Gold Up Most In 3 Months, Spikes Above Key Technical Level

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Gold continues to shine in the post-Saudi-coup world....


And the precious metal just broke above its 50-day moving average, after bouncing off its 200-day on Tuesday.


This is gold's best day in 3 months...


Gold is gaining as the dollar index slumps to near 1-month lows...


Of course, it's USDJPY that really matters (and it just broke below 112.00)

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With the cash influx from whacking royals, Golden Toilets are back in style in Riyadh.

That must be it.

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8K Bitcoinz Is Rubbing off on GOLD ...

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It's about time. My miners are still under water.

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looks like it broke through the same key technical level not too long ago before plummeting back down

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It's oil time now. My oil stocks are doing good. Miners will come to life sooner/later

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Oh yes, the "technical levels".  They are very hard to understand, which is why we need MORE PowerPoint LINES drawn on the charts, Tyler!!  More dashed lines, more sloping lines, more big fat red lines, more dashed lines with arrowheads pointing to time back when, and more converging lines to show some damn thing or other.  We can't read the charts by themselves, we need MORE LINES to direct our thoughts.  If a slope is going up, we need MORE LINES to make that clear.  And more cowbell if you have it.

Perimetr's picture

Right, time to dump a few years worth of global production 

in paper contracts in 1 minute  

on the "market"

Raffie's picture

Don't worry, its a small pump and dump.

Gold will return to the 1260-1280 range..... just like clock work. 

BaBaBouy's picture

It will... Until... One day it Won't...

GardenWeasel's picture

Gold will not rise until China and Russia have accumulated enough physical to shitcan the dollar. and even then, the price will only rise in USD, and maybe JPY and Euros. I doubt the ruble or renminbi, or cryptos, will be affected.  just a thought.

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You can look you on line that Tony Podesta was arrested earlier this week. Hillary will be on Monday. Stuff is hitting the fan right now.

Dragon HAwk's picture

+1 for trying to cheer everybody Up.

Thought Processor's picture


Helicopter and plane collision / crash on Rothschild controlled estate, 3 or 4 feared dead.  Reports are just coming in.


Gold spiked at same time but that could mean anything.  Who is dead?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

They killed Gold Shirt Man.  TIME FOR PAYBACK

DeadFred's picture

There have been many rumors that the swamp is starting to be drained. The crash could be part of that. I'm not kidding about the arrest. Go to a site that does arrest reports and put in his name, Anthony Podesta, and you will find he was booked earlier this week. You'll have to pay to see the report but the reports I've seen on this look like they are credible. Hillary is a rumor, but a happy one :)

The thought exercise here is to try and figure out what the 'markets' would do with this. I get an image of Jake Tapper unhappy when I try this and my delight keeps me from going any farther.

Raffie's picture

Hope it goes to a TREASON TRIAL for them and all their friends.


FreeShitter's picture

Oh shitttttt people are selling thier bitcoins and buying gold....right ET?

Raffie's picture

They should in the very least convert the gold for silver.

This is a PM Pump-N-Dump, nothing more. 


mcbond's picture

Who owns the single largest Bitcoin wallet on the internet? List of Bitcoin distribution and 100 richest adresses.

tmosley's picture

Bitinfocharts has it listed as the Bitfinex cold wallet.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Rich Saudis taking delivery,  some where else anywhere but the Mid East,is my bet.

wmbz's picture

If Au starts sniffing around $1300.00 the watch the monkey pop up with a sledge hammer.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Go Hammer, go Hammer, GO!

wonger's picture

Yep until they sell a few 4 billion blocks and smack it back below its 200dma! 

GRDguy's picture

Probably Sunday evening in the Gold Cartel's Asian offices.

The problem with making a living lyin' and stealin' 

is that each day you have to lie and steal more. Until you can't.

Raffie's picture

You can also drink and get drunk on gold.

goldschlager - funy that is gold goes up or down the price for it never changes. Just an observation. 

Fireman's picture

Can I dump my Blipcoin before the virtual tulips die, that is the daily question for those on the blockchain gang who are chugging the FedCon Koolaid of "creating wealth" from electricity.

HRClinton's picture

Does your IQ actually crack 99, or are you off your meds, Bubba?

FYI, the x00 BTC I bought 4 years ago is something I can retire on. In style.

The AU I bought a bit earlier, is worth only enough to buy a fucking Corolla.

Piss off, you tosser!  Sell knuckle-dragger wisdom elsewhere.

Puerto Banus NA's picture

Tell us about it once you're there....would of should of could of

I retired at 47...nearly 17 years ago....private sector

I too may have a double digit iq, but managed to graduate top ten% at a federal service academy, snowflake

alexcojones's picture

Lets see where this goes after next week. 

$1300 going to 1400 and beyond quickly then I'll believe in a "rally"

FreeShitter's picture

North of 1400 and we have life. Until then, this is all noise.

Raffie's picture

The powers that be will club PM like a baby seal and throw it back down into the basement where they want it to live forever.

About 3hrs till markets close for the weekened....

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Damn Fur Trappers at the Fed..

Yellow snow for them!

JPMorgan's picture

The paper dumpers must have the night off.

No doubt they will be sober and back at their keyboards for Monday's opening. 

Maybe try 8 billion this time... dicks.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Hahahahaha bitch ass crying baby boomers and their tungsten.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

I hear hammers and smell monkeys ...

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That is one heavily manipulated gold chart !!

macdavy's picture

the fed have held this below 1300 for along time, and pounded and shorted their way to billions, but the last pounding they could only knock it back 8 dollars, no worries they have the plan,
they need a new rally to bring new victims to their gold trap, they will let this rip to just over 1400 maybe 1450, creating euphoria and bringing in new case load of victims in just as equities are starting to stall, of course they have billions in paper gold all bought below 1250, so they will happily dump contracts profitably all the while holding short positions under 1400, its always a win win for the house

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After Bitcoin rush,  physical gold.

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

IMO Gold is insurance. Not speculation. Wanna party? BTC is the Studio 54 of assets atm. 


0valueleft's picture

54 ended how? Oh yea, tax evasion. Everyone realized the party sucked and left, like they always do.  Granted that's a ways out, but new clubs with better DJ's and a cheaper doors are popping up all over the city. Trade this shit!