Wild Footage Of Mugabe's Son Drenched In Diamonds, Right Before Zimbabwe Coup

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Days before the military coup d’état in Zimbabwe, one of Mugabe’s sons uploaded a snapchat displaying his £45,000 diamond watch with £200 champagne, according to Daily Mail. The story went viral fueling anger of Zimbabweans as the country suffers from an economic collapse with a 95% unemployment rate.

The video shows Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe in a South African nightclub pouring bottles of expensive champagne onto his diamond watch. Both of Mugabe’s parasitical elite sons are living the highlife in South Africa - totally removed from the hellacious economic environment in Zimbabwe.

This all occurred days before the military coup d’état and highlights how disconnected the Mugabe family is from reality.

Perhaps, a ‘Maria Antoinette Moment’ has developed, as the power of the citizens through the military have finally had enough.

One of Mugabe’