Buffett Adds Another 3.9 Million Apple Shares, Cuts IBM, Wells Fargo Shares: Full Q3 Holdings

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Traditionally one of the most boring, and telegraphed 13-Fs, today's update of Berkshire holdings did not contain any major surprises, well maybe with one exception: while it was already well-known that at the end of June Buffett converted roughly 700 million Bank of America preferred shares into common, which now appear on Berkshire's 13F, there were two notable changes.

First, Buffett continued to dump his IBM holdings, and as of the end of Q3, he held only 37 million IBM shares, down 31.5% from Q2, amounting to a little over $5 billion in notional value as of Sept 30. Berkshire also cut its stake in Wells Fargo (its biggest) modestly to 464 million shares, which is still just under $26 billion, and also trimmed his Charter Communications position.

On the other end, Buffett added to his Apple holdings, increasing the total by 3.9 million shares to 134 million from 130.2 million at the end of last quarter. Buffett also added to his Synchrony Financial and Monsanto holdings.

Finally, Berkshire exited its entire Wabco position.

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Still hanging on to his Phillips 66 position? That's one that the media doesn't tout.  Because it's always been a loser! Cheeseburgers and cherry soda's for all!

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Traditionally one of the most boring, and telegraphed 13-Fs

The world is going to end! Help! Help! 

ZH should have made this one exciting also... 

lets wait for everyone to include the KGB, corrupt government, Israel, and JFK on this one...

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no brawndo?  no carl's jr.?

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Their going to take it all Warren. Just one little boy away. (doesn't matter) ha

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Come sit on Uncle Warren's lap..........BUT DON'T TELL YOUR PARENTS!

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No gold or silver miners?  I wonder why.  

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He owns banks of course. 

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NEWSFLAH: Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, went senile yesterday while singing Tequlia Sunrise that was written by his brother Jimmy. Apparently the song got into his head and wouldn;t come out.

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Apples products are trash so the must have some real nice illegal scheme going on.....maybe something to do with spying on your ass

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I think Apple should make a platinum and gold iphone, and then engrave all the names of their workers that have committed suicide in their Chinese factories and put it up for action for like $5,000,000. Maybe all the money could be used to buy the CEOs a nice gift that they wont ever use like a $12,000 carbon fiber Pinarello Time Trial bike with $7,000 Lightweight wheels for each of them.....

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The long term value investor believes in the Matrix. EM economies do not stand a chance against the FANGS.