On The West's Demise To The Sidelines Of History...

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Authored by Seth Lievense via Limpidus.org,

The world is changing, but the west is clinging on to a unipolar vision of the world that has passed. It’s attempts to discard this changing reality in exchange for a western worldview expressed in their politics and media are so ungrounded, it’s comical as it is dangerous. This western bubble of reality laid down before the wests general public seems to hold up for now, although fragile and less and less by the day. Really, Russia again? Outside this western bubble however, credibility is lost daily as the west places itself on the sidelines of history.

The fundamental building blocs in western hard power and soft power are not under attack as the mediapolitical landscape could make us feel they are, it is more that they are revealed for what they are without the sugarcoating. As the multipolar world creates the political and economic power to pursuit alternatives and show new perspectives and interpretations, they now have the power to reflect the actions of the west mirrored back upon themselves as apposed to ‘just the way things are’ in the world.

Suddenly we are presented with another version of reality that also begs for a different version of history for the past decades. Our economic system seems to benefit the few as those few have a well managed grip on politics. Local business and craftsmanship, the real economy, have given way to the privileged multinationals and the financial world, the world of tax breaks and tax havens.

Whilst the real economy is breaking down, the central banks were printing money like never before to keep the banks and the familiar names afloat -so long as the Apple’s and Facebook’s and other household names keep the indices up, all is good. At the root of this infinite printing of money lies of course the petrodollar. The 1973 deal with Saudi-Arabia where the US would support the house of Saud so long as OPEC would sell all oil in US dollars only and buy US bonds, creating an immense need for dollars in the world and preventing inflation as the Federal Reserves printing presses make way for the economic, political and military US might since. Since, the whole international trade system has been dollar based. If Bolivia wants to sell logs to Venezuela, it will still use dollars. And by US law, every dollar has to be cleared by the bank of New York, thus making this transaction subject to US law. And don’t you dare circumvent it. Blocking Iran from the dollar-trade for not selling oil in dollars, and thus blocking it from the swift-system, and thus from world trade, was therefore the nuclear bomb in economics. Their currency devalued 50%. The earlier threats to the petrodollar –Libia selling oil for gold, Iraq for euro’s- have been met with heavy resistance. Now, in Syria, it seems the world has changed. The predominantly Saudi-US creation of ISIS to destabilize the nations of Iraq and Syria into chaos has now failed. Could we again see Syria, Iraq and Iran work together to create the Friendship Pipeline (a.k.a. the Islamic Pipeline in the west), exporting oil from Iran to Europe? Or will it be more of the same political-economic-monetary-military export of the west, with freedom, democracy and human rights as it’s sugarcoating?

The guardians of a new geopolitics: Iran-Russia-China


The demise of military hegemony
The success-story of the liberation of Syria by ISIS is a result of the Astana peace talks between Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran, not the Geneva talks where the US made promises it broke within days on the ground. It is the cooperation of Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq and Russia (as tides changed, Turkey) that in spite of US-Saudi aid to ISIS managed to liberate the countries of Syria and Iraq. The military power of Russia, with for example it’s S-400 anti-missile all over the middle east is a game-changer. It’s a defensive system that leaves air-intervention in a padlock. Turkey as well as Saudi Arabia buying these demonstrates once more the break down of this unipolar world. Where NATO’s version is unable to attack ‘friendly’ aircraft -friendly as defined by NATO-, the S-400 is neutral in this aspect and respects the autonomy of a country.

As for within Syria, where Iran and Russia are invited by Syria and are legal in respect of international law, the United States is seen as an invader by Syria. Also, but most importantly, Assad is popular in Syria itself and self-determination is being undermined. It must sound as alienating to a west man’s ears as Assad stressing education and health services in the rebuilding of Syria or the gas attack being from ‘moderate rebels’, not Assad’s government. At the moment 95% of Syria has been freed from ISIS (sometimes known as moderate rebels in the west), yet the United States is still making a last-minute effort to control the border of Iraq and Syria to prevent regional integration -or a pipeline. They will fail.

