Dow Drops To 3-Week Lows

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Well that escalated quickly as the USDJPY ramp momo ignition failed...

 VIX pushed up to itshighest in 3 weeks as stocks tumbled below yesterday's lows to 3-week lows...


All major indices red for November


The question is... are HY bonds the canary?

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

3 week lows?!?!?!  GAAAAAA

LawsofPhysics's picture

Green by close.

There is no "market"

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was...

Ron_Mexico's picture

everybody was looking for a big down day yesterday and they propped it up.  Wouldn't look for that today.

Kido's picture

Green close incoming

Ron_Mexico's picture

Where are all the BTFD'ers? Guess they all ran to their computers to sell, eh?

Snaffew's picture

doesn't look like it.  The BTFD's are back as if on cue.

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With the pocket change lying on my dresser I can buy several shares of Sears. What’s the holdup on the bankruptcy?

Buck Johnson's picture

It's starting to unravel isn't it.


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US Treasury Sentiment (JP Morgan Survey) is as DISMAL as it's been since 2003.  So you have to go back nearly 15 years to get Treasury Bonds are as HATED as today.

Just sayin, if you're Short Duration or Long HY or Short USD....maybe check your exposure.



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Git yer bitcoin here, bitcoin, git your bitcoin, red hots, we got red hots and bitcoin.

Racer's picture

Cue the bounce

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Yes, don't know about other traders, but the early long setup looked obvious, almost too much so ... too soon to know if it's just a Unch stop test before reversing again, or a larger bloodbath setup

ukspreads's picture

+100 or more by session end

Sky flyer's picture

And there goes the god damn ramp.

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If you ever doubted the market is being manipulated....the last 2 days of lower open and then ramp should clear that up


What a joke.....

TabakLover's picture

ZH calls session low..... AGAIN!  Gartman, is that you?

flea's picture

Blinked. Missed all the excitement. PPT.

Exota's picture

it's gonna be a bloodbath today ,no PPT 

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Just read today's shepwave analysis for Dow. This could be interesting


Exota's picture

re test has been done from 12pm they gonna fall hard