The 11 Nations Of The United States

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Via Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,

In his fourth book, “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America,” award-winning author Colin Woodard identifies 11 distinct cultures that have historically divided the US.

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Encompassing the entire Northeast north of New York City and spreading through Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Yankeedom values education, intellectual achievement, communal empowerment, and citizen participation in government as a shield against tyranny. Yankees are comfortable with government regulation. Woodard notes that Yankees have a “Utopian streak.” The area was settled by radical Calvinists.

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New Netherland

A highly commercial culture, New Netherland is “materialistic, with a profound tolerance for ethnic and religious diversity and an unflinching commitment to the freedom of inquiry and conscience,” according to Woodard. It is a natural ally with Yankeedom and encompasses New York City and northern New Jersey. The area was settled by the Dutch.

new york city

New York City is located in Woodward’s New Netherland.Flickr / Andrés Nieto Porras

The Midlands

Settled by English Quakers, The Midlands are a welcoming middle-class society that spawned the culture of the “American Heartland.” Political opinion is moderate, and government regulation is frowned upon. Woodard calls the ethnically diverse Midlands “America’s great swing region.” Within the Midlands are parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

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Tidewater was built by the young English gentry in the area around the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina. Starting as a feudal society that embraced slavery, the region places a high value on respect for authority and tradition. Woodard notes that Tidewater is in decline, partly because “it has been eaten away by the expanding federal halos around D.C. and Norfolk.”

Greater Appalachia

Colonized by settlers from the war-ravaged borderlands of Northern Ireland, northern England, and the Scottish lowlands, Greater Appalachia is stereotyped as the land of hillbillies and rednecks. Woodard says Appalachia values personal sovereignty and individual liberty and is “intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers alike.” It sides with the Deep South to counter the influence of federal government. Within Greater Appalachia are parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas.


Louisville, Kentucky, is located in Woodward’s Greater Appalachia.Flickr / Peter Dedina

Deep South

The Deep South was established by English slave lords from Barbados and was styled as a West Indies-style slave society, Woodard notes. It has a very rigid social structure and fights against government regulation that threatens individual liberty. Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina are all part of the Deep South.

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El Norte

Composed of the borderlands of the Spanish-American empire, El Norte is “a place apart” from the rest of America, according to Woodard. Hispanic culture dominates in the area, and the region values independence, self-sufficiency, and hard work above all else. Parts of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California are in El Norte.

One of our most beloved OPs, El Whatever, owns this joint.

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The Left Coast

Colonized by New Englanders and Appalachian Midwesterners, the Left Coast is a hybrid of “Yankee utopianism and Appalachian self-expression and exploration,” Woodard says, adding that it is the staunchest ally of Yankeedom. Coastal California, Oregon, and Washington are in the Left Coast.

San Francisco City and Homes

San Francisco is a natural fit for Woodward’s Left Coast.Shutterstock / prochasson frederic

The Far West

The conservative west. Developed through large investment in industry, yet where inhabitants continue to “resent” the Eastern interests that initially controlled that investment. Among Far West states are Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. 

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New France

A pocket of liberalism nestled in the Deep South, its people are consensus driven, tolerant, and comfortable with government involvement in the economy. Woodard says New France is among the most liberal places in North America. New France is focused around New Orleans in Louisiana as well as the Canadian province of Quebec.

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First Nation

Made up of Native Americans, the First Nation’s members enjoy tribal sovereignty in the US. Woodard says the territory of the First Nations is huge, but its population is under 300,000, most of whose people live in the northern reaches of Canada.

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Woodard says that among these 11 nations, Yankeedom and the Deep South exert the most influence and are constantly competing with each other for the hearts and minds of the other nations.

“We are trapped in brinkmanship because there is not a lot of wiggle room between Yankee and Southern Culture,” Woodard says.


“Those two nations would never see eye to eye on anything besides an external threat.”

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Woodard also believes the nation is likely to become more polarized, even though America is becoming a more diverse place every day.

He says this is because people are “self-sorting.”

“People choose to move to places where they identify with  the values,”  Woodard says. “Red minorities go south and blue minorities go north to be in the majority. This is why blue states are getting bluer and red states are getting redder and the middle is getting smaller.”

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Yea "Radical Calvinists." What I want to know is how come down south they pay like $600 a year in property taxes and up here $6000 a year in property tax is considered a good deal?


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More likely, Richmond, Baltimore, Camden, Trenton, Wilington Del, Philly, Newark and Trenton are all one country, run by different branches of the same tribes. Don't visit that country without a personal bodyguard.

However, the photo above, of the three painted women, has got to be from Indianipoless.