The demise of economic hegemony
For the past decades the west has been producing less and less, as cheap labour was found in the east. It seemed to make the average western person rich as purchasing power (pp) rose. These riches are however the fruits of the rise of technology, oil and the currency devaluation of e.g. China. This cheap produce from the east could be branded to sell for many times it’s cost as this gave way to multinationals and the service and retail industry in the west. Likewise, cheap money from the printing presses allowed for financial industry to blossom. And on the other side of the petrodollarcoin, the OPEC-countries maintained whatever powers that were via the high oil prices the world paid them and US protection.

As the west and OPEC-countries profited of cheap labour, China saw a boom in exports that developed their country. China then used these profits to buy US obligations to keep their currency low as it blew up the dollars value even more. You could say a whole generation of Chinese has had to sacrifice/work their way out of a dollar-dominated trade.

Over the past decade Chinese growth has allowed for the rise of wages, “China is no longer the cheap labor haven it once was. Monthly manufacturing wages reached 4,126 yuan at the end of 2015, equal to those in Brazil but much higher than Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India.” –Bloomberg. Chinese per capita income rose from $200 in 1990 to $5000 in 2010. The Chinese middle class has grown significantly and according to the World Bank, more than 500 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty as China’s poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 6.5 percent in 2012. “Between 1990 and 2005, China’s progress accounted for more than three-quarters of global poverty reduction and a big factor in why the world reached the UN millennium development goal of halving extreme poverty.” –Wikipedia. Extreme poverty has now almost completely disappeared from China and by 2020 it aims to have eradicated poverty at all. These great stories don’t form part of the wests reality. It clings on to past views of the world to explain its place in this world. The east looks forward, the west still only sees $1/hour sweatshops and environmental pollution.

Besides the rise of purchasing power (PP) in the east soon meeting the demise of PP in the west and besides the oil price having plummeted with fewer petrodollars to recycle into the US economy, there is also the factor of technology that undermines the unipolar world, the western favoured world.

Multinationals of the west used to be able to buy up cheap products, market them and sell them off highly priced, supporting whole industries in advertising and the service and retail sector. The internet however has now made it possible to bypass these western cooperations and to buy directly from small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in China.

Alibaba's Singles' Day

Alibaba processed 812 million orders within 24 hours and its payment service Alipay handled 1.5 billion transactions during the day, peaking at an incredible 256,000 transactions per second.

Chinese export subsidies make it very affordable to ship these products all over the world, where for example a European import tax on goods over €30 from China seeks to limit this. As Alibaba allows western SME’s to buy directly from Chinese SME’s, bypassing import and export companies and western branding, so does AliExpress make these products available for the consumer. As this will temporarily save western purchasing power, it will in the long run also favour the real economy over the one pushed upon us by the wests hegemonic structuring of political-economic power. Less and less money will flow through this hierarchical organizing of society. And, “By 2020, China will account for about 60% of global e-commerce.” – Forbes

China seeks to be at the forefront of the third industrial revolution by heavily investing in automation and renewable energy. Somewhere around 80GW of solar manufacturing capacity exists in China, of 130GW global – using 50 of those 80 gigawatts is clear evidence that China is no longer focusing on exports.”Electrec. China knows it will have to invest in automation and renewables, as the rise of wages is already putting pressure on economic growth. The Chinese are pricing themselves out of the market. This concept of economic interconnectivity of the real economy by connecting SME’s and customers is part of China’s ‘win-win‘-strategy of diplomacy abroad. This is where the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), fits in too. Both seek to facilitate and steer, rather than dominate. Like a parent would a child, a very Chinese view of government. The BRI is the largest infrastructural realization the world has seen to day and seeks to connect China via large infrastructure projects, or so called ‘new silk roads‘, with the rest of the Eurasian continent, guarenteeing export for the foreseeable future as the Chinese economy is changing away from a production-oriented economy.

One Belt and Road Initiative (OBR)

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

BRI connects the economies by annihilating time and space and creates interdependence, ideally preventing regional instabilities or wars. The ‘win-win’ presents a clear business alternative against the hegemonic ways the west organizes the world to the advantage of those that have the advantage already.

