Who Gets To Push The Nuclear Button?

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

William Binney is the former National Security Agency (NSA) official who created NSA’s mass surveillance program for digital information. He says that if the Russian government had conspired with Trump, hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computer, or in any way influenced the outcome of the last US presidential election, the National Security Agency would have the digital evidence. The fact that we have been listening to the unsubstantiated charges that comprise “Russiagate” for more than one year without being presented with a scrap of evidence is complete proof that Russiagate is entirely fake news.

The fake news originated with CIA director John Brennan and FBI director Comey conspiring with the DNC in an effort to discredit and unseat President Trump and at a minimum prevent him from damaging the vast power and profit of the military/security complex by normalizing relations with Russia.

Consider what this means.

The directors of the CIA and FBI made up a totally false story about a newly elected President and fed the lies to the presstitutes and Congress. The presstitutes never asked for a drop of evidence and enlarged the Brennan/Comey lie with a claim that all 17 US intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia had interfered. In actual fact, a handful of carefully selected people in three of the agencies had prepared, perhaps under duress, a conditional report that had no evidence behind it.

That it was fake news created to control President Trump was completely obvious, but corrupt security officials, corrupt senators and representatives, a corrupt DNC, and corrupt media used constant repetition to turn a lie into truth.

Having shoved Trump into the militarist camp, his enemies have turned on Trump as an unstable, volatile person who might push the button. Senator Bob Corker (R, TN) and Senator Chris Murphy (D,CT) are using the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to portray President Trump as a quixotic person who shouldn’t have his finger on the nuclear button. We have gone full circle, from Trump who wants to defuse nuclear tensions to Trump who might push the button.

If Senators Corker and Murphy were really concerned and not just orchestrating a new way to attack Trump, they would bring out the fact that Russiagate is a hoax that has made nuclear war more likely. As I have pointed out, Washington has convinced Moscow that Washington is planning a surprise nuclear attack on Russia and also collecting Russian DNA for a tailored Russian-specific bio-weapon. I cannot think of anything more likely to trigger nuclear war than the escalated tensions that Russiagate is preventing Trump from reducing.

For the record, contrary to the erroneous assertions of “nuclear experts,” the president cannot simply order a nuclear attack.

The president either has to accept a Joint Chiefs war plan and order a launch when the military is ready, or


...he has to accept the advice of his national security adviser to launch in retaliation for incoming enemy ICBMs.


If a president simply ordered a nuclear strike, he would be ignored.

If it is not the president who must make the nuclear decision, who is it to be? The military? We should be thankful that that was not the case when the Joint Chiefs pressured President John F. Kennedy to approve a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

The question who should have launch authority is an easy one to answer. No one.

If nuclear missiles are incoming, launching does not protect you. You are already going to be destroyed. Why destroy the other side of the world in an act of revenge. It is pointless.

There is no such thing as a preemptive strike that prevents retaliation.

Nuclear war is an act of insanity. Nothing can justify it.

The purpose of diplomacy is to prevent war. However, ever since the Clinton regime attacked Serbia, US diplomacy has been used to cause wars. During the 16-years of George W. Bush and Obama the US destroyed in whole or part seven countries, killing and maiming millions of peoples and producing millions of refugees. Not a single one of these wars was justified. Everyone of these wars was based in lies. The last US government that showed any respect at all for truth was the George H. W. Bush administration.

Before launching each of these acts of unprovoked aggression, Washington demonized the leader of the country. To get rid of one person, Washington did not flinch at murdering large numbers of people and destroying the infrastructure of the country. This tells you that Washington has no morality. None. Zilch. Therefore, Washington is capable of launching a preemptive nuclear strike. Back when nuclear weapons were puny by today’s standards, Washington nuked two Japanese cities while Japan was trying to surrender. That was in 1945, a lifetime ago. Whatever bits of morality that still existed then are long gone.

Today a CNN editor-at-large named Chris Cillizza, published online an article titled, “There’s a massive moral vacuum in the country right now.” At last, I thought, a presstitute has realized that Washington’s constant nuclear threats against other countries shows a complete disrespect for the life of the planet and indicates a moral vacuum. But no, the presstitute is talking about sexual harassment, especially that of Roy Moore in the 1970s. And it is all Trump’s fault. How can he lead when he harasses women himself?

