House Passes GOP Tax Reform Bill In Major Victory For Republicans

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Update: The House has passed its tax reform package with a final vote of 227 yeas to 205 nays. And while the Republican leadership has ordered the caucus not to gloat about the legislative victory - possibly the biggest so far for President Trump - Paul Ryan and Co. will be able to go home to their constituents and enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.

Their colleagues in the Senate won't be so lucky.

Senate leaders have said they're working with holdouts like Ron Johnson as well as lawmakers like Bob Corker who are leaning toward voting against the bill in its current form. The Senate Finance is still marking up the bill, adding amendments and making alternations, but leaders say it'll make it to a floor vote the week after Thanksgiving.

Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee have wanted to see a bigger expansion of the childcare tax credit. Johnson has said more of the tax relief should go to LLCs via the pass-through rate and less generous breaks should be given to corporations.

Here's a list of the Republicans who voted 'nay'.



* * *

Following a pep talk by President Donald Trump that went swimmingly according to media accounts, House Republicans are preparing to vote on their version of a tax-reform package that will slash the corporate tax rate, cut taxes for individuals and reduce the number of tax brackets.

House Republican leaders say they have the 217 votes needed to pass the bill - but seeing as the Trump era has seen its fair share of legislative upsets, the vote isn't over until it's over.

Watch live here:

The vote is slated for 1:30 pm ET....

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mtndds's picture

Hmmm, I am betting it wont pass but then I will bet it will pass by 1 vote.  I am confused.

FreeShitter's picture

Whatever the moneychangers want, they will get. 

Pool Shark's picture

Photographs depicting past inappropriate sexual conduct are now being mailed to Senators Johnson, Corker, McCain, Collins & Murkowski...

nmewn's picture

LMAO!...whatever it takes  ;-)

Son of Loki's picture

"No one saw this coming!"

Bes's picture

House Passes GOP Tax Reform Bill In Major Victory For OLIGARCHS and WALL STREET.


fixed it for you

Paul Kersey's picture

First the Goldman Sachs TBTF bank bailout, and now the next faze of looting of the working class Americans and their children. Once again, Americans get rear ended by Cohn-er's boner.

Katos's picture

How could they possibly rob us any more than they already have?? Everyone I know is broke, in debt UP to their eyeballs, with many moving into their cars JUST to survive?? Will they take the tires??

HRClinton's picture

(((They))) want what they all want in J.G. Wentworth commercials"

"It's my money, and I want it now!" FF

FWIW, it is their money. They conjure it out of thin air, and loan it to you at interest.

TruthHammer's picture

[[[You]]] Millenials and Gen Z retards have ruined zero hedge, but at least you give lots of page views to the articles you dont even understand.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The two senators mentioned are Christians, not Jews. So much for the Freedom Caucus being against welfare. They are only against the contributory programs that extract over 7.5% (employees) to over 15% (self-employed) from every dime you earn, not the 100% freebies from Uncle Sam for sex and reproduction.

Nothing is more frivolous on the welfare front than a big check at tax time for mostly part-time mom workers, equaling 4 months of wages in a fulltime $9-per-hour job at the $6,269 maximum, when they do not pay income taxes. It does drive wages and hours down for women who lack unearned income from government in the form of free rent, free groceries, monthly cash assistance, free electricity and lump-sum cash assistance checks at tax time between $3,337 (1 child) and $6,269 (3 or more children).

This tax cut will not do a thing for all of the many INDIVIDUAL citizens who must cover all household bills on EARNED-ONLY income, with no spousal income and no monthly and tax-code welfare, in the many states with per capita income so low that rent absorbs more than half of your pay as an individual worker.

These are just a few of those states:

Texas — $19, 617

Kentucky — $18,093

Mississippi — $20, 670

Alabama — $18,198

Tennessee — $19,393

Indiana — $20, 397

chunga's picture

It's important for you young parents to show this to your kids and explain to them how fraudulent and phoney these people are. They don't represent you and they're not your friends.

What they're taught in school is false.

afronaut's picture

So...tell your kids to take a knee at school assemblies when they sing the national anthem?

chunga's picture

At least tell them the tear jerker montages on tv of soldiers getting killed and missing limbs are in far off lands that represent no threat to them. Explain the warlike history of the US engaged in war for 222 of 239 years and that the US is not being attacked by anyone.

Bryan's picture

"the US is not being attacked by anyone."

What makes you think that?

chunga's picture

The complete lack of military attacks or aggression on, or even near US soil.

