Former Playboy Model Accuses Senator Al Franken Of "Kissing And Groping" Her Without Consent

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The anti-sexual harassment backlash started with the Harvey Weinstein expose claimed its latest victim on Thursday when news anchor, former Playboy Playmate and sports broadcaster Leeann Tweeden accused Minnesota's Democratic Senator Al Franken of "kissing and groping" her without her consent in 2006.

In an essay published this morning on KABC, Tweeden accused Franken of groping her, without her consent, while she was asleep and provided a photo as evidence.

The incident happened in December 2006, when she and Franken, then a comedian, were on a USO Tour to "entertain our troops."

Tweeden, a morning radio anchor on Los Angeles station KABC, said she was part of a United Service Organizations (USO) tour in 2006 to entertain troops stationed in the Middle East. At the time, Tweeden said, she was “a TV host and sports broadcaster, as well as a model familiar to the audience from the covers of FHM, Maxim and Playboy,” and did not expect to play a large part in the performance.

She wrote that it was her ninth time on such a tour, which Franken, then a comedian, headlined. Tweeden said she agreed to play a part in one of Franken’s skits. “When I saw the script, Franken had written a moment when his character comes at me for a ‘kiss’. I suspected what he was after, but I figured I could turn my head at the last minute, or put my hand over his mouth, to get more laughs from the crowd,” she wrote.

According to Tweeden, Franken insisted on rehearsing the kiss backstage, and “continued to insist” over her protestations until she agreed so he would stop “badgering” her.

“We did the line leading up to the kiss and then he came at me, put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth,” Tweeden wrote. “I immediately pushed him away with both of my hands against his chest and told him if he ever did that to me again I wouldn’t be so nice about it the next time.”

"It wasn’t until I was back in the U.S. and looking through the CD of photos we were given by the photographer that I saw this one," she wrote on KABC. "I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated," she wrote. "How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny?"

In the photograph published in Tweeden’s essay, Franken is looking into the camera and grinning as he reaches toward Tweeden’s chest. Tweeden’s eyes are closed, and the person sitting next to her also appears to be asleep.

“I couldn’t believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep,” Tweeden wrote. “I told my husband everything that happened and showed him the picture.”

"I wanted to shout my story to the world with a megaphone to anyone who would listen, but even as angry as I was, I was worried about the potential backlash and damage going public might have on my career as a broadcaster," she wrote. "But that was then, this is now. I’m no longer afraid."

She said she is sharing her story because there may be others.

"I want the days of silence to be over forever," she wrote.

Tweeden also issued a direct statement to Franken.

"Senator Franken, you wrote the script. But there’s nothing funny about sexual assault. You knew exactly what you were doing. You forcibly kissed me without my consent, grabbed my breasts while I was sleeping and had someone take a photo of you doing it, knowing I would see it later, and be ashamed."

Ironically, back in January 2016, Franken tweeted that "@HillaryClinton is a progressive voice that will fight back against attacks on women's rights, and #ImWithHer."

Shortly after the report was published, Franken apologized to Tweeden saying “I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann. As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it.”

* * *

It's unclear if that will be enough: Tweeden said that over a decade later, she is "still angry" about what she says Franken did.  “Every time I hear his voice or see his face, I am angry. I am angry that I did his stupid skit for the rest of that tour,” she wrote. “Senator Franken, you wrote the script. But there’s nothing funny about sexual assault.”

Tweeden's comments come amid increased reports of sexual harassment in the workplace, including on Capitol Hill. Multiple women in Congress have come forward to say they have been victims of sexual harassment, prompting lawmakers to call for reform.

Rep. Jackie Speier said Tuesday the House has paid out $15 million in harassment settlements over more than a decade, though a spokesperson later clarified that figure does not only account for sexual harassment claims. She said at a Tuesday hearing that two current members of Congress, one Republican and one Democrat, have been accused of sexual harassment.

Her comments come after multiple women have accused GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. Moore is facing growing calls from top Republicans to step aside in the Alabama race, though he has indicated he plans to continue running.

It remains to be seen if the public backlash against the Democratic Senator will be sufficient to prompt his resignation.

Tweeden's full report can be read here.

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Thought he was gay (?)

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It's going to be amazing hearing the days and weeks of non-stop, indignant, righteous, outrage from the media and democrats (but I repeat myself) against Al Franken.



The story was reported once and ends here.