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"Woodard says Appalachia values personal sovereignty and individual liberty and is “intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers alike."

As every red-blooded American should be. Come to Appalachia! Canoe trips are fun, you might make a friend, and the painkillers aren't bad neither!

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I'm movin' to that same trailer park in the deep South.
And about that native chick.  Is that a picture of Elvis on the headdress?

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Come on down...and yes, thats Elvis!

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~"However, the photo above, of the three painted women, has got to be from Indianipoless."~

Say what you will, but I'm pretty sure that middle one is SS. I've seen them twin lighting bolts before.


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I missed was distracted by the reefer leafs on the one on the left and the iron chain intersecting with nipples ending in collar...on the other one.

Obviously some sort of non-trailer parkish "expressionist art" of the high brow New France academic crowd I'm unfamiliar with ;-)

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My family went to the high lands of NC in the middle eighteenth century. Our graveyards are snaked between the Blue Ridge Parkway with Stones so old you can’t read them anymore on the tops of mountains and ridges. We can claim the Overmountian Men, the State of Franklin, CSA, and a general aversion to authority! But the petulance is growing! Boone is a liberal cesspit when 20 years ago it was a very nice place to live. Asheville should be hit with fire and brimstone at any minute! When the feds finally collapse maybe we can use the best part of this land to hunt again! We all need to be able to secede from the centralized Fed to get free again!

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Deep South and Greater Appalachia are one country.  Mostly anyways.  98%...

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59 nations from Ivory Tower Of Babel...

Success of census credited to hiring highly skilled unemployed and help in 59 languages

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they left out pedodelphia -- stretches from dc to nyc to la

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This author is from where? Still doesn't understand the South. "The South is Slavery, more slavery, with a little slavery on top." He is Soros propaganda. South has a tradion of hospitality and congeniality and honor. Granted, Cultural Marxism has destroyed much of this.

Where does he mention New Jersey is New York's rude  andannoying little brother? Or that New York is the Rothschild crime center of the world and the rest of the country is tired of their Zionist empire? 

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

Spent over a decade surveying and farming the mountains of WNC....beautiful country. A backward bunch nestling in them hills where a surname carries A LOT of weight. Ideologically, Asheville has gone full retard. But, a sane man can't rightly bitch about the beer and music culture there.

ScratInTheHat's picture

You can make great beer without having poles rammed up your ass!

Deathrips's picture

America we used to have rights.

Voltron unite, fuck the scums.

Grow food. Dont spend their shit when you can aviod it.


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Pretty weak ripoff of the book, The 9 Nations of North America....

BandGap's picture

Yep, and total bullshit. This is backwards and sideways at the same time.

It will ultimately be good vs. evil.  There will be no geographical divide, the fighting will be regional down to over the back yard fence engagements. Not hundreds of miles apart, just a few city blocks and inward.

Jim Ludwig's picture

Yep. Boil it all down to the essence of what divided and destroyed the US...and you get a Satanic goo (rhymes with jew, eh) called ISRAEL.


Thanks to fiat "money from nothing and worth nothing" injecting debt into future generations (they won't thank us for that unless we blank their minds sight such as facebook).


Israel versus Humanity. Such is the essence of hell on Earth.




LightBeamCowboy's picture

Yeah, I read that book when it first came out. The author called where I live "Ecotopia", this author calls it the "Left Coast". As a citizen of the State of Jefferson, I hate getting mapped in with every libtard from Seattle to LA.

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No just Tylers succulent click bait ways.

Do they really eat coyote?

serotonindumptruck's picture

If all of us were able to form a cogent argument by making broad generalizations as to the nation's political demographics, then many contributors to ZH would qualify for the Pulitzer Prize.

I would grant Thomas Chittum more credibility to "the coming breakup of America", even though he wrote his prophetic treatise in 1997.

wizteknet's picture

How did you figure it out, lol...

buttmint's picture


you are ' FUNNY GUY'---Indian female is holding a FAN!

And no---not Elvis. It is their Great Father.

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"and the painkillers aren't bad neither!"

Thank the military for protecting those endangered polly fields.

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Coastal elites are so quick to stereotype that which they do not understand: namely honesty.

I've lived in beaner town, and dindustan, and now reside in White Appalachia in a very poor part.

And you know what? Even the poorest Whites make better neighbors than any nigger or beaner.

There you go. BTDT got the shirt.

You see, culture, IQ, and race matter.

The second there's a disruption in your city, you'll be begging people like me and my neighbors to take you in.

Because country boys will survive.

Urban metrosexual paperpushing soyboys? I'm not so sure. We don't have hair salons and manicure shops for men out here. The horror!!!



