physical, my pressure was high, as normal. Doctor told me that 1-in-4 patients told they have high blood pressure, actually do not and are taking medication unnecessarily. For the same reason mine is usually high in those conditions. 

My advice if you think you have high blood pressure, buy one of those wrist things. Start checking and writing down your numbers every time you check it. If the numbers you get at home are good, but high in medical situations, show them your numbers and tell them to fuck off when they recommend you take any expensive medications you don't need. 

I got a really nice, very accurate one from Sam's Club for $50.00. 

AZtravelnurse's picture

We use them all the time in long term care, they are pretty accurate and with 25-35 patients who has time to use the cuff. Especially when you are taking blood presssure medication, always check it, also for the "water pills"...these can really lower the BP quick...

JustPastPeacefield's picture

This is exactly what keeps me away from the doctors. 

For several years I checked mine at home religiously, and it was fine - sometimes even a bit low. But get me into a medical setting - even if I'm not the patient - and I get anxiety like you don't know. I can't even get teeth pulled without anesthesia because my BP and heart rate goes crazy, and I have no fear of the dentist, or pain.

I've had an anxiety problem since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Get me in a doctor's office and they'll have me on 3 types of BP meds for life. Fuck that. 

My dad did have high BP, although he checked his at home also and it usually seemed okay, so he ditched his BP meds for many years. Only started up again about 5 years ago. He's 90. He's got Alzheimer's, but he'll keep truckin' along until he's 95 or so. It's just in his genes.

btw, I don't particularly want to be addicted to anxiety meds either, even if they would have helped in many ways. The answer isn't always in a pill.

JuicedGamma's picture

Half of them read high, I shit you not. Make sure to get one that's calibrated

Aubiekong's picture

If you want to be healthy one of the biggest first steps along with educating yourself is to stay away from a doctors office...

cbxer55's picture

I agree, but I had a bad run of kidney stones last year. And one large one that plugged up my right kidney and almost took it out for good. So sometimes, a doctor is necessary. Otherwise I totally agree with you. Haven't been in a frikkin dentists office in over 30 years, still have all my teeth with no problems on any of them. Back at that last visit in 86, had one "dentist" tell me I had 7 cavities. Went to another for a second opinion, NONE! Fuck them all! At least the second one was honest. The first one was a mideast mfer. Don't trust any of them, never will. 

Otherwise, I have to visit the optemetrist often to keep my contact lenses fresh. I don't use inusrance for this, pay cash out of pocket. Works fine for me. 

Tired of Bending Over's picture

Same thing happened to me as a teenager.  Never had a cavity.  Our family switched from our (Christian) dentist to another dentist. Voila', in the space of one year this other guy said I had 7 cavitites. (Seven must be a magic number they use.) So, I probably had 7 perfectly fine teeth filled because of this guy. I even told my father that I thought something fishy was going on, but you know how it was back in the early 70s, the doctor is the doctor, is the doctor.  We ended up switching dentists again and it was years before I ever had any other cavities.   You might try vitamin K (menaquinone-7) to keep the stones at bay.  Dr. John Bergman has some good videos you can watch and I've been receiving Dr. Bruce West's newsletter for a long time.  He was called a 'quack' but most everything he has said in the past as turned out to be true.  

Yen Cross's picture

  Uncle Yen's cure for "cranial blowouts" ...   The usdx is M-4 (x2) oversold -vs the (usd/chf) 

  There can be only one FIAT reserve currency- bitchez. The SNB doesn't have the market depth.  The Yen is on my "sell list".

 The $usd, IMHO, is due for an substancial increase in strength over the EOY quarter.

wwxx's picture

Care to quess what the BP standard was before the 140/90 was adopted?


120/80....just saying

wanwer's picture

You can thank modern education.  It's turned them into un-employable entitled sloths (man-buns and bones in their noses is their uniform).  It's a sick and dangerous generation because they WILL be voting for the Socialists and coming after your assets and hard work (i.e. income).  A decade of sitting on your ass and you're almost unsalvageble. 

slipreedip's picture

Judging by what you wrote I can tell your blood pressure spiked just reading that article.


How you made the mental jump from an article about high blood pressure to unemployable sloths defies most logic.

I think this article is reall about how manipulative the medical/pharmaceutical industries are in America. no?

I imagine your parents thought your generation was "sick and dangerous" as well with all your pot and free love.


You could always pack up all your work/income and just move to another better country.

That or add some xanex to your hypertension medication.

wanwer's picture

My blood pressure is perfect.  I don't take any drugs, work out 5 days a week, own a company and work.  Life is good.  Wish others thought this way of life was good.  I'm mid-40s.  Not part of the pot and free generation.

cbxer55's picture

Well, I'm 56, work out six to seven days a week. No blood pressure problems unless in a medical facility, then LOOK OUT BELOW! 

Also watch what I eat sodium wise because I have kidney stone problems, and too much sodium is a big contributor to that. Wish it wan't, love salt. Oh well. Gotta do whatya gotta do. I don't have to skip it entirely, just keep it around the FDA maximum of 2300 mgs a day. Can splurge a day or two a week as long as I make up for it later. So it works for me. Eat nice on the weekends, eat light all week long. 

Obsidian Samctum's picture

If you think this generation is entitled, just look at the baby boomers lol, those worthless boomers are so entitled they want millenials to take care of them even in death. Hows that for entitlement.

cbxer55's picture

I'm a baby boomer, I don't want anyone taking care of me. Don't even plan on retiring as long as I'm physically able to work. When it gets so bad I have to go there, I may just say adios. Don't want to go there, Don't even want to contemplate adult diapers. YUCK!!!!

Xena fobe's picture

Do you have parents? Are they retired? 

