EU "Values" Fit Poland Like 'The Saddle Fits The Cow'

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“We want God”, “Great Independent Poland,” “Death to the Enemies of the Fatherland!” “Christ is Poland’s King”, “Deus vult” (Latin for God wills, a battle cry of the Crusaders) these are the principal banners carried in the annual Independence March that is held in Warsaw and also in other cities on 11 November, Independence Day.

Also, in the one two days ago, at the head of the marching column you could see a few white flags sporting the red Jerusalem cross.

Tens of thousands of people, waving tens of thousands of white-and-red national flags young and old, of all walks of life, with whole families take to the streets.  

The people participating in the march think of themselves as patriots (the word which in Poland still has positive overtones) paying tribute to the fallen heroes.

To the western media these are Nazis, racists, anti-semites and islamophobes. An abomination for the European Union.

What has positive overtones in Poland (patriotism, faith, family), has negative ones in Western Europe and the other way round. Migrants, LGTBQ and gender mainstreaming is not welcome in the area between the Oder and Bug Rivers. The EU values cannot be farther from Poland’s values and vice versa.

The Independence March denigrated by the Western media was favourably covered by the Polish government and other national media, except for those which are far to the left and very much pro-European. The former shored up the positive aspects of the event, the latter only looked for incidents to blow them out of any proportion and join the chorus of their western counterparts in condemning “fascists” and “white supremacists”.

A thirty-six million nation in the heart of Europe (i.e. with a population approximately the size of Spain’s) is throwing down the gauntlet to the EU establishment and its view of European unity based on cultural and religious indifference and anti-nationalism.

While in France or Belgium Muslims pray openly in the streets, Turkish nationalists stage large rallies waving Turkish flags in the heart of Dutch cities and construct mosques, with empty Christian churches as sad witnesses thereto; Poles pray the rosary on the borders of their country and march, proudly displaying national emblems and flags, demanding God and rejecting multiculturalism.

At the time when the Soviets were establishing the communist political system in Central Europe someone said (someone ascribed these words to Stalin himself) that communism fits the Polish nation like a saddle fits a cow. Is the attempt to Europeanize Poles another attempt at saddling the cow?

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Just imagine a German led EU trying to overrule Polish politics on immigration. Think that will stomp a few toes? Think it will go over well?


Could be the biggest black swan in the face of the EU ever.

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Its a good comparison; Turkish Nationalist marches in Germany and the Netherlands, which from the Lefties perspective is just fine. 

White people do the same thing, not in a foreign nation -- but in their own country -- HARETH! WOE IS ME! LITERALY NAZIS!

Maybe this plague I keep reading about isn't such a bad idea after all. 

Dear Polacks, please invade your western neighbor. 

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How about we stop with the invading? Or telling the neighbours how to run their back yard (and who to invite for the barbacue)? We really thought youd just lay off after what went down in 1410 at Grunwald... You stick to making good cars and being rich and we stick to making vodka and drinking it? Can't we all just get along?

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OMG, Christians in the EU! We can't have any of that!

Some mischevious Pole needs to print up a bunch of "It's OK to be European" stickers and start plastering them all over the Western EU countries.

BTW, European Values is right up there with Military Intelligence.

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Right  Gotta get my "Winged Hussar" uniform out of the closet, saddle my "war horse" and sharpen my war ax.  Lotta people in Germany and Belgium need some re-education.

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Germany and Belgium had the two most pathetic military units deployed as part of ISAF in Afghanistan (preferring to stay inside the wire with the single exception of a road building project in Faisalbad) while the Poles were kicking ass and taking names.  I don't think that Belgium actually produces men these days, if it ever did.

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Nope, no men in Belgium.
In Poland however, even the women are manly; j/k, but they are tough as nails.
Poles are the toughest people I've ever met. The golden age of Polish climbing in the Himalaya proves it beyond any doubt.
I'd have a Pole on my rope before any others.
They have known suffering, and it shows in their art, their literature, their food... all throughout their culture.
They don't whine like some other picked-on cultures do, they react for themselves.
Too bad their entire government was wiped out in a plane 'accident'. Those fine people were replaced by Euro-puppets. Looks like that is all changing back. Good to see.

