Bombshell Report Confirms US Coalition Struck A Deal With ISIS

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At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in its last urban holdout of Abu Kamal City in eastern Syria, the US is signalling an open-ended military presence in Syria. On Monday Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that the US is preparing for a long term military commitment in Syria to fight ISIS "as long as they want to fight."

Mattis indicated that even should ISIS loose all of its territory there would still be a dangerous insurgency that could morph into an "ISIS 2.0" which he said the US would seek to prevent. “The enemy hasn’t declared that they’re done with the area yet, so we’ll keep fighting as long as they want to fight,” Mattis said. “We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stands in front of a map of Syria and Iraq.

Mattis was referring to the stalled peace talks in Geneva which some analysts have described as a complete failure (especially as the Geneva process unrealistically stipulates the departure of Assad), as the future of Syria has of late been increasingly decided militarily on the battlefield, with the Syrian government now controlling the vast majority of the country's most populated centers.

Ironically just as some degree of stability and normalcy has returned to many parts of the county now under government control, Mattis coupled the idea of a permanent US military presence with the goal of allowing Syrians to return to their homes. He said, “You keep broadening them. Try to (demilitarize) one area then (demilitarize) another and just keep it going, try to do the things that will allow people to return to their homes.”

Meanwhile Turkey once again reiterated that the US has 13 bases in Syria, though the US-backed Syrian YPG has previously indicated seven US military bases in northern Syria. The Pentagon, however, would not confirm base locations or numbers - though only a year-and-a-half ago the American public was being assured that there would be "no boots on the ground" due to mission creep in Syria.

During the last year of the Obama administration, State Department spokesman John Kirby was called out multiple times by reporters for tell obvious and blatant lies concerning "boots on the ground" in Syria. 

Remember this? "We are not going to be involved in a large scale combat mission on the ground in Syria. That is what the president [Obama] has long said."

Last summer, in a move that angered the US administration, Turkish state media leaked the locations of no less than ten small scale American military bases in northern Syria alone (revelations of US bases in southern Syria began surfacing as well). As another recent Pentagon press conference further acknowledged, these bases - though likely special forces forward operating bases - require a broad network of US personnel operating in various logistical roles inside Syria and likely now includes thousands of US troops deployed on the ground, instead of the Pentagon's official (and highly dubious) "approximately 500 troops in Syria" number. 

Mattis' declaration of an open ended military commitment in Syria came the same day that the BBC confirmed that the US and its Kurdish SDF proxy (Syrian Democratic Forces) cut a deal with ISIS which allowed for the evacuation of possibly thousands of ISIS members and their families from Raqqa. 

According to yesterday's bombshell BBC report:

The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. A convoy included some of IS's most notorious members and - despite reassurances - dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

Though it's always good when the mainstream media belatedly gives confirmation to stories that actually broke months prior, the BBC was very late to the story. ISIS terrorists being given free passage by coalition forces to leave Raqqa was a story which we and other outlets began to report last June, and which Moon of Alabama and Al-Masdar News exposed in detail a full month prior to the BBC report. 

And astoundingly, even foreign fighters who had long vowed to carry out attacks in Europe and elsewhere were part of the deal brokered under the sponsorship of the US coalition in Syria. According to the BBC report:

Disillusioned, weary of the constant fighting and fearing for his life, Abu Basir decided to leave for the safety of Idlib. He now lives in the city. He was part of an almost exclusively French group within IS, and before he left some of his fellow fighters were given a new mission.


"There are some French brothers from our group who left for France to carry out attacks in what would be called a ‘day of reckoning.’”


Much is hidden beneath the rubble of Raqqa and the lies around this deal might easily have stayed buried there too. The numbers leaving were much higher than local tribal elders admitted. At first the coalition refused to admit the extent of the deal.

So it appears that the US allowed ISIS terrorists to freely leave areas under coalition control, according to no less than the BBC, while at the same time attempting to make the case before the public that a permanent Pentagon presence is needed in case of ISIS' return. But it’s a familiar pattern by now: yesterday's proxies become today's terrorists, which return to being proxies again, all as part of justifying permanent US military presence on another nation's sovereign territory.

America's Syrian adventure went from public declarations of “we’re staying out” to “just some logistical aid to rebels” to “okay, some mere light arms to fight the evil dictator” to “well, a few anti-tank missiles wouldn’t hurt” to “we gotta bomb the new super-bad terror group that emerged!” to “ah but no boots on the ground!” to “alright kinetic strikes as a deterrent” to “but special forces aren’t really boots on the ground per se, right?” to yesterday's Mattis declaration of an open-ended commitment. And on and on it goes.

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Sure we do, they're called Israel!

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Who's the bigger threat again? 

Washington DC or ISIS

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Israel/DC = ISIS...just more distraction "news" for the simple folk.

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Which is 99% of the voting public.

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Simple “low information” Presstitute ABC, Dancing With The Stars, NFL kneeling loving “folk.”

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Sect of Def...while you were out, the CIA called and wanted team ISIS allowed an escape..