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The women are draining the swamp,,,yes

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Is keeping his history of sexually assaulting women away from the public why Al Franken wants to censor social media?

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So fucking awesome. Made my day lol

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Damn guys, I'm so far behind on my alotted quota of groping I'll never catch up!

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The thought of those pristine celtic melons being groped by a wrinkly, old degenerate jewish creepy's more than this Irishman can bear.

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those melons are probably made in china, sir.

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Any republican who doesn't call for the IMMEDIATE EXPULSION of Franklin from the senate is a hypocrite and a coward and doesn't deserve another day in office.

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Good for him.

Consent is overrated.

Millennials nowadays are selling their private photos once they became slightly famous. Like this KFC worker after appearing in a BBC documentary:

Beth Spiby Leaked Nudes (107 Photos)

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LOL- "The House has spent over $15M settling these sexual abuse claims...."

It's cute when they talk like it's THEIR money......

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Well, they CONQUERED the West, and they think it includes OUR money and women.

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Hey, did you know that the URL hider in your post sends people to that screwed up Blbli-blah-blah-blah site? You might want to fix that.

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Of course he knows that. And so do his 5 or 6 other personas under which he writes on ZH. It's the only way anyone will ever end up on his site.

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Einstein and Godol  walked the paths of Princeton… and could have posited this thought experiment……….

….What would they do to the drop-dead gorgeous former Playboy Pin-up in an airplane?

I do not think Franken has the mental capacity to contemplate this.


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Here's Al Franken joking about analy raping children.

That's the problem.



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Fucking gross.  They're fucking disgusting.  All those roasts have always been the most classess displays.  Basically they get up there and tell the truth about depraved Hollywood and pass it off as jokes.  They should just nuke Hell A  .

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Man, I agree--I've never been able to watch that crap.

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The old Dean Martin roasts were not so vulgar. A little bawdy at times with Rickles and Phyllis Diller, but people like Carol Burnett wouldn't have tolerated sharing a dais with a puke like Franken.

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Trying to think of when Franken has been funny as a 'comedian', and I'm coming up blank. He must've given more than a few Weinsteins to actually make a carreer of being one of the lamest douchenozzles on the comedy circuit (he sure as hell wasn't funny on SNL).

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I loved his bit about raping Rush Limbaugh, just timeless. </sarc, just in case>

To this day I regret not pointing that out to the mindless twat that was explaining how funny his book was to a nice, old woman. Hey dolt, read her the ass-raping part, right in the beginning. I bet you two will be friends for life....

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Is this from (((their))) godly instruction book, the Talmud?

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Do you get paid per click-thru from zerohedge? Or ar you just providing a valuable community service? Or both? ;-)

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They are not people known by most. I guarantee these bimbos leaked themselves for some fame.

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Isn't she special.  

Kinda sad, all these nude selfies.

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it's almost as if...everyone in a hypocritical asshole

now that Ron is gone

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I believe her WITHOUT QUESTION! Al Frankenstein needs to resign NOW! Where the fuck is Bitch McDonnell? 

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According to the hardcore Feminists, all males are deemed to have sexually assaulted one or more females, even their own fathers.

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Former Playboy Model Accuses Senator Al Franken Of "Kissing And Groping" Her Without Consent

My response: I expect we will hear from the NYC "DESNUDAS" any day now. With all those pictures of men with their hands on the DESNUDAS breasts, the evidence will be overwhelming.

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"Roy Moore, please call your office."

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Why would the Republicon Pedophile Party do that?



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How many senators can you name who actually does deserve another day in office????

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Mentor implants are made in Texas. Next door to the big hair factory.

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True story. Worked at major benefits consulting firm in late 80s. Mentor was a client. The account consultant had a D sitting on his desk every day....kinda like a paperweight 

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How's does silicon feel through Kevlar? Just askin'.

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"those melons are probably made in china, sir."

You know what's the worst thing about fake boobs?

Me Neither.

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So in your estimation, shopkeepers are asking to be looted by putting their products on display ? 


Nice to see you don't favor private property rights, asshole.

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My kind of shopkeepers are LA Korean store owners who during the LA riots guarded their stores with 12 gages. 

My kind of women are like my niece, who is one of three  that made( albiet experimentally ) through Matine infantry course and machine gun course.  ( I've told her great, but .....)

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A bit of free advice....never use the phrase "my kind of women are like my niece".

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Yeah, make them all wear burkhas - cuz we men can't be trusted to even catch a glimpse.