Israeli Tank Fires On Syrian Targets After "Violation Of 1974 Ceasefire"

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Two weeks after a "secret" Israeli military cable leaked, indicating coordination between Israel and Saudi Arabia over Syria and constituting the first formal proof that the Saudis and Israelis are deliberately coordinating to escalate the situation in the Middle East, by using Syria as a false flag scapegoat, moments ago the IDF announced that an Israeli tank had fired upon Syrian army positions near the Israeli border in the Golan Heights on Sunday, following what the IDF called a "violation of the 1974 ceasefire."

Israeli forces near a border fence between the Israeli side of the Golan Heights and Syria

According to JPost, the IDF fired upon Syrian army positions Sunday evening near the Israeli border in the Golan Heights on Sunday, the IDF spokesperson's office reported.

This was the second "warning shot" by Israel into Syrian territory in two days. According to the JPost, a similar incident occurred on Saturday, when an IDF tank fired a warning shell near Syrian forces after identifying a Syrian army-built outpost in the demilitarized zone between Syria and Israel, similarly contrary to ceasefire agreements.

According to preliminary reports, Syrian forces had been working to fortify a military outpost in the buffer zone, in violation of ceasefire agreements, and an IDF tank fired deterring shots in response.

According to the IDF spokesman, the outpost was located close to the Druse village of Hader on the Syrian-controlled side of the Golan Heights. Earlier this month, following intense fighting in the village, the IDF said it was willing to provide assistance and prevent the capture of the Druse village by anti-regime forces.

“The IDF is ready and prepared to assist the residents of the village, and will prevent the harming or conquering of the village of Hader because of our deep commitment to the Druse population,” said IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, Northern Command commander Maj.- Gen. Yoel Strick and Commander of the Bashan Division Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Ashur were said to be assessing the situation on Israel's northern border.

It is unclear if Syria (or Russia, or Iran) were planning a retaliation.

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Lost in translation's picture

Poor little Israel.

Always the victim.

Brazen Heist's picture

From victim to oppressor. 

From gypsies to thieves? Some things never change.

Mr. Universe's picture

So they violated the ceasefire, why not give Syria back it's Golan Heights and vamoose? Oh it's full of oil? You don't say. What you didn't say. Fuckers.

john316jr's picture

I think it's more about the water in this case.

Aegeas Du'Augloth's picture

The fake jews (khazars) are of the devil. Part of the Golan heights that was stolen by them includes Mt. Hermon.

In the holy bible, the devil and fallen angels were banished from heaven. It says that when they were cast out and fell upon the earth, they descended on Mt. Hermon.

I believe this to be one of the reasons the ashkenazi value this area so much, other than the obvious reasons of it being part of the "greater israel" project.

J S Bach's picture

"...what the IDF called a "violation of the 1974 ceasefire."

Yeah... and the very presence of kriminal kikes on the Syrian territory known as the Golan Heights is not a violation of any kind.

The evil chutzpah of these creatures knows no bounds.

ShakenNotStirred's picture

Syria played with fire and burned.

Now go complaint to the UN.

European American's picture

You mean the reality that your a shill working in Tel Aviv?

auricle's picture

A civilized nation would have made a couple of phone calls.

johngaltfla's picture

So the Israelis are basically admitting they are supporting the ISIS/AQ elements on their border? Sad. The Syrian Arab Army is no match for Israel so firing on a position that the SAA just won fromt he Jihadists is a true indictment of US foreign policy and the Saudis renting the IDF as their whores.

Normally I wouldn't take such a hard line against Israel, but they are openly spreading their legs for the new incoming Saudi King.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

This is just hush hush money from KSA to prop the oil price up until the sale of Aramco. Rule one: Follow the money.

Short oild when it gets to 65-70 

Martian Moon's picture

Did you not read the article?

The Israelis are saying they will support Druse villages that want to remain outside of the hostilities, that's it

Mazzy's picture

The reality is that you're either a Hasbara shill, a loser dwelling in a Chabad house, or a brainwashed Evangelical who only supports Israhell because that's the only thing you were ever taught in life.

monk27's picture

Piece of advice: just make sure you guys don't fuck with Putin...

Tallest Skil's picture

The holocaust did not happen because you say it did. It just didn't happen at all.

