Sessions Rages, White House Leaks "Have Reached Epidemic Proportions"

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While tesifying today to the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the politicians that the Justice Department currently has 27 open investigations into leaks underway.

"We had about nine open investigations of classified leaks in the last three years,” Sessions said.


“We have 27 investigations open today. We intend to get to the bottom of these leaks.


I think it…has reached epidemic proportions. It cannot be allowed to continue and we will do our best effort to ensure it does not continue.”

As DailyCaller's Alex Pfeifer notes, President Donald Trump has been enraged about the amount of national security leaks during his administration. These leaks have included transcripts of his phone calls with foreign leaders.


This admission comes just hours after Donald Trump Jr's DM discussions with WikiLeaks were leaked to The Altlantic - having only been provided by his lawyer to congress - after which he released the entire chain...

Pointing out the selective leaks from the Congressional Committes.

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Mikeyyy's picture

How do you know Jeff Sessions is lying?


His lips are moving...

Two-bits's picture

Oh, yes, but whose hand is up the  ventriloquist dummy's ass?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Riddle me this Batman. Why hasn't Trump replaced the remaining Obama holdovers nearly a year into his administration?

And why are the top Republican brass also leaking like a sieve?

<Answer...because the only difference between Dems and Repubs are a few talking points.>

NoDebt's picture

Because the establishment Rs hate Trump even more than the Ds do.



Mtnrunnr's picture

Maybe they should stop doing leak worthy shit?

overbet's picture

Make any leak treason. That would stop it cold, but hey when has .gov ever done anything that simply works?

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I love leaks.  The more the better.  It doesn't matter which political party is in power; leaks are GOOD.

auricle's picture

As long as the leaks are facts I'm OK with an open government where I get to know ahead of time that bullshit is about to occur. Nobody should care about leaks when the work they are doing is noble and just. 

macholatte's picture


Doubtful anything meaningful is going to happen out of DOJ or FBI (except for the normal drug bust bullshit) unless and until at least 100 of the top level Hitlary-Obama Zombies are purged from each department... and everyone knows that.


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“Sessions Rages” ……



Jeff…heck, just smoke a little crack or have a Vicodin and Vodka and calm down…….

…epidemics can’t be all that bad

……it’s a face eating virus pandemic or the Florida cannibal drugs that one needs to be concerned about….

………..and  you have zero credibility until Hellary and all of her evil crew is in cuffs .


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I have a solution -- maybe they should start telling the truth about things -- If there are no cover-ups, there will be no reason for whistleblowers to leak information

CheapBastard's picture

Sessons is either incompetnet or an idiot.


Or both.

His first job is to fire all of the Obama appointees and recruit Americans in their place.

Second, when he finds the first leaker (who seems to be Comey himself) arrest them under the Patriot Act and throw  them into solitary for 6 months.

BennyBoy's picture



White House Leaks "Have Reached Epidemic Proportions"

Sessions, please suppress the truth and spoonfeed us constant lies.


hootowl's picture

Correction,......drown them in the nearest cesspool.

Ajax-1's picture

I watched it on TV. Sessions was definately not ragging.

SilverRhino's picture

That PURGE is probably coming soon.

FoggyWorld's picture

Trump has to do something TODAY.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

And HRC goes merrily along her way.  Talk about effed up priorities.

wcole225's picture

Exactly! Cuz following the laws are secondary to info that some career leech thinks should be made public. Moron!

chunga's picture

Sessions says he has ‘no reason to doubt’ women who have accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct.

(Link to fake news source site deliberately ommitted)

Son of Loki's picture

NPR is already saying he resigned!



Two-bits's picture

I was going to say, because he was "advised" not to.

Flankspeed60's picture

Hardly a day goes by that I am not chagrinned by Trump's flip-flops, suddent turns and reversals, juvenile tweets, awkward, inarticulate speeches and irrational behavior that leaves total discord in his wake. However, I would still vote for his sorry ass again - if for no other reason than he has terrified the establishment deep state/MIC, and has smoked the corrupt parasites and cockroaches out of their wormholes and made them visible to the public for the first time. It doesn't matter that he cannot drain the swamp. We could never have known just how deeply and irreversibly corrupt and incompetent this government is without Trump's election. We now know for sure that if the swamp is to be drained, it is we who must do it.

Giant Meteor's picture

Good points and was my motivation from the beginning (voting Trump.) As I have consistently stated throughout, "let all doubt be removed." The government is to the largest extent, a den of souless vipers, running a wholly criminal enterprise. The only thing I disagree with in your comment is being chagrinned by those things you mention. The chickens have come home to roost. Fake news, fake politics, fake nation.

As to the "leaking" , who in the hell gives a shit? Let the vipers bite each other to death, far as I am concerned.

Blue Steel 309's picture

There can be no doubt that Trump is a sock puppet, same as almost every President for the last 110+ years.

