WTF Chart Of The Day: America's Youngest Child Brides & Grooms

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Between 2000 and 2015, at least 207,468 minors were married in the United States.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, despite an overall fall in child marriage since 2000 (25,583 to 9,247), there are still a shocking number of young children legally married in the country. Only 14 percent married other minors, meaning 86 percent wedded an adult.

As the infographic below shows, the youngest to marry since 2000 were three ten year olds.

Infographic: America's Youngest Child Brides & Grooms | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

According to Frontline, the three girls married men aged 24, 25 and 31 in Tennessee in 2001.

While certain conditions have to be met before a minor can marry, and consent from a parent or judge is usually required, every state in the U.S. allows children to marry to some extent.

In Oregon and Nebraska, for example, the lower limit is set at 17.

In 26 states, there is no minimum age for marriage.

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S.N.A.F.U.'s picture


In Oregon and Nebraska, for example, the lower limit is set at 17.

That's too old.  Most females are already used-up whores by that age.

Men who are familiar with reality like virgin wives.  Wives with just one sexual partner before marriage are much more likely to divorce, and in this day and age they clean up economically when they do.  The state incentivizes them to divorce their husbands - and subsequently incentivizes women to marry husbands they don't really want just because they have stuff they can take.

bobcatz's picture

"Child Brides" - Nothing New, otherwise we wouldn't have Christmas.

Mary, the mother of Jesus was 15, and Joseph, her husband, anywhere between 40-50.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"Biblicism" ?!?

Are you fkn serious?

Definition of biblicism
:adherence to the letter of the Bible

You've never heard the expression "lost in translation"?


stizazz's picture

lol. I've heard many excuses in my life, this one tops it all. Yep! The Schmuck of all excuses.

sincerely_yours's picture

It's like those who never read the bible and are experts at commenting on it.

CrabbyR's picture

LOL...usually those that have read the entire bible are experts at critisizing it

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Saint Augustine was engaged to a 10 year old girl but even back then, they had to be 12 before they could marry. Saint Augustine broke off the engagement. It is sad to think, that in the U.S. today, standards for child marriage are less strict than in the times of  early Christianity.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I can think of no circumstance where 3 men over 2 5 marrying 10 year old girls constitutes anything less than pedophilia.       Shame on Tennessee. Shame on the official that performed the wedding.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Oh my God, looks like one of them posts on ZH...

Gold Pedant's picture

Which one?


Daddy's doin' sister sally

Grandpa's dyin' of cancer now

The cattle all have brucellosis

We'll make it through somehow.


Sweet home Alabama

Play that dead band's song

Turn those speakers up full blast

Play it all night long!

Rakshas's picture

oh you missed the most relevant verse .........     


Grandpa pissed his pants again
He don't give a damn
Brother Billy has both guns drawn
He ain't been right since Vietnam

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

You know, biologically it doesn't fucking matter when a female has a baby, but it does matter that she has one. In a hundred years no one will fucking care. Just like no one cares now that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers married very early.

How many 30-something White women have no children? And these fucking cunts have a say in poltics? They are the biggest demographic which supports importing spics and sandniggers. Why should they care about the future? All they care about is getting some dick this weekend. FUCK THEM. And fuck any beta male that criticizes an early marriage.

If a girl is old enough to act like a fucking whore, she is old enough to have a baby and be a proper woman.

Your troll's picture

You sounded like angry old potato, a very wrinkled one that never got use. Lol

SheHunter's picture

Huh?  OMG you are either funny.  Or pathetic.  Or both.  If I ever come across you in a flipped over truck on a dirt road when it's 20 below I will stop and breathe life back into you.  Would be cool to watch you try and hate this woman saving your life.

Things that go bump's picture

Hmong's traditionally marry girls off very young. When my daughter was a sophmore in high school one of her classmates had been married for years and already had 3 children. They went to day care right there in the school. She couldn't have been more than 12 or 13 when she was wed, poor thing.

