Kushner "Forgot" To Disclose Contact With Putin Ally

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After being accused in a letter earlier this week sent by the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee of failing to turn over emails from September 2016 pertaining to a range of topics including Wikileaks, it appears Kushner is being punished for his obstinance with a series of embarrassing leaks presumably from the same committee that publicly chastised him only days before (bonus points for subtlety). The new allegations are likely to provoke more spurious speculation that Kushner and other members of the Trump camp (Sessions etc.) perjured themselves during Congressional testimony.

According to the leaks, Kushner neglected to disclose that Aleksander Torshin, a powerful Russian central banker and former senator with ties to both President Vladimir Putin and Russian organized crime, had reached out to the campaign with a "dinner invite" and an offer to connect Trump with Putin. Kushner, who was on the email chain, reportedly instructed junior campaign aides to rebuff the meeting.

However, despite Kushner's attempt to shut it down, Donald Trump Jr. and Torshin ended up at the same dinner last summer during the NRA's national convention. Though there's no evidence that they ate together, or exchanged any conversation besides routine pleasantries.

Aleksander Torshin

Also, when asked if he was aware of any contact between Wikileaks and the campaign, Kushner reportedly said he didn’t recall any contact, even though Donald Trump Jr. informed Kushner, and several other senior campaign staff, that Wikileaks had made contact. Kushner reportedly even forwarded Trump Jr.’s Wikileaks email to another campaign staffer, Hope Hicks.

Here’s NBC, which was first to report on the Torshin emails:

President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, failed to disclose what lawmakers called a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" involving a banker who has been accused of links to Russian organized crime, three sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.


An email chain described Aleksander Torshin, a former senator and deputy head of Russia's central bank who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as wanting Trump to attend an event on the sidelines of a National Rifle Association convention in Louisville, Kentucky, in May 2016, the sources said. The email also suggests Torshin was seeking to meet with a high-level Trump campaign official during the convention, and that he may have had a message for Trump from Putin, the sources said.


Kushner rebuffed the request after receiving a lengthy email exchange about it between a West Virginia man and Trump campaign aide Rick Dearborn, the sources said.


Kushner responded to the email by telling Dearborn and the handful of other Trump campaign officials on the email that they should not accept requests from people who pretend to have contacts with foreign officials to aggrandize themselves, according Kushner's lawyer, Abbe Lowell. Dearborn currently serves as a deputy chief of staff in the White House.


"Pass on this," Kushner responded, according to a letter Lowell sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday evening. "A lot of people come claiming to carry messages. Very few we are able to verify. For now I think we decline such meetings."

And here’s CNN on Wikileaks...

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner told congressional Russia investigators that he did not communicate with WikiLeaks and did not recall anyone on the Trump campaign who had, a source with knowledge of his testimony told CNN.


But Kushner did receive and forward an email from Donald Trump Jr. about contact Trump Jr. had with WikiLeaks, according to a new report this week and a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law, was asked in July during his closed-door congressional testimony if he had any contacts with WikiLeaks or its founder Julian Assange and he responded that he had not, according to the source. He also told Congress he did not know of anyone on the campaign who had contacted WikiLeaks.


A separate source familiar with Kushner's interview with congressional investigators said he accurately answered questions about his contact and didn't recall anyone else in the campaign who had contact.

Of course, Kushner isn’t the only person in Trump’s orbit to deny the Wikileaks’ contacts. When asked in October 2016 if the Trump campaign was “in cahoots” with Wikileaks, Mike Pence claimed “nothing could be further from the truth. But that’s beside the point. As Kushner’s lawyer Abbe Lowell is pushing back against the Judiciary committee, claiming there were no "missing documents," as the committee has alleged, while criticizing the panel's leaders for going to the media on Thursday with their accusations.

"I would have assumed that, if there were any questions about our productions or exchanges, that would have been communicated to me directly before you made this a media event," Lowell wrote.

Lowell (who has, we imagine, racked up his fair share of billable hours this week) defended Kushner’s responses by pointing out that Kushner said he did not recall contact with Russian entities and Wikileaks, not that they didn’t happen. Kushner’s busy schedule ( he is, after all, in charge of a range of White House initiatives from streamlining the federal government to bringing peace to the Middle East) now, and during the campaign, when he was a senior political adviser, has made it impossible for him to remember many of these details, his lawyers have argued.

And while many on the left have been quick to cry perjury, proving that somebody deliberately lied when testifying about their recollections is notoriously tricky.

Lowell also pointed out in his rebuttal to the allegations that his client voluntarily testified before the House and Senate committees that are investigating Russian interference (or other malfeasance) related to the 2016 election.

Furthermore, Kushner endured grueling six-hour sessions, and answered every question he was asked.

"Mr. Kushner was asked if he had contacts with Wikileaks, Guccifer or DC Leaks and said no. He also said he did not know of such contacts by the campaign. From all I have now seen, his statement was accurate then as it is now. In over 6 hours of voluntary testimony, Mr Kushner answered all questions put to him and demonstrated that there had been no collusion between the campaign and Russia."

