Nasdaq, Bitcoin Surge To Record Highs As China Saves The World

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IP surges (thanks to hurricanes), Congress passes a tax bill that has no hope of passing the senate, but a huge Chinese liquidity injection sends stocks soaring and proves...


Seemingly thanks to a Risk Parity rebound...

And a huge China liquidity injection...

“The increase in cash additions will help soothe market sentiment,” said Qin Han, chief fixed-income analyst at Guotai Junan Securities Co.

And indeed it did: US equity markets soared today... (Small Caps and Trannies best, Dow and S&P lagged but up big)


Which sent Nasdaq back to record highs..


VIX was pushed back under 12 but that is well above the 10 handle when stocks last hit these highs... NOTE the weak close in S&P futs (after running stops)...


Stocks decoupled from bonds...


And Stocks decoupled from FX...


And Stocks even decoupled from VIX...


HYG (High yield bond ETF) also surged most in 8 months... NOTE it filled the last two days gaps lower...


Having ripped off its most oversold since March (note the perfect cymmetry with today's move.. and what happens next)


Treasury yields were higher on the day... (with a notable selkloff late in the day)


But until the last 30 mins, the curve had drifted very modestly lower...


The Dollar Index drifted lower on the day - despite the yield, stock gains...


Gold managed very small gains on the day but WTI Crude fell lower (testing $54 handle twice)

NOTE - WTI futs are rolling to Jan 18.


Gold remains the best performer since Saudi unleahsed its chaos...


Finally, we noted that Bitcoin has ripped over 40% higher off the weekend's lows - back to previous record highs...

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Here’s What Implies an Even Bigger Global “Credit Crisis” Than 2007-2009

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Hi Ben, Hi Janet, Hi Barry, Hi Shinzo, Hi, ho

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While stupid working goys were fretting over the imaginary numbers on their stock-trading apps today, several hundred people moved into the countless tent cities seen on the side of literally every single highway in the city of Seattle. And no they arent "millenial snowflakes afraid of real work" or "lazy bums from another city looking for a $15/hr min wage job". They are normal people from every walk of life who have simply run out of options, and money, and are now forced to sleep in their car or a tent on the side of the road. Literally a full-on collapse scenario. But the average working goy deliberately chooses to be blind and stupid about it.

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

The streets near the Google campus are lined with battered old camping vans with folks in the same situation.

Solosides's picture

And Im willing to bet some of them are currently employed by google. The rest are Sillycon valley burnouts who got fired/quit and suddenly couldnt make their $2700 rent payment so they bought a $600 40 year old RV instead.

IH8OBAMA's picture

I guess the cryptocreeps should have ignored tmosley when he said to sell half of your Bitcons and buy BCH.  The Bitcon is at new highs and the BCH is languishing in a downtrend.


Zero_Ledge's picture

He'll show up any minute now to explain that you misunderstood what he was saying.  And also to call you a peanutz.

QueeroHedge's picture

Lucky me I was given 1 bch for every 1 btc I own, for nothing! :) Not sure why tmosley didn't get the same, long term investors use paper wallets and were therefore rewarded with free bch at fork time. I figure tmosley didn't have as much money to invest in btc as he would like and was therefore trading with his entire holdings, and had it on an exchange at forktime and therefore, no free bch. He probably lost 50% getting that call wrong but I'm sure he would have quickly converted to bitcoin and caught some of this upswing.


Lucky for tmosley, you would have to be criminally retarded trading cryptos these last few years without making a mozza. And with a market cap of ~120billion we haven't seen nothing yet. 10-20% in cryptos now cunce.


But yeah cryptos are bad don't allocate a small percentage in cryptos three years ago when fonestar et al were screaming about $500 bitcoins, they're stoopid glad zh banned them

cheech_wizard's picture

But, but, but, they should have bought bitcoin... 

Standard Disclaimer: Have we reached peak insanity yet?

The Wizard's picture

Living on the Left Coast is not cheap.

zzzz88's picture

this used to be called hoover village.

now days, this is called trump village/camps

Solosides's picture

Then why did the tent cities start appearing halfway through Obama's term?

dasein211's picture

Because it took 2-3 years for the full effect of the economic collapse to come down on a motherfucker. Shit don’t happen overnight all the time.

Winston Churchill's picture

Obamavilles, been with us for years here in Florida already,families with young kids in

them as well.

Wait What's picture

San Jose has started building refugee camps

Delusions can be maintained for a long time. As Loretta Meester said today "p/e multiples are high b/c interest rates are low"

So when people ask, "who caused p/e multiples to rise so high, knowing they would eventually come down?" Loretta Meester and her friends, of course. Then she and all of her current and former Fed counterparts become targets for those homeless 'nothing to lose' refugees. I, for one, interact with the local homeless population for just this reason. I won't have to do anything myself when the nooses and pitchforks come out, by then most of the refugee army will know exactly where to go and who to target.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Let's all be sure to do our civic duty and direct all these peoples anger where it deserves to be focused: the banks.

Nobodys Home's picture

Pass out the mimeographed "list" when you visit them.

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

So true. It was unreal what I saw going on in St.Petersburg like 5-6 years ago. 

buzzsaw99's picture

1) they should have bought fang.

2) republican tax reform should help them a lot.

...just for fun he says: "get a job."

