Trump Says He Will Make A "Major Statement" When He Returns To The US

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After a 12-day tour through five Asian countries where he discussed the threat posed by North Korea and how America might shrink its massive trade deficits, President Donald Trump is heading back to the US Tuesday. And in true Trump fashion, the president hinted that he would be making a "major announcement" upon his return to the states - but offered no clues about what the topic of said "announcement" might be.

Here's the tweet, sent around 1 a.m. Eastern Time:

Of course, there's a lot happening in Washington right now, and Trump's hinted-at announcement could be in reference to one of any number of issues. Will he deliver an update on the administration's position regarding tax reform as two bills that differ in dramatic fashion wend through Congress? Perhaps some type of security announcement? Or the revelation that the US has finally entered into talks with North Korea after Trump adopted a notably softer tone toward his favorite Asian antagonist over the weekend?

There's also the possibility that he could deliver an official statement about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who Trump previously said should "do the right thing" and step aside if allegations about him having inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl turn out to be true?

Shortly before his teaser tweet about the upcoming announcement, the president hinted that he had made some major breakthroughs on behalf of the US's trading relationship in the region, claiming that the US's regional partners now understand that trade deficits "most come down"?

The president also took the time to thank the staff of the US embassy in the Phillipines for doing such "GREAT WORK" during his visit. Strangely, similar praise for other US embassies in the region was not forthcoming.

He also took a swing at polls that reflect a presidential approval rating below 40%, pointing to a Rassmussen poll that puts his approval rating at a reasonable 46%...

With the House gearing up to pass its version of the tax reform program on either Thursday or Friday, it's possible Trump could be taking to the bully pulpit to try and whip up votes among intransigent blue-state Republicans. Or the announcement could be on any one of a number of topics. North Korea, trade, tax reform, the upcoming Alabama special election - all are priorities for the White House and the Republican Party right now.

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This is it's picture

Trump's gonna make a bigly statement. 

evoila's picture

Peace between Israel and Saudis

CuttingEdge's picture

Jeff Sessions returning to his senate position, and a shitkicker installed as AG?

We can wish.

NoDebt's picture

Every statement Trump makes is a major statement.  I'm all atwitter with anticipation.


YUNOSELL's picture

He couldn't make the important statement now while he's still over in Asia in case it got hacked

WordSmith2013's picture

Everything points to a major series of revelations this month.

There's really no stopping it since either Trump or Deep State will go down for the count. And it ain't gonna be the POTUS.


NOVEMBER 2017: The Month When All Hell Breaks Loose
FreeShitter's picture

Ivanka sex dolls will now be made in china, I hear they are wonderful, just wonderful.

Handful of Dust's picture

I'll buy one!

She's so tall, slim and smart.....


Rosie O'Donnell says it's unAmerican to be that toned and beautiful.

The Wookie says it's raycist to be that white and beautiful.

Comey sulks his tranny operation will never bring him close to looking hot like Ivanka.

eclectic syncretist's picture

He'll probably withdraw support for Moore, as he should. It would be the politically expedient thing to do.

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big baller brand is releasing a donald trump shoe and china is releasing liangelo


Life of Illusion's picture

After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion. The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!


Please Mr President, go to Customs at every port and read google reviews regarding export problems caused by customs officers when trying to export.

Wilbur Ross needs to fire these non proforming gov officers!

Ajax-1's picture

During my tour in Asia, I discovered direct evidence that the U.S. Chamber of "Cronie" Commerce have been engaging in treasonous acts and subverting the will of the American people. I have authorized the Secret Service to round up these degenerates and place them in the gulag.

HowdyDoody's picture

I'll bet he finally managed to wheedle the chocolate cake recipe from Mrs Xi's head chef.

IH8OBAMA's picture

I hope he is going to announce the forced dissolution of the Democrat Party and the arrest of dozens of party leaders for collusion, fraud, treason, murder and a number of other crimes.


5000yl's picture

What if this asia tour was to meet with asian leaders to let them know about uranium one. What if all the posturing with north Korea is a distraction. I think the sealed indictments are coming down and I think it is going to be ugly.

It is pretty much confirmed that toni podesta is one of the names

I think the entire world is going be shown that trump is truely the strategist he is thought to be. The mueller investigation is not aimed at trumps collusion. It is just made to look that way. The entire world is being played and it will end with hillary and obama in jail.