President Trump intended to normalize relations with the other major nuclear power. He has been prevented from doing so by the military/security complex, the DNC, and the presstitutes.

Cillizza says sexual harassment is a “very big” consequence of Trump’s election. I am left wondering if CNN’s editor-at-large considers nuclear war to be as serious as sexual harassment.

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VWAndy's picture

If he wanted to drain the swamp he coulda sent in the USMC? jus sayin

Bilderberg Member's picture

SPOILER ALERT: We don't win the next world war   :(

johngaltfla's picture

People do not want to hear it. But the sanity of the 1980's has left the building:

Israel has Sold It’s Soul to Islam in the Name of “Security”
LetThemEatRand's picture

"Isreal has Sold It's Soul"

Now that's some funny shit.  Is that like shorting paper gold where you don't need to have any to sell it?

bobcatz's picture

Good one. Don't they know Israhell is demon-spawned? http://wp.me/P4OZ4v-1LA

stizazz's picture

What is it about war these people think is so fun? Jeez!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Russiagate is a trial of the neocons to push & force America into a new major conflagration not to get rid of Trump. Trump's impeachment would be just a collateral justifying the action & result and not the final purpose. Obviously, with Hitlery as Potus America would have been already advancely engaged directly with Russia by now if not already well behind the nuclear exchange.

07564111's picture

I think it's the other way > Israel controls the KSA.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Israhell does not have a soul to sell. It has sold it long time ago to Satan,their true God.

VWAndy's picture

 Im thinkin the government workers cant believe that truth. Try and explain it to one and you will see first hand how the horrible truth thing works.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Are you telling me that we won the last one then?

holdbuysell's picture

The POTUS should put it to a Twitter vote. Let's see who really wants to go all in...and then get destroyed in MAD.

dasein211's picture

No one should ever be allowed save for an alien invasion.

holdbuysell's picture

Pretty sure that false flag has been considered and dialed in, depending on the circumstances.

07564111's picture

Nope, you can forget the Alien invasion thing because they missed out on taking Crimea and now Russia keeps the Yevpatoria RT-70.

NoDecaf's picture

Whoever it is will probably be wearing a toga and call himself Emperor, or Empress or Uni-press/or
Depending on which side of the left right paradigm they come from.

VWAndy's picture

 All the tools needed to wipe out pretty much all the corruption are at the NSA. That we still have all this corruption is the tell.

 Basic logic can make some of the most complex problems simple as pie.

HRClinton's picture

Fun fact: the NSA is part of the DOD, and thus under Mattis.

Don't blame the NSA. Blame Mattis. Or his boss, who lacks the balls or brains to act like the Commander In Chief, and not just strut like one.

Sorry to upset Trump acolytes with facts and logic.

Parrotile's picture

Maybe this explains the Fermi Paradox:

ALL "Technically capable, intelligent life" eventually manages to self-immolate by some means or other.  No technical intelligence / capability - no contact.

Depressing but this would explain the prolonged silence.

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

I thought you meant the Ferengi ! NVM.

Also check the KARDASHEV scale for types 0 to VI.


HRClinton's picture

We're at, what, about 0.7 on the Kardashev scale and slipping.

But we're on the 1.0 on the Kardashian scale and climbing. So there's that.


Anteater's picture

PCR at this point is an NSA bot. He died peacefully in his sleep last May.

His 'Trump the PeaceMaker' schtick tells you everything you need to know

about this latest piece of tripe. Fire and Fury at wasting another 5 minutes.

BlindMonkey's picture

Dolt, that was the Donald on the camping trail.  It could still happen but the Swamp needs more draining first. 

red1chief's picture

I think the "dolt" may have noticed that the GS veterans trump surrounded himself with ARE the swamp. If I run out back into the swamp and start rolling in it, I don't think that will get me very far in attempting to drain it. I'll just get leeches.

litemine's picture

Keep your friends close,

Keep your Enemies closer.

VWAndy's picture

 It might be a better move to keep your enemies in youre crosshairs.

