Turkey Withdraws Troops From NATO Drill Saying Erdogan's Name Was Used On "Enemy Chart"

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Turkey has reportedly  withdrawn its troops from a NATO military drill in Norway after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that his name and the picture of Turkish Republic’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk were used in an “enemy chart”.

“There was an incident in Norway,” Erdogan told ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party members in capital Ankara.


“They used an enemy chart in Norway. In that chart, there was my name and [Mustafa Kemal] Ataturk’s picture.”

The president said he was informed about the issue by Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar and EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik.

“They told me that they are withdrawing our 40 soldiers from there [Norway],” Erdogan said.


“I told them to do that immediately. There can be no alliance like that.”

Ally or enemy? Perhaps Monday's trial of Reza Zarrab will shed more light on that question.

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knukles's picture

What fuckery have we here, yo?
Why I remember how angry I got one time when Mrs K didn't think it was funny that I'd Scotch taped a couple little round eyeballs to my dork and showed it to her for her birthday.*
I mean, I got some empathy for the poor guy.

*PS don't try this at home.  Scotch tape is very painful to pull off your little buddy

The poor Norwegians, losing 40 Turkish troopies.  There goes Eurotrash military diversity

Probably same defender of rights that retweeted that resignation stuff.

Quinvarius's picture

Somewhere in there is a joke about 40 men pulling out of your wife.

NoDecaf's picture

Russians did it in 3..2..1

Russians taped eyeballs to your johnson also

gladih8r's picture

Brilliant move.  Probably a "funny" stunt put on by some junior officer who now single-handedly pushed Turkey ever closer to an alliance with Russia in this sensitive area of geopolitical mess.  Yay for stupidity!

svayambhu108's picture

US is loosing the PR war, why ?
who's the PR(lies) master in the world?
now you know

peddling-fiction's picture

If you want to know, seek the Owl of Minerva.

Careful now.

bobcatz's picture

Erdogan is on US enemy LIST because he refused to invade Syria for Israhell.


a Smudge by any other name's picture

Once again, NATO's treatment of Turkey shows that there's the "adults table" and the "kids table" in NATO. And btw, the USA will side with Israel over anybody at the kids table, treaty be damned.

Recently joined members might do well to take note of this.

BobEore's picture

There is no possibility of a "Turkish alliance" with Russia.

Allies 'ally' on equal footing - the Ankara regime has been a joint satrapy of Moscow and the tiny pirate state in the S E Med since 2016.

Careful readers... as well as pretty much everyone else - will notice that every "Turkiye" related thread on this site is quickly threadjacked off topic - so as to pose no threat to the seamless feed of 'feelgood from feelin bad' postings

with which exceptionalists both douse their latent feelings of inability to grasp the slightest thing about that part of the world... and regain their faith in the ability of slogans like "WE DESERVE IT" ... & "Russia is Winning" to put some luster back on the tired reruns of financial and geopolitical doom porn - hand-picked by our tireless hosts, from the latest feed of their BLOOMBERG subscription!

For the oddball who wishes to finally catch up on what actually happened - way back when - and why the Turks are entrapped in a losing game of lookin for friends in all the wrong places....


Now BACK to our adventures in mindless Merikan exceptionalism. Over to youse - sockpuppets o the ONEMEDIA!

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

"Allies 'ally' on equal footing"

Utter horseshit. Just look at the US and its 'allies'. That is, they (the US) don't have 'allies', they have vassals and victims.

silverer's picture

Russians offer a better deal to Turkey than NATO in 3,2,1...

HRClinton's picture

You must be American, cause only 'Mericans are conditioned from birth into over-simplified B&W, Either/Or thinking and False Choices. It starts with fairy tales, then Buybull studies, and goes on from there. Everything is binary for deliberately dumbed-down Goys. (Sigh)

Enough of "Observations". Re Russia...

It's not a choice between NATO v. Russia. We're it so, the results would be different and much more pro-NATO.

No, what Turkey is being offered is much MUCH bigger than what Russia alone could offer: for Turkey to rise again. This time as a modern, secular Muslim state, that is The key country to link Europe and Asia (ME, Central Asia, China).

This route promises to be richer than the northern route via Russia, because of the additional countries that add value (resources, products, services) than Russia alone.