Kushner famously neglected to include meetings with Russian officials, including former ambassador Kislyak, during his security-clearance application, something his office confirmed was the result of a clerical error.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats have already capitalized on these embarrassing leaks to insist that Kushner return for more testimony – possibly in a public forum, which hints at the real reason these documents were leaked.

Since the investigations began, Congress have been trying, unsuccessfully, to push Kushner to testify in a public hearing – an event that would inevitably create a media circus and allow Democrats on the committee a tantalizing opportunity for grandstanding. We imagine those calls will only grow louder as the coming holiday-shortened week begins.

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The Greek horse's picture

DUMP the fucking Heb already this clown has ties to SOROS! C'mon TRUMP he is the SWAMP

historian40's picture

Trump is also the swamp.  The idiocracy is staggering.

corndog's picture

They're all corrupt as hell. Both sides.  

ClickNLook's picture

Well, that's all we are allowed to have by the show directors...

IH8OBAMA's picture

And yet Hillary got away with telling the FBI that she couldn't recall most of ther adult life.


SWRichmond's picture

Everything is about producing a public spectacle, driving the news cycle.

robertsgt40's picture

I'm more concerned Kushner is on a first name basis with Netanyahu. 

Gap Admirer's picture

Has Al Franken resigned yet?

Manthong's picture

....it should not be a family business

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

Speaking of a "family business", Zer0hegde and Weiner and Weinstein and Kushner and Schumer - they're all part of the same "family."

infotechsailor's picture

Considering that the 'contact' was an email forward that was brushed off, this headline is dumb as shit sensationalist click bait

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Kushner "Forgot" To Disclose Contact With Putin Ally

My response: I really wish America could get this RUSSIA business behind Her. I am so very, very tired of seeing people in the news from TRUMP's team. 

These LEGISLATORS are all a bunch of HYPOCRITES. 

End this RUSSIA business now and dismiss Mueller.

Captain Nemo de Erehwon's picture

The problem with whataboutism is both sides get into a circular response pattern ...HRC supporters say whatabout DJT, DJT supporters say whatabout HRC ... and eventually it dissipates.

historian40's picture

The voters who keep voting inside their box is to blame as well.  There are other choices, but they're ignored by the zombie R and D button pushers.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Private power swamp is even worse and more dysfunctional than deep state swamp.

Well, that should not come as a surprise to anyone; after all, the deep state was built by private power.  

Consider that 58% of white evangelical Christians believe the end of time ‘Armageddon’ is coming during their lifetime. They’re can’t wait for Armageddon to start happening. If these lunatics were to get hold of the deep state power, we would have had Armageddon yesterday.


SWRichmond's picture

Trump was thrown at us to keep us from starting the second revolution.  Had Hillary been elected we'd already be shooting at each other (more bigly than we are now...).

Escrava Isaura's picture


Trump, Brexit, Catalan, are just symptoms of a decaying industrialization and capitalism.

nmewn's picture

lol...so by logical extension, if Brexit would not have happened industrialization & capitalism would have proceeded right along apace...I would have thought that would have made you unhappy, why are you not?

And correct if I'm wrong but isn't there a strong leftist-anarcho streak in Catalonia? ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

If I had to guess, I would say Catalan is a left product.

But, all revolutions are left products, but they usually don’t remain left.

French and Russia revolutions are good examples of moving right.

Spain 1936 did remain left, but they were crashed by the capitalists.


fleur de lis's picture


Trump, Brexit, Catalan, are just symptoms that our slave masters went too far with issues they did not understand, and did not feel the need to understand because they had so pervasively infested governance and social control that they only needed to crack the whip.

So they got too comfortable with all their abuses and lost control of the script.

What is decaying is the NWO that worked for them so well since that accursed day when they hatched the Federal Parasite Reserve to fund their worldwide bloodlettings.

Now the slaves are starting to figure things out and they are organizing mutinies to get off the slave ship.

The slavemasters will continue to infiltrate the rebellion but it will be harder for them to maintain the same level of control.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry, private and state powers do understand of their limitations. They are doing as much as you would expect because they’re a facing a dead end.

But say the workers won. Took the power from the intelligentsia.

Then, these workers would still have to work within the capitalist system, right?

Meaning, they would have to acquire resources. They would have to acquire energy. Acquire technology. Build new facilities. Take care their environment, sell in the market place, and so on and so forth, right?

Also, they would have competition from others within their towns, within their nation, and other nations.

Now whatever wins this competition would them have to sell their goods to people on the other side. And these people would need to have the money to buy. But, if these people can’t compete, how will they have money to buy?

So, my advice for the conservatives for whatever it’s worth: Don’t try to change. You won’t like the outcome. And, you won’t be able to change it back.  


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Consider that 58% of white evangelical Christians believe the end of time ‘Armageddon’ is coming during their lifetime. They’re can’t wait for Armageddon to start happening."

