Ruble, Real Tumble As Oil Slumps On Weaker IEA Outlook

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WTI Crude is tumbling this morning, breaking down below $56 following a monthly report Tuesday from the International Energy Agency that said 2017 price gains along with milder-than-normal winter weather are slowing demand growth. This drop is weighing on oil-producers with the Ruble and Real dropping most...

The IEA reduced its demand estimate for next year by 200,000 barrels a day to 98.9 million a day, according to projections in its report. Forecasts for demand growth next year also fell by 100,000 barrels a day to 1.3 million a day.

“The market balance in 2018 does not look as tight as some would like, and there is not in fact a new normal” that would buoy prices above $60, said the Paris-based agency.

“If you put two and two together, it shows that we are going to be a little bit oversupplied in 1Q,” Michael Loewen, a commodities strategist at Scotiabank in Toronto, said by telephone referring to the IEA report. “Traders in the market are focusing on that right now. We rallied too far, too quick.”

This oil move has pushed the Ruble down to 3-month lows...back over 60 Ruble per USD...

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Trying to determine the true "price" of anything in the absence of a mechanism for true price discovery is a fool's errand!!!!


Technology does advance, but it advances much slower than baby-mommas can reproduce...


Moreover, it takes a tremendous amount of capital, resources, and TIME to bring new technology to the market. Perhaps we shouldn't have bailed out all the useless fucks in banking and finance after all?

Horrible waste of time capital and resources...

Oh well,

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was.

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I believe La Nina is gender confused.
Punishing California again this year.

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We have all heard of Rothschild and Rockfeller, but ontop of them sits David Sassoon, master of asian opium.

He was thrown out of Baghdad in 1812 and everything in the Middle East is about him regaining control.

Everybody works for him. Everyone in the USA and everyone in Europe.

His son Abdullah anglicised Albert married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887.

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Broke resistance, going to test 61 again.

Long-term, I believe we are in the beginning of 3rd 1-5 impulse wave, 1 and 2 displayed perfectly.

maybe  69-71 area would be tested soon.

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Increase supply significantly over demand and the market clearing price is below production costs. Obfuscate numbers and everyone is caught by surprise when this happens. Tax cuts need to happen sooner rather than later. We are in the midst of The Great Recession.

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All this for a 100K adjustment by one agency with a very poor forecasting history?

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fuck that.  putin will ride TWO bears this time and everything will be ok.  

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But what is the truth...

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If you trade in your own currencies (with countries other than the US) IT DOESN'T MATTER A FUCK what the rate for dollars is!