We are about to see the "Prestige"

TeamDepends's picture

Hillary and McCain both mysteriously "injured their right foot", and both are wearing the exact same walking boot.  What is probably happening is that they have been arrested and these are actually GPS tracking devices in case these lizards attempt to flee.  This will be (please God) President Trump's earth-shattering announcement.

BigJim's picture

JFC. When will you guys admit Trump has sold you out?

Maybe he actually meant some of the shit he spouted during the campaign. But do you genuinely see any evidence - now - he still means it?

The Clinton are "good people"? I think that was a major tell.

Dickguzinya's picture

He said that because he wanted to catch them off guard. President Trump is methodical in his approach, any intelligent person would be, in order to continue gathering evidence. The same evidence that will now allow him to make the big announcement regarding prison inmates o-scumbag, harridan, mcshame, et. al. Winning bigly once again.

BigJim's picture

At what value for n do you admit he's not playing (n+1)D chess but is just another swamp monster?

Got The Wrong No's picture

Watch and learn, Bigjim. That was a diversion. A watch this hand while I punch you in the face with the other hand move. 

I have watched Trump for years. His name is more important than anything else to him. Being the best President in history is very important to his ego. 

Dickguzinya's picture

Once again, from your lips to God's ears.  o-scumbag and the piggish haridan should rot in prison.

PrintemDano's picture

I will pray for this to be so....


Dickguzinya's picture

From your lips, to God's ears.  o-scumbag and the piggish haridan deserve to be in prison.  Filth.

geno-econ's picture

Those same Customs officers impede imports as well.  The real problem stems from Kissinger opening trade with China.  Now we are suffering he consquenses as Trump returns from Asia empty handed.  The big announcement will be fluff to maintain his base of ignoramuses. Incidentally, Customs inspections of exports deal with upholding Export Controls and transfer of technology which the Chinese have acquired thanks to Corporations willing to give China gratis in order to capitalize on cheap labor.  Essentially, China has won the game of Free Trade and we are in denial.  

Life of Illusion's picture

 Customs inspections of exports deal with upholding Export Controls 


BS, How about  “ZERO” corp. tax on export products made in USA!

Asia is starving for quality USA made products and sick of China junk.

Stop the Transfer of Tech my ass, how about USA floods the whole Asian region with

products subsidized no corp export tax and no export controls. 

geno-econ's picture

There is  no export tax , only corporate tax on profits of total sales.  There is also duty drawback on imported components that are part of an export.  WTO rules do not allow incentives on exports as it creates an unfair advantage. Obviously you are not well informed on trade matters 

Vageling's picture

That's what they do! Not necessarily to harass you, but look... Bad paperwork is not their fault. Also sanctions... I come from that world. I can name you many reasons. If it's illegal it will be confiscated. If the paperwork sucks you have a window to resubmit or the goods are rejected entry and send back which that bill is for the sender. There is NO free market. That's double speak. Some things (medical is the first that pops up in my mind) that are exempt from tariffs. Many products not (though there are tricks). There is no "free market" in the international sense. Import/export. Who pays what is defined by WTO rules or treaties. 

geno-econ's picture

You are correct. A lot of Custons attorneys make a good living representing importers and exporters defending against paper mistakes and outright fraud.  But blaming US Customs for the trade imbalance is silly

Life of Illusion's picture

WTO rules do not allow incentives on exports as it creates an unfair advantage. Obviously you are not well informed on trade matters 

 But blaming US Customs for the trade imbalance is silly


I said ZERO TAX on corp. tax rates when export.

You can say that again and again and again  "PAPER WORK" grid lock regs!

Regardless if paper work is in exact order Customs can and will screw with you.



Trump says WTO and all these special interest trade agreements will be renegotiate.

So your solution is just to leave the rules intact and run up deficits until we have a





geno-econ's picture

Yes we must cut the budget deficit of over $20 TRILLION  The reason for the deficit are many mostly due to congressional overspending on pork, welfare, Wars amd MIC.  We are not living within our means as a government and  as individuals. So if we did live within our means we would not afford all those consumer goods from China and the trade deficit would be reduced. Another alternative is to reduce military and government spending and allow private sector to grow by investing in infrastructure  However reverting to protectionism would not solve the problem.  The trade deficit is not the problem, we are the problem.     