The Presidential election is a popularity contest among potential pre-selected puppets. Trump threw us off the scent, because he wasn't invited to the contest, but he knew he would be a willing puppet all the same.

NoDebt's picture

"Oh, thank God I have something to work on that doesn't involve Russia (which I recused mysel from, if you recall) and gives me cover to continue avoiding doing anything involving Hillary Clinton's many felonies."

- Jeff Sessions


fauxhammer's picture

"I have every intention to shit.  Or maybe get off the pot."

- Jeff Sessions

Ghost of Porky's picture

Somebody tell Jeff that Hillary smokes marijuana. He'll have an indictment in 24 hrs.

East Indian's picture

No. Marijuana will be legalized on all the planets and moons in the solar system within one hour. 

JRobby's picture

I did not realize that he had emerged from his coma?

rwe2late's picture

 and ready to resume his fight against

"Reefer Madness".

drendebe10's picture

Why dont they kie detector test all the overpaid white house turds. Fukemall

chunga's picture

9 investigations into leaks and none on the murdered DNC staffer.

Julian Assange offers proof on Russia crap and they all ignore him.

You young parents talk to your //kids// and explain to them how fraudulent gov is. The social studies lessons in school are false.

Dilly fucking Dilly!

Ron_Mexico's picture

mebbe Sessions has stuff on Trump, and he's playing this whole situation . . .

Giant Meteor's picture

In between naps or story hour ?

GlassHouse101's picture

here's an idea  . . Make an example of Hillary Clinton, of what happens when you mishandle classified information!!!

peddling-fiction's picture

"here's an idea  . . Make an example of Hillary Clinton, of what happens when you mishandle classified information!!!"


Baby steps required.

Two-bits's picture


Step 1: Find brain.

Step 2: Find scrotum.

Ron_Mexico's picture

Step 0: grow brain

Step 0a: grow scrotum

DrumpFired's picture

The liberals there are ready to get rid of her too.

Two-bits's picture

Here's an idea, give Jeff his senate seat back let the Senate vote him out with a two-thirds majority and appoint an attorney general who will actually do something.

Liberaldisdain's picture

Sessions is an establishment tool. Fire him. 

E.F. Mutton's picture

Anything to keep the focus off Hillary, eh Jeff?

911bodysnatchers322's picture

Everything, and I mean everything in the news is to keep the focus off Hillary. Why? Because she's their own gal. She's got the goods on everyone in the government. She installed her own Pakistani ISI hackers (Google Imran Awan IT staff congress) into the congress and used her private email server (blackberry enterprise server, secure cloud) to essentially run pay-to-plays with everyone. They agreed because they were being blackmailed but that's ok, they were making money too. That's what's happening

You won't see the news talking about hillary's blackberries. You wont' see them talking about the spy ring she's installed into Congress to essentially steal intelligence information from the CIA using pakistani intelligence against the US government. She's inculcated them into her harem of spies and promised them great rewards

They go to great lengths protecting her, now a year in, because if they get caught, they are ALL going to go to prison or be shot for treason. It would be hard to shoot 200 people. So they'll probably just shoot her and her cohorts. You eyeroll at this maybe, but we have proof and the dems entire worldview is going to be turned on its head very soon

There's no stop to this train, at this point, even if you assassinate President Trump and assassinate Vice President Pence. There is no way that the dems / CIA are going to be able to reinstall someone.

It won't work. We'll burn it down. If any of that happens that the other side will just start killing deepstate actors left and right. I won't have anything to do with it. There are plenty who know exactly what's going on and they are veterans and they've been targetted for suicide and death by team hillary. They're not going to put up with this anymore IF there is a civil war from attacking our president in any real JFK way then there's basically a kill list and they'll go thorugh it one by one

IT wont' come to that. Podesta group is already done, so is fusion gps. The baddies are going to jail now.

And soon everyone will know not just the surface crimes that have been dismissed but the deeper cancers of Hillary's betrayal of the united states and the corrupt actors that have tried their best to destroy our intelligence agencies, our legal system, and our culture from within

Ron_Mexico's picture

Kewl. I hope it's just like when DeNiro starts "cleaning up" after the Lufthansa heist in "Goodfellas."  BTW, you are forgetting the Klintons' involvement in the "300-no 400-wait maybe 900" FBI files on the swamp denizens, apparently mostly Republicans that happened right after Bill assumed office:

Shed Boy's picture

Well...maybe if you fuckers didn't lie, cheat, steal and make back room deals this wouldn't be happening. Being honest and up front with the people who put your asses in office might be the way to go.

buzzsaw99's picture

when asked when he would be going after "that crooked cunt hillary" he replied "uh, never".

Two-bits's picture

26? You sucked 26 dicks? 

Not counting you.

27? I'm 27?

My girlfriend sucked 27 sucks.

In a row?