Davidduke2000's picture

if you really have enemies and if you have the capability to line them up in your crosshair. but your enemies are isis and the saudis and your government love them. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

Trump ran on normalizing relations with Russia, one of the many campaign promises that have been broken.  Was it a lie or was he cut off at the knees by the Deep State/MSM Russiagate story?  We'll never know, but PCR is correct in what he said.

opport.knocks's picture

We know that he was cut off at the knees by Deep State, that is why they pushed the Russiagate story aand Mueller investigation so hard, to get him in line. No president sincce Eisenhower has controlled foreign policy, direction comes from the CFR and they read the script or else.

Cabreado's picture

Will even just an honorable mention of a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress happen before it all falls down, or in hindsight?

Or perhaps never... and so goes the republic.

Yen Cross's picture

 No MATTER WHAT...   never hit the [oops] button.

LetThemEatRand's picture

No one is pushing the button.  The MSM is running these stories to foster the idea that Trump is crazy, thus making it newsworthy to investigate who could stop him.  It's like asking "if Yen Cross decided to wear a dress to work instead of just parading around in one at home, would anyone stop him?"  It's only a matter of time before MSM asks if Trump is still beating his wife.

Yen Cross's picture

Why Is it So Windy?

 lost trak of time.


 Tim Cook

LetThemEatRand's picture

Tim always had a soft spot in his heart for J. Edgar Hoover.

Ms No's picture

Who gets to decide if Israel is going to launch?  This mad jackal?  Those guys will kill everybody if they think they are going down.  They likely have control of our arsenal as well, in addition to other highly criminal weapons such as bio-warfare.  Not good at all.  They were the worlds greatest victims though so we had to give them the keys to the city.  Now the whole world is paying for it.


OT, but I came across something really weird today that suspicious observers found, that I don't believe at face value.  Right about the time that everybody is expecting an earthquake increase do to a cosmic ray increase and grand minimum type sun activity, this theory comes out months before the new year.

Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earth’s rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions.

Although such fluctuations in rotation are small – changing the length of the day by a millisecond – they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy, it is argued.

The link between Earth’s rotation and seismic activity was highlighted last month in a paper by Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado in Boulder and Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana in Missoula presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.

“The correlation between Earth’s rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggests there is going to be an increase in numbers of intense earthquakes next year,” Bilham told the Observer last week.


Edit: RT too: Just came out of nowhere and treated like fact.  This theory also destroys global warming.

 “The inference is clear,” said Bilham. “Next year we should see a significant increase in numbers of severe earthquakes. We have had it easy this year. So far we have only had about six severe earthquakes. We could easily have 20 a year starting in 2018.”


terrific's picture

"Washington nuked two Japanese cities while Japan was trying to surrender."  I know it's your site, Tyler Durden, but I've never, ever heard that claim before.  If you're not just making stuff up, you need to at least make an attempt to justify a statement like that.  Otherwise, nobody will take you seriously.

VWAndy's picture

 Ya might want to look into that for yourself. Find your own truth its better that way.

red1chief's picture

I looked into it myself, even the CIA's own website seems to back up Paul Craig Roberts in its library section.

VWAndy's picture

 Yep this one is an easy search. I found it in navy public records. Also the carriers leaving Pearl just before it started.

 We got played start to finish for real.

slipreedip's picture


Pearl Harbour,

Gulf of Tonkin,

Communist dominos

The twin towers,

They're making Weapons of Mass destruction,


Not exactly a mystery is it


slipreedip's picture


Pearl Harbour,

Gulf of Tonkin,

Communist dominos

The twin towers,

They're making Weapons of Mass destruction,


Not exactly a mystery is it


any_mouse's picture

You could say the Japanese got played as well.

Pushed into a war with USA. Allowed to sink obsolete naval ships. Then not allowed to surrender until the A bombs were dropped.

Manhattan Project was expensive and without its actual application on a city and its population would result in Blue Balls syndrome.

Like the Spanish American war. Remember the Maine.

Building the USA Global Empire.

RedBaron616's picture

Not allowed to surrender. Obviously, you are clueless about the Japanese fanaticism in WWII. The Emperor was GOD. But make it up as you go along. Make the Japanese nice little soldiers who were ready to surrender. The Germans and the Japanese were two different enemies in every way. The Japanese didn't ratify the Geneva Convention and treated POWs worst than animals. I will NEVER feel sorry for what Japan went through. Stupid, brain-washed, Emperor-worshipping lemmings.