Another False Flag Terror ADMISSION: Snipers In the Ukraine “Protests”

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Snipers Fired At BOTH Police and Protesters In Ukraine

Remember the protests in Ukraine which led to the old leader being replaced?

If you’ll recall,  the ruthless slaughter of people by snipers was the event which turned world opinion against the Ukrainian Prime Minister, and resulted in him having to flee the country.

Italy’s 11th largest newspaper – Il Giornale – reported on an admission by several of the snipers (Google translation) :

“Everyone started shooting two or three shots at a time. It went on for fifteen, twenty minutes. We had no choice. We were ordered to shoot both on the police and the demonstrators, without any difference. I was totally outraged.


So Georgian Alexander Revazishvilli remembers the tragic shootout of 20 February 2014 in Kiev when a group of mysterious snipers opened fire on crowds and cops massacring over 80 people. That massacre has horrified the world and changed the destiny of Ukraine by forcing President Viktor Yanukovich accused of organizing the shootout. But the massacre also changed the fates of Europe and our country, triggering the crisis that will lead to sanctions against Putin’s Russia. Sanctions revealed a boomerang for the Italian economy ( Watch the video ).


Revazishvilli’s confessions and two other Georgians – gathered by writers in the documentary “Ukraine, the hidden truths” aired tonight at 23.30 on Matrix, Channel 5 – reveal a different and disconcerting truth. The truth of a massacre and the same opposition that accused Yanukovych and his Russian allies. Revazishvilli and his two companions – met and interviewed in the documentary – are a former member of the security services of former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and two former militants of his party. Hired in Tbilisi by Mamuka Mamulashvili, Saakashvili’s military adviser, are tasked with supporting – along with other Georgian and Lithuanian volunteers – ongoing demonstrations in Kiev in return for a $5,000 final fee.




The following day, Mamulashvili and the leaders of the protest explain to volunteers who will face a police assault at the Conservatory building and at the Ukraine hotel. In that case – he says – we must shoot at the square and sow the chaos. But one of the protagonists confesses to having received another explanation, much more comprehensive. “When Mamulashvili arrived, I also asked him. Things are getting complicated, we have to start shooting – he replied that we can not go to the pre-election presidential elections. But who should shoot? “I asked. He replied that who and where it did not matter, you had to shoot somewhere so much to sow chaos.


“It did not matter if we fired at a tree, a barricade, or the molotov. confirms another volunteer – what counts was sowing confusion.

BBC interviewed the head of the opposition’s security forces at the time, who confirms that snipers were killing both sides … protesters and police:

And the former Ukranian government security boss said the same thing. Specifically, he said:

Former chief of Ukraine’s Security Service has confirmed allegations that snipers who killed dozens of people during the violent unrest in Kiev operated from a building controlled by the opposition on Maidan square.


Shots that killed both civilians and police officers were fired from the Philharmonic Hall building in Ukraine’s capital, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Aleksandr Yakimenko told Russia 1 channel. The building was under full control of the opposition and particularly the so-called Commandant of Maidan self-defense Andrey Parubiy who after the coup was appointed as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Yakimenko added.

So the chief of the government’s security forces, the head of the opposition’s security forces, and the snipers themselves  all admit the snipers were killing both protesters and police.


[Ukrainian Health Minister Oleh] Musiy, who spent more than two months organizing medical units on Maidan, said that on Feb. 20 roughly 40 civilians and protesters were brought with fatal bullet wounds to the makeshift hospital set up near the square. But he said medics also treated three police officers whose wounds were identical.


Forensic evidence, in particular the similarity of the bullet wounds, led him and others to conclude that snipers were targeting both sides of the standoff at Maidan — and that the shootings were intended to generate a wave of revulsion so strong that it would topple Yanukovych and also justify a Russian invasion.

And the Estonian foreign minister – after visiting Ukraine – told the EU foreign affairs minister that the Maidan opposition deployed the snipers – and fired on both the protesters and the police – to discredit the former government of Ukraine.

The Snipers Were Associated with the Maidan Protesters

While the mainstream media has proclaimed that the sniper fire was definitely from government forces, some of the above-cited sources dispute that claim.

