Walmart Nation: Mapping The Largest Employers In America

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In an era where Amazon steals most of the headlines, it’s easy to forget about brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart.

But, even though the market values the Bezos e-commerce juggernaut at about twice the sum of Walmart, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes that the blue big-box store is very formidable in other ways. For example, revenue and earnings are two areas where Walmart still reigns supreme, and the stock just hit all-time highs yesterday on an earnings beat.

That’s not all, though. As today’s map shows, Walmart is dominant in one other notable way: the company is the biggest private employer in America in a whopping 22 states.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


Using data from 24/7 Wall Street, we mapped out the largest employer (excluding public administrative bodies, such as state governments) in each state.

Here are the top ten states where Walmart took the title:

The company has 1.5 million employees in the U.S. – and about 950,000 of them are in the states above.


In Walmart’s home state of Arkansas, the company employees 53,310 people, or about 4% of the non-farm work force. That includes about 18,600 jobs at the HQ in Bentonville, AR.

Despite the company’s obvious influence in the state where it was founded, Walmart is also the largest employer across the South in general. Whether it is Texas (171,531 employees) or Virginia (44,621), there are Walmarts aplenty in the states surrounding Arkansas.

One notable exception to this rule? North Carolina, where the University of North Carolina University system employs 74,079 people. However, that doesn’t mean that Walmart has zero presence in the Tar Heel State – it actually has 218 retail stores and 58,525 employees in North Carolina, according to its website.


In case you may be wondering, Amazon is not the largest employer in any state – even in the company’s home state of Washington, where it still lags behind Boeing.

However, Amazon’s epic ramp-up is quickly taking over Seattle, and the company now has as much office space there as the city’s next 40 biggest employers combined.

And who knows, with over 238 bids for Amazon’s new HQ2, it’s possible that the company could be adding up to 50,000 new jobs in another state very soon.

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TeamDepends's picture

We see that map and cry like the "Indian" in that 70s trash commercial.

espirit's picture


.Gov is the largest employer. 

True Blue's picture

Really, how are Denver InterNatn'l Airport and all of these Universities private exactly? Tax payer largesse does not fit the definition of 'private.'

Wild Bill Steamcock's picture

Going along those lines, I'd add not even Walmart is "private."  They get about $8 billion or so each year in government subsidies, of which $7 billion in taxpayer largesse goes to employees in welfare benefits.

Wild Bill Steamcock's picture

You are absolutely right. Let's take Arkansas as an example since it was specifically pointed out in the article.  It appears there are 71,048 state/local gubberment jobs, which doesn't even include teachers.  Tack on the federal jobs and that stat of 58K jobs by ChinaMart doesn't even come close.

Just for the curious here's the site I got the numbers (take them with a grain of salt) from (and NO it's not my own shitty blog or website)

Raffie's picture

Everyone loves Wally Bread.

Them GMO's keep the price down.

Zuhalter's picture

What I took away from this is that Walmart needs to start replacing more employees with robots.

AC_Doctor's picture

Amerian's have no clue how fucked they are going to be in the next couple of years...

thatthingcanfly's picture

And you have no clue how to use an apostrophe.

Nature_Boy_Wooooo's picture

I see that Obamacare forcing Walmart to give all of their part time employees healthcare has paid off big for the healthcare occupations.

Zuhalter's picture

Walmart handled Obamacare wonderfullyfrom a busines persepctive.

Go into your local walmart and you'll see that they have info booths encouraging customers to sign up for Obamacare.

Thats why all the super walmarts have eyecare, minute clinics, and pharmacies inside them now. 

Endgame Napoleon's picture

I know a few independent dentists who do not think it is such a good or safe idea to have big-box-grade medical care, served up in the place where you buy groceries and other items. What will they sell next: cut-rate engineering services? How about selling discount airplanes and pilot training, provided by their friendly associates, working 20 hours per week, just enough to keep them above the income limit for welfare? Well, they raised them up to $9 per hour, so they will need to work fewer hours to qualify. Pilot training will need to be done on the schedule of the busy-working moms, like Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 10:00 am and 2:30, when they leave for baby pick-up.

Zuhalter's picture

Spirit Airlines is already the Walmart of the skies, or Motel 6, or whatever! ;)

espirit's picture

Cool. I was thinking  becoming a Brain Surgeon or a 757 Pilot.

Lots of grabbable pussy.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

If you knew anything about healthcare, you'd know that big-box prices are not so much low, as everywhere else is absurdly high. That $49 optometry exam at Walmart is far more correct than the fucking several hundred dollar exam many practices charge you and your insurance company for the exact same exam and scope of care.

Zuhalter's picture

Duh. But thats not the point I was making. They wouldn't be pushing Obamacare on the customers and happily wanting it for their employees were it not for the fact that they already have those services available. What I take umbrage with is that you imply I dont understand healthcare when nothing in my statement indicated such. As I said before, they handled it great from a business perspective. 

Nature_Boy_Wooooo's picture

Maybe importing healthcare from China is exactly what Obamacare needs.

Xena fobe's picture

The "other company" in California is goverment jobs.  Over 2 million.  No one company can top that. 


kudocast's picture

Interesting that Wal Mart is the biggest employer in all the Red States.

AC_Doctor's picture

And the biggest tick of all is sucking the blood and wealth of America from its core- in the form of local and state governments.

At least WalMart makes a fucking profit...

TeamDepends's picture

Yes, and equally interesting is that in the blue states the biggest employer is the state run communist indoctrination cent-er, universities.

bigkahuna's picture

the state, under the guise of "for our own good" shall never be satiated

the capitalist on the other hand does have a probability of being satiated, usually defined along competitive lines

the blue states (socialist big gov worshipers) are too busy being smug to realize the truth...