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Thank you for those heart warming words!

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Operation Barbie all over again! 


Germany's Ministress of "Defense" and the rest of the dry €uro cows protecting the continent from alien invasion or Mr. Bear as the case may be, have the combined credibility of a gossiping hen party at the Friday night bingo club in the Natostan cantina for cleaning ladies.

 The choice is yours, Mr. Bear or the dry euro cows of Natostan!

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EU "Values" ---> The Destruction Of Christendom & Its Peoples for The Greater Glory Of ZION!

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Europe must embrace multiculturism.  Barbara Lerner Spectre eat sh_t, and die plez.

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Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary followed by Austria are the cracks in the infamous EUSSR that will bring down the globojoo totalitarian nightmare like the Bolshevik's USSR before it. Only problem appears to be that the Poles playing the neocohen slash Pentacon USSAN card imagining they won't get burned like their Ukrop cousins before them.

Europe's not dead yet and the punks in Natostan sewer Brussels know it, thanks to the Hungarians.


The beautiful irony of it all!

However, many thanks to the CIA and their Polish "Pope" and the entire Lech Walesa Solidarnosc Operation that ensured the beating bleeding heart of Poland's Catholics.

Pope Karol Wojtyla

God's bankster and CIA asset Marcinkus 


Who thought "the end of"  history doesn't have a sense of humor?

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Finally you wrote down some words of true view. Before - the article pulished here was missinterpreted.

This was 99th anniversary of proclamation of independence. Next year ther'll be 100th anniversary, and you can expect much bigger celebration. Poland is now one of the safest countries in Europe, national and patriotic values are still common. If EU wants to mix the "culture" with mass migration from Africa, they will be suprised. EU now acts exactly similar to former USSR. The same way of propaganda (create soviet man vs. european one, fighting with national identity, figthing with religion and european roots, avoid to mention the problems in media, while to wrongly name and present something that is not according to official line). Even on the building of official Commision there's a name of Altiero Spinelli who is italian communist. EU seems exactly as USSR but under blue flags

The values of Poland, Czech and Hungary are right now the only worth to mention. Because "west" just lost their identity and values, so it's the matter of time (not so long) to be self-destroyed by muslim invasion (see what is happenning in Sweden, France or Belgium...)

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"EU now acts exactly similar to former USSR."

As Gorbochev himself pointed out: “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

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that is not true. Poland is actually split into two extreme ideological camps fighting each other and majority in between, just like US has Antifa nd Neo-Nazis and the rest in the center. And like US has Coasts vs Flyover America, we have Poland A (western) and Poland B (eastern). The former is more advanced, weatlhy, open to Europe and pro free market, the latter is largely rural, religious, nationalist and socialist.

But indeed even in Poland A we view multi-culti with a healthy dose of sceptisism.

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There are some young brainwashed people, mostly in the large cities but they are still the minority. Many "liberals" prefer to move to Germany and UK, leaving Poland even more conservative over time. At least that's my impression after living there for 2 years.

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Good for them. Sadly, I fear if they don’t submit willingly the EU politburo will use altrnative measures.

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Being proud of your country is racist, according to the bs media. I couldn't believe those ridiculous headlines in the West.

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Since Poland is politically about as divided as the US that would be roughly half of a 36 million people nation.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Who are the biggest immigrants in Europe, who add fuck all culturally? Is it not the Poles themselves? What the fuck have they bought to English life? What cultural phenomenon have the Poles brought, which we Brits can say, "yeah I like that about them, let's incorporate that"?

Food? lol No. Absolutely disgusting. Music? Hell no. Literature? Compared to British literature, No. Technology? lol. Arts in all its form? I don't think so. The Poles don not integrate in the UK very well with their white hosts, let alone those with a different colour and that is one thing they do bring. Racism. At least food, but not even that. Polish food is fucking shocking.

If Poland is such a great all white haven, why are they the biggest white immigrants on the continent. There is no real left-wing/arty-farty inventiveness in Poland from my perspective. It is sterile with an over emphasis on testosterone. If Poland is so great, why do so many of them leave?

