"Gasping For Air" - Atlanta Nursing Home Staff Laugh As WWII Veteran Dies After Calling For Help

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Staff at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center laughed as a decorated World War II veteran took his last gasps of air after frantically calling for help six different times, according to a shocking new investigation from 11Alive.com.

The investigation included the release of a never before seen hidden camera video that not only completely contradicted statements given by the nursing home staff but also proved, without a shadow of doubt, that the nursing home essentially let the decorated veteran die as if it were a joke.

The video is so disgusting that attorneys for the nursing home repeatedly tried to stop its release, going through a series of court battles with the local news station in which they hoped that the media would be ordered to censor the footage.

Thankfully, the judge in the case ruled in favor of actual journalism and the nursing home, after seeing no other possible outcome, eventually dropped their appeal to the Georgia State Supreme Court.

In the 11Alive investigation, the news outlet details the fact that a nurse who was on duty at the time directly lied about what actually happened before being confronted with the hidden camera video.

In the video deposition, former nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles tells the family’s attorney, Mike Prieto, how she rushed to Dempsey’s room when a nurse alerted her he had stopped breathing.


Prieto: “From the time you came in, you took over doing chest compressions…correct?”


Nuckles : “Yes.”


Prieto: “Until the time paramedics arrive, you were giving CPR continuously?”


Nuckles : “Yes.”


The video, however, shows no one doing CPR when Nuckles entered the room. She also did not immediately start doing CPR.


“Sir, that was an honest mistake,” said Nuckles in the deposition. “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.”




When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing.


Prieto: “Ma’am, was there something funny that was happening?”


Nuckles : “I can’t even remember all that as you can see.”

“The video shows the veteran calling for help six times before he goes unconscious while gasping for air. State records show nursing home staff found Dempsey unresponsive at 5:28 am. It took almost an hour for the staff to call 911 at 6:25a.m,” the 11Alive report read.

Amazingly, the Georgia Board of Nursing told 11Alive that the nurse seen in the above video, as well as another nurse on duty at the time, were only forced to surrender their licenses in September of this year, almost three years after the disgusting incident!

“Nursing board president Janice Izlar says she cannot confirm when the state knew about the video, but the board’s action came shortly after 11Alive sent her and other board staff a link to view the video,” 11Alive continued.

The deceased veteran, 89-year-old James Dempsey was a decorated World War II veteran who was from Woodstock, Georgia. Dempsey’s family received a settlement from the nursing home in 2014 so were unable to comment on the investigation.

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afirmitive action got them those jobs

ItsOver's picture

You should see the current nursing classes in my area.

bobcatz's picture

It's a morality problem. Not a nursing one.

America's been so Talmudized that we are now made in Israhell's image. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-Dg

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Good ol' Hotlanta. Run by you know who!

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So, when that great demographic tipping point comes, are you gonna want some neer-do-well, 70-IQ simian with a chip on its shoulder "caring" for you in your twilight days, white man?

* burp *  Whad'ya say, Bach?  I can't hear ya, the TV's too loud.  * burp *

Bigly's picture

No. You? I hope you have a plan b because anything would be better than that degradation.

Giant Meteor's picture

A perfectly sensible and practical alternative .. but say there, why not put a pillow over a few well deserving heads before the jig is up !

Actually reminds me of a story. When father (God rest his soul) was suffering terribly in the end stages of stage 4 liver cancer, and while waiting a few days at the local death center, JP, my sister's boy (no stranger to great physical suffering himself) went to see his grampa at this most depressing place. The mood was most grim, few words were spoken. After a long silence, dad  finally spoke. "JP", he said, "I wish someone would just wheel me out back and put a bullet in my head." Never missing an opportunity to be helpful, my nephew after enduring equally the long silence, replied immediately, "grampa, why waste the bullet? I'll just put a pillow over your head right now!" Dad, looking a bit stunned for a moment, suddenly broke out laughing, exclaiming,"you son of a bitch!"

Yeah we're a funny bunch.

Dad was well loved in life, AND in his dying. We sprung him after the brief stint, and he died at home some days later, surrounded by loved ones, including of course JP. Celebrating his life fully, and death, and did wish him well on his new journey, in a manner  that he wished,

home .. home again.

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story made my day. gallows humor built love and family.

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Simpletons, below is a Navy white nurse abusing black babies.



Does it make all the white nurses bad?