One of these new silk roads will connect China via high speed rail and road to Europe via Russia, drastically reducing traveling time of goods and people. China and Russia have also found each other in bypassing the US dollar in bilateral trade. “In 2016, the share of national currencies in payments for exports of Russian goods and services was 13 percent, imports 16 percent. In the first quarter of 2017, these figures rose to 16 percent and 18 percent, respectively,” said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko. Jack Ma’s Alibabi/Aliexpress has also been invited to stimulate, diversify and localize Russia’s economy by creating a Russian arm of the company. Russia already diversified the economy over the past years dropping oil and gas state revenues from over 50% in 2014 to 39% now and less than 1/3rd expected in 2020. When sanctions from the west came for (people in) the oil, banking and military industry, Russia chose to reply with sanctions that affected the real economy, promoting the growth and diversifacation of local industry, creating an immense growth and maturation of their agricultural sector. The russian economy is remarkably self-relient in agriculture. “Russia is one of the world’s leaders in exports of grain, vegetable oils, fish, and a number of other foods. We expect to become the leading supplier of ecologically clean food to our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region.”, published by Russia ahead of the APEC meeting of last november.

It would be interesting for people in the west to listen to a Valdai speech of Vladimir Putin, the speech of Xi Jinping at the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China or to the balanced words of Hasán Rouhaní when confronted with polarizing western rhetoric. For most in the west however, the mind has constructed views of these countries that are hard to break, based on allegations circulating within the western bubble of reality that seek to polarize and justify the unipolar hegemony. Russia’s RT has successfully been able to show different understandings of the world and has become the object of discussion itself. It’s usually a disturbing allegation brought forward by a politician, backed up by institutions and amplified by media. It either consequently lacks any proof of the allegation and usually ends in self-reference to the wests mediapolitical show and might even be corrected when the attention of the media has shifted to a new hype or is either so blown out of proportion that it fails to make the argument. This includes the election-hacking I’ve written (Dutch) about before, as well as the whole Crimea-unification, as I’ve written about before as well. There is a world of views to discover for which I hope we may find ourselves mature enough to decide over ourselves. Geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar put it wonderfully when visiting Iran, “So once again, in Tehran, provoked by the meeting of minds around the conference – the absolute opposite of “clash of civilizations” – it was possible to discuss how Iran (resistance against injustice), China (remixed Confucianism) and Russia (Eurasianism) are offering post-Enlightenment alternatives that transcend Western liberal democracy – a concept that has been completely co-opted and shattered by the hegemony of neoliberalism.

The longer the mediapolitical west keeps up the false narratives around Russia, Iran and China for maintaining their unipolar worldview, the more it will distance itself from the socioeconomic integration in the world around them. It will happen slowly -China favours stability-, as our growth slows down and tourists will visit our historic scenery. The new Silk Road doesn’t have to stop in Istanbul or Moscow, it can connect through to the harbour of Rotterdam and go via Berlin. The concept of the enemy is the produce of a society that lacks the leap of trust to participate in a lateral way in the challenges of tomorrow.

The west will have to start to understand that the ideas of the enlightenment, the concepts of freedom, democracy and human rights are shattered not by the development of the rest of the world -the exception of ISIS noted-, but by the stratification of a society undermined by monetary and neoliberal concepts that have hollowed out their ideals. As for spreading those ideals of human rights, freedom and democracy abroad, we might do well listening once again to the east. The Chinese do not argue these principles, yet are in no way convinced of the path dictated by the west, nor the moral high ground to preach from. They see these principles arising out of economic development. Out of a rising middle-class and basic needs for citizens -thus free of poverty and free from harsh economic inequality- will arise democracy. These values have to be developed and can not be enforced without economic democracy and basic needs. How can you expect someones human rights to come first, does not your survival do? In the export of Chinese ‘win-win’ diplomacy, it does not seek to impose a way of living, a certain developmental path. It provides stability, a way for both economies to become interdependent, of which cultural exchange and respect may follow.

The west is in debt, immensely. And this time it’s not only consumer debt that resulted in the mortgage crises of 2008, it’s also corporate debt, states, bond markets, you name it.  Whatever credit market the crises will start in, it will spill over resulting in a crash far greater than 2008. The real wealth has moved east. Sure, China has debt, but it also has growth and actual production and it’s debt is small in comparison. Russia and Iran hardly have any debt. Gold is moving from west to east and is in high demand. We can’t see it reflected in the price yet, for the wests money printing presses and their leveraged ‘paper gold’ still manage to hold down the prices, but the direction is clear.

