Stocks Are Surging, But What Happens When Europe Closes?

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Not the same shit on this different day...

The Dow is up 180 points, VIX is below 11.5, HYG is up the most in 3 months... all following China's massive 820 billion Yuan liquidity injection.

There's just two things...

The FX market ain't buying it...

And nor are bonds...

So what happens when Europe closes...

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MuffDiver69's picture

Stocks are up and who gives a rats arse about Europe.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Exactly, everyone bought the dip yesterday, right?

same as it ever was, free fucking money.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Like they were going to let it drop that much before the Christmas Spending Orgy which starts next week?

spastic_colon's picture

gee the markets almost hit their 30DMA..........

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Like they were going to let it drop that much before the Christmas Spending Orgy which starts next week?

The Christmas Spending Orgy started this week...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Observation: This BUYING SPREE has CENTRAL BANK INTERVENTION written all over it. 

EVEN TSLA IS UP!!!! They have got to get the markets up so the POTUS has some talking points.

Kido's picture

new ATHs, what else

Philo Beddoe's picture

There were fools earlier this week claiming THIS IS IT..THE END early this week when the SP was down .5%. 

When the big one hits we will not need to go on ZH to know it happened. 

BandGap's picture

I envision seeing the initial reaction of the faces of people I work with who are balls deep in these markets.

Thinking the face that you make doing shots of tequila and someone taking your lime.

Philo Beddoe's picture

I figure they will have the face of person with projectile diarrhea in a public restroon with no toilet paper.  Add some white shorts to the mix if they are counting on their 401k to fund their golden years. 

backwaterdogs's picture

That is correct.


The buffoons on zh (90%) of posters will be rubbing their chubs raw to societal collapse fantasy .... Each .5% down day


shamus001's picture

Backwater... you misjudge us.  HAD YOU suffered through a collapse like the 2009 you would be in  the same camp.  What camp is that?  Those who cannot trust the markets to be stable and an accurate measurement of the health of the economy because it's RIGGED by the Fed.  These interventions paint over GROSS DEFICIENCIES the like that caused the last market collapse.  I lost 120,000, my store and all my assets after going bankrupt.  My uncle lost 700k.  Both of us had to return to the workforce, AND ONLY NOW am I JUST BEGINNING to own my own business again! Set back 7 years! That is no short time in the lifespan of a man.  TRUST is what got me strung up and raped the first time.  I learned my lesson, and since I cannot trust the markets to tell the truth, I cannot be in those markets.  I WILL NOT be in the market UNTIL there is a TRUE MARKET once again. (this means sadly the U.S. Govt. has to crash, the dollar, or the market itself PAST ANY HOPE OF BEING SAVED BY PRINTING MONEY.  

So it's not a matter of "rubbing chubs" It's a matter of LAW & ORDER.  And a return of a true market that reflects consumer activities...a market you can trust because the health of companies is reflected by YOY sales/gross earnings.  Not banks pumping free $ somewhere because they got the money for free.

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Max Damage's picture

QE the largest Ponzi scheme ever. CB buys Gov debt, Gov issues more debt @ lower rate. CB buys new debt to lower rate, Gov issues.....

spastic_colon's picture

suckers rally...........into year end

FreeShitter's picture

Santa Clawz rally coming soon...jingle all the way!

GotAFriendInBen's picture


Is that a promise?

17000 points for the suckers so far


Sky flyer's picture

I thought once the Dow gets up 100 points it’s auto pilot from here. It matters not what happens unless mushroom clouds rise up over nork or ME.

pickatheweek's picture

It's quite clear that desparation is setting in.  It won't be long until the ramps start to look like this every day...

GotAFriendInBen's picture

Doesn't matter if FX is buying it

CB are

riskon.then.riskoff's picture

Is true every  deep is an opportunity even 0.5 %....

Buy the deep and few days later you have free money...

Simple and easy.


Its just magic!!!


MrBoompi's picture

How many years now have we heard the chicken littles saying the stock market is overpriced and is going to crash, only to wake up the next day to find out the opposite happened?  The only way to know what's going to happen is if you eavesdrop on the Rothschilds.  

FreeShitter's picture

Since you dont have access to them, just remember as long as old yeller and her friends across the pond are printing and algos are buying, all is well. BTFD.

Full Court Lugenpresse's picture

Exactly, the market hasn't crashed since the last crash, which PROVES the market will never crash again!

mb's picture

They have computers that keep the stock market from ever going case someones been asleep last 10 yrs.

shamus001's picture

Where were you sleeping in 2011 when the DOW and S&P fell 1200 in a single day?

gm_general's picture

Is China buying US stocks with this liquidity? If not, this is a baseless move.

agstacks's picture

so the hidenburg landed safely? 

Urban Roman's picture

Yeah, turns out it was just an ashtray in the smoking lounge. Nothing happened.

JDFX's picture

" do know this is a bull market ?... "

matrix unloaded's picture

The Dow on 24000 will be the limit, than eeh....look out. Magic in the air.

Urban Roman's picture

When Yurrup closes? To da moon, Alice!