McConnell: Senate Tax Bill Will Strip Obamacare Mandate

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In what is emerging as the latest potential stumbling block for the passage of GOP tax reform, on Tuesday afternoon Senate Majority leader announced that the Senate tax bill will include language to repeal ObamaCare’s individual mandate, a move which could make passage prolematic as it could withdraw support from moderate Republicans. According to The Hill, Conservatives led by GOP Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Tom Cotton pushed hard to include the provision, which would eliminate the federal penalty on people who do not buy health insurance.

The move, if passed, would free up an estimated $300 billion to $400 billion over the next year that could be used to pay for lowering individual and business tax rates even further.

According to McConnell, adding the individual mandate repeal would make it easier to muster 50 votes to pass the bill, although many others disagree. “We’re optimistic that inserting the individual mandate repeal would be helpful and that’s obviously the view of the Senate Finance Committee Republicans as well,” McConnell said.

Allaying concerns that the revision would lead to a dealbreaker, Senator John Thune, the Senate's No. 3 Republican, told reporters there has been a whip count and he is confident Republicans can pass a tax bill that includes a measure to repeal the mandate.

Thune said the Alexander-Murray bill, aimed at stabilizing markets, would be brought up separately. That bill funds key payments to insurers for two years in exchange for more flexibility for states to change ObamaCare rules.


“I’m pleased the Senate Finance Committee has accepted my proposal to repeal the Obamacare individual mandate in the tax legislation," Cotton said in a statement. "Repealing the mandate pays for more tax cuts for working families and protects them from being fined by the IRS for not being able to afford insurance that Obamacare made unaffordable in the first place. I urge the House to include the mandate repeal in their tax legislation."

Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee had met Monday night to discuss the repeal issue, Republican aides told The Hill. The full Senate GOP caucus discussed the idea at its lunch meeting on Tuesday.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said the bulk of the GOP's policy luncheon Tuesday was focused on repealing the individual mandate through tax reform. While he admitted that the decision wasn't unanimous, he said that no one threatened to vote against tax reform if it were included.

"This is totally different from health care. Nobody was standing up saying 'if you do this, I'm not going to vote for the bill.' There's none of that. Everybody wants to get to yes," he said. Still, it's a risky gambit if it alienates more than just 3 moderate republicans as it would make the bill's passage impossible.

Kennedy said the savings could "give relief to those middle and upper middle tax payers who are not getting as much relief as they should" because of the bill's elimination of state and local tax deductions.

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Meanwhile, in a note released earlier Tuesday, Goldman's economist team said that tax reform debate is moving forward faster than Goldman, or most other observers expected, and as a result the bank boosted its odds that tax reform will be enacted by early 2018 to 80% from 65%. Even so Goldman said it still sees challenges that may slow or stop bill, including push-back from affected industries, narrow vote margin in the Senate, keeping cost under $1.5trillion limit, although it said that recent positive developments appear to outweigh those risks. It was not clear how Goldman feels about including Individual mandate repeal as part of the Senate bill.

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buzzsaw99's picture

McConnell belongs in a wax museum.

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No kidding. He’s a fuckan dinosaur.

Poster child for term limits.

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What’s not to like about a State mandate ?????

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All budget deficits since WWII combined are less than the interest expense on the national debt since then

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It doesn’t matter what McConnell says. It’s all eye wash.
Nothing substantive will happen that would be good for the country and cause the sheeple to consider Trump in a positive light. 


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The "mandate" should have been nixed long ago, Mitch.


You're a failure for letting this shit pass in the first place.

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What the hell is a "moderate Republican?"  A Progressive?

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McConnell belongs in a glue factory.

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No, he needs to get out of the glue factory; he's been sniffin' too much glue...

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I thought turtles were good for soup? Maybe the shell can make a nice pair of frames for glasses? Or a ring or bracelet? Maybe a nice bowl or cup or art piece?

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That's where they sent Kerry.

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I was getting nervous that the GOP Congress might actually pass something.  I mean cutting taxes on rich people and exploding the deficit has always been the kind of bill that goes shooting through GOP majorities like White Castle on a Saturday night.  This should assure another 3 months of gridlock with Trump once again whining and moaning about how Congress won't pass anything and it's definitely not his fault.

