Female Intern Sues "Offensive And Degrading" French Bank For "Flagrant Misogyny"

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Seemingly echoing Casbalanca's "I am shocked there is gambling going on here," young female intern Nadia Moukaideche was 'shocked' enough to seek counseling after discovering "disgusting, childish, misogynist" behavior at French investment bank Credit Agricole.

Moukaideche, who was born in 1991, had worked at two investment banks in Paris, where she said she had no problems with any colleagues, but as Bloomberg reports, she found the male-dominated working atmosphere at the French bank's London office was so "offensive and degrading" that it drove her to seek counseling over the "misogynist" behavior of colleagues, according to her employment tribunal claim (in which she is suing the bank for sexual discrimination).

The intern said her manager encouraged “a variety of disgusting and childish behaviors such as animal noises, burps, passing of wind and ball games,” according to her witness statement for the tribunal.


The misogyny of her boss, Hemal Mistry, “was flagrant” as he fostered behavior that “somehow became normal,” she said.


Colleagues had “open conversations about drugs and prostitutes” and they “were sometimes showing each other pictures of it amongst other pornographic images right at the desk.”


“The environment is simply unbearable for any woman,” Moukaideche said.

Moukaideche said she became stressed by harassment and was forced to take time off work and seek professional help. She turned to the bank’s human-resources team, and said they handled the process poorly and "insinuated that maybe I could not distinguish simple jokes from offensive misogynistic talks."

Interestingly, the bank’s HR head in London said in a witness statement that "such behavior is not tolerated by the bank," but added that:

"since Nadia bought her claim I have seen emails that she sent to friends in other departments," that would have constituted gross misconduct...


The messages "make it very hard to believe that Nadia was genuinely offended by the inappropriate behavior that was identified."

Mistry, the bank’s credit middle-office global office co-ordinator, said the trading floor was a loud place to work but "everyone in the workplace is an adult and if there is something that someone is taking offense to there are plenty of channels you can go through."

"Jokes were made about women but they didn’t objectify women, we also joked about sport," he said in court.

Finally, we note that Moukaideche is now working as a project manager at Natixis in Paris... but did spend over 2 years 'suffering' through the London office of Credit Agricole's "animal noises"...

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Great.  Now someone sue them for rampant sociopathic behavior.


Priorities, people.

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Which parts of “French” and “”bank” confused her when she was interviewing?

God Emperor's picture

Next she'll be selling her private photos or her derriere virginity.

That should get some shitskin / caffre's attention and comfort.

Hey, it happend even to champions. Alpine ski racer champions:

Lindsey Vonn Leaked Nudes and Pussy Selfies


jcaz's picture

So I guess that a blow job is out of the question at this point?

The WORST environment is an all-female office-  even women hate being surrounded by women-  my wife refuses to,  says it always devolves into back-stabbing manipulations-  there are ZERO all-women-office success stories....

Wow, her work history is shit- I've taken longer dumps than the time she's put in at some gigs-  maybe shoulda been their first clue.....

LOL- she's a re-hire.... Gonna be amusing listening to her explain why none of this bothered her on her first go-around.....

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There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.
-Inspector Clouseau

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Nadia is a Sephardic Jewess. A miracle she did not resort to the anti-jew trick. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-1Ow

Guess it's getting old.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Were all her male office mates Islamic?

eforce's picture

Perhaps that's the key to defeating the feminist, climb the victimhood pole, convert to either religion... Islam or Transgender.

Laowei Gweilo's picture

burps are sexual harassment now?

g d it... i'm sooooo hic oooooo fucked

2ndamendment's picture

Pepe Le Pew was not available for comment. 

CJgipper's picture

Ms. Snowflake clearly isn't cut out for high stress high stakes work.  She lacks the ability to prioritize and blow off stress.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Observation: With all of the sexual news as of late, I could not help but to think about the Book of Judges in the Bible. The theme for the entire Book of Judges is as follows:


In a postmodernism culture, there are NO MORAL ABSOLUTES, only RELATIVISM where your TRUTH is your TRUTH and my TRUTH is my TRUTH. What you define as a SEXUAL issue, someone else may look at as entirely normal behavior. 

We are doomed unless we get back to a moral foundation where absolutes matter because no one is ever wrong otherwise. By the way, this applies for financial markets as well.

shovelhead's picture

What's the appropriate Bible verse for a fart joke?

Eyes Opened's picture

"I'd hit that"...


The PC term is... "I'd like to make a deposit , miss"

Abbie Normal's picture

"Moukaideche accused Mistry of excluding her from social events with the team. After getting fired, she gained 20 kg (44 lbs.) in weight and struggled to get a new job in the financial sector."

As long as you like them big in the hips....


Stupid woman - all that, and much more disgusting behavior, is standard operating procedure for bankers and their ilk. 

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

The woman is what is called a "prudish imp" - someone who manipulates and causes harm, by pretending to be Mother Mary. A bloothirsty Mother Mary indeed!

mkkby's picture

Especially british bankers.

So many british men are harvey weinstien lame with women. It's that stick up the ass snobbery they all seem to learn from birth.

shovelhead's picture

I thought is was all that "stick it in their ass" behaviour they learned at public school.

CJgipper's picture

That kind of talk is stress management for EVERY high stress position, lawyers, accountants, execs, etc.

God Emperor's picture

they must have said bollocks one too many

evildimensions's picture

Women pretending to be frail little creatures who fall to pieces and need to seek counseling if a man makes a rude or suggestive comment. What bullshit. You women wanted equality. Well now you got it. Can't handle the boilerroom? Then get out and go work somewhere that doesn' offend your delicate sensibilities. Fucking goldigging cunts.