OBOR South (via Turkey) links Europe and Asia into the biggest economy in the planet: the resources, the markets, the wealth. The Anglo-Ziojizz Alliance gets relegated to the back of the bus.

HRClinton's picture

p.s. Given all this, what exactly does the Anglo-Ziojizz Alliance have to offer, that's so damn irresistible?  Let me list some:

   - Purchases of A-Z Arms, using (((Debt-Dollars)))

   - Rent $$$ for stationing US (DOD, NSA) assets and bases.

   - Easy corruption money for Contraband smuggling (oil, arms) in & out of Syria 

NONE of these, nor all of these together make the country of Turkey more prosperous or stable. These are only "Bitch/Whore" payments to a select few -- as standard M.O. for the (((Usurpers))).

The ME and the world is waking up to this massive Fraud, Corruption and Bullying that's being perpetrated by the (((Usurpers))) and their Anglo-American vassals as proxies.

No wonder they are being shown to the door. It's a wonder that ((((They))) are not being thrown to the curb.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Very well said. But please,change your name(you are too smart for the name of a criminal)

And regarding Turkey it's always :location,location,location. Like Iran . Key positions in  OBOR 's pathway.

Turkey and Iran are major players.

And that proves that Erdogan is much smarter than we thought.

As i said,he's growing on me.

BobEore's picture

It can't come as much of a surprise that a hyper power hungry authoritarian neo-islamist with a UUGE corruption problem and totally failed foreign policy

would start 'l@@kin good - to rundown refugees from the Drumf MAGA mishap... lookin for a new place to call their very own!

Let's see ... what would ya call such a development?
Merikans for Jihadi Jobors?

or how bout...

Merikans for Talmudist Psyops!

Just think... soon y'all will be wearing those scraggly beards and full length dressy things to match!

"Death to America" ... the new "USA USA"!!

BobEore's picture

Hey - I hates to say it... but I suspect you may be "Merikan too!

Your enthusiasm for pumping false storylines and the kind of agit-prop which only a totally mind-controlled zheeple could luv... is a pretty sure sign!

Meanswhile... a few clouds have gathered over your parade - to whit -
"Moreover, the claim that the BTK will be an alternative to the Russian route is exaggerated. Today, trains from Beijing can already reach London in 17-18 days via Russia. On the unbroken Russian route, trains are guaranteed a transit speed of 621 miles per day.

Although Turkey touted the BTK as the most important leg of the Silk Road, China did not participate in the inauguration, and nobody asked why. China was clearly signaling it was distancing itself from the BTK project. Although China contributes to financing of various segments of the Silk Road project, which it calls the "Belt and Road,” it stayed away from BTK financing. https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/11/turkey-officials-play...

as a small example.

But - sez I! Let's not sweat the lil stuff... even if Turkey is actually not getting ANY of the action which you have hopelessly fantasized - from a far distance...

it's still GREAT to be part of a massive and cutting edge psyop - ain't it!

Ladies and hermaphrodites... you know what to do - TO YOUR BUTTONS/MUTTONS! (frenzy of beard muttering ensues behind the walls)

shamus001's picture

NATO doesnt have enough men combined to RAID a pantry! (G.O.T.) lol seriously though, 40 men couldnt subdue this little hick town I'm living in. They probably wouldn't make it out of the "Walmart Supply Base".

GreatUncle's picture

Black Friday at Walmart would be the ideal training ground for NATO ... bit like thunderdome.

fiddy pence haff pound's picture

was that a pantry raid or a panty raid?

HRClinton's picture

This is but another of MANY examples, that Turkey is merely a sex bitch for the Anglo-Zionist alliance, whose ONLY 2 purposes are to...

1. Keep Russia contained. Spy on them from Turkey, place nukes there. 

2. Keep a new Silk Road (OBOR) from developing. Under NO circumstance is China to link to Europe, via the shortest southern land route: Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey. Likewise, no Turley bypass can be allowed via Iran, Iraq, Syria.

Keeping China and Russia out of Rothschild Europe is paramount to (((Them))).

Turkey must be paid Bitch fees, but she will never be (((Family))). Unless (((Tribesmen))) get to take over.

veritas semper vinces's picture


Erdogan is starting growing on me.Switched sides,now aligned with Russia and the Resistance to (them),telling the criminal ,terrorist organization which is NATO to FO.