Not much has come out of Poland in the last 1000 years, if ever. No aerospace, no motorcars, no cutting edge technology, no engineering. Fuck Poland. It's a little back water and I've no interest going there again. Twice is enogh. Hold on a minute? They're all over here in Britain. There is a lot of local xenophobia against the Poles in the UK and for a reason. THEY DO NOT INTEGRATE! The reality is, the Poles are just as bad as those the people they hate, except they have white skin. 

That North East Baltic corridor of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia going around, is a cesspit of xenophobia and racist tendencies and they get shocked when the same views and attitudes are given to them in the UK. They realise they are not special and its a shock to the system. The women are super hot. No doubt about that. Let all the women come, for that reason and that reason alone. The men need not come.

Fireman's picture

If you replace the word Brit with the word Pole in your lengthy diatribe it fairly well describes the vast contribution of the pale, barbaric bigotted anglo hordes from Pirate Rock that have spread chaos and contagion across the planet while making slaughter, rape and drunkeness their national sport in the process and THEN begetting the most evil and foul source of disease ever known to humanity in the "New World" which then continued the loathsome anglozionazi "tradition" of pillage for the profit of the inbred zero 1% until this very day.


And...and  let's not even get into that poisoned swill the Brits call their "cuisine".


Onward to the cultural vomittorium for god's sake!

css1971's picture

Poland is still recovering from socialism.

They should be almost done though. We have loads of Poles working for us, on the whole they're smart, well educated & hard working.

As for xenophobia,  they are traditionally the 1st country invaded by Germany or Russia.

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It's usually SJW trash that move permanently to the UK, or normal poles just wanting to make money and get the hell out. So they are not interested in integrating. Why would they, UK is a shithole anyway. If I were you, I would target paki sex gangs instead, much bigger problem.

haruspicio's picture

The poles are exactly aligned with the uktra right wing white supremacist movement in the UK.

Spaceguy's picture

You saying all Poles are in Britain? Where did you get that from? From your lefty "I can't do math" daily bullshitter? There are 36 million Poles. 600K living in the UK. That's 1,6% of the entire population. How's that in you lefty brain ALL? There are over 3 mil Brits living elsewhere in EU. In fact, the Brits are the biggest migrant group in the EU when it comes to EU inner migration. FACT. As for the rest of your ignorant drivel; well, Brits are arrogant, unfriendly, stupid and drunk uncivilised monkeys soon to be Muslim slaves that can't see beyond their council house backyard. There you go. 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The Polish community is the biggest immigrant population in the UK. IE: Those people living in the UK, who were born outside.  Polish babies are the biggest % of children born to parents born outside the UK.

We Brits add to many cultures. We give music and not just our own, but black music incorporated into our culture. Literature, sports, innovation in IT. Computer games and world leading ones at that. Science, the arts and film. Just to name a few. Oh and we left a legacy on the world and the ENGLISH language. The Poles? lol.

British food is now a hybrid of traditional British food and the best of the rest. From Caribbean/Jamaican, Indian, Thai, Italian, Greek, Chinese and Turkish. As for Central and Eastern European food. It is scabby and in today's Britain, Polish food is a no-no even by progressive-multi-cultural standards and that is saying something. It is shit by every definition.  So what has Poland given the UK culturally?  I am still waiting for a reply.

  • Caribbean Niggers gave us sports, food, music, street/casual clothes and everything else is shit. 
  • The Turks gave us food, organised crime, pretty women who age too quick and everything else is shit
  • The Italians gave us food.
  • Chinese and Thailand, gave us food.
  • The Greeks gave us food and pretty women who age too quick.
  • The Indians gave us food and reaffirmed the importance of family/community and education, but they don't integrate well. 
  • The Pakistani's gave us rape, terrorism,  Islam on one side and on the other they have a lot of businesses and the rest is shit, neither do the integrate well.
  • African niggers gave us nothing but shit, except a few good people and businesses here and there.
  • The Poles? Hard work, but so do a lot of other communities. No integration. Shit food. Shit music. Shit arts. Get drunk on Vodka. The women are obsessed by high end brand names. Pretty women. That's in 20 years and counting. 
Spaceguy's picture