Flatchestynerdette's picture

I'm a woman and she scares me. I can't even fart with someone like her in my dept?

Long Tums (GlaxoSmithKline)

Creative_Destruct's picture

".... women wanted equality. Well now you got it. Can't handle the boilerroom? Then get out and go work somewhere that doesn' offend your delicate sensibilities."

So, millenial women are "equal" but need relentless protecting and coddling lest their delicate feminine sensibilities result in permanent psychological damage from an errant fart noise?

My wife is FAR tougher than that. So is my sis. Most women around me can MORE than hold their own.

Fart noises and bullshitting are one thing... unwanted sexual contact and/or assault is OBVIOUSLY waaay outta bounds, and any pig should be held accountable for that.

shovelhead's picture

So picking them up like bowling balls is out of the question?

ThirdWorldNut's picture

God, you are a delight. Pass me your CV, will be happy to have someone like you.

vulcanraven's picture

My buddy used to work at a small business in LA and the receptionist ended up suing the place for sexual harassment and winning a cool million... which ended up bankrupting the place.

Basically, two guys were talking about banging chicks in their office while their door was open, the receptionist overheard them and complained to HR. They got reprimanded so decided to keep their door shut when having lewd conversations about women. Well one day they forgot to shut the door and the receptionists delicate virgin ears were offended so she quit and filed a lawsuit. 

Outrage culture ftw.

TeamDepends's picture

Two males discussing shtoinkage, sacre bleu!

evildimensions's picture

She won the sexual harrasment lottery! Too fucking bad for everyone else who worked there and had a family to support. 

In an environment where you can be fired simply for asking a female colleague out for a drink after work it is no longer worth it to risk any of fraternization whatsoever. The workplace has become so toxic with these SH gold diggers and draconian HR policy that men must "sterilize" their speech. Case in point, unless the person sitting across from you is from HR, don't ever have a meeting with a female coworker alone in a closed room. It could end up being your word against hers. That's how bad it's gotten. Workplaces are now battle of the sexes minefields.

peddling-fiction's picture

These lawsuits are used by the brothers to remove competition.

Since they control the courts and most lawyers, and have special resources, it is not a big challenge for them.

Things are not what they seem.

a false profit's picture

This sounds like normal, male-bonding and office staff (regardless of gender) just jesting.  Hardly misogynistic. 

I agree with you... women want equality as long as the needle moves in their favor.  However, if it moves the needle away from them... or they encounter something difficult... they get a case of "the vapors"... or run to HR.

I previously worked for a large transportation company (Forbes 100) in IT.  One day my Director approached and asked for closed-door meeting.  Stated that a young female co-worker (who sat right across the aisle from me) had gone to HR to file a complaint against three of the male co-workers in same row.  She stated they created a hostile, misogynistic atmosphere.  The Director wanted my input (I was not named in the complaint and I was in management).  These guys were some of the hardest working, most competent people in our department.  They would stand around for about 10 minutes in morning shooting the breeze and joking around.  Hardly the stuff of nightmares...  yet, our frail flower was somehow offended (similiar to most snowflakes nowadays).




a false profit's picture

One more note for the females who happen to be reading:


I have worked in IT for over 25 years.. in some very, very stressful situations.  I have seen both men and women rise to the moment, overcome the challenges and save the day.  


However, I have ONLY ever seen women cry in the work place.  Somehow this is acceptable?   I have seen women cry due to stress, due to poor review, due to a dressing down, due to getting laid off (with many other people men and women).   Here's a tip women... you want to be seen as an equal... learn to fucking control your emotions.  


Go home and kick the dog, and drink a fifth of scotch like the men . ;-)

Creative_Destruct's picture

"... women want equality as long as the needle moves in their favor."

Having it both ways...equal until playing the (unequal) vulnerable fragile female role gives then an advantage.

To be fair, not ALL women have this attitude. I have some strong self-assured females in my tribe. But this coddling is unfortunately getting to be en vogue.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

"Kick the dog" that's animal abuse, might as well kick the man in the nut. But yes I agree with your comments on some women crying in every single situation, it's how they were raised to think crying is okay, but girls need to be raise just like boys tell them that it's not okay to cry over every little shit and eventually they will get it.

vulcanraven's picture

Everyone is looking to play an angle nowadays, they are practically hiding out in the bushes just waiting for the opportunity to jump out and capitalize on the chance to be offended by something that came out of your mouth.

Watch your six.

Eyes Opened's picture

She could always be a prison guard... oh wait....

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Little misogyny men can't take equality that's why his bitching off his failure in life and blame their little fragile egos on women instead of looking at their mirror.

general ambivalent's picture

There's no way to fight against this with traditional means. The liberal hate-jacketing must be taken to its logical conclusion. As inspiration, a man who shit himself and demanded staff change his diapers because he was transage. And he managed to get Women's Studies staff fired. All you can do is use their madness against them:


You heard right, folks. The only way to be an hero today is to wear diapers and shit yourself, all while demanding equality and free diapers from the Women's Rights institutes.

Raffie's picture

Did they chase her around with their stinky French wieners?

Fireman's picture

Moukaideche, tres French, non? France is fucked in case you hadn't heard.

However, the lefty libtards have a solution!



land_of_the_few's picture

Did you miss the Desi boss, Mistry? Not exactly British.

Abusive behavior around subcontinent types, pretty common, Eve Teasing, all that kind of thing.

Also, very many racial chips on shoulder (inferiority complex or "fitting-in bad behavior"),regarding Arabs or whites would not be a surprise.


steveo77's picture

kick all of the effers out of the country.   go back to your own hell hole

all-priced-in's picture

I think I know what she needs.