CAPT DRAKE's picture

Let the new crusades begin..................

A. Boaty's picture

They worked so well the first time.

kralizec's picture

Obviously, like Socialism...it just wasn't done right...not enough was spent...yadda yadda yadda...

A. Boaty's picture

The Crusades had a serious supply chain problem. They had to buy or steal all perishable consumer goods along the way. Selling grain in Europe for gold to finance the war created an entropic imbalance. That wasn't the only problem, but it didn't help.

Brazen Heist's picture

The Crusades were a bunch of Western European vandals and bandits. They came to Constantionople, the centre of Byzantine culture, and what did these cretins do? They ransacked the place and pillaged it, before proceeeding to Jerusalem, where they got their asses handed by Saladin. They not only killed Jews and Muslims, they kiled Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Catholics seem to be the problem with Christinaity. Everybody wants to leave them. The Orthodox left first, then the Protestants.

silverer's picture

Easier now. Just push buttons.

DisorderlyConduct's picture

Check again. The new Crusades have been going for a while.

Of course, this time the Arab world is going West, and no one's really caught on that they are winning quite handily...

A. Boaty's picture

Winning handily? Looks like you forgot about Israel. Who controls Jerusalem now? Just sayin'.

shitshitshit's picture

Aw snap... much less diversity in NATO troups now. Putin must be so sad.

Gimme some popcorn please.


Stan Smith's picture

Talking Turkey around turkey time.    Grab a leg and put our feet by the fire folks.    It's gonna get good.

The_Dead_Bear's picture


A bit out of context, but .... Did you see the latest video by Boston Dynamics ?



pc_babe's picture

That's where it belongs ... the truth hurts

Cardinal Fang's picture

Well, he does look like Stalin in that fucking pic.

Oh wait, Stalin wasn't the enemy either...

Oh never mind.

peddling-fiction's picture

"Well, he does look like Stalin in that fucking pic.

Oh wait, Stalin wasn't the enemy either...

Oh never mind."


A. Boaty's picture

But,...but who will defend Norway?

saldulilem's picture

You hurt my feelings

The Shodge's picture

Erdogan is soooooooooo gay

silverer's picture

Because he's got a fence up his ass most of the time?

Sonder's picture

But Turks are the enemy, remove kebab.

Herdee's picture

It took quite some time for the Americans to wake up and remove a huge amount of nuclear weapons from their Air Force base there. Makes you wonder who else could get a hold of them around the globe.

RationalLuddite's picture

I have hear this rumoured, and Sibel Edmonds  (Newsbud) said that 9 or 19 (i cannot remember exactly) nukes went missing during the last coup attempt.  Does anyone have a more solid link to confirm that nukes have been moved or are missing? I have heard speculation about this (moved to Romania etc) but not solid references.  Anyone? 

beijing expat's picture

Why do we even have fucking NATO. Totally useless and totally incapable of defending or attacking. Look what they did to Libya. Tells you everything you need to know.

The only NATO proficiency is the production of bullshit designed to keep the gravy train rolling.

The empire is over. Back to plan A everybody.

PrivetHedge's picture

Without NATO how would we get all that military spend and attack all these countries we have lined up? 

veritas semper vinces's picture

NATO is a terrorist organization,doing the dirty work for the EVIL EmPIRE.

NATO was created by the Americans(and is run by the Americans) to:

-Keep Russia out of Europe

-Keep America in Europe

-Keep Germany down and  the rest of European states

-organize FF to "nudge" recalcitrant states=see operation Gladio

-to do wars of aggression=see Yugoslavia,Afghanistan,Libya

Polynik3s's picture

Turkey is neither a North Atlantic country nor a European country. No EU or NATO membership possible, sorry. Join some non-Rothschild controlled group headed by Russia and China please.

el buitre's picture

Good thing that Afghanistan was European and North Atlantic :-)  While admittedly the sale of S-400 missiles by Russia to countries like Saudi and Turkey (and soon Iran) helps their currency and trade balance, the primary motive is to allow these countries to defend themselves from Exceptionalstani aerial attack and threats as they swing eastward.