If not for production, resources or gold, what still backs a euro or a dollar? With bitcoin gaining credibility with each passing day, be it for storage or as currency, the euro/dollar demise doesn’t even stop there. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, allows for the whole replacement of most of the financial world that forms one of the last strongholds of western power. Ethereum’s ether does not only allow for new coins (the famous initial coin offerings where lots of money is bound to be lost) on top of their base system, but this also allows for smart contracts. These have the potential to replace any mortgage, loan or other smart contract you could think to need a financial institution for. In time, settings in a program or on a site will make these interpersonally, with the community to verify for the conditions made. Russia, the first state to announce so, has it’s CryptoRuble ready, undoubtedly balancing the perseverance of the state (taxes) with the newfound freedoms and stability of digital money.

China's Panda Power Plant

China’s Panda Power Plant

With the west to be behind in automation and renewables, without production and resources and no multinationals and financial world to profit of others, what are we but left in dependency? It’s time to find ground in roots of the renaissance and the enlightenment, find strength in local economies connecting laterally to local economies, find autonomy in renewables and find security in cryptocurrencies and gold as we connect ourselves to a future we can pull forward ourselves, away of dependance of institutions and corporations we can not rely on and in spite of their hinderance. As we pull out of globalization as put forward by the west, we will see the world connect globally from a local angle. And, as automation and technology can decentralize, they can provide locally. Think crypto instead of central bank or mortgage, solar instead of OPEC, 3d-printing directly from local resources instead of shipping from afar, the arts and craftsmanship (a design at the local 3D-shop?) instead of the wage-slave, vertical farming instead of poverty and local abundance instead of global scarcity. It’s a way of thinking that puts autonomy and free time back up front. Wasn’t that what freedom once meant? And from that place, we will see each other in shared pursuits of dreams.

Surely, all societies have flaws and have challenges to work on, as I understand this is the case in China, Russia and Iran, however, a western attitude of false moral superiority prevents understanding. How can we adapt to a future we understand less and less? The more the west will put in the full weight of it’s apparatus based on the old industrial revolutions and monetary and mediapolitical hot air, the harder the fall will be. The more the west clings on to this western bubble of reality brought to them by giving ear to their mediapolitical, the more certain it’s demise will be. The multipolar world now holds up a mirror, it’s about time the west dare look into it. It’s time for the west to grow up and join a new world in the making.

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Walt's picture

Thanks Jews.

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You're welcome, goyims.

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of course, all the really smart guys back in the 80's were absolutely positive japan would rule over us all in no time flat. kaizen! process! just-in-time inventory!!!

they were buying up trophy properties left and right - Pebble Beach, Rock Center, Van Gogh pics - and the bright young MBA's were all wearing kimonos and learning jap as fsat as they could. 

it was a foregone conclusion: there was no way it *couldn't* happen. 

how'd that work out? pro tip: japs had a much better chance of succeeding than russia/iran/china. we'll see. 

Escrava Isaura's picture

Article: …..the central banks were printing money like never before to keep the banks and the familiar names afloat………..

If it wasn’t for Central Banks, unemployment in the US would have been 3-4 times higher; and, a good 30% of Americans would be starving to death.


Wait, the article gets better:

The West's Demise….. It’s time for the west to grow up and join a new world in the making. 

It’s time for you to get real. When the West goes (2027/2032), it will take every living organism with. The one’s that survive will starve to death.


My advice: Enjoy the moment. As bad as it might seen, the journey that we live in as good as it gets. There won’t be a happy end, after all, we all going to die anyway.



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Remove dual Israeli passport holders from positions of power in the U.S = problem solved.

In time the world will come to re-assess Hitler. This time is approaching fast.

Conscious Reviver's picture

This is oddly written.

"The predominantly Saudi-US creation of ISIS to destabilize the nations of Iraq and Syria into chaos has now failed."

