Is Roku's Run Over?

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Having soared 160% from last Wednesday's close, making a billionaire of the CEO, Roku is down 6% this morning, testing $40; as perhaps, just perhaps, the short squeeze won't echo Volkswagen...

From $18.84 to $48.80 in 3 days... Soaring above all analysts' estimates...

Is the 27% of the float that's short now burned through?

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Pull it.

Roku  my baby in the tree tops,

When the wind blows the stock price will rock,

When the Dow breaks,

The prices will fall,

And down will come baby suckers one and all.

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The market is in fantasy land. Below is another example of GREED GONE WILD ... AMZN looks to be way overvalued (2x to 5x) when compared to WMT. Take a look at the data for yourself.

Financial Metrics Comparing AMZN with WMT.

DATE: 11/14/2017


AMZN Book/sh 51.26 P/B 22.03 EPS next Y 84.90% ROA 2.10%

WMT Book/sh 25.4 P/B 3.58 EPS next Y 5.83% ROA 6.30%

AMZN Cash/sh 50.28 P/C 22.46 EPS next 5Y 58.00% ROE 8.70%

WMT Cash/sh 2.18 P/C 41.73 EPS next 5Y 6.10% ROE 16.70%

AMZN Dividend - P/FCF 70.77 EPS past 5Y 29.00% ROI 7.10%

WMT Dividend 2.04 P/FCF 23.75 EPS past 5Y -0.60% ROI 13.40%

AMZN Employees 341400 Current Ratio 1 Sales Q/Q 33.70% Oper. Margin 2.00%

WMT Employees 2300000 Current Ratio 0.8 Sales Q/Q 2.10% Oper. Margin 4.40%

AMZN Income 1.93B PEG 4.91 EPS next Q 1.85 Inst Own 62.10%

WMT Income 12.73B PEG 3.59 EPS next Q 0.97 Inst Own 30.60%

AMZN Index S&P 500 P/E 285 EPS (ttm) 3.96 Insider Own 16.40%

WMT Index S&P 500 P/E 21.89 EPS (ttm) 4.16 Insider Own 0.80%

AMZN Market Cap 545.94B Forward P/E 141.46 EPS next Y 7.98

WMT Market Cap 269.95B Forward P/E 19.66 EPS next Y 4.63

AMZN Profit Margin 1.20%

WMT Profit Margin 2.60%

AMZN Recom 1.8 SMA20 7.06%

WMT Recom 2.4 SMA20 2.56%

AMZN Sales 161.15B P/S 3.39

WMT Sales 490.01B P/S 0.55

AMZN LT Debt/Eq 1

WMT LT Debt/Eq 0.53

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the only time i ever see "roku" it means the television is fucked up.  10X revenue?  no thnx.

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way overbought. Ask the longs who bought HMNY feel on that pump and dump.

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It wasn't a was a ROCK LOBSTER


the stock market is a farce right now. If you have money in it, you deserve to loose it all.



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Roku is what....?

Japanese for a secret crypto...?

an Indian car company....

not interested enough to do a search....

....just anoth crazy blip on the over-blipping radar of life....

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Even in my over the oceans cabana i have a ruko. And i watch USTV NOW based out of Pennsylvania. Even might call OS the police hotline when i watch and see a clue.....the weather women could be a lot younger

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An Internet connection with BlueStacks, Terrarium, and the buffstream site for sports are all you need.  Forget everything else.