Additionally, BBC reported at the time:

Reporting for Newsnight, Gabriel Gatehouse said he saw what looked like a protester shooting out of a window at the BBC’s Kiev base, the Ukraine Hotel.

BBC interviewed a Maidan protester who admitted that he fired a sniper rifle at police from the Conservatory, and that he was guided by a military veteran within the Maidan resistance. Here are actual pictures a reporter took of Maidan snipers, recently published by BBC:

gunmen at Kiev Conservatory 20 February

(There were reportedly at least 10 Maidan snipers firing from the Conservatory.)

The Frankfurther Allgemein reported that Maidan commander Volodymyr Parasjuk controlled the Conservatory at the time:

Volodymyr Parasjuk – the leader in “self-defense units” of the revolution who had called the night of Yanukovich’s escape, on the stage of Maidan to storm the presidential residence one year ago.


On the day of the massacre Parasjuk was staying with his unit in the colonnaded building of the Kiev Conservatory right at the Maidan. In the days before the death toll had risen, and the fighters grew the conviction alone with limited power as before will not be able to overthrow Yanukovych. “There were at that time many guys who said you have to take the weapon and attack,” said Parasjuk recalls. “Many,” he himself had since long ago it had firearms, often their officially registered hunting rifles.

Tagesschau – a German national and international television news service produced by state-run Norddeutscher Rundfunk on behalf of the German public-service television network ARD – also reported in 2014 that at least some of the sniper fire came from protesters.

And remember, the snipers who admitted firing at both sides were associated with Mikhail Saakashvili and his party.  Saakashvili was a huge supporter of the Maidan protesters from the very beginning.  As Newsweek reports:

Saakashvili was a supporter of the Ukrainian revolution since the beginning of Euromaidan ….

Indeed, the Maidan protesters who deposed the old Ukrainian prime minister were so pleased with events that they rewarded Saakashvili by appointing him leader of Ukraine’s largest region.

Former AP and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry summarizes what kind of guy Saakashvili is:

The latest political move by the … regime in Ukraine was to foist on the people of Odessa the autocratic Georgian ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, a neoconservative favorite and currently a fugitive from his own country which is seeking him on charges of human rights violations and embezzlement.




According to a New York Times profile last September, Saakashvili was there “writing a memoir, delivering ‘very well-paid’ speeches, helping start up a Washington-based think tank and visiting old boosters like Senator John McCain and Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state.”


McCain and Nuland were key neocon backers of the coup that ousted Yanukovych and touched off the bloody civil war that has killed thousands of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, while also reviving Cold War tensions between the West and Russia. Before the coup, McCain urged on right-wing protesters with promises of U.S. support and Nuland was overheard hand-picking Ukraine’s new leadership, saying “Yats is the guy,” a reference to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who became prime minister after the coup.




The Georgian prosecutors also have charged Saakashvili with human rights violations for his violent crackdown on political protesters in 2007.

Context: Sniper Attacks As False Flag Terror

Random shootings are a type of false flag terror.    For example, in 1985 – as part of the “Gladio” false flag terror campaign (see number 12) – snipers attacked and shot shoppers in supermarkets randomly in Belgium, killing twenty-eight and leaving many wounded.

Shooting both sides is an especially big red flag for a false flag …

Specifically, when authoritarian regimes want to break up protests, they might shoot protesters. On the other hand, when violent protesters shoot government employees, they might be trying to overthrow the government.

But when secretive snipers kill both protesters and the police, it is an indication of a “false flag” attack meant to sow chaos, anger, disgust and a lack of legitimacy.

This has happened many times over the years. For example:

  • Unknown snipers reportedly killed both Venezuelan government and opposition protesters in the attempted 2002 coup

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fiddy pence haff pound's picture

You can't honestly say that any Ukrainian

PM does anything for the people. The

story I hear is that all of them are oligarchs,

or linked to them. All of them enrich themselves.

You saw Yanuk's house.

The provincial governers are the same.

The thing you don't often hear is that some of

those same Maidan fools are protesting the

present government which is also .... you guessed it


SmittyinLA's picture

Your US tax dollars at work.