When I worked at the local hospital a Hmong family brought their 8-year-old daughter in with a high fever and belly pain that ultimately turned out to be a horrendous gynecological infection. They had to anesthetize the child before they could examine her, and the gynecologist said as soon as she touched her the pus just came rolling out. The family didn't speak much English and was clueless. They were quite surprised to find themselves an object of intense interest of social services and law enforcement. I never did find out if a family member had been messing with her or if she was married, which was not beyond the realm of possibility.

Xena fobe's picture

JFC.  Multiculturalism at it's finest.  I hope the child is safe now.  The poor thing. 

caconhma's picture

"I hope the child is safe now." Why? Do you think any good will come out of this child?

At best, it will become a welfare recipient and, at worst, a domestic terrorist with intent to kill you and your family.

Things that go bump's picture

New immigrants from backward tribal areas with no education and little English will continue to follow their own traditions. I imagine the marriage of that girl whom my daughter went to school with was performed in their own tradition and that they completely dispensed with a marriage license and state sanctioning. 

Socratic Dog's picture

I hope you're not suggesting "completely dispens(ing) with a marriage license and state sanctioning" is somehow undesirable.  That's the same state that issues marriage licenses to pairs of men, and doubtless soon to woman and their dogs.  Fuck the state, and fuck their marriage licenses.

Pretty noticeable that this article at one blow destroys the "muzzies are evil pedophiles" argument so common on the Hedge.  Seems like, actually, we are the evil pedophiles.

Things that go bump's picture

I actually advocate unions without state sanction. I prefer that both parties to the union actually be adult. Pedophilia and incest are not unheard of in many cultures. 

JimmyJones's picture

Marriage info is public,  shouldn't  be hard for a investigativery journalist to find out who these people are and make it public. The results may surprise us, are they Christians? Muslims? Jews? Blacks (doubt it) Whites , Hispanics,  Arabs? Let's find out.

Nobodys Home's picture

Father. Can you help an old alter boy?

DavidFL's picture

 I think it says he was engaged to a 10 year old boy - perhaps re-read the passage

EddieLomax's picture

Yep, marriage in the bible was not just a ceremony but one that was consumated by sex.

It makes no sense having sex with a girl before puberty unless you are a pedo, hence a marriage can only be official once a girl is around 12.

I bet if you removed Muslims from those child marriage statistics it'll be near zero in the US.

JimmyJones's picture

We can speculate all day, its all public info,let's find out

effendi's picture

Many girls (perhaps 10%) hit puberty by age 10. Under islamic law a girl cannot refuse marriage if she has not reached puberty. So perhaps those 3 girls age 10 were getting close to puberty and they were married off before they could refuse?

Ms No's picture

Screwing a 12 year old is clearly pedophilia.  I didn't even have a single pubic hair by then.  Puberty is a process that sometimes begins by 12, and screwing somebody that age is clearly pedophilia.  Just because puberty may have started does not make someone an adult.  This is why her father will cut your fucking legs off if he catches you trying, unless he is pedophile which would mean that he has likely already been molesting her and is now trying to farm her out. 

Don't think that in this society men are going to be screwing 12 year olds.  If the Khazars win all of our children will be little rape slaves with miserable short lives but if they lose... all pedophiles will be killed.  The only thing keeping pedophiles alive in this society is the fact that the system itself protects them.  In Marxist Europe they accept pedophilia but not in the US, both sides want them dead here.  Even the prison population wants them dead.  That is likely one of the most agreed upon issues in this country.  Fathers should be the ones getting a slap on the wrist when they kill the bastards but as the Khazars have it now, the pedophile will do a few years in prison and then get out to victimize another dozen children, and if the father touches the pervert he will get the book thrown at him.



Stuck on Zero's picture

Americans are always horrified by thoughtless crimes and evil acts perpetrated by ... mental retards. Ask any sheriff or DA about the most horrific crimes in their community and there are usually IQs in the 60 or 70 range involved. Same with child marriage. Darwin has a cruel way of handling unfit individuals from an ecosystem. The modern state supports and those individuals who are unfit to breed, parent, or even feed themselves. And we're shocked by the result?