Thats where Cyrus Scofield and his reference bible come in for the Evangelicals and their support for the creation of the state of Israel and their support for the Zionists . These people dont understand that Scofield changed the apocalyptical vision of the bible for this purpose.

"If these lunatics were to get hold of the deep state power, we would have had Armageddon yesterday."

I disagree, they are patient. Even they understand Armageddon does not  happen over night. It comes after much planning. They are going to enjoy the rapture.

Escrava Isaura's picture

I hope these lunatics wait, because it won’t happen, so society will be better off by them waiting.   

But they won’t wait, because they became too disfranchised.


ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

^ Hilariously, that guy is literally covert ops of Brazil. Brazil is a very pooor country. jejejejeje

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Maybe, the difference between the two sides of the Uniparty is which side you credit with the status quo. If you think the private sector is the architect of The Deep-State Swamp, you are a Swampublican. If you credit the government, you are a Swampocrat.

historian40's picture

The "Judeo-Christian" oxymoron cult is a zionist creation.  The US regime started pushing the label "Judeo-Christian" in the 40s, for obvious reasons to set up the "christians" for the next deception, the "Passion of the Jews" Shoah/holy-cost where the antichrist jews blamed Christendom.

It's no coincedence that the main proponent of zionism, Scofield, was backed by zionist jews, and his so-called "bible" pushed the leaven of the Pharisees(judaism) eschatology.

These people replaced Jesus Christ with the "Jewish State".  They replace the Passion of the Christ with the holy-cost.  They replace the Israel of God with an antichrist political state created by the enemies of God.

All the while, their wolves posing as pastors tell them to imagine an "Antichrist" off in the future, while telling them to embrace what is called antichrist in the letters of John.  These dupes think they can help build the world empire of antichrist, foment war, murder, and total mayhem, and then get "beamed out" in a rapture, without reaping what they sow.

Blue Steel 309's picture

More people need to be made aware of this. Jews share literally zero "values" with Christians.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Why do you just assume they (evangelical Christians) are wrong and take it as a given that everyone agrees with you on this? In my book, that's called arrogance.

Mind you, I am not claiming anything about Armageddon coming --I just get tired of self-satisfied twits who just assume everyone is in their camp. I see from your downvotes that others probably agree.

ClickNLook's picture

Yeah, 5-15%, that would show them.

quadraspleen's picture

Have to say, the latest batch of “revelations” seem more about trying to paint Wikileaks as “Russian disinfo” than anything else

IridiumRebel's picture

I’m a swamper
You’re a swamper
He’s a swamper
She’s a swamper

Wouldn’t you like to be a swamper too!

historian40's picture

I hear they sing that at Trump's cabinet meetings.

Two-bits's picture

only the ones that meet at 10 2 and 4

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Hillary takes them on a world tour, where they perform for the global serfs served by a smidgen of the money collected by her Swampian NGO, and she gets the tax break and the saintly publicity. It is what globalists call a Win / Win.

historian40's picture

Hillary serves the zionist empire, she is a minion, not a master.  She admitted as much when Sec. of State, saying she goes to the Council on Foreign Relations to be told what to do and how to view the world.

JRobby's picture

When enough people are humming that little tune in their heads, the remaining core of nationalism will be inclined to form their own nation. Not an easy thing. Disruptive.

Not limited to the US as we see.


LastLegion's picture

The swamp is Israeli influence.  So, instead of looking for Russian ties, why aren't they investigating what is destroying our country..........ISRAEL!

Captain Nemo de Erehwon's picture

Yep. That's it. All the poor politicians are too weak to resist influences ...like in I would never take a bribe but they offered it ...

Kidbuck's picture

Anyone that goes before congress and doesn't answer every question wtih, "None of your fucking business." Deserves all the ass raping they get.

J S Bach's picture

Trump's greatest folly is having this smirking kosher mole in his inner circle.  When you associate with the devil, you'll eventually get burned.

shovelhead's picture

According to The Malleus Maleficarum, if you associate with the devil, to seal the deal you eventually have to perform some Beezelbubbian analinguism too.

I can't imagine that to be a big selling feature, but I'm notoriously provincial in some respects.

Cloud9.5's picture

Up vote for the Witch Hammer.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

Nobody gets elected without kissing that butt.

Kidbuck's picture

If every single Trump associate had zero contact with foreign powers before the election, the assholes in the media and congress would be claiming they were unfit because they had no worldly experience.

uno's picture

Kushner is a deep state snake

FoggyWorld's picture

Jared is an embarrassing distraction and doesn't seem to understand that he really is not special and yes, is required to actually fill out forms correctly.

Time for him and his Princess bride to return to Manhattan.

Atomizer's picture

You mean like when the Clinton Foundation forgot to fill out tax forms for Uranium one and Russian dossier? 

SWRichmond's picture

Yes Jared and Ivanka need to be exiled back to Bloomberg land where they can cavort with their like-minded leftist crazy Associates.

Atomizer's picture

Have you read all the sealed indictments first hand?