Zuhalter's picture

There's a tradeoff to that. Slack labor laws and less union control make that possible down here. The benefit is a cheaper cost of living at the expense of a more educated populace and higher paying jobs.

If Mexico is America's Turkey, then the South is it's Eastern Europe. 

Endgame Napoleon's picture

To be fair, except for a rare exception here and there in luxury stores that offer base-plus-commission, none of the other major retailers pay more than Wal*Mart. They are just the symbol of big-box retail, not the only low-paying company by a long way.

Dragon HAwk's picture

In Our town Wallmart hires, people nobody else would touch, gives them a chance, not necessarily all bad that.

tnquake's picture

What about all of the "contractors and vendors" that feed Walmarts? Probably double the amount of employees!


DennisR's picture

Wakefern Food Corporation is the long way to say ShopRite.

August's picture

As a Washington resident, I take some small pride that this is the ONLY US state where an actual manufacturing firm is the largest employer.

Pretty sad, actually.  The USA is an near-endless sea of "healthcare" and "higher education", two of the most corrupt, perverse and bloated sectors of the Murkan "economy".

espirit's picture

I beg to differ. Many states have more profitable 'cash crops'.

just the tip's picture

i get your point, but boing doesn't manufacture very much.  they are an assembly plant.  the airbus plant in alabama manufactures more parts to their planes than does boing.  that's what came along with the douglas merger.  according to flightaware website.

IRC162's picture

My Boing fits more in the recreation and entertainment box, not so much manufacturing.  Used to be in bioengineering. 

Doesn't help that one client claims outright monopoly on mah Boing either.  Lost major market share.

Zuhalter's picture

So when Walmart eventually purchases Wakefern and Hannfords to turn them into Super Walmarts, does that mean NJ and Maine will turn to the Blue Side of The Force?

Endgame Napoleon's picture

That is when their per capita income, which is pumped up to $38k due to hospital jobs, will plummet, leading to a lot of disgruntled Mariners, struggling to cover rent on earned-only income unless they have the pay-per-birth smorgasbord of monthly welfare and child tax credits up to $6,318 to boost up the Wal*Mart wages.

Yen Cross's picture

  The WMT model has completely imploded.  The current CEO is completely out of touch.

   I just started short Nasdaq futures a couple of weeks ago. I'm also short "shadow banking stocks"

 Blackrock/Blackstone and friends of NASA.

Manipuflation's picture

That British chick for WMT?  I'm in there now I guess.  I don't know for how long but the pay is good.

Scornd's picture

Next up:

Walmart Providence

Scornd's picture

It's all Right-to Work down they inna South.

Zuhalter's picture

A more realistic and less misleading metric would be highest percentage of each state's total workforce by employer, rather than just raw numbers.

besnook's picture

and now you know why fortunes have been made in walmart people utube videos. the southern stereotype is alive and well. the funny thing is, except fot the fighting, almost all of them are white.

Zuhalter's picture

Depends where in the south.

TeaClipper's picture

Denver international airport? Man the tourist pot trade must be good

Zuhalter's picture

And just think, that doesnt include all the military and government workers in the giant secret UFO research facility underneath the airport.

kbohip's picture

But there's a Wal-Mart sitting directly on the property of the old Denver Stapleton airport.  Actually the FBI field office is right next door to it, and right behind the Sam's Club.

Manipuflation's picture

I am going to be management at a Walmart.  I am going to be in charge of hiring and firing people.  This will be hard for me.  It will be a learning experience but I have to be a good manager which I alwasys have been.  Walmart really pushes you towards HR.  What?  


That is not what I want right now.  I have to be out there doing the same shit the associates are doing.  That is how you lead.  Wlamart has a terrible turnover issue to the tune of 17% per quarter.  I have NEVER had to fire anyone and I have been managing since 1999.  

You can't just walk around in suit and tie and telol people what to do.  You need to be there with them on the floor.  When they know you are out there with them they don't quit and walk off.  Business gets done and cutomers get prompt service.

There is going to be issue between and the vagina who is manager of the Super Walmart I am at.  I am already looking for departmenat managers who are people that I know from Sears.  They are qualified and a known value.

And why don't we have the online grocery pick-up in a town of 100,000?  If you want Amazon to kick your ass that is how you do it.  I'm not sure what to say.  All the Womyn like to do is brag about their paycheck,  That does not work for me.

My woman tells about how much debt everyone has becasue she does their taxes,  Some are in over a 100 grand and MOAR for student loans.  We have no debt.  She says I am asshole.  Well, yes. 


Scornd's picture

Sorry. What about a vagina? I think there's a verb missing.

besnook's picture

i am only going to tell you once. you're fucking hilarious. that's the other side of good management. the nazi management style never realize how far a little respect goes.

i used to be a you're fucking useless style manager. i gave everyone three strikes within a year. it got so my key employees would warn the newbies that if they heard me saying "you're fucking useless" they were close to being fired so they should look for another job(and save me the trouble of firing them). i always treated my key guys well. they made a lot of money for me.

Manipuflation's picture

I really don't think that people realize what retail is.  The store I will work at does $200,000 a day.  I have been in mangement since 1999 and I have never haver to fire anyone.  I will be challenged here for sure.  I will treat my employees as I would want to be treated.  I always have done so.  My management style is that I need to be out there with them.  That is when your employees will rally around you.  There is sometihing about me that even Russians like.  Russians respect me because I know them.

Don't go to Russia and speak a fool.

I guess we shall see what happens.  I already's womyn,  In Russia they are actually women and not womyn.