Future Jim's picture

Didn't Mohammad marry a very young woman (like 10?) Are you saying he was just some pedophile in the desert?

effendi's picture

No, she wasn't 10. She (Aisha) was about 5. The quran mentions that she was allowed to bring her dolls when she was married and mohammed was thighing her by the time she was 6 (that means jerking off between her thighs) and doing full penetration at age 9 (that is why some muzzie countries set the age for marriage at 9). He also wasn't just some paedophile in the desert, he was also a murderer, rapist and incestuous ex toy boy (married to a rich widow, once she died he then went on to marry a number of younger females, even forced his son to divorce his wife so that he could marry his now former daughter-in-law). Nice fellow was mohammed (hope I don't need the sarc tag).

Future Jim's picture

Have you ever wondered why it is so creepy for young people to get married when nature says they are ready at 13?

Young people aren't ready because of arrested development. Even at 30 many are not ready because of arrested development.

Future Jim's picture

Have you ever noticed how 50 year old women are the ones most opposed?

They don't like the competition.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Have you notice it's usually men in their 30-60 that complaints most about women of any age or race?

Yup, it's because you don't like lack of attention, and just like a whore you like to blame all your problems on someone else but your manhood self.

LightBeamCowboy's picture

The gubmint wants to breed a plentiful supply of cannon fodder because we all know how well that worked out in Vietnam.

Michigander's picture

I had Lutheran Parochial grade school and high school jammed up my ass. I’ve read the bible inside and out, up and down. I tried to believe. I wanted to believe, but my intelligence and reason got in the way I guess. Succeed? Thank him.  Be raped repeatedly by a priest? Well, we don’t know what gods plan is for you. My people (Jews) abandoned me? Ok, ok, I’ll accept everybody (gentiles)  now. Give me a fucking break. Religion, all religion, is just another form of sheep control and I would rather be a sheep dog. It’s a good thing Christ came<sic> and produced the New Testament (why do you need a new testament? Something wrong with your old one?)  as the Old Testament is a mirror of the Koran.


Let the down voting begin. Let’s see how many religious  sheeple we have on ZH.

Future Jim's picture

You would rather be a sheep dog?

A sheep dog works for the shepherd, who owns the sheep and the sheep dog.

You would agree that if you work for the terrorists, then you are a terrorist.

If you work for the NWO ... what are you?

Nobodys Home's picture

I don't recommend psyche meds often. But in your case I do. Schizophrenia is a terrible affliction and a true illness.

techpriest's picture

That troll doesn't have any interest in debate, or learning. Otherwise he would learn how to actually make money instead of pimp his limp-wristed blog in ZH comments.

But for this whole "Old guy/young woman marriage is biblical" line, I think we should take a step back and look at the whole situation.

At that time, there was no school: once you could do work, you were an adult, and there was no such thing as adolescence.

Next, there was an expectation that the man would be the provider for his family, which means that he would have his own house and ability to feed a whole family ready to go. Unless you had family helping you out, that could take a while. Even today, there's a region in China where part of the culture is to plant trees when a son is born, so when he is ready to marry they have the lumber ready for building the house.

Further, consider that infant mortality was high until very recently, and a woman in 1800 might tell you that she had "four children, two living." So, as a matter of community survival the women needed to make as many children as possible to ensure replacement.

Put all of these factors together, and sure, you get a culture where the men bust their ass for years to be in a position to provide, and once they do, they find the most fertile woman possible to make as many babies as possible in what time he has remaining. For women to put off marriage until their 20s, even 30s is a historically unprecedented luxury.

Adullam's picture

@ bobcatz says... "Mary, the mother of Jesus was 15, and Joseph, her husband, anywhere between 40-50."

Then, with his normal pomposity gives as his evidence, NOT a biblical reference, but a link to his site, where he makes the same statement, and, you guessed it, with NO biblical reference.

A person who operates a site called 'biblicism institute' should make at least a modicum of effort to produce a biblical basis for his assertions. To date, he has refused to respond to any legitimate effort to engage in a debate over his statements either here on ZH or at his own site.