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Bean Town is Boston.
I got confused with your redneck syntax.

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Beaner hemisphere. FIFY.

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Sounds like the Northeast Regional Amtrak train...

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The three young ladies are standing at Bourbon and Conti, New Orleans, Mardi Gras

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Didn't gat the joke, did you.  Re-read it, and notice the spelling.  It's a pun.

The First Rule's picture

The Deep South and Appalachia are essentially one in the same.  Whoever did this has no idea what they are doing.


And I love how for the South they have a Trailer Park and a Hot Looking Chick.


Some of the South's cities, like Atlanta, are far superior in almost every measure to anything the Northeast has to offer.

But hey, at least they got the Hot Chick right.

runswithscissors's picture

I am happy to live in the deep south...those hot chics have a really sexy southern drawl.

Blano's picture

Women in central Texas who have that thick drawl make me weak in the knees.

And I'll take hot trailer chick over some New York City slut anytime.

Killtruck's picture

Here in Appalachia, the women have a drawl too, but it's mostly caused by a mix of toothlessness and the meth wearing off. 

On the other hand, the mouths without teeth have a charm all their own. 

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Properly, liberally lubed with KY, they can be a veritable dream cum true.

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KYC = Know Your Customer

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"Properly, liberally lubed with KY, they can be a veritable dream cum true", said the chronic masturbator, clumsily typing beyond his ken, whittling away the hours from his grey little life...

In small words, that means -1

Head_Shots_Work's picture

LOL! Well from the son of yankees who migrated to the south before I was born, the food, weather, hunting, gun ownership, hot girls, and low property taxes are pluses. However- the larger cities have issues with that other 'tribe' that lives in all of the big cities. BUT here, unlike NYC and LA - we can carry 45 automatics. and do. 

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It was much better before your ancestors came down here and screwed the pooch in the 1860s!

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I'm okay with this...Hurray Far West!, left coast I fart in your general direction

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 Whoever drew those map lines doesn't know rural Oregon and Washington. From Douglas county Oregon north the rural counties are Far West and nothing like San Fran., Portland or Seatle. It is felt Californians move in and immediately set to work to screw things up.

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i enjoy the time I spend in most parts of the South - but Atlanta blows chunks... one of my least favorite US cities.

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Atlanta is nice if you ignore the homeless, take care to step over the needles, and avoid the niggers, homos, and homo niggers.

Also be light on your feet so as to make yourself a harder target to hit, especially at night.  Carry a decoy wallett in case of mugging.

Stay out of downtown at night.  Fulton and Dekalb counties are nigger no go zones most of the time.

You can still bar hop in Buckhead if you are brave, and wear kevlar.

North of the city is Mexico. South is Africa without the culture.  West is industrial wasteland (and six flags.....).  East is multiculti hell.

And the traffic is always bad everywhere.

Head_Shots_Work's picture

OK - it's not fair be on this site so you can try to sell your city to potential visitors!  You must work for the tourism dept - you really sell it! I used to live in hotlanta back in the 80's but am very glad I moved two states away. I couldn't afford the kevlar and security detail I'd need these days. Too bad - it was pretty fun back then. 

JohnG's picture

Sure was.  I grew up in Stone Mountian.  My old man worked at CDC, taught at Emory before the libtards took it over.  Mom was a librarian at my high school.  It was great in the 60's and 70's.

Anything inside 285 started going downhill around 85, got much, much worse after 2000.

Atlanta (particularly southside) is a shooting gallery.  Lady got carjacked and kidnapped while pumping gas this morning.  It just seems to get worse and worse.

I got out around 1990, moved 120 miles away where actual white people still live.  Bought all my grandad;s property after he died and built a house surrounded by the tree/chicken farm I run.


greenskeeper carl's picture

Gwinnett county native here. Left a few years back. That used to be a great place. My high school was about 85% white when I graduated, now it's about 85% black and looks like a prison. That's used to be where all the white people live, but of course 'Atlanta' followed them out to the suburbs. Aside from some areas of buckhead, dunwoody, and sandy springs, it's a shithole now. Gwinnett has pretty much been ruined. About the only good places left in driving distance are Cumming, Canton, Cherokee areas.

The First Rule's picture

Just to clarify, when I say Atlanta, I'm refering to the areas where all the growth/jobs/lower crime areas are - ie. the northern suburbs where everything worth mentioning is.


The downtown city itself is as big a dump as most every other big, crime infested ghetto in the country.


KFBR392's picture

eyewatering shit there ! nice! just driving thru the vast east west expanse of greater atlanta at night a few times...yikes always make me fearful for my safety just on the intetstate. the old new south? PASS.