You could argue 9/11 was such an event I suppose.

In response to that the US destroyed Iraq, a country that most likely had nothing to do with it and who now either sells or gives weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel, countries that most likely did.

A lot of the fighting going on right now is in Afghanistan and I don't have the slightest idea what legitimate purpose US has for having troops over there going on 20 years.

Other than that, nothing.

davinci7_gis's picture

In my 45 years of life, I would never have considered myself to be a conspiracy nut but the more I read, that 911 fiasco doesn't make any sense.  Building 7 falling down all by itself makes absolutely no sense to me at all.


chunga's picture

It doesn't make sense.

Either way that was 16 years ago and does not justify US troops fighting in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, etc, etc. today.

therover's picture are wrong about Afghanistan. We need to protect the poppy fields for big pharma. That is #1 on the list.

petroglyph's picture

Need more convincing to come over to the dark side? Go back and watch some good ole nostalgia, like the "Clinton Chronicles" and see what crooked fuckers are writing history.

crazybob369's picture

Amazing how many conspiracy theories, have become conspiracy fact lately. Reagan is usually credited with the quote "Trust, but verify" (although it's actually from a Russian proverb: doveryai no proveryai). I say: Trust nothing; verify everything.

Bryan's picture

OK, so you equate "attack" with an organized military invasion then, like Pearl Harbor?  Just want to be clear on terminology.  I have a broader definition in mind.

chunga's picture

Yes, the reasons for authorizing the use of the US military is broadly defined indeed. 

pods's picture

"We get to attack anyone who might, someday, threaten our precarious petrodollar situation."

"Or if the consortium of companies comprising the MIC need a good quarter."

"Or if we simply need more debt to keep the system from imploding."

"If none of these criteria are met, we can always lie about it and there is no penalty."

"Oh, and if it is in Israel's interest."

Kinda sums it up.


crazybob369's picture

I almost hate myself for responding to your inane comment, but I can’t help it. So, here goes:

Pearl Harbor was not an INVASION, as no Japanese soldier set foot on American soil. It was a strategic military strike, engineered by Admiral Yamamoto designed to prevent the US from entering the war in the Pacific. Yamamoto studied in the US, was eminently familiar with US culture and industrial capabilities and would never attempt to invade the US, knowing that such an attempt would be disastrous ("You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."). He also realized that Japan would never win a protracted war with the US, hence the necessity to strike first, destroy the American pacific fleet, and negotiate an uneasy peace. The plan was solid in terms of strategy (although some would call it cowardly) and would have worked had not 4 of the US carriers been mysteriously called away from Pearl Harbor just prior to the attack (many believe that Roosevelt knew about the attack, but chose to let it proceed, so as to give him the excuse he needed to enter WWII). Although never discussed in history books, the US entry into WWII (or WWI for that matter), were not popular with the general public at the time. Many people believe that every war the US has entered required some type of “false flag” event to gain popular support. Although not a false flag in the traditional sense, Pearl Harbor was probably allowed to happen to achieve a political goal.

If you want to educate yourself a little bit, outside the usual propaganda, read: Yamamoto; the man who planned Pearl Harbor. It will give you a new insight into the real causes behind the war.

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

Another very good good book and what I thought was very well researched was Day of Deceit by Robert B Stinnett. I didn't know the govt still has not released all the info on the attack on P.H.

Dontblamethegoat's picture

They invaded the Philippines, a US colony .... not Pearl Harbor.  They only attacked that.

spqrusa's picture

911 was a self-inflicted wound courtesy of G. Bush and Co. in Saudi, Israli and British "intelligence"

bigd2000's picture

911 was an inside job... false flag  mossad style

338's picture

Common sense and logic.


But that pretty much went the way of the dodo bird and the Edsel.


We were attacked in 1812.


Buy a fucking history book and throw your phone in the river.




Endgame Napoleon's picture

Or, since your groceries and rent are paid by taxpayers, take your current boyfriend to Florida, using your child tax credit to frolic with him on the beach, leaving your 3 kids with grandma. You will have the excused time off any time you want it if you work in one of America’s many mom-gang jobs, staffed with 99% moms with spousal income or monthly welfare and child tax credits, working for low wages and few hours because of their access to unearned income for womb productivity.

Get an extra, expensive tattoo with the left-over child-tax-credit money. Go ahead and splurge. Tell the beachside tattoo artist to draw a tattoo portrait of Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, or pick any member of The Uniparty, choosing one for purely aesthetic reasons.