14.6% of black or African-American nurses have related master’s or doctoral degrees, compared to 13.4% of white nurses……While the black nurses make 23% versus the white nurses that are 75%.

So, who are the less prepared nurses, simpletons?  





Ayreos's picture

So playin with the lil nigga is abuse now? And didn't you know 99% of all internet statistics is fake? 

Simple common sense check for you: lil nigga is alive and happy, while a white veteran of the biggest war of humanity has been murdered.

They both have been made fun of, but that's not what's disgusting here, negro.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Ayreos: …….99% of all internet statistics is fake? 

Fakeness is not a left/right or black/white product.

Fake is what one chooses to fit in. Fakeness is a competitive tool.

A liberal can be fake to fit within with his group. They believe if they don’t act in a certain way, they will be disenfranchised from within.

Fakeness is a self defensive mechanism. It’s probably coded in our genes.

However, fakeness is a must have in a religious and capitalist societies.

In the religions case, you cannot change its fake believes. Religion needs to be kept simple and on message.

In the capitalist case, it’s a complex product, so changes are unavoidable thus its values ‘lies’ will change. Conservatives don’t welcome changes and complexities. Capitalism suits the left indoctrination better.  

Fakeness can be used for bad or good. You might not like your boss but you pretend that you do.

But, when used in the broader society, it’s usually more detrimental than good.

Your post is a good example.   



Mr Hankey's picture

Pinko white veterans need to be murdered.EVERY.LAST.ONE.

HockeyFool's picture

I was looking for the web site "WhiteNurses.com" to counter your propaganda quote from JiggabooNurses.com, but could not find it for some reason. For the same reason I can't find the white entertainment channel, I guess.

Anyway, what the stat you quote really says is this: Colored’s with masters degrees in social justice could not find a job as a SJW, and ended up in nursing. It also doesn't say those advanced degrees are in nursing.

And it sure as hell doesn't indicate that they are any smarter, or more caring individuals, does it? It says they cannot get a job in their field of study. Which also indicates bad judgment in choosing a useless major in school.

Facts are stubborn things. Colored's are less empathetic than whites. They are also less intelligent. But they CAN run faster and jump higher.


RAT005's picture

They really dindu nuffin

HockeyFool's picture

So you couldn't find the white nurses association either?

I wonder why?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Which is why the Nigger Basketball Association exists, to give the nig-nigs a safer place to run, shoot, and steal.

nmewn's picture

minoritynurse dot com.

Clearly this would be the unbiased, non-advocacy, go-to source for all aspiring Florence Nightingales...lol...yet, there is something deeply troubling about a person who would go into a profession subconsciously seeking wealth, while presenting themselves to the world as angels of mercy.

I think that is exactly what we're talking about in this case Escrava.

So, well done, I guess ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

Because it’s a very good site.

It does a great job educating the public.

The nurse profession.

And, because the minorities will eventually become the majority.

So, the better they are in what they do, not matter if its nurse or how to become a better carpenter, the better off society will be.


nmewn's picture

Obviously the aspirational & dedicational flaws I pointed out in your argument flew over your head like a flock of black crows blotting out the sun for all society.

Kinda like the "nurses" in the video ;-)

seataka's picture

Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in a manner that they look forward to the trip

Mr Hankey's picture

What part of "extinction is 4-ever" makes any of your irrelevant bullshit real?

nmewn's picture

On the off chance that you are addressing me, this Brazilian communist nurse (did you know Escrava proclaims herself to be "a nurse"?) introduced the subject of minority nurses being paid less by way of some obscure website, when the ACTUAL SUBJECT is...minority nurses being FIRED for gross negligence when it could just as easily have been manslaughter, as the death resulted from her (and their) gross negligence.

She knew what she did NOT do that day (and knew it was wrong) and even lied about doing what she did NOT do (because her/their actions resulted in his death by NOT doing what they were supposed to do) in her deposition. Obviously, there would be no reason for her to lie if she had not been grossly negligent. 

So it has nothing to do with her pay scale at all and everything to with her lackadaisical, lazy, incompetent and slovenly ass attitude toward her patients...ie gross negligence.  

Is that enough irrelevant bullshit reality for you?

Chuck Walla's picture

"14.6% of black or African-American nurses have related master’s or doctoral degrees, compared to 13.4% of white nurses……While the black nurses make 23% versus the white nurses that are 75%."