Funny is Americans don't think our state dept would do the same thing to our own elections, if our government does it to foreigners they'd have no trouble doing it to Americans.

Criminally prosecute the US State dept.

Usura's picture

Who "ordered" them to start shooting?  jews.

grizfish's picture

TPTB prints $$ for the MIC to build weapons to give to MERCS to do their bidding.  Actually, quite simple.

williambanzai7's picture

What difference does it make!

veritas semper vinces's picture

This is good here ,in the West,but not in Russia,there it does make a difference. Not that they didn;t know it already.

VWAndy's picture

 Looks like much of the worlds history was simply a never ending chain yank. Tptb are willing to do just about anything to maintain control of the fruits of our honest labor. Thats what its all about. Our labor and tptb not paying full price. 

  The stall and barter. Then some real justice.

Volkodav's picture

       this is very old news...

       even weeks after, one of Polacks snipers enjoyed making boasts.

       Poles, Balts, Grizin shooters mostly

       There were loose shooters, but also skilled high placed

       on ground violence was hired mercs, Turks, Poles, mixed other



veritas semper vinces's picture

And this was/is the pattern for all our "color revolutions".

When the real history is written,and won't be long now,the AAZ  EMPIRE will be known as the most evil and murderous empire ever.

Makes you "proud to be an American"

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I bet Hillary/Podesta has a hand in this attack.

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Tyler should be placing this in the "body" of it's reads.

One of your best!

Thank you

bobcatz's picture

The BETTER question is, "Who's REALLY, REALLY behind the entire conflict?"

Reaper's picture

McCain and Nuland are Principals, aiding and abetting, under US Law in terrorism and thus liable to the same punishment as the snipers in this False Flag op.  Neo-con swine are more equal under the "US Rule of Law,"

ConnectingTheDots's picture

So the snipers fired at innocent protestors and police because someone "told them to do it".

So humans in their minds will justify doing things they would never normally done because  someone "told them to it"

We have seen this in the past with conecentration camp guards, over zealous policing, military occupations, prison guards, even corpporate executives.

Who are the "someones"?

They are people who are only in authority because we have put them there through our acqueisance and we keep them there because they are enabled by our deference to them and by following their orders.

These orders come from a few "someones" at the top and are then dutitfully carried out by enablers below them. These enablers may be high in the hierchy or at the very bottom such as those actually firing bullets at other people.

If we all collectively stopped following their orders, funding (feeding) them by giving them our money through purchases or taxes, we could starve the beast. Stop enabling these "someones".

Ignore them, work to setup self-sufficient resilient local communities, buy local, grwo your own food, make them obsolete and their system will crumble below their feet without the need to have to frontally confront them.


grizfish's picture

Everyone is a "someone" for the right price.

css1971's picture

66% of people will kill someone because they were told to.

The results are consistent across all human cultures.

Google Millgram experiment.

InnVestuhrr's picture

Russian puppet in Ukraine was replaced by western puppet = same old story since dawn of human history.

I don't care, why do you ?????

veritas semper vinces's picture

I don't know why I bother.You can not relly teach stupid,but let's try:

Yanukovych was not a Russian puppet.He tried to do what was most advantageous for Ukraine

-if you don't care that your Government is involved in illegal activities around the globe:murder,theft,toppling legal foreign governments,wars of aggression,then you are at the same psychopath criminal level with them. If you still don't care,there is a Karma and maybe you will care when things like this will come her,because they will. And what will happen in America will make the rest pale in comparison


InnVestuhrr's picture

ALL governments are involved in what you described, always have been and always will be, that is human nature and will not change.The USA federal, state and local governments are involved in plenty of unconstitutional and immoral activities against American citizens and residents INSIDE the USA, I care about those.

grizfish's picture

You have the same mentality as those who drafted me and put me in "kill or be killed" situations in Viet-Nam.  I will gladly show you how to care.

InnVestuhrr's picture

Difference between you and me:

You obeyed your masters and obediently went to Vietnam to kill and be killed, maybe you did not know better at the time, maybe you were too afraid to fight the regime that issued the orders.

I refused to go and fought the regime instead.

