New Hampshire Lawmaker Equates Homeschooling To "Child Abuse" - Nanny State To Be Pushed On Parents

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In 2012, the State of New Hampshire passed a measure that eased the state’s intervention into the operations of homeschooling families by reducing the number of filings parents would have to submit in order to get state approval for their efforts to educate their children. This move, according to Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), reduced the amount of notices homeschooling parents would have to submit from 3 to just 1 and has produced no negative problems since becoming law.

Now, about five years after the 2012 measure was passed, state lawmakers are eyeing up a plan to roll back the efforts to ease state intervention by requiring third-party oversight of homeschooling operations.

The attack on the 2012 measure was spearheaded by one lawmaker’s demonization of homeschooling as “child abuse” and claims that homeschool is failing some children.

WND reports:

Besides “child abuse,” homeschooling there also has been condemned with comments like, “Half the kids are failing to learn,” and “it’s a floodgate for dropouts,” HSLDA reported.


“Recent comments like these reveal antagonism toward homeschool among certain factions in the New Hampshire legislature, explaining why we appear headed toward a legislative battle over homeschool freedoms,” the group revealed Friday.


It said reports are that three lawmakers are preparing plans to “roll back improvements,” and discussion already has begun.


“Witnesses tell us that in an executive session on a controversial bill relating to banning ‘conversion therapy’ for children experiencing gender confusion, senior Democratic lawmaker Marjorie Porter categorically compared homeschooling to child abuse,” the HSLDA said.

According to sources present at the executive session in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Committee on Health and Human Services on October 26, many people were shocked to hear the legislator’s comments, especially in that context.

“Others told HSLDA that Rep. William Marsh, a Republican member of the committee whose four oldest children graduated from the family’s homeschool and went on to top-tier colleges, and whose youngest is homeschooling through high school, told Rep. Porter that he considered her comments equating homeschooling with child abuse as a personal affront. He subsequently received a public apology from Rep. Porter, who is assistant minority floor leader in the House,” an HSLDA report said.

The push to interject third-party oversight into family education operations is being nudged by Rep. Robert Theberge, R-Berlin and Berlin School District Supt. Corinne Cascadden, who has, according to Democrat Edith Tucker, “very grave doubts about whether half of Berlin’s homeschooled students are getting educated.”

“She (Cascadden) believes that there are some 45 youngsters who are not enrolled in public or private or church schools, whose parents do not make any effort to educate them at all,” Representative Tucker told a local newspaper in an email. “Not only are these neglected youngsters not getting the education they deserve, but they are also missing out on free and reduced breakfast and lunches and other social services.”

Michelle Levell, director of the private nonprofit School Choice for New Hampshire, has shot back at Tucker by citing a lack of evidence on the part of Cascadden’s statement and says the new law “is a solution in search of a problem.”

Cascadden told a homeschooling parent that she, as superintendent, wants access to information required to determine a “child’s welfare,” reports WND.

The current homeschooling debacle playing out in New Hampshire sheds light on the nanny state mentality many people who enter public office carry with them. The 2012 rollbacks in state intervention only increased the amount of freedom parents have to educate their children in the manner they see fit. The reversal now being considered will force parents to follow state mandatory guidelines to satisfy the third-party wedge, therefore affecting the way education is carried out.

This brings up the question of who has the right to determine the proper oversight of a child’s homeschool education. Is it the parents or the state?

Although those who push the nanny state line of only looking out for the child’s welfare seems like a loving effort on the surface, it is against the rights of the parents to be the sole decision maker for their child. Parents who wish to separate the state from their child’s education do so in order to implement what they believe is the most effective way to set their child on a path to success. Once the state steps in to maintain what the bureaucrats believe is the proper way to educate a child, there is a conflict of interests and a diminishing of basic rights at hand.

The nanny state mentality is what has led to the erosion of civil liberties in the United States over the past couple decades. The more we desire the state intervene in our personal life, the less responsibility we carry for ourselves and the large the burden of government grows.

Parents who wish to educate their children in the manner they see fit should be praised for their desire to impose the beliefs they hold dear and the knowledge they see as important on their child.

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Do no go Full Retard.

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Maybe New Hampshire should start by screening employees of Child Protective Services for past complaints against CPS employees for child abuse.  Look at the case of Roy Moore, where everyone in his community knew he was trolling for young girls and nobody in authority or at the newspapers did anything.  

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Government education (ruse is “public" ).......  needs to be eliminated….

And all of their horrible overhead………


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I live in NH, we DO have a "right to revolution" in our state constitution.

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The commie-libs just CAN'T STAND the idea of even one child escaping the clutches of their demented mind-control programs.

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This sexualization of children needs to stop and stop now.  I am getting very pissed.  No one under the age of 15 needs to be educated on sexual transitions.  Sorry but this is just a underhanded way of normalizing pedophilia and we all know it.  You want to see the freak shows that went on in Texas regarding these Tranny's in public schools just take a look at Alex Jones's reports from yesterday, it will make your blood boil.  He got it all on video. 

These Tranny's say they are "women" what women do you know that act the way they do?  They act like "sluts" and whores.  Its demented, so in a Tranny's mind all women are sluts and whores.  Where are the feminist?  Oh thats right they are nothing but man haters now that don't have a feminine quality in their whole body.

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No one under the age of 15 needs to be educated on sexual transitions.


I see it as part of a program in which sex is encouraged as a distraction but only non-reproductive sex. So if gay is good then a mutilated transsexual is double plus good. Add to that all the new rules about dating and sex which make it harder for normal kids to interact normally.  For some reason they want to reduce the population while bringing in immigrants to bolster the population.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

But letting a boy cut off his balls because he thinks he's a girl isn't child abuse...

