Import, Export Price Growth Slows As China-flation Slumps To 2007 Lows

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Hotter than expected Core PPI and CPI prints in the last two days suggested Import Prices may also come in hot but that was not the case as the MoM rise in import prices was just 0.2% (vs +0.4% exp).

Ex-Fuel, import prices rose just 0.1% in October (with Petroleum prices up 1.7% MoM and 14.9% YoY). However that rise in petroleum import prices is notably lower than then +6.3% in September

On the export side, food prices rose 2.2% MoM as Auto prices declined 0.2% MoM.

Year-over-year however, both import and export price growth declined modestly.


China Import prices contonue to slide as it exports deflation around the world...

This is now the lowest since 2007.


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ROKU is on fire today already and going much higher!

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I would agree since they already out of shit hole: have gone from 200->8000$ per capital, it's much more important to have balanced development, less polution, wealth more evenly distributed.


This can never happen here in US of A

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China plays slow but surely.