Israel Gives Official Confirmation Of Covert Ties With Saudi Arabia

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Yet more confirmation emerged today regarding the recently established relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which is being defined by a shared desire to see Iranian influence and expansion rolled back in the Middle East. For the first time a high level Israeli government official has formally acknowledged the increased ties between the two countries which have historically been bitter enemies, and which have never had official diplomatic relations. 

The historic news, which is worrisome for the fact that it could bring the region closer to major war as the newfound "allies" eye the Iranian proxy Hezbollah, follows the leak of an Israeli diplomatic cable sent to all Israeli embassies throughout the world which revealed Israeli and Saudi behind the scenes coordination. The cable gave instructions to Israeli diplomats to express support for the Saudi war against Shia forces in Yemen and also urged embassies to aggressively lobby their host governments to take steps toward pushing Hezbollah out of Lebanon.

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And today the Times of Israel reports the following Reuters story under the bombshell headline, Israel Has Secret Contacts With Saudi Arabia, Senior Minister Reveals:

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with Saudi Arabia amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior Israeli official of such contacts. In an interview on Army Radio, Steinitz was asked why Israel was hiding its ties with Saudi Arabia, which does not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

And in response Steinitz replied in the affirmative, explaining that:

"We have ties that are indeed partly covert with many Muslim and Arab countries, and usually (we are) the party that is not ashamed. It’s the other side that is interested in keeping the ties quiet. With us, usually, there is no problem, but we respect the other side’s wish, when ties are developing, whether it’s with Saudi Arabia or with other Arab countries or other Muslim countries, and there is much more ... (but) we keep it secret.”

The official confirmation follows closely on the heels of an unprecedented interview that Israel Defense Force (IDF) chief-of-staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot gave to a prominent Saudi newspaper last Thursday in which he said that, "Israel is ready to share intelligence with Riyadh on their shared arch-foe Iran." Eizenkot explained further, according to Tel Aviv based i24NEWS, that "Israel and Riyadh - which he noted have never fought one another - are in complete agreement about Iran's intentions to dominate the Middle East."

In early September we broke the story that no less than Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) may have been among a Saudi delegation which secretly visited Israel at the time. This was based on an Israeli state funded radio broadcast (Kol Yisrael), which made cryptic reference to the "secret" visit while withholding names and specifics. "An emir of the Saudi royal court visited the country secretly in recent days and discussed with senior Israeli officials the idea of advancing regional peace," the station reported

As knowledge of the Saudi-Israeli ties are becoming public knowledge, this could certainly result in embarrassment for both countries, especially on the Saudi domestic front. As the Israeli Energy Minister said today, "It’s the other side that is interested in keeping the ties quiet."

Could news of official ties with the Jewish state be recipe for more internal unrest to come in Saudi Arabia? No doubt, the kingdom's radical Wahhabi religious establishment will have much to say on the issue. This is perhaps why MBS has reportedly continued his unrelenting and broadening crackdown.

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Have they no shame?


Shame not for cavorting with the Saudi's, but of simply being the biggest war mongering whore in the world. Then again, when you are a tiny country sitting on stolen land, one must do whatever one must do to keep what they stole.

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Hey sour grapes (cognitive dissonance), since you're so enamored with homocidal, uncivilized middle eastern mental midgets, why don't you donate your money to them and invite them to stay with you in your humble abode?  Better yet, make a pilgrimage and show your so called altruism to the palestinians (jordanians), and the rest of the terrorist/sharia law promoting vermin.  You know, for the cause.

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Jews are from the same breed.

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On a long enough timeline....I will have no pity on the Jewish State when it is gone.

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Tonight on Dancing with the Stars of David it's Mohammed bin Salman!

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Hmm ... Israel and Saudi Arabia have caused 1000 times more harm to the US than Iran has caused.

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How much harm have Israel and Saudi Arabia caused to the U.S. war profiteering kingpins of the military-industrial-surveillance complex, and multi-millionaire mercenaries like Erik Prince? They are all in partnership with the devil, and these unilateral wars have made them trillions.