Looks like you could learn morality, commitment and activism from me rather than vice versa.

css1971's picture

They are using my money to do it... i'm complicit and I find that outrageous.

InnVestuhrr's picture

USA government uses confiscated earnings for thousands of unconstitutional and immoral activities, especially inside the USA. If Americans don't care enough to stop the abuses inside the USA, then it is absurd to pay any attention to the ones outside the USA.

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Too bad a few more of our fellow humans haven't figured this out

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"I don't care, why do you ?????"

So said the Zino-bankster troll.


roadhazard's picture

You just finding this out, George. That news is So old I almost forgot it. Get a life.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Were you born an asswipe? Have you always been this way?

taketheredpill's picture


$5,000 X 10 / 80 = $625 per death

Your tax dollars at work.

I'm in Canada but I think everybody on this website should send an email to the CIA thanking them for their efforts on your behalf.

Muddy1's picture

$625 is a pretty cheap cost per death compared to the numbers dead after SIXTEEN years of worthless war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, ...........

ArtificalDuality's picture

Now this is strides closer to the "truth as transpired" on the willful deliberate take-down of MH-17 as part of the "reason-craft" grand-design to get incrimminated Russia before the eyes of the world. The cabal will not succeed. The truth will come out. Our Dutch prime-minister once said "We will get to the bottom rock of this." Well he is going to get his bottom rock and he and his crooked associates are NOT going to like it.

land_of_the_few's picture

Yes, and he won't give back the Scythian gold artefacts in Dutch museums, some of which are on loan from Crimean museums.

Jim in MN's picture

Oh great, drag the SCYTHIANS into this.   Thanks a lot.  Next we'll hear the Black Sea floods were a false flag.

WTFUD's picture

This western cabal are cold blooded killers. Their contempt for Joe Public knows no bounds and yet the citizens of the US are unwilling to confront these sociopaths, emboldening them in the process to commit more EVIL upon the World.

grizfish's picture

They justify it by telling themselves "many more will die if we don't take out these few."

Juggernaut x2's picture

It has a lot to do with the brainwashing that people(purposely) receive from TV and movies- the message that these people in charge are omnipotent- when, in fact, the complicated society that they have created is more susceptible to coming apart than at any time in history due to the fact that everything is so centralized.

MFL5591's picture

Not the least bit surprised by this article!

Suicyco's picture

This is exactly what I paid attention to a few years back. I started to look into revolutions of the recent past, and came up with mysterious snipers in almost every single one of those. Starting from the collapse of the Soviet Union and unindentified snipers fomenting chaos in Moscow in 1991.

adonisdemilo's picture

So, Saakashvili's best buddies with Nuland and McCain.


grizfish's picture

You don't become a judge if you are clean.  Clean judges are just too difficult to control.

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"So, Saakashvili's best buddies with Nuland and McCain.





veritas semper vinces's picture

Well said. I say that at this point in time,they(all representatives of TPTB )do not qualify for any trial anymore . Only for execution.

BarkingCat's picture

I have come to the conclusion that Georgians are piece of shit.

Stalin, the biggest butcher of the USSR was a Georgian. 

His chief of secret police,  who ordered many political and ethnic executions was also a Georgian. 

I just read a story that mentioned a mobster in Donetsk region that people simply call the Georgian. 

Their former president seems to be another member of the psychopath club.

SoDamnMad's picture

And you read that the US Army gave safe passage to 2,000 ISIS members when the last ISIS controlled city fell. Kind of like those Live Link videos of the convoy of Toyota pickups with black ISIS flags and a US army helicopter flying parallel to the highway. Yep we support ISIS.  Just wait until the attack in Europe or the US like in the book "Day of Wrath" by William Forstchen.

adonisdemilo's picture


With the "people" in charge effecting traitorious acts such as letting killers and aspiring killers walk away it becomes impossible to believe that TPTB are on the same side as normal honest folks. 

Juggernaut x2's picture

As far as that book- any large-scale US attack by "Muslim terrorists" will be sanctioned by some type of large intelligence services(cough-CIA-cough-mossad-cough). And you can bet your ass it will be blamed on Iran or Hezbollah or both.

Cloud9.5's picture

Give them to the victims’ families and walk away.