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White Castle on a Saturday night.... LOL

Throat-warbler Mangrove's picture

Suuuuure it will.  /s

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This weasel is in our room talking right now, would like nothing more than to verbally give him an earful after he leaves the stage.

corporatewhore's picture

McCain will vote no.

Diane Rehm masquerading as Suzanne Collins from Maine will vote no.

Murkowski from Alaska will vote no.

All in good conscience of course.


SurlysonofaBitch's picture

Flake & Corker could also sink it.

chubbar's picture

The whole country is getting ass fucked over 10 million people who can't afford insurance. They need to repeal Obamacare in full, go back to what we had before and stay the fuck out of private industry.

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Because that was working so well wasn't it?

The Chief's picture

What may be uncovered very soon is the the front lines of the pedophile protectorate...which if McConnell, McCain, etal, aren't directly indicted, they may be implicated. We can only suspect at this point. Why else would he be actively working with the Clintons and against the will of the people? McConnell ranks with the Clintons as the worst traitors in this century. 

Let's look at Murkowski and Collins associates very closely too. 

McConnell. Monster. McCain. Monster. Let's not forget Shumer.

Let them be unmasked and make what we already suspect become official.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

fucking theatre...

nothing has or will be accomplished by the parasites in fucking DickCity...

Dow 30,000...

roadhazard's picture

And Trump gets NOTHING... again.

GunnyG's picture

NO moron, the American People get nothing. Get over your TDS cheesedivk.

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Stop acting like a fucken moron...moron.

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Yeah, all those low income liberal workers won't get their 12% tax rate up to $45k.  Maybe you can scream at the sky in celebration?

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The only thing going for these fucktard republicans is democrats are even worse.  

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Does he mean the tax bill that has no chance of passing ? That tax bill ?

Two-bits's picture

What kind of guidance system you have on board there GM? 

DC is a big target. If you can't happen to find it, just look for Mitch McConnell's ass.

aliens is here's picture

F YOU MM. YOU POS traitor. Moore is innocent until proven guilty.

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Believe it when it happens. we've heard this before. 



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 He is yankin chain folks. They aint paid to take fiats from the monopolies.

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Goofy turtle-headed sonofawhore.

I hope KY sends you packing.

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I don't know if the last sentence was intended to be a pun but it was a great one.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

I’d like to own it, but it just came out like that.

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WTF is wrong with you ASSTARDS in KY & keep sending John McTraitor & Bitch McFuckface back to DC?

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Stupid old people and dumb red necks.

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Simple, no one runs against the party incumbent.

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Fuck trump and his wall street friendly tax plan.

Mactruck's picture

Pitiful that we’re even talking about this.
Every. Single. One. of these motherfuckers campaigned on the repeal of onegro care last time they ran.
And fuck you Ted Cruz for being every bit as much a part of the uni party as any of them.
Edit: fucking burn it down. All of it. Every sq inch.
Fuck every one of these scum fucks.

dark pools of soros's picture

Yes get rid of the fucking mandate... if someone wants to take some time off between jobs let them be free of any of this nanny bullshit


GoyimUprising's picture

IDGAF I never paid it anyway.

This government is a fucking joke.

Bernie Madolf's picture

How about reducing .gov expenditures?

Why is this not part of the plan...

Agent P's picture

That's been my biggest beef in all of this.  All the talk out of Washington about making the tax cuts deficit neutral (or at least increase by an acceptable amount) is by dick-tickling other parts of the tax code...closing loopholes and eliminating deductions and such.  Hey assholes, how about cutting some fucking spending?!?! 

de3de8's picture

Government, all government local,state,federal has only one solution to any issue or problem....more of your money. Ain't gonna change anytime soon or ever.......unfortunately

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Shoulda been done years ago

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Reagan campaigned for tax cuts and reduced spending. Then the lying ass hole signed the largest tax increase in history, up to that time. And he never signed a spending reduction in his 8 years. It broke my heart. We've never come close to reducing government spending since.

American Snipper's picture

Wonder why he is worshiped so much, just another lying politician. When their lips are moving, you know they are lying...