Every point in your drivel is total bullshit. British food? Are you kidding me? Best joke I've ever heard. I will always prefer the best of Hungarian, Bavarian or Czech cuisine anytime over the British plastic garbage you eat on your silly island. You can't even make a decent beer let alone wine. Best beers in the world (Bavaria, Czech Republic - Central Europe), Cuisine (Hungary, Czech, the Balkan states), Wine (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia). Central Europe gave the world classical music; Mozart (Austria), Beethoven, Smetana (Czech), Chopin (Pole), Dvorak (Czech), 

There is an endless number of inventions coming from Central Europe. Just a few to mention.

1) Contact Lenses (Czech)

2) Nanofibres (Czech) 

3) Ship's propeller (Czech) 

4) Blood Types (Czech)

5) The bulletproof vest (Poland)

6) Ballpoint Pen (Hungary)

7) Binoculars (Hungary) 

8) Electric Motor (Hungary) 

Marie Curie was Polish, Gregor Mendel - Genetics, was Czech, etc. 

Your ignorance is astonishing. I would like to see you Brits how well you would fare if you were positioned between Germany and Russia. Without Polish and Czech pilots during WW2 the UK would be conquered by Germany in a matter of hours. 


Citizen G's picture

British food? Lol...... I spent a couple of months over there, holy crap the food sucked. I think it’s actually considered a WMD.
It’s probably getting better now with all the Muslim immigration.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

I've already admitted from the outset, English food is not the best, in reply to another person. But at least a few of our dishes have travelled well. The Sunday roast. Suet puddings like Jam Roly Poly, Spotted dick. Apple pie, despite the Americans thinking its theirs, custard and the shepherds/cottage pie.

But can you name me a Polish cuisine you'll see anywhere outside of Poland, ie: that has travelled? The french exported baguettes and cheese, the Italians Bolognese pasta, The Greeks Moussaka. The Turks and Greeks the Kebab Kofte/Shish, The Jamaicans Jerk Chicken and some amazing meats. Hungary, the Goulash. Spanish Tapas, but the Poles? Lithuania? Absolute shit.

To be honest,"Muslim food" is you showing your ignorance. Muslim food from where? Muslim food from Morocco to Indonesia varies greatly. I don't like when the Lebanese put raisins in their rice. Nor when the Turks put chick peas in theirs. I don't like Moroccan Cous-cous. I think Egyptian food is shit, but Indonesia food is something else it's absolutely amazing. Malaysian is the nuts. 

chicmagnet's picture

It will be  the MEN from the historic Grand Duchy of Lithuania across the globe that will eventually rise that saves our culture. We still have the survival gene. Vytis lives in all of us.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The Russians beg to differ. They crushed you like a fly and had their foots on your skinny throats for centuries. Russians I have immense respect for. Lithuanians and Poles? Oh please.... The men are fucking useless.  Removing the niggers from Sports what do the Poles, or Lithuanians excel in, more than we Brits? When it comes to fighting and building an empire. the Poles and Lithuanians don't even register on the scale. Do not delude yourself with fanciful rhetoric. You fucks won't save anybody. 

valjoux7750's picture

Oh so I guess you would rather have the head choppers and sand niggers instead huh? Douchebag.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

No stupid, I'm just debating from the point of a Devils Advocate. It's not about preference, but what have the Poles bought tangible to the table, except white skin. The answer in 20 years is nothing. Hate me if you want, but it's a fact. Polish and British mentality are not the same. Our outlook on the world is not the same. Our ways of thinking, are not the same. Yet. The 2nd generation will understand what it is to be British, but the 1st generation do not. 

There is a very good analogy. If you dropped the entire population of Egypt in Japan and put all the Japanese in Egypt, would the Egyptians now in Japan, be Japanese and take on all the traits and cultural norms of the Japanese people. The answer is no.

The 1st generation Poles here now in Britain are not like us, except for appearance. They are Poles living in another country. Only a small percentage of 1st generation Poles, take on British traits and I've worked with some Poles. British jokes and a sense of humour completely go over there heads of 1st generation poles and the 2nd reason is in my opinion, the Polish language is not as nuanced as English. That is why a lot of people think Poles are rude. They don't do PC and are blunt and straight-forward.


BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

So, to summarise - Poles have contributed nothing to British society because they have a different sense of humour. Got it, thanks.

valjoux7750's picture

They don't do PC? Well kudos to the Poles!  PC is killing Western society.   I'd much rather have first generation Poles in my neighborhood than all the brownskins and their 3rd world values.  

El_geherg's picture

The difference between Poland and Great Britain is simple, in 25 years Poland will still be Poland and the UK will be Northern Somalia. I am sure your awesome food (lol), literature and music will be of great comfort when all of it gets banned under sharia law. On the bright side, the few whites that remain in Britain will get to keep working to pay taxes to subsidize the immigrants while White women are forced to veil. If you would take your eyes off of your navel for five minutes you would see what is happening to nations that embrace the fantasy of multicultural enrichment. but based on your rant I doubt that is going to happen. Enjoy becoming prisoners in your own country.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

I do not support any immigration in a country of over 60 million, and the size we are. Why import Poles, with the problems we already have? I'm against all immigration. We are too small and cannot cope.

If you see me asking what have the Poles bought culturally and see it as me endorsing multiculturalism, then you are the fool I suspect you are. Believing the UK will be Northern Somalia and under Sharia law, is rhetoric for dummies.

Many Brits know who the enemy is. We know who the Zionist traitors are. We know the structures, how it all works, who pulls which strings and how and why we came to this immigration crisis, but throwing in Sharia law bullshit, will not advance the debate, except infuse emotion

I'm not against immigration of foreign groups, but they must be educated, no more than 5% of the country as a total and complete assimilation. As things stand now, the UK is just too full, with too many immigrants. Just as planned.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

You either know nothing about Poles, or you have awful taste.
Their food is awesome (like British food is any good !?!,) their literature has everything English lit has +depth, their art is unique if not somewhat dark, their music is incomparable to anything British, and their economy was one of the strongest in Europe with the least debt in Europe until their entire government was assassinated.

Sounds like you are saying, 'next to Shakespeare and The Beatles, everything in the world sucks.' I pity you.

"Not much has come out of Poland in the last 1000 years, if ever. No aerospace, no motorcars, no cutting edge technology, no engineering."
How many other countries have no cutting-edge tech? Are they all worthless? Is that the measure of a great culture?

"What the fuck have they bought to English life?"
They don't owe you shit. What has Britain brought to Polish life? Nothing. What has Britain given the world? War, mostly, Monty Python, and Shakespeare (who remained anonymous because the British monarchy would have killed him otherwise.) Ever since your country was taken over by Vikings (1000 years ago) Britain has done nothing but exploit the rest of the world for the benefit of that evil little German troll you call Queen and all her ancestors. Your culture died with the Druids.

"I mean, if I went 'round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!"
-Dennis - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
And your entire country still believes that myth. roflmao

Fucking twat!

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

British food is not the greatest ever, but we have aspects of it that have travelled well. The great British Sunday roast, is just that. Shepard's pie and maybe 1 more. We have reasonable puddings and cakes, but nothing like the French, or Danish pastries. That's why Indian food is the #1 takeaway in the UK. We have incorporated other peoples food as our own. Poland food? STFU and you know it. Polish food is shit. Polish restaurants that serve traditional Polish food in the UK, close down relatively quickly. Why? The food is shit. I've tried almost the entire range of food available in the UK and the consensus between my work colleagues and friends, is Polish and Lithuanian food is dire. It is bad.

If the Polish economy is so strong, with little debt, why does Poland have high emigration rates? What a country produces and contributes to the world, IS THE MEASURE OF A CULTURE. The Poles exploration is shit. Where the fuck did they go? Polish writers are shit. As for your view on Britain exploiting the world? Just read my post history and I rile against it all the time, as it is the source of 90% of the problems in the worlds trouble-spots. The UK and the USSA are parasite. This fact is beyond dispute.