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What REALLY went down in Las Vegas. Paddock wasn't the shooter. Also explains what's going on in Saudi Arabia. Clintons, Obama, McCain, DNC all tied in as recipients of Saudi swamp cash.

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Trump just another fucktard liar.

But no surprises here, nobody really expected Trump take on MIC.

Give Iran nukes.

And shut everybody up.

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He is, although Trump's fanbois are as drunk on his Image of him as Obamaites were... even as Obama basicaly turned in Bush's 3rd term as to the neocon wars, rape of the middle class, surveillance state etc..

All sorts of shiny new bases

not needed to fight an isis already largely crushed by the Russians, Iranians and Hez. IS was quite obviously kept afloat by US/Saudi/Israeli money and weapons and intel. The US has definitely 'rescued' IS commanders, and has rolled them in with moderate terrorists.

Trump is following Likud Israel's orders here - and that means Balkanization and theft of Syrian oil/gas

Goldman and Cheney and Rothschild are involved... it's the fucking All Star Game of evil cunts.

Trump is going to sacrifice American blood and treasure for Ersatz 'Israel' as it tries to become a superpower.

Too bad some of these 'neocons' of CFR, AIPAC, JINSA, Brookings, FDD, etc etc aren't committing suicide, eh?

Dum dee dum.

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Why would "'neocons' of CFR, AIPAC, JINSA, Brookings, FDD, etc etc" be committing suicide, when they are so busy gleefully committing homicide and genocide?


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this is not the usual news, this is huge

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It certainly is. The BBC, for once, have been proper journalists and gone for an important topic really well. This has been all over Twitter and forums for the last day or so.

There will be a few very pissed off US and Israelis about this. This was a secret. How dare the UK air this dirty linen in public?

Especially after the roasting the US gave a similar but only 300 souls move the Syrian Government did a few months ago. Plus the US attacked elements of it, which the Russians did not do to the US convoy.

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They haven't explained the UK's part in training these terrorists at the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center in Amman. Nor have they exlained the use of (ex-)SAS/MI6 based in Gaziantep, Turkey to directly control the terrorists holding Aleppo city. There is also nothing about what exactly what the small group of SAS sent in to Syria wewre actually up to. The unit was descibed in the press as disguised like ISIS in order to attack them (forward air controllers for their air force more like, with the SAA directly on the receiving end). There is also no explanation of how come ISIS grew from strength to strength, and Syria weakened, during the time the USUK coalition was supposedly 'bombing' ISIS.

In short, British politicians, security services, and military are up to their neck in the state sponsorship of terrorism.

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Those FOBs have catering, spot power, internet access for enlisted personnel - plenty of logs needed to stand them up and keep them running.  All serviced by convoy.

"Dismount and take cover!"

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Thousands of ISIS terrorists were allowed to leave the city of Raqqa by US-led coalition and Kurds, and spread across Syria

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They're "ISIS terrorists" for marketing and PR purposes only, to serve a hidden agenda.

In reality, they are our JV team.  Seen in that context (using that template or paradigm), everything suddenly fits.

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We mustn't hit ISIS too hard, or the loyalty of the next spontaneous terrorist org that just pops up out of nowhere will be harder to assure, not to mention to fabricate, fund, and arm from scratch.

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Exactly when will the American people wake up and reaslize that wars without end are accomplishing nothing.

(Except benefiting the bankers and Military/Industrial/Surveillance Complex)

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We can realize it. If everyone feels helpless to stop it, then we are. 

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How about a tersely worded letter of disapproval?

Or a .Gov. petition. That might scare them straight.

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There were pretty scared when we voted for Trump. 98% probability of Hillary winning, they said.

Let's elect more maverick outsiders

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What you said will never resonate with the average Trump voter. They simply do not have the IQ, or the intellectual capacity on this specific subject. Banker wars, FED unsustainable FIAT debt, or niggers bending the knee. 2 issues are serious, the other is frivolous. Guess which one will get Trump supporters pumped?

There is no hope and all is lost for the USSA already. I reluctantly believed their was hope, but I see that was merely hope. The plebs aren't smart enough and that's the main problem. 

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It accomplishes humongous profits for Military Industrial Complex Death-Merchants.

The Congress gets their kickbacks and the President is to weak or afraid to interfere.

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No Shit Sherlock!

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Will the bullshit never stop?

US invites themselves into the sovereign country of Syria.

Declares they ain't leaving because their CIA/Mossad funded terrorists might stir shit up.

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The Syrian Air Force (Russia) should just declare that all Enemy Combatants will be bombed.

Then target the 13 secret bases/camps that the DOD has, now that they've taken over for the CIA, which is busy elsewhere stirring up trouble.

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People talk about stringing certain people up on lamposts. 

if we knew just HALF of what's really going in the Middle East, ie the TRUTH, they'd be about 500 bodies swining by tea time.

Don't worry folks, trust us, we're helping to keep you all safe...

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To quote PCR, americans are too 'insouciant' to be hanging anyone from lamposts!

A nation of cucks!!


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Poor guy got beat up by the Sharia Patrol in his neighborhood.