You do not really understand affirmative action, do you?  They hand out degrees and such to minorities like Halloween candy.  Still better than Brazillian Death Squads, no?

watchingandwaiting's picture

In one case, a young child is made to dance on camera for a brief period. An insulting photo is then taken.

In the other, a man was left to die by his caretakers.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Again, the power of propaganda on a highly indoctrinated and biased society.

Do you know how many people died last year at the for-profit nursing homes?

No, you don’t, right?

So, why do you care about this death?

Because it’s propaganda, and you love propaganda, right?

Do you really care about the healthcare issue?

If you do, I will show where the problem ‘the real tragedy’ is.


BlackChicken's picture

Your mind is a wasteland.

People are really pissed at the EVIDENCE of a murder. The nurses thought it was funny this hero lay gasping for air, and then fucking died.

You can spin your vomit like liberal horseshit all you wish. The fact that the inhuman act was caught on tape and indisputable is the real point here you retarded ass hole.

Escrava Isaura's picture

And, I am glad that it was caught on tape. I hope these nurses go to jail, as they should.

But, refresh my mind here: Isn’t the conservative against surveillance? Because they don’t want to give up their freedom.

You cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it, right?

So, what’s gonna be?


Secondly, do you know how many people died last year at the for-profit nursing homes?

No, you don’t, right?


So, if negative emotions attract more of you, compared to positive ones, again, what are you going to do about the ones dying today? 



BlackChicken's picture

"And, I am glad that it was caught on tape. I hope these nurses go to jail, as they should."

That is the whole point. Had you just said that to begin with you would appear more stable and rational.

"But, refresh my mind here: Isn’t the conservative against surveillance? Because they don’t want to give up their freedom."

It's not my job to wet nurse your need to bash conservatives. Perhaps cameras in nursing homes is exactly what we need; that's my personal opinion.

"You cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it, right?"

I can do or think whatever the hell I like at any time I wish; I'm an American and damn proud of it. Can you honestly say the same with the failed state you reside in? Sorry, failed point.

"So, what’s gonna be?"

Again, it's going to be whatever "I" choose. I don't get my validity from bashing the liberal mind set although it bashes itself and gains speed with people like you.

"Secondly, do you know how many people died last year at the for-profit nursing homes?"

"No, you don’t, right?"

Correct, I don't know. That has absolutely nothing to do with this topic now does it? My point, if you got it at all was this was evidence of murder. The fact that it "could" also be viewed by many as a hate crime is what you appear to be spinning to get off topic and bring up the milk-toast cover of obfuscation.

"So, if negative emotions attract more of you, compared to positive ones, again, what are you going to do about the ones dying today?"

Again, your points are evidence of a wasted mind. Negative emotions are a fact of life, not all people need a safe space and a coloring book to hide from them. You are again trying to spin the topic away from the story, and the point I brought up. People react negatively to your comments specifically because they appear to be nonsensical.

Escrava Isaura's picture

BlackChicken: Correct, I don't know. That has absolutely nothing to do with this topic.You are again trying to spin the topic away from the story…… 

No. I am saying that are two additional things here that deserve attention. And get emotional won’t help.  It clouds your analytical and it makes harder for you to understand the issue well.   

Here’s one of problems:

Over 75 consumer groups have banded together to oppose changes to The Fair Arbitration Now (FAN) Coalition argued on their web site that retaining the right to sue is important protection for consumers: 

Most people don't know that forced arbitration clauses are buried in the fine print of many contracts to receive products and services, and even to obtain employment. These contract clauses force people to give up their right to go to court - even if a company harms them or rips them off. Instead consumers are pushed into secret arbitration. In arbitration there is no judge, jury, and decisions are rarely appealable. Arbitrators do not have to follow the law. Civil rights and consumer protection laws can become meaningless in arbitration. That's why we need a federal law to make arbitration truly voluntary. Eliminating forced arbitration clauses from contracts will give us - consumers and employees - the power to choose court or arbitration after the dispute arises.