Didn't we forget someone, Seth?

This is what you should have said if you were being honest, but honest seems like a dirty word to some of you.

The predominantly Israeli-Saudi-US creation of ISIS ...

kochevnik's picture

If Hitler was pure German nationalist, and keeps his agreement with Stalin, he could be very successful.  Unfortunately he is grandson of Rothschild, made pacts with zionists and served their interests with the Transfer Agreement and employing Jesuits/Jews in the NAZI SS which is Hebrew for "knight."  So he is not the conservative Martin Luther christian but Catholic Jesuit backstabbing tribalist.  It is pity because Russian is named for RUS tribe which includes Germany but not Khazar Mafia

kochevnik's picture

If Hitler was pure German nationalist, and keeps his agreement with Stalin, he could be very successful.  Unfortunately he is grandson of Rothschild, made pacts with zionists and served their interests with the Transfer Agreement and employing Jesuits/Jews in the NAZI SS which is Hebrew for "knight."  So he is not the conservative Martin Luther christian but Catholic Jesuit backstabbing tribalist.  It is pity because Russian is named for RUS tribe which includes Germany but not Khazar Mafia

Hitler was fanatic, expressing his neanderthal genes.  He was conservative brownshirt then socialist.  His only creed was power.  Another useful idiot for the tribe, like every fanatic

EBT excepted's picture

yeah dat Hitlah done missed a few...

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Vato, yes, Japan seemed unstoppable and on this side we sang "The Future's So Bright, I gotta Wear Shades."


Seems different this time.


BobEore's picture

You speak the truth, of course...

yet it is one unwelcome in this venue - as it is not a balanced view of either history nor the future which we encounter in the plethora of pieces identical to this one in tone and content...

but rather, a polemical assault on the mere idea of 'balanced views' of any kind. With the rhetoric always ratcheted up to high - so as to serve up whatever scraps of data would appear at any one time to place the Eurasian powers \ahead of or in advance of/ the rest of the world -

we could not begin to judge for ourselves what is really going on in the eastern part of the world/ but perhaps...

that's the whole idea!

To counter which - and jaundiced viewpoints sold as 'news' in general... folks need to get out and do their own fact-finding. I did... it changed the way I saw the East - and the world in general.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Crap. The problem for Japan is the US money system which was used against them, otherwise those prophesies would have become reality. As you will see (whether you like it or not) the Sino-Russian bloc/Belt&Road will not be hindered in the same way. How's that gonna work out? You won't stand a chance warmonger.

SickDollar's picture


they were printing money like crazy and Wall street gave them a lot of loans


SickDollar's picture

what you failed to realize is that Japan was printing money and  Foreign countries were buying those debts

China's debt is local, no country is buying their debt (self forgiveness is very useful)


Putrid_Scum's picture

Weird ... Does the author still have hope?

quintus.sertorius's picture

I support Russia, Iran and China, but the crazies in DC, NYC, Tel Aviv and Riyadh still have some wild cards up their sleeves. Let's see what happens.

Joe A's picture

Don't expect any benevolence from China as it builds its economic, political and military power. As could not be expected from the West. Any benevolence would purely be in self interest so this talk of a NWO where everybody benefits is just bullshit. The world has always been an age of empires. They only way they could make a 'one world' is when everybody is equally poor with a happy few ruling everybody. And things are going in that direction. In the meanwhile China grows because the rest of the world buys their stuff. The moment China creates a large enough middle class with sufficient purchasing power and replaces the petrodollar with the petroyuan (because they would need to able to print money out of nowhere to support the middle class buying stuff (rinse and repeat)), they don't need the West anymore to buy their stuff. Unless there are sensible people at a global level to avoid this clash and also avoid a scenario where everybody is equally poor, the world is on a collision course.

Laughing.Man's picture

The whole point of a multipolar world is that no one would be able to act as recklessly as the US have been.

Escrava Isaura's picture

"Yep, son. We have met the enemy and he is us." — Pogo 


Joe A's picture

Perhaps but WWIII was fought from 1945 to 1989 and it meant a lot of bad news for countries in Africa and Asia. Eventually, everybody wants to be the last man standing.

scrappy's picture

There is an old sociological trick when you come to an impass with a person or entity.