Solosides's picture

And after working your ass off for 6 months at that job, you might barely have enough money to fix the leaks in the roof of your RV/home.

duck dodgers's picture

Not if hes already living in it and working. I plan on doing the same thing. Ill have tons of disposable income if I dont have rent to pay. Convert my fully self contained class B rv into 4x4 and buy a gold claim to go park it on.

Justin Case's picture

Now now let's not spoil the perfect illusion with reality. The Gov'ts are doing their best to keep the illusion going. They are even clamping down on free media from abroad and non-corporate sponsored alt news for spoiling the illusion of prosperity. Capitalist criminals are richer and the majotiy are poor. Data is also fake and adjusted, thus unconsistant from month to month. Nothing is real any moar.

Solosides's picture

The amount of data censorship I have seen on the internet in the last 3 years is terrifying. I would need 100+ filing cabinets to document what I have personally seen censored on my travels through the alt media.

Nobodys Home's picture

How'd you get to see it if it was censored?

Nobodys Home's picture

Nothing has been real since well before I was born.

Nobodys Home's picture

I'm not. I have a free cash fund that I set aside so I can buy a pre computer, pre fuel injection RV soon. Just looking for the right one. Driven by a little old lady 200 miles a year to the camp ground.

Bwana's picture

Since most lived in RVs don't get moved much you should look at 5th wheel trailers. I bought at 2003 that sold for $44,000 a few years ago that had about 200 miles total on it and had been lived in for about 1 week for 13K which included the hitch and all the hook-up stuff. It was designed for travel and residency so it has all full sized facilities in the bathroom and kitchen. I'm installing the washer /dryer this weekend and my next and final upgrade will be a 3KW diesel generator. It is very easy to find an older pick-up truck, gas or diesel, that can move the rig and when disconnected the pick-up truck although old is reliable transportation and easy to work on.

Garciathinksso's picture

if one cant land a decent job in this market and not formerly a coal miner it would seems such person is lazy or incompetent. Plenty of $15 jobs around in NE if your willing to work

tion's picture

Just imagine the epic propoganda videos the Norkos could make of the fall of the evil USSA empire devolving into third world hellhole status, depicting hungry West coast tent dwellers living in their own feces, and the tunnel people of Vegas raising kids in the dark.  Everything is awesome..

Nobodys Home's picture

Don't forget the Hepatitis outbreak.

besnook's picture

the market is rocking because the ammon bundy and gang were aquitted. a moment of freedom is worth billions.

Nobodys Home's picture

Glad mine isn't!

But I feel bad for anybody gunned down in cold blood by the .gov....

QueeroHedge's picture

Bitcoin record highs, gold, not so much.


But hey given the government can confiscate your gold when they see fit, it's probably a good thing it languishes.

runningman18's picture

Good luck confiscating that gold, if you can find it and then get past all the bullets on your way out...

QueeroHedge's picture

yaya it will be totally different this time around, when they threaten to stick you in buttrape prison while your family starves, you will stoically take it in the ass because freedom and such. okay mate no worries then. I like my anal virginity I'll just stick to bitcoin which the gov doesnt know about and couldnt get even if they did. Oh, I guess i have gold too but I dont mind hgiving that up if it keeps tyrone out my bumhole

IH8OBAMA's picture

Butcoins are in much greater danger of government intervention than gold.  Much much more so.  Not to mention that they are technically worthless.


blentus's picture

You seem to know a lot about technology.

Could you enlighten me, please?

Nobodys Home's picture

What? I can hide my transactions forever on a platform that records every transaction ever made! It's encrypted Yo!

QueeroHedge's picture

Not to mention that they are technically worthless.


Ludwig Von Mises would disagree. How long have you been shouting down bitcoin on zerohedge, what was the price when you began pontificating? C'mon now, you been here longer than 13 weeks, I guess it would be embarrassing to be crying tulips from the same account you used to laugh at bitcoin from when it was $60 right. 


Years ago I called the apple top, I doubled down when I heard they were bringing out a watch after the year2000 which I still think is stupid( asked the apple dude at jbhifi recently if the watch sells, he told me they never make it to the shelves they sell out before they get to the store). I was wrong. Retardedly overpriced with lacklustre innovation since the iphone coupled with increasing competition and I'm still wrong. When apple keeps breaking records, I don't laugh at all the people who profited from it, I'm the loser not them. Maybe you could adopt this mentality with crypto and save yourself time and dignity.

Nobodys Home's picture

He said bumhole! Heh heh, heh heh.
Did you attend the Harvard University course - What What in The Butt?

duck dodgers's picture

They could just kill the power... Aaaand its gone!

Winston Churchill's picture

They will have to find it first, all you're CCs are in plain view and can't work at all

if Govt. says so.You're full of shit  if you think otherwise.

Nobodys Home's picture

Something I read in the past:
A guy had a large gold bar (not sure what weight it was)
Painted it black and used it as a doorstop. Hidden in plain sight.

SilverRhino's picture

Lead and Silver have specific gravities so similar (11.34, 10.5 gr/cm3 respectively) that 95% of plebs can't tell the difference. 

Take your silver bars and dip them in lead, problem solved.


all-priced-in's picture

I know lots of people that melt lead down and make their own bullets.



USA USA's picture

Is it possible to post 1 or 2 more charts?

Thanks in advance.

Osmium's picture

Right?  Where the hell is the bonus chart?

Nobodys Home's picture

Bonus chart: The increase in the number of sarcastic comments I get on ZH YOY.