But teaching White children they're the cause of the world's problems isn't child abuse...

It's well past time to round up commies and democrats for reeducation or exile... before they're able to do it to us.

Billy the Poet's picture

Compared to that Sodom and Gomorrah dindu nuffin.

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Battle cries:

Homeschoolers:  Freedom!

Government schoolers: Free Dumb!

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Bizarre. But I'll bet that this channel still meets all the guidelines:


Queer Kid Stuff

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Its a bit obvious there is only one type of population they are trying to reduce.

Billy the Poet's picture

Despite the now established fact that it's not OK to be white it would be absurd to suggest that white people suffer from any kind of discrimination.

That's white supremacist talk, that's what that is.

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They don't want to reduce the population they want to transform it.

Billy the Poet's picture

You'll pass out the diversity visas and you'll like it.

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I want to touch your peepee.

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Live free or die?

I believe you mean, "live free or die, bitch!"

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That is on their license plates.

Obviously, many do not even understand the concept!

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Homeschooling fails SOME kids, huh?

Tell me how many kids publik skools fail then please.

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Of course this is not about home schooling but rounding up every body possible to attend schools with declining enrollment due to diminished number of children in the state.  New Hampshire is graying and medium age is 41 and rising.  DCF has quotas too and grasp at anything to keep the courts busy.  Shame on them.


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probably because the people you are listening to, are lying.

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CPS is a racket run by and for child abusers.

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Have you talked to everybody in Judge Moore’s community?  Have you talked to anybody in Moore’s community?  If not, you are simply basing your opinion on a rumor you heard on the internet.

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"Not only are these neglected youngsters not getting the education they deserve, but they are also missing out on free and reduced breakfast and lunches and other social services."

BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!  Now you can't even decide for yourself if you want to avail yourself of government assistance.  They're going to force it on your children whether you want it or not.


E5's picture

That is the 10000 dollar question.  Is it the federal money that the superintendant is after.  The budget for the DOEd is 10,000 a child.  Of course a fraction of that makes it out of the administration.

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Everything about this is false.   Homeschooled kids routinelt outperform their indoctrinated candidates on standardized tests and score highly on social inmteraction studies.  They have lower rates of depression, suicide and drug use.   It's the state indoctrination centers taht are detention camps.

E5's picture

I homeshooled my kids.  The first ran national level track and got a full ride to Cornell on that and his 34 on the ACT.  The second is fluent in chinese and also got a 34 on the ACT. He is straight a's at Penn State Mining Engineering.  Both are excellent at social situations.  Everyone we know whose kids went public/private are total shitheads.  They got the ability to think for themselves indoctrinated right out of them.


ParkAveFlasher's picture

Homeschool both my young ones, member of HSLDA.

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Congratulations!!  If ACT scores haven't been watered down from 30 years ago, scores 30 and higher are exceptional.

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We're shocked at how easy it was to leave the government schools in the dust.    Our second grade seven year old tests at the college level in reading.   He does algebra and intro to calculus, maxima/minima, graphing, etc.   Doing high school chemistry and cosmology.

The six year old would be in first grade and actually tested higher age-to-age than the first boy, but his math skills are not as good.   He is only two years ahead of grade level.   Were he in government school, he would just now be learning to read at our local government school.   He tested 8th grade reading level last December as a kindergartener.  

We do school every day, 365 days a year, but only a couple of hours.   They do mostly self-directed learning.  The only lecturing I am doing right now is out of Columbia University's world history tome.

The kids have been doing MMA for a couple of years and I threw them in the lion's den last year with wrestling competitions in Iowa, best in the nation.  We moved there for several months and put the kids in a club that had a national champion in their weight class. 

Most parents are lazy and irresponsible, putting their kids in the clutches of child abusers in the government school system.   Their attacks on homeschoolers are out of envy and jealousy, stupid pride and plain malice.  

So our strategy was exceptionally high academic performance coupled with the training to kick the shit out of their antagonists.   I've been shocked watching these kids take on much older and bigger boys and either clock them senseless or send them running to their parents.   Many times we have had black parents smile and laugh while their children bully younger and smaller kids at McDonald's, the park, or the playground.  Until they meet the Destroyers. One got a hammerfist on the head.   Another got the wind knocked out of him with a front kick to the solar plexus, just instant destruction.  Others melted in the face of a kid with confidence.  

 The government school kids are no competition at all, not in any dimension of human development.



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That sounds a bit too fantastic. However if so, its quite possible that your kids are geniuses and its not just the effect of home-schooling. I am all for homeschooling but if what you said is true your kids are most certainly outliers. And comparing outliers like that doesnt really help in a general discussion about homeschooling.

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Thats the purpose of public school. The owners of government don't like competition.

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Facts don't matter to these moronic dumbocrats.  

I guess she didn't bother to read any of the articles about the Baltimore schools.  13 high schools had ZERO students proficient in math, and another SIX had only 1% of their students test proficient.   This was out of 39 high schools.  




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So what are the odds that this cunt is not originally from New Hampshire?

Probably a Masshole or shard from Rhode Island. 

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More like a fucking reptilian from Orion.

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Thanks to another poster I can see that I was correct. She's from  Massachusetts. 

She needs to go back to her statist paradise. 

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"Full Retard"

Sadly we are already there!

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They are in Baltimore....


Based on 2017 state test scores, 13 out of 39 high school had zero students proficient in math, the report said. Another six schools had only one percent of their students who tested proficient in math.





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Live Free or kill those who won't let you.

I was born in new Hampshire. People there once did love liberty. Then the fucking morons from Boston moved in and took over. This is what happens with unlimited immigration.

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Of course the state knows what your kids need better than you.