Goldilocks's picture

Search Results for “Holistic doctor” – Collective Evolution

Breaking: 77th Holistic Doctor Shot Dead In Her AZ Home With Her Entire Family
Joe Martino - November 12, 2017

trailer park boys's picture

Even though trillions have been spent, and the brightest minds have been researching for decades, when was the last actual cure for a disease here in the US? Polio - in the 1950's? Did the medical and pharma industries realize at that time that it's much better to 'manage' diseases for a lifetime, as opposed to actually finding a cure and ending the financial gravy train.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

..”Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections”..

Yet more proof the movie Idiocracy is the most accurate social commentary ever made.

Tired of Bending Over's picture

Maurice Hilleman (Merck) on the polio vaccine and the SV40 (cancer causing) virus.  And, to top this off, what they didn't say was that they hyped the actual numbers of people with polio virus. 


MedicalQuack's picture

Hey don't forget Untied Healthcare and Merck are tied at the hip with Mayo Clinic in the game with them, he's on the Merck board now.  

United has a remaining lawsuit to battle too with risk fiddling patient data that allowed more patients to be diagnosed "chronic, so here you go 30 million more and they can risk fiddle up the Park D payments they get from the government, a huge windfall and will help their lawsuit.  So I figure United paid these guys off to make this guideline change.  It's all bullshit perceptions anyway, as the medication guidelines didn't change one bit and now the two don't match.

This is the next lesson in how algorithms are tweaked to add more risk to patients, real or not real to get more money.  The pharmacy benefit managers will like this too as they can give you a little extra discount on your script if you agree to a blood pressure test when you pick up your meds.  They sell all of this information to your insurance company you know.  Prescription records are NOT protected by HIPAA, so forget that if you thought they were.  Look at IMS, the largest healthcare data broker in the world with 85% of the world's prescriptions in their data base.  They score you too.  

If you are not familiar with medication adherence prediction scoring, then read this link and get educated, it's flawed data and you are scored with every prescription you pick up to find a number to score you to predict if you will take those meds, all bogus bullshit.  Look at the metrics that have zero to do with taking meds.


And don't forget the pharmacy benefit managers are getting in bed with medical record vendors to give you an electronic coupon transaction on your script right from the doctors office, so you won't be able to ask for any cash discount with this going on too.  Of course this is all done with United Healthcare algorithms, which by the way if you have been asleep at the wheel, Anthem pays big money to Optum/United to license them with their clearinghouse company owned by the Blues called Availity, look it up.  It's all true.  So the new CEO of Anthem, right from United Healthcare will also have Anthem paying United Healthcare for pharmacy benefit algorithms if they are not already.  Express Scripts licenses them too.  Wake up as United Healthcare sells one hell of a lot of algorithms and software and has around 200 IP patents to prove it.  Anthem has 5 patents by the way.


This move in guidelines was paid for to sell more drugs.  If you want to listen to my talk last month, video, at the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons at the 74th annual meeting, go here and learn up about Smoke on the Water, the algorithms nobody's watching in healthcare, you'll be surprised as what you learn and you'll get a whole new perception, a real one, not the junk the major media sells you.  It's the healthcare algo cartel in action.  


slipreedip's picture

The more you look into it the reaearch reveals that cannabis is an amazing non addictive substance that would likely halve pharmaceutical/medical industries .

Something you can grow in your backyard. Its crazy its illegal.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

It lower my blood pressure. No joke. I made cannabis butter and ate it.

Tired of Bending Over's picture

Once the gov't gets its mitts fully on cannabis, for its revenue enhancing purposes, it probably won't be non-addictive for long. And growing your own may be a problem too. It remains to be seen.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Fuck You, I'm Eating!

[Joe approaches the computer].

Carl's Jr. Computer: Welcome to Carl's Jr. Would you like to try our EXTRA BIG ASS TACO? Now with more MOLECULES!

Manipuflation's picture

Here you go.


I have been in sales for a lot of years.  No.  I am looking at things like the sunglasses on your head, your yellow tie and your shitty flute suit.

ctrent33's picture

Pharma just wants to sell more poison pills.

John Humphrey's picture

the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology must have got in bed with big pharma.

Axenolith's picture

Did you just emerge from a 40 year coma?

Farty McKockenbawls's picture

They did the same shit with "high" cholesterol and statin drugs.

suckerfishzilla's picture

A proper diet is the first line of defense against high blood pressure.  https://www.google.com/search?q=five+servings+of+fruit+and+vegetables+a+...

Princess Luna's picture

A normal healthy 20 year old typically has a resting blood pressure of 120/70.  That's what HEALTHY people have.  Americans are UNHEALTHY.  But if someone has a blood pressure of 130/80 they don't need a pill.  They need to EAT BETTER and LOSE SOME WEIGHT!  It's dangerous to prescribe blood pressure lowering medications to someone with a blood pressure of 130/80.  YES, they have "high blood pressure," but it's not high enough to safely take blood pressure lowering medications.  They just need to adjust their diet.

Manipuflation's picture

164 over 112.  If you weren't such a pain in the ass Princess, I wouldn't have such high blood pressure.  Womyn are the ones who drive up men's blood pressure.   

Princess Luna's picture

Amen to that brother!  Women add unnecessary stress to a mans life.  (I'm a guy BTW - "Princess Luna" is the name of the character I use as my avatar).

Princess Luna's picture

Nope, not gay.  But thank you for assuming my sexual orientation based on a cartoon character that I happen to like.

Pvt Joker's picture

Blood pressure drugs have some seriousl side effects.  Norvasc for example can  cause swolen gums which cn lead to dental problems including tooth loss.  Just sayin

mqg25's picture

The life insurance companies are licking their chops being able to rate half the adults with high blood pressure.