There is an old axiom about interpreting the Bible that says, "Where the Bible does not stipulate, it is not wise to speculate" (and then pass that speculation off as unquestioned truth). There is nowhere in the Bible that states there was a vast age difference between Mary and Joseph. In fact, the preponderence of the evidence suggest otherwise. Where the age difference in a couple is extreme, it is mentioned for precisely the reason that is not 'normal'. And if one takes Jewish custom of the time into consideration, BOTH men and women got married at a young age.

techpriest's picture

Great stuff. And per my comment above, the main point I wanted to make was, even if a set of conditions permitted significant age differences in marriage, in the past, that doesn't make it a model for today. Further, it doesn't equate to the same action today.

There's a famous example of Admiral Farragut, who started as a midshipman at the age of 9. While it does make you ask why he was able to do it and the implications for how people are educated, but it's just as obvious that it would be dangerous to put most any modern-day 9 year old into a position in the Navy.

shovelhead's picture

The young sailors were called powder monkeys used for their ability to be quick and agile on a deck with recoiling cannon feeding powder charges to the guns.

Bully beef and hardtack on a ship was probably an improvement over starving to death in jail or on the streets 18th century London.

Benjamin123's picture

Why not? Dangerous? Thats the point, the child takes the risk so you dont have to, ungrateful bastard!

Hikikomori's picture

I like to read English Victorian novels - which are mostly about the gentry, and women were courted, and married between about 15 -18.  A woman of 20 was an old maid.  They typically married a man in his 30s.  They were in what is now described as the 1%, marriage was not an economic necessity.  The idea that women under 18 years of age are children is a very recent concept in Western civilization.

Cloud9.5's picture

In the 19th century you were well educated if you had an 8th grade education.  The average life expectancy was 36.  Visit the grave yards of the period and it was not uncommon for a man of wealth to have two or more wives in the family plot.  Child birth was a leading cause of death.  My wife and I had our first date when she was 15.  I was six years her senior.  We dated for 4 years.  We have been married for 40.  We come from old cracker families.

Ms No's picture

Even today almost no prosecutor would have come after you.  What they are looking for with this type of thing is age difference.  They don't want 40 year olds preying on 14 year olds.  A five year age difference is close to what happens when a senior dates a freshman and one will be adult and out of school before it is over.  This is not what they are looking for.  This doesn't fit predator profile.  Don't confuse yourself with them because they are entirely different.  They will also always only be interested in the very young.  Marrying for 40 years is not appealing to them, they would still be hunting for the 15 year olds or worse. 

unsafe-space-time's picture

it makes no difference what age difference is. A 15 year old snowflake has no business breeding if he cannot support a child. Sex is supposed to be the most expensive activity that only the deserving should be allowed to practice. BTW 18-25 is the most attractive age for a female. Although bodies mature faster in some countries due to diet.

Ms No's picture

"18-25 is the most attractive age for a female. Although bodies mature faster in some countries due to diet."

That is likely true. It is also likely true that there are 14-16 year olds that look like women, yet are not.   It is also true that women are putting on fat early in life (fat content kicks in menses) and estrogen mimics are bringing on puberty artificially early. The issue of whether or not teenagers should be bred to older men does not just revolve around what your penis finds attractive.  It should be pointed out that this is a narcissistic viewpoint.  The child matters and so does the society as a whole.  What you find attractive you may not be able to get because it isn't what is good for other parties.  What an individual want is not the end all be all.  A society of laws which values children will not be all about "Do what thou wilt".  If people always concerned themselves more with the wellbeing of others as opposed to their desires we wouldn't need laws like this.  Adults are responsible for defending and protecting the young.  This is paramount over what makes boners.  Also it is not best for society to allow 15 year olds to breed either, which is why they are constantly trying to bring those rates down. 

caconhma's picture

My niece is 40 years old. She was smart and very good looking at age 18.

She never married. She has a career as a WallStreet hedge fund manager. Now, she is overweight and looks bad.

A few months ago, she had a baby. I think it was an artificial insemination since nobody has mentioned a boyfriend. Now, she hired a nanny to care for her child and she goes back to work to make more money.

Is my niece happy? I don't think so. Will something good come out of her child? I don't think so. The system & family greed screwed up her big time.