Paris City Center On Lockdown After Bomb Alert

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Well-known Paris region Place Vendome is currently on lockdown, following a bomb alert after the discovery of a suspicious package.


Local reports note that part of Rue Saint-Honore and Rue de Castiglione is cordoned off.

As The Daily Star reports, protesters demonstrating outside the Ministry of Justice have been evacuated amid reports of a bomb threat.

Police are investigating a suspect backpack left behind at the busy district of Paris, according to reports.

Eyewitness pictures and video from the scene show a police cordon has been put in place with several vehicles blocking roads.

Writing on Twitter, a reporter at the scene said police suggested "Louis Vuitton boutique was mentioned as target".

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b-sugar's picture

The bomb squad has between 20 and 30 missions daily on the parisian sub. what kind of news is that? u take 24hours to talk about the BBC bombshell this get immediate coverage? shit change

InjectTheVenom's picture

fu*&^%g  radical Amish again, huh ?     Bastards.

RAT005's picture

Possible school shooting in CA moments ago.

JimmyJones's picture

Obviously they need more diversity.  Because having a safe, secure, happy life where kids could play outside and come home for dinner prior to diversity was just unbearable.  I would rather be back in the days of the cold war when we worried about nuclear annihilation at any moment then deal with this garbage.  We all know that was a better life.

shovelhead's picture

Unless you weren't home by the time the streetlights came on.

Then shit got worse than duck and cover in my house.

Rex Andrus's picture

Jerry Brown, Kemale Harris, Kevin de Leon and all his illegal alien criminal relatives are accomplices

b-sugar's picture

what are you talking about? a develiry guy is fucking a rich lady in some hotel room and left his truck behind. HUGE STORY

N19's picture

French here.
Nothingburger. Police is just paranoïd here, and locks down any area where someone forgets his bag.

BarkingCat's picture

"...where someone forgets his bag".


I have see way too many men with purses in Europe.

Bigly's picture

I cry over what has happened to that formerly beautiful city.

knukles's picture

The smug little Parisian Froggies did it all by their lonesomes.  Nobody else to blame.
London's likewise turned into another mini-Sudan

Rainman's picture

yup ... about 3 million Muzlims in England , 2 million in Paris

researchfix's picture

Yeah, shit hitting the cobble stones, and smelling.

Bigly's picture

London does not compare in beauty, architecture, imho.

But, yes, all these places are becoming literal cesspools.

Son of Loki's picture

"These things are going to happen in a big city..."


Yeah, ever since the muzlims invaded.

Mimir's picture

It is still a beautiful city, nothing really has changed since the 80's. I'm there !

It is only seen from the US, that things are changing. Fake news and propaganda.

knukles's picture

Ze problem ess zat zee French men air nut manly henough.

Two-bits's picture

Suspicious? Did it say do not open till Christmas?






Ignatius's picture

People need to ask themselves, why are we even hearing about this shit?

Fear, fear, fear.

ZH should show better than this...

shovelhead's picture

You scared?

Better lay down and rest.

medium giraffe's picture

OMG! They signed that EU army agreement today JUST IN TIME. YOU SEE? YOU SEE why we need an EU Army?!! THANK GOD.


taketheredpill's picture



Timing seems about right.  The US let the ISIS fighters walk away from Raqqa when?

JoeTurner's picture

Mohammed was a child diddler....

Ben A Drill's picture

Day old curry leftovers.

RationalLuddite's picture

Yes. While a bit of a "be in fear always" remindered report, nonetheless the timing is also a relevant reminder.

And not ironically i refer you again  to the previous article re ISIS (re the BBC,  including the foreign fighters, being simply allowed to walk out of Raqqa to liVe to fight another day or go back home to cause mayhem:


"And astoundingly, even foreign fighters who had long vowed to carry on doing attacks ... According to the BBC report:


 "Abu Basir decided to leave for the safety of Idlib. ... He was part of an *almost exclusively French group within IS, and before he left some of his fellow fighters were given a new mission."


"There are some French brothers from our group who left for France to carry out attacks in what would be called a ‘day of reckoning.’”

Reynard Fox's picture

I was in Paris for a week last summer. There were tourists in the city center, but it wasn't packed. Easy to get around and get seats at restaurants. A taxi driver confirmed that tourism was down. Driving out of the city to the airport, the city is not so beautiful.

Bigly's picture

I was there 2 wks before Bataclan. The Eiffel tower was not under lockdown and those hideous barricades then, as an example. But I was well aware that the demographics have massively changed. Darker...standing around in groups. Loitering. Police pulled one off the metro train- unexplained. Not good people!

I do not think I am going back. Ever.

Bill of Rights's picture

Ahh ( Self promoting ) terror training day in Paris....Be scared everyone...were gonna die!

Omega_Man's picture

oh they found my bag... I was looking for my lunch

CoCosAB's picture



Where's mine french croissant au chocolat?

Mimir's picture

"Pain au chocolat" tu veux dire, je pense.

shizzledizzle's picture

Plant shit seeds, ya get shit weeds. 

GunnyG's picture

Keep bringing in the sand niggers and you get what you deserve. 

A. Boaty's picture

Keep fear alive!

Internet-is-Beast's picture

It is common to see groups of soldiers carrying machine guns making their rounds in French cities. A daily occurence now.

dondonsurvelo's picture

It was common back in the 80's when I lived there.


silverer's picture

I don't know why they bother telling anyone these things anymore. It's not news anymore, just a recurring event. Move onto some real events that are worth reporting. After all, everyone in France wanted what they have. How newsworthy can a story like that be? In one word: Boring.

Mimir's picture
"Paris City Center On Lockdown" !!!!!!!


Fearmongering from across the Atlantic ! Parts of two streets in the center of Paris was closed by police while a suspect backpack was investigated.

Sad to tell ZH that noone was hurt. Better luck next time !!

Mimir's picture

You are lost for reason. Wake up  and stop reading fake news!! Children are still playing outside and come home for dinner. 

Rex Andrus's picture

Not where I live, troll.