Life of Illusion's picture



I did not say anything about protectionism, exact opposite , I said export and fill output gap in usa


eclectic syncretist's picture

I don't trust 

I trust President Trump to do the right thing and bar the door to pedophilic Swamp Creatures. If the RINO's can't get their shit together and ensure an electable candidate then they need to come down and get to their rightful places in forgotten history.

Bill of Rights's picture

More Guilty until proven innocent bull shit huh?

curbjob's picture

I'm sure you apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton ?


PrintemDano's picture

There is a mountain of evidence against Hillary,  nothing but 40 yr old , well timed accustions against Moore.

NiggaPleeze's picture


It's not just one accusation, it's a bunch, and they are quite specific about times, places, what happened.  As to timing, accusations against a number of men have been made in the past several months - about 20 celebrities I think.  These things tend to come in waves.

And it's not just his accusers, it's a lot of witnesses to these accusers and to Moore's shenanigans.  And his admission that he dated teen-agers while in his 30s.

Hillary has not been convicted of anything yet people believe accusations against her.

Partisanship - believe accusations against your "opponent" but not against your "team" - is the bane of politics.  It is meant to blind you to the real issues.

Granted Moore hasn't been convicted and doesn't deserve jail time, but that's not what we're talking about, we're talking about whether an apparent unrepentant pedophile should sit in the Senate.

Personally I think McStain's crimes (as well as the crimes of most members of the Senate and Congress, almost all of whom are war criminals under the Nurembourg "death by hanging" definition) are far greater.

PrintemDano's picture

The accusations against Hillary are true....have you not readWikileaks.....her own emails convict her.  It is not illegal to date teenagers while one is in their 30's.  It is "wrong" in the eyes of most but certanly not illegal in any way whatsoever.  Even the main accuser never said he raped her, or even had sexual relations with her.  Just went out with her. Sorry, but no comparison.

NiggaPleeze's picture


About the emails sure it is true she used a private server, and some classified emails were stored on it, but the disagreements arise whether she broke a law.

Same is true with Moore.

One of the accusers was 14 at the time; another has accused him of attempted rape when she was 16.  Neither of those things would be legal.

In addition, criminality is not the only moral criteria in deciding whether to elect someone to Congress.

Interesting how everyone on this board is so ready to believe when a Liberal celebrity or politician is accused of sexual misconduct, but Heaven forbit, if it's someone on the Home Team, it must be a lie!  Even if there are 5 accusers, witnesses and relevant admissions!

11b40's picture

Until yesterday's report of Moore signing the High School yearbook of one of his accusers, I was a defender of his, because  1.) it would be impossible to prove one way or another, 2.) this was a WaPo 'exclusive', 3.) the timing after 40 years, and 4.) as bad as pedophilia is, being falsley accused of such a thing would be awful, too.

I think Moore hung himself when he denied ever knowing the waitress who owned the yearbook.  His credibility was blown, and I don't see how he recovers....although it is up to the AL voters if he ultimately toughs it out to election day.  Really a sad, sorry situation.  

From what I have been able to piece together, Moore was a confused and poorly socialized young man.  West Point, Military service with a tour in Vietnam, Law School, and a mixture of religeous conflicts and repression likely left him with difficulty relating to his age group.  Not excuses, but reasons, and it should be noted that in no isntance did he actually foce anyone to have sex.  Plus, there are no reports of inappropriate behavior beyond this time period in his far.

curbjob's picture

He never supported Moore in the first place.

wildbad's picture

yeah..Michael Moore is a fat dick

JimmyJones's picture

With 5 women (actual women not men in costumes) now, I don't disagree but doubt that is it.  My guess is he will discuss the sealed indictments that are piling up and are now verified.

StychoKiller's picture

The allegations against Roy Moore are every bit as valid as the Russian hacking allegations (NOT!)

SilverRhino's picture

Pizzagate indictments are coming.

Ajax-1's picture

Isn't it fascinating how the left wing media came to the defense of Tony Podesta after evidence surfaced from his hacked emails suggesting that he was a pedophile engaging in Pizza parties. Remember how the media proclaimed that there is no truth in the story despite the fact that they had no evidence to refute it? Funny how a different standard applies to Roy Moore.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Nobody has ever disputed the authenticity of the Podesta emails. They are the smoking gun. It is evidence that proves Pizzagate is true.

How do people miss this?

JimmyJones's picture

I think your right on that but first we will see the Uranium one stuff hit the fan.  Once that is done the public will accept the pedophilia stuff that we know those evil people are doing.