Jewish global population 1938

Jewish global population 1948

AS REPORTED BY GLOBAL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS THEMSELVES in The World Almanac & Book of Facts, published 1948. For more information, more pictures, and more proof (I own a 1947 Encyclopedia Britannica whose article on "holocaust" makes no mention of WWII, article on "concentration camps" says EXCLUSIVELY "Nazis used concentration camps in peace and in war", and EXPLICITLY STATES, quote, "thousands of jews died during wartime") ANYONE please respond!

cheka's picture

the myth they will protect more than any other.  they flat-out said this is why they are censoring the internet now....and more to come

opport.knocks's picture

I agree that the real numbers are grossly exaggerated, however the 2 sets of data that you show are not directly comparable.

Tallest Skil's picture

>>“[two data sets that are the same are not comparable]”

Holy fucking shit, did you know that judaism is a religion?

opport.knocks's picture

LOL - looks like someone got a bee stuck up his ass today. I apologize for looking at the actual data you presented and not just blindly accepting your conclusion.

- The total world population of Jews in 1939 was about 15.7 million
- The normal population growth rate was about 1.5% per year in the mid 20th century.
- So the total world population of Jews in 1948 should have been about 18 million
- Therefore the number of "missing" jews is about 2.3 million

It is not 6 million and it is not zero either. The Math is not that hard.

C_Tacitus's picture

Given every opportunity, you never miss to tout the hasbara line. Word is catching on ..... you can no longer conceal the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room .... not withstanding your fanatic devotion to your tribe.

Mazzy's picture

Do you think the'll need more curtains?

123dobryden's picture

i think first they go to Ayatollah and Al-Putini their 13. imam

Badsamm's picture

Syria did lose that war. And the ones before it.

veritas semper vinces's picture

There is even a UN resolution, recognizing the Golan Heights as occupied territories. And we all know what a joke UN is most of the time

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Give back the Golan Heights? lol. If they do that, where else will the Jews have to ski?

IH8OBAMA's picture

That's a key defensive position.  It will keep those Arab bastards from trying to wipe Isreal off the map again.


tmosley's picture

Exactly which ARAB bastards do you think are going to invade Israel, now?

IH8OBAMA's picture

None if they are smart.  But we know many of them aren't.


07564111's picture

Iran is going to crush you like a grub. ;)

quadraspleen's picture

IKR? What about the literally hundreds of UN resolutions across the decades that Israel openly flouts?

Anyone taking potshots at them for it?

Didn't think so

WorkingClassMan's picture

The only two entities that have successfully defended themselves from Ins'treal are Hezbollah and Iran.  And these two are firmly in the crosshairs of Isn'treals Golem, the USA.  The effort to cause a conflagration in Syria is failing, their efforts to crush dissent in Yemen is failing, so the next effort is Lebanon--they think easy pickings.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Sea off East coast of Cyprus....
Though try getting Turkey / Greece /Lebanon / Israel & Syria to agree where the borders are....

tmosley's picture

They were never the victims. They only pretended to be.

Same as it ever was.

WTFRLY's picture

The Joomanji is here. Mark my words.

ShakenNotStirred's picture

You are lost, and not only in translation.

BandGap's picture

In an age where everyone has a camera you would think the military would back this up with pictures.

If I were a Syrian commander I would have a camera on that outpost 24/7.

GatorMcClusky's picture

Perhaps Israel isn't trying appease the ZH comments crowd.

curbjob's picture

AIPAC ensures that Israel never has to appease. 

Tallest Skil's picture

Perhaps we don’t care what they want and only want them to be dead or on an island and unable to leave under penalty of death.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Meh, just another day in nutterville.Expecting peace in the Middle East is like giving a mountain of coke to a bunch of crack addicts and saying: "divide this equally between you" 
this shit will inevitably escalate and versions of it will go on for years yet

Mazzy's picture

The whole region WOULD be at peace were it not for Israel.

There'd be a heck of a lot less terrorism in the world too, especially that which is directed at the west.

Why the west you ask?  Because the west props up Israel while at the same time is a soft target.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Thats how they make their money...a race of snake oil salesmen, swindlers and vagabonds...they don't call them "Wandering," for nothing.

European American's picture

Nuke Tel Aviv and do the world a huge favor. Yes, some innocent Jews might perish, but as the jew bitch Madeleine Albright eloquently confessed, regarding 500.000 innocent Iraqi children murdered, "I think the price is worth it".

monk27's picture

Nope ! Tel Aviv is a very nice city with an exceptional beach... go nuke Dimona instead, if you really feel like.

Mr. Universe's picture

I'm thinking that getting rid of the city that has been described as "Gayer than a Neil Patrick Harris pool party" is not a bad thing. They also run one of the largest online porn enterprises in the world...God's chosen people? Which god...Baal?

PrivetHedge's picture

They literally are - this explains why they act like they do:

Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia

read more:

chestergimli's picture

Page has been lost unfortunately.