This battle comes in the shadow of the fact that the conditions and quality of care at nursing homes are extremely variable, ranging from good to appalling. A study conducted by researchers from UCSF (Charlene Harrington,Helen Carrillo, and Taewoon Kang) and the University of California-Irvine (Brian Olney) published in Health Services Research  found a number of staffing and quality of care deficiencies in many for-profit nursing homes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year 1 to 3 million serious infections occur in long-term care facilities with as many as 380,000 people dying as a result. As the U.S. News and World Report described, a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control showed that about 15 percent of U.S. nursing homes were cited for lack of adequate infection control procedures. As an example, here's an Associated Press report on a bad situation at a nursing home:


What then is being done to protect our elders against all of this? Certainly, not all lawsuits have merit, and lawsuits can be frivolous and costly. However, something needs to be done about the conditions in many nursing homes and the risks that nursing home residents face. Nursing home residents and their families need to have adequate recourse when they have truly suffered bad conditions and mistreatment. If the Obama rule (FAN) is repealed then at least there needs to be stronger regulations simultaneously installed to protect older adults who require nursing home care. 

Continue reading………..



BlackChicken's picture

Feel free to disagree, I don't mind at all; my point was still made and I'll stand by it.

I'm not emotional at all, and I think I analyzed the situation just fine.

I logged in to comment on the topic of the article. If there is anything any of us can do to improve nursing care that would be awesome. It will start with not having under qualified people in any situation.

Dickguzinya's picture

Keep spinning scumbag.  Those filthy pigs are as disgusting as you and the drivel that you spew.  Poor excuses for human beings.  

the artist's picture

A great psychiatrist that I worked with once told me this...

"When you listen to someone and your brain hurts, that is when you know that person is psychotic." I think you are being deliberately obtuse. Nobody can be that stupid. 

It is gov't survailance that people are against. If you want to set up a camera on private property then you have the right to do so. 


Mr Hankey's picture

"HERO" .Fat, stupid,oblivious 'murican mudfucker.Your days are really numbered Why should a product of European empire give a rats ass about your problems?

Nostradumbass's picture

Forced multiculturalism in White countries is genocide by legal (not lawful) means.
Guess (((who))) planned this?

when the saxon began's picture

If you are new to this question, and the retort does not instantly spring to mind, this broad based history will answer the question for you once and for all - https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/watch/

Lorca's Novena's picture

excrement, do your overlords pay you per lie or just by the post?

Anyways, I admit I am racist and want NOTHING to do with 95% of dindus. Just like 95% of nogs want us killed.


Montgomery Burns's picture

Make sure you demand only black nurses whenever you or your family are in the hospital. I'm sure black doctors are better also, so demand them too.

wren's picture

Black nurses have higher education?

Blacks, with half a brain, get free college. Whites have to pay their way!

Colleges are staffed by idiots who get to decide who is and is not smart through a worthless piece of paper. My kids are smart enough to learn a trade in trade school before banking on college landing them a career.

the artist's picture

We had one black guy in our med school class. He failed out pretty quick. It was obvious that he did not deserve the spot he recieved. I tried to help him study as did several others. I think he was smart enough to make it but there was a cultural difference that kept him back. In the end I was so desparate to get by myself that I could not spend the time with him. 

I think he just did not put in the hours necessary. Medicine is 90% about memorization of otherwise useless facts. Learning to speak another language exclusive to the profession with the soul purpose of CYA. 

I saw this same pattern evolve in undergrad as well with some of the minorities on science hill. 

At the end of the day I actually envy him because he was spared working in the shittiest profession known to man. 

ich1baN's picture

I don't comment much on here but when I do, I make sure it's for a reason. After reading your immensely disgusting equivocation "have you seen the crimes of white nurses lately?" in response to the crime at hand in this article shows you hate whites and could give a shit less about how this man suffered and died in cold blooded grave negligence. Do you even understand the amount of suffering it would be to call for help while people are standing over you laughing while you take your last breath on this earth? If there is one thing that is true in this world, people like you only get karma in the end. I've seen it time and time again, those who are steadfast in their vile thoughts in the end receive their just punishment. I don't know what the univseral code of natural Law will mete out to you in the end - whether you will suffer a worse fate than this gentleman or something similar, I don't know, but what I do know, your life won't end well if you continue on your mentally ill waltz through life.

If the nurses were white and the WWII vet were black I would have the same opinion about the situation but the fact you didn't even renounce their actions until 4 or 5 comments in shows the sociopathic psychopathy that your mind operates in. You're one sick motherfuck3r. For the sake of the world DO NOT PROCREATE!

the artist's picture

Try giving white nurses free tuition and loan repayments and see how fast that number changes. Better yet, How about nobody gets a thumb on the scale in their favor. Then we will get the best qualified in position. 


Blue Dog's picture

Somebody gave them degrees but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're as qualified or as caring. There definitely seems to be a lot more black sociopaths than white sociopaths.