Now he walks around with a prayer rug rolled up on his back for protection.

Talk about cucks...

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Thick as "Thieves"!...

More squabbling among the dinner guests at the buffet. Looks like the U.K. is not only losing on the issue of BREXIT, but they have stories to tell in order to reserve a place for "bargaining" with the ONLY money that matters at this point.... PRC Russia and Iran!


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Trump will go down the road of a long line of Western politicians that said "Assad must go!"

Syria and North Korea are laughing at the u.s.a ... paper tigers, lots of new equipment, lots of transexuals, lots of gay, lots of dumb troops...

F35, Zumwalt, Patriot...all duds!

FUCK U.S.A./Israel/Saudi Arabia..

Deat to all of those peado cunts...I say!


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WHo protects us from our protectors?

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Founders intended on We the People to do that but....

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Trees. Liberty. Blood. 

Tree is rotten at the core, can't handle a hangman's noose anymore. 

Gotta plant a new tree.

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Acorns, then. And only 100 years later, you have a nice tree.

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I'm sure we have some that is tall enough that will glady hold it...

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Trump and he is draining the swamp of these creatures who seek us harm. [/sarc]

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Trust in your gubmit..they really care about you and your family.

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'The enemy hasn’t declared that they’re done with the area yet, so we’ll keep fighting as long as they want to fight...'

Will we reoccupy Iraq too?

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Yeah ... that’s as idiotic as imaginable: let the “enemy” define victory and theater.

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Do you guys know what "annihilate" even means????

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We lefties prefer "Genocide".

That way we can scream RACIST.

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If a person reads shit like this all day, it is enough to drive some who are a little unstable to go over the edge, like Paddock.

I sure as hell don't condone murdering innocents, but I can see how it starts.

When all that is read and heard are lies and corruption and there is no way out and a person feels the burden of a massive Government regulation monster sitting on shoulders, it is no wonder shit happens.

These assholes in power better lighten up, we are all tired of this.

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Yes, instead of shooting the oligarchs and neocons and generals who are behind this, it feels much better to strangle kittens, shoot puppies, and snipe kindergarteners, just like a real American Hero!

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No, a genuine Patriot who went over the edge, would NEVER, EVER target innocent civilians. NEVER, EVER!  I suspect that the same applies to genuine Muslim Jihadists, who cannot possibly think that they benefit from taking out innocents. No, these are programmed Zihadists.

Real patriots and genuine Jihadists would target the Big Fish of the Deep State and Kosher Nostra in DC and NY.  Like a pro hit-man. Instill absolute fucking terror in the lizard/Lazzard hearts of the Global-lusts, as they get taken out one by one.

Main St would throw a fucking party.  I would, in my Zip code. And I'd be dancing on the roof: "Now these Global-lusts know how we feel!"

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The DC bullshitathon continues......

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As it has for the last 75 years or so..

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The SDF who now holds Raqqa are also a US proxy and are opposed to the govt of Syria. The difference seems to be that ISIS has more involvement by the Saudis. The SDF was able to move through ISIS controlled territory without being attacked. ISIS has been shown by Russia to visit US special forces outposts. And since the SDF are "good guys" by the US they can be directly protected and supported.

ISIS in the south are being brought into Jordan, given new uniforms, rested up, rearmed and marched back into Syria as "coalition forces" and are directed supported and protected by US air forces. But now they are not ISIS but the good guys.

The US already has 13 bases in Syria, which probably does not include outposts.

It is yet to be confirmed but ZH recently published a story that Putin agreed to require Iranian forces to leave southern Syria and eventually all of Syria. Prompted by Iran being in the process of building a military post south of Damascus to protect the Syrian capital. (And possibly installing more modern antiair missile systems against Israel.)

Putin is supplying the S400 to the Saudi's but will not supply the S300 to Syrian forces.

How is this winning for the Syrians? Remember, the SDF is also their enemy.

JohninMK's picture

It is yet to be confirmed but ZH recently published a story that Putin agreed to require Iranian forces to leave southern Syria and eventually all of Syria. Prompted by Iran being in the process of building a military post south of Damascus to protect the Syrian capital. (And possibly installing more modern antiair missile systems against Israel.)

Neither point has been confirmed by anyone after being claimed in Israeli newspapers so may be one of their dreams.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

BlankOne is an *actual* paid troll - and a good one. He has repeated the same assertioms/complaints about S300s not being given to Syria quite literally hundreds of times...

This isn't commenting, it's trolling.

If Putin is unwilling to take on the US, NATO, and Israel plus the Saudis and assorted proxies... far from Russia's borders... as NATO builds up from the Baltic to the Black.... why it must be Putin is (((some negative thing))).

This is the technique. And it's very well done, just 1) repetitive and 2) reflects no military strategy/geo context at all - it's stuff from a ThinkTank not from someone with genuine understanding of the extent to which Russia's options are quite limited conventionally etc.

Anyway, this is not to say his comments are not worth reading, quite the opposite. They are worth reading closely.

Why you might even, if bored enough, select and copy some of his text and do some web searching. ;0)