Change yourself and they have to adjust.


It is a difficult thing. Can it be done? I'd like to think so.

America does need to "grow" up a bit, no?



Fireman's picture

The future of money is being decided by those powers that actually have physical reserves and resources. That future does not include a Fedcon style Bitcoin or Blipcoin being imposed globally by the evil chosenite money changers, whatever about a Fedcon Blipcoin being imposed on USSAN and Europeon debt slaves and tax cattle. For Russia and China "reserves and resources" does not mean the unpayable debt that so-called Western capitalists imagine "wealth" to be. One gets it or one doesn't but the anglozionazi centric world is already a thing of the past. Will the West tame the zionazi entity in the ME and defang this beast or will the zionist parasite at the heart of USSAN and European corruption destroy its host to give the abomination in Palestine a few more years.

Naturally "Seth" doesn't delve into the puss oozing sore behind the disease destroying the West.

Hkan's picture

Very interesting! Indeed.

Future perspective is breath taking at the same time logical.

Western world dept obvious madness is just too much even try to understand.

"Greeddriven" economy run by elite feeding from once healty middleclass is disgusting. Fear of elite created anger frustration then guided diverted serving their purpose. Middleclass double f*****d and swallow the l**d. 

I just dont see middleclass breaking free from elite manipulation.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Western civilization is in decay.

Eastern civilization is in for a hard wakening.

Middle class ‘materialism and financial security’ illusion is finished.

Even all the current religions will be eviscerated.


onmail1's picture

whatever Chinese do

it can be seen from space

Batman11's picture

The idea:

If the wealthy are taxed less they will invest and create jobs and wages.

The reality:

This is exactly what happened.


The jobs and wages were created in the East, which is far more dynamic, wages are lower and profits are higher.

The investor gets the best returns on his investments almost anywhere apart from the West due to its high costs of living with rent, healthcare (US) and student loan repayments. A high cost of living necessitates high wages.

The Consequences:

The hard work of the West produced profits that were taken by the wealthy and invested in the East.

The balance of power shifted from West to East.

The West started to worry about the powerful China Western investors had created (commonly known as “shooting yourself in the foot”).

Western capital had created a new multi-polar world (more “shooting yourself in the foot”).

In the hollowed out and decaying West the populists started to rise and social unrest followed (we have now blown the other leg off).

The Solution:

Get the money off the wealthy before they can invest it in the East and further shift the balance of power away from the West.

Batman11's picture

An epitaph for the US

American exceptionalism – an exceptionally blind faith in capitalism, whose profit motive never considered geopolitics.

They were silly, it’s probably best to hand over to China, which has a stronger grip on reality.

Laughing.Man's picture

"Never allow (((them))) into your nation." would be better epitaph for the US.

Batman11's picture

The real estate boom was a failure to understand capitalism.

Back to basics - capitalism.

Disposable income = wages – (taxes + the cost of living)

The wage earners are interested in maximising disposable income.

The wage payers want to minimise wages to maximise profit.

The rentier’s gains come from increasing the cost of living.

Government takes taxes.

Landowner, real estate and banking interests wanted a real estate boom, but this is bad for the capitalist system as it adds to the cost of living; leaving higher wages, lower profits and lower disposable income.

You don’t have to be mad to invest here, but it helps.

Add US healthcare costs that have to be covered by employers, either directly or in wages, and only lunatics would invest here.


scrappy's picture

Did not down vote you for saying it.

I just don't want to give up.

Elmerthudpucker's picture

Taxes had nothing to do with it.  That's the biggest lie this century.   WAGES had everything to do with it since manufacturings biggest outlay will always be it's payroll.     Only the very niave believe the BS that taxes were the reason for off shoring jobs.  Most still believe in the WMD's in Iraq and "supply side tinkle down economics" which is the second biggest lie of this century.

brewing_it's picture

"Get the money off the wealthy before they can invest it in the East and further shift the balance of power away from the West"

Thats not going to happen because the wealthy are heavily invested in Politicians and politicians are heavily invested in the idea of "Globalism" which is shorthand for world socialism with the facade of capitalism and the facade of a "free society". They are invested in the end of the Nation State also.