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Trump's Best Friend Confirms Covert Ties with Trump's Other Best Friend


there,  fixed it for you

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Look at all the slime oozing out of Hollywood lately. Rapists, groping, sex for promotion etc. Guess who the list is littered with? Starts with "J"

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Better admit to collusion than admit that those Saudi rulers are Jews.

bobcatz's picture

The Saudis are NOT JEWS. Pure Propaganda.

And anyone who believes what Israhell says is VERY naive.

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Yep, you are right about that.   One doesn't need to connect the dots between Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Bibi Netanyahu, Erik Prince and Trump, when a straight line will  easily surfice.   This devil's partnership goes way back. 

Bes's picture

but he's strong

against flag kneelers


chinese shoplifters

so all is forgiven.......

fucking pathetic


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Yes, wouldnt it be terrible if the Arabs and Israels found common ground to make peace...  what would nu-male millenials do for their unfunny (((memes)))  and what if ZH comments get taken over by people who understand economics like when it was founded, panic....



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plus Persian Babes are 1000x cubed hotter than Saudi & Joo babes squared


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"Israel Gives Official Confirmation Of Covert Ties With Saudi Arabia"

No sh%^ Sherlock.

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"israel gives a flying fuck about confirmation of covert ties with saudi arabia" 


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This is Kabuki theater.  There is gas under them there fields.  Gaza, Gholan Heights.  This world is prepared to murder 5.3 million chosen ones to steal headlines, steal resources and distract us from their Ponzi scheme which I predict will collapse on the next day.  5.3 MILLION JEWS DEAD.  Renewal of the Victim Card accomplished.  Real story is the whole fucking world is in on it and Americans are soft by design, Christians are preparing for Jesus and the young people are drugged into zombies.  When the adults are faced without their medication, they'll find out just why weans are required. 

Yes, I sent Trump money equivalent to a house payment and am now about to lose my home.  He is a Fake President.  One year and nothing has changed.  Pizza and hotdogs served to Obama White House at a party which cost 70 grand and a policy which prohibits outside food brought in was tweeted by Trump in 2012.  He has know about child kidnapping, rape and murder for 5 years.  OMFG.  My stomach churns.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I really hope things work out for you. Charity begins at home and not fucking Israel, the bankers in London or NYC. You are certainly not alone and if this crap keeps up, the chicken will come home to roost sooner rather than later. Folks are not too fucking happy now and are feeling the pressure of diplomatic and financial failures of all of the adventurism going on. Same goes for all the special rights and priveledges being bestowed to special interests, whilst out rights and priviledges are being mercilessly taken away. Take heart in yourself, family and friends. It will all work out.


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Death to Israel!

9/11, Vegas payback motherfuckers! They're murdering our police too!

Dots Connected: The Clintons and Bushes are Cold-Blooded Murderers

It can now be reported that the dots have been connected reference the CIA-scripted Dallas massacre, where 5 police officers were murdered, the CIA-scripted Orlando Pulse nightclub homosexual psy op and the recent attempt to assassinate presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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@ Brazen,

Exactly! And, the Saudis are Crypto Zionist Jews.

Jokes on us & the World.

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Your posts always bring a smile to my face, tmosley. Thanks for being real, cuhs

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So Charlei Hebo was attacked using funding from the KSA and Is RA Hell might have known about it? Yes??

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They both were involved in the 9/11 false flag operation, guilty as hell

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Stolen land? F*#& the "Palestinians". They're so wretched, even the Arabs don't want them. The return of Israel is the best thing that ever happened to that chunk of dirt.

I"m with John Derbyshire on this: Israel is an oasis of civilization surrounded by barbarism. 

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They wouldn't  have been able to keep the stolen land if they didn't have the protection from the biggest shameless country ,the US,the whore of Babylon.

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So glad they confirmed it.  Otherwise nobody would know.

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Cue the Jew haters and anti-Israel lobby in 3....2....1...