We Brits have more than Shakespeare and the Beatles. The Vikings? Those Danes sure fucked our fair maiden women and left a mark and the Romans taught us a thing or two. The Germans always have the upper hand on us Brits and slipped one of their own kind to rule over us as queen. We Brits for all our achievements, view the Germans as superior engineers. There is no shame in admitting when somebody is better.  If it wasn't for the English Channel, the Germans would have steam rolled us in WW2.

Monty Python? Serious over-rated, especially the Spam-Spam-Spam joke. A for the Holy Grail? You've lost me there. Caricatures and stereotype, sometimes don't tally with reality. Again, I'm not interested in average plumbers, and builders, so I don't see the need for Poles in the UK. These jobs can be done by English Whites, Dindus and Muzzies and it would decrease unemployment in these groups. Why hire a Pole?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

British restaurants are the issue, not Polish food.
Brit food is shit, period. Roast is a cut, not a recipe.

The Polish economy WAS strong and they HAD little debt. After the plane crash (assassination of their entire government) the Euro-puppets were put in place. They undid all the good the Poles had built up.

Poles explored the Himalaya, and had much greater success than most Brit teams despite miniscule budgets.

Brits are particularly proud of their tradesmen and their trades. Why the hypocrisy towards the Polish plumbers?

I've met lots of Poles, and lots of Brits, and have traveled extensively. Brits always came off as whiny, obnoxious, and arrogant little pussies, just like the French.
The Poles were down to earth, humble, hard-working, and tough.

I'll take a Pole over a Brit on my rope any day. They're much more fun at basecamp, too.

The fact that they do not take well to being ruled by others is contrary to Brits who have known nothing else since 1066.
Not only do you accept the criminal monarchy, you all praise it, watch it (but don't criticize,) and drool over it.
The only country in the western world without a constitution. The most intense surveillance state to ever exist. The Poles who do go to England must be the dregs.

Spaceguy's picture

"If the Polish economy is so strong, with little debt, why does Poland have high emigration rates?" 

Why does the UK have higher emigration rates than Poland? There lies your answer. There are more British citizens living abroad than Poles. Nearly 5 million Brits currently emigrated abroad in search of better job opportunities.

The Poles are in the same league as Germans and Italians when it comes to emigration. 


gearjammers1's picture

Polaks are white niggers. As are the Irish. Anglo-saxon Isaac Newton discovered Calculus (along with the German Leibniz). The young anglo-saxon Isaac Newton was in his early 20s when he discovered limits - the method of dividing zero by zero. While the young polaks rocked the world with their new plumbing innovations.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...the method of dividing zero by zero." You wanna' try that again? lol

By "anglo-saxon" you mean English-speaking German, right? Yes, you do.
That's why the Queen is German and why the entire royal family supported Hitler and was in favour of gassing savage tribes like Churchill suggested. Sounds like you'd be right in there with 'em.

alus's picture

> Joseph Conrad - english writer was.... polish in fact (his real name was Jozef Conrad Korzeniowski)

> Enigma code was initially broken by polish mathematics

> even Max Factor was jew immigrant from Poland.

> mine detector was invented by polish soldier and then propagated throughout british army

> first industrial use of oil (Lukasiewicz)

> car wipers - ... Pole - J.Hoffman

> first color photography ... Pole. .. Szczepanik

> blue laser (industry technology) ... polish

etc. etc. Poeple are ignorrant unfortunatelly. But anyway all the things are now common heritage of humanity...

ElZorillo's picture

As an Englishman living in a town full of Poles.. thats bulshit. I would take a hundred poles for each and every third world 'refugee' any day.. and the vast majority of English would agree with me. Hostility amongst the natives to the Polish is almost none existent.


css1971's picture
  1. Poexit the EU.
  2. Form a commonwealth with Britain
  3. Profit!!!


Thordoom's picture

But one thing this Poles have common with the SJW in US. They both love to destroy Statues. Am i supposed to like this guys when they are taking down statues of Soviet soldier who died for their freedom from Nazis? I will pass.Nationalism is one thing but when it reaches the level of idiocy that is the point i gladly pass on praising of.

Peter K's picture

"Soviet" and "freedom" somehow don't go together...

Or is it just me?

Thordoom's picture

So by your logic Soviets didn't free Poland from Nazis? Good God how far we have fallen.