They are ALL the same.

A $6,269 check, on top of free groceries and free rent or on top of a spousal income, is freed up for mom indulgences, especially in the MANY cases where the childcare expense is very minimal (in reality) due to the low number of hours worked and the grandparents who do free or nearly free childcare, charging the moms just enough to meet the income limit for the freebie and giving it back to them in many cases.

It takes a single, childless worker, working full time for $9 per hour, 4 months to earn as much as the max child tax credit of $6,269. That worker gets $300 or less in a tax return and ZERO monthly welfare. Hard work is not worth it, and it is not worth it for the many moms on monthly welfare, either, because if they work more than the required 20 hours per week, going over the less-than-$1,000-per-month income limit for welfare, they lose the welfare.

This is a fake economy, sold with lies about feminism, and leading to nothing but more of the same by using the tax code to load on even more welfare incentives for WOMB productivity and disincentives for WORK productivity.

Meanwhile, individuals who are not paid by taxpayers for having sex and producing more children than they can afford have rent that takes half or more of their EARNED-only income, or they are pushed into 1099 self-employment, where they are taxed at twice the rate for SS than these monthly welfare and tax-code-welfare recipients.

Fiat Burner's picture

Couldn't listen to that weasel Paul Ryan for more than 30 seconds. Presenting this bill as if its against Washingon special interests and the status quo. Fucking joke.  This bill is business as usual. More debt and inflation put on the backs of Americans to feed this bloated pig of a government. 

HRClinton's picture

Yes, that's great news. It brings the Demise and Reset that much sooner and faster.

Tired of this shit, unlike if you Hopium guzzling dopes, who want to perpetuate that, which will not be sustained.

Stop dreaming of the past, and plan for the future. Nostalgia is for pussies.

Selly2k's picture

99% of them wouldn't know how to read a balance sheet.

Son of Loki's picture

82.7% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 have a 4th grade reading level.


There's that also.

HRClinton's picture

82.7% of stats are made on the spot.


bigd2000's picture

You talking about Trump and hie dumbass followers also many Democrats are also very stupid since they fall for the Neocon BS... I would say mainly Republicans are idiots since they have the religious right fanatics like Jerry F, etc.. 

dark pools of soros's picture

Cut spending in half across the board... screw the jackoffs that lose their cushy gov gigs

Endgame Napoleon's picture

This will drive up state taxes, too, due to shortfalls in their programs to help the exact same people who get all the freebies at the federal level: “working families.” In my state, food is taxed at close to 10%. Of course, many so-called working families do not care since the average EBT allotment is $450. That is MORE than the wages for a week in a $10-per-hour job, and the per capita income in my state is right at $19,000 per year. That is just one of the freebies that augment the low wages from their absenteeism-friendly, mom-gang jobs.

HRClinton's picture

Hell, no! Spend moar! Spend moar!

Make this house of cards taller and taller, until it collapses!

two hoots's picture

There will be a few that use the opportunity for the limelight.....big test for Trump/Repubs


Goldman, other big banks secretly used chat rooms to rig U.S. Treasury auctions, lawsuit alleges

Just what does the Federal Reserve monitor/inspect/check?   The Fed stress test must be like checking the pulse of Al Capone and saying he is healthy, ignoring all else about him


Judge declares mistrial in Menendez case, AP reports...  the rule of law, balanced scales of justice are just fanciful slogans and images to fool the few who still believe it.  

SurlysonofaBitch's picture

Get ready to grab your anckles, middle America, and pass the Vasoline.

FreeShitter's picture

Middle america is already bored out .30 over.

shizzledizzle's picture

Yea but with the same old piston and rings.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

What middle America? What passes for middle America is just the shadow of the generations with one-earner, married households and homes that were actually paid off by retirement and childless, single citizens who could actually afford apartment rent due to the non-rigged, non-socially-engineered workplaces of yesteryear that were not womb-productivity-centric and focused on accommodating working parents, rather than work.

HRClinton's picture

That can't be true, or Middle 'Merica wouldn't keep sending Dopes and Desperados to the military.

Cause it sure as hell isn't the Lefties in DNC country who go to Boot Camp.

Sorry for the Cog Dis.  :-/

Gophamet's picture

Hope the fuckers choke on their "blood" sausage!

MuffDiver69's picture

Linking to the San Francisco Chronicle..I had a feeling..Goof for Republicans any cut is a good cut and screw the naysayers..

Don Pancho's picture

half time every one!