Batman11's picture

It is a strange mix of the right and left.

The wealthy are above the law and direct policy.

There is corporatism and a crushing of the working class with the addition of liberal identity politics.

The identity politics is probably just a smokescreen to make the naive think globalisation is a force for good.

No doubt they do want to get rid of the nation state, I think the EU was a trial for the single currency and a future model for the globalized world (its not going too well) 

The final destination seems to a global economy ruled by banksters.


JibjeResearch's picture

One premise that supports your conclusion:

ASEAN deposit gives on average 5% return.  These nations attract capital.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe the theme of this post is biased and details listed may not be entirely accurate but instead are opinion...

Conscious Reviver's picture

I agree. It is hard for Seth to get past the ethnocentric approach.

Look at this vvvvv

"The success-story of the liberation of Syria by ISIS ..."

Shouldn't it be liberation from ISIS? Is this just a poor grasp of English or does the author's typing hand have something in common with Dr. Strangelove's right arm?


truthalwayswinsout's picture

Total B.S.

The west can easily outdistance these alleged up-comers. I remember when Japan was going to rule the world. How did that work out?

All the west has to do to gain another 1000 years of dominance is to take NASA public and commercialize space. It will make the internet revolution look like a mild ripple in the kiddie pool.


JibjeResearch's picture

That would be a big help to Americans, but I doubt it will keep us at #1

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

That is why it wont happen.  Btw, the Russians and Chinese are now the leaders in the space but it is goobermint funded, so that will take away from its efficiency.  IF we were to really enable a space-based economy you would be right, but fear not, we wont.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

You weren't lying when you headed your post 'Total B.S.', it was!

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

It's about money, greed, wealth and control. Ultimately it is about control and no competition. Vassal states and subservient leaders is all the west desires, so control and the amassing of wealth continues unobstructed.

This is all she knows, hence decades of policies specifically designed to weaken other nations and preventing them from developing. 

It is self evident the west as an insecurity complex. We do everything to preserve our advantages, by clandestine means, then pretend to everybody this is purely down to our greatness.

We are destroyers and liars, and in some self-defeating logic, I wish Russia and China to take us off our pedestal, purely for our own good. The west can make the world a much better place, instead we create groups like ISIS and starve nations killing over 200K Iraqi children, always tied back to self interest and greed. Our moral aggrandisement is sicken. We have become a parody and one big lie.

JibjeResearch's picture

You and I, and so many Americans on ZH, will not fall because we understand.  Just like you, I hope our fellow Americans can see it too.

silverer's picture

Poor US. The hill of debt has gotten too steep. They'll have to get off and walk their bike.

silverer's picture

"...The Chinese middle class has grown significantly...:

The real powerhouse of any developed economy. Meanwhile, back in the US...

JibjeResearch's picture

We should talk about global middle class instead so that we have a reference point to begin.  In this case, one definition of a global middle class is an household income between $20K to $60K or daily spending of $20 to $40 for a family of 4 on average.  Even this definition is not stable; thus, very hard to be meaningful.

By this definition, China will lead spending, and India is the up and coming middle class nation.

PitBullsRule's picture

Maybe, but if China is as advanced as this author says they are, why did they put up a new barbed wire fence along the border with North Korea, and why do they send back North Koreans that try to escape into China so the dictator can put them in prison camps to rot in cages.  

And if they are so advanced why are their people using Bitcoin to get their money out of the country, and why are they buying so much real estate in California?

JibjeResearch's picture

China is not more advanced than the US.  China will have a bigger "global middle class" that will drive consumption; thus, sucking up businesses.

It's a growing economy where as the US (most of Western Nations) is not.

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Denial is strong with this one, it's not a river in Egypt.  Can the west put a man in space?  We hitch rides from the Russians we talk so much crap about.  Chinese send men and women up regularly.  We are so corrupt we can no longer do big things, too many crooks to feed between banks and the production line.  Being an ageing and declining power is a hard pill to swallow for folks who believe they are "exceptional".  Hurts to discover the truth but are too stupid to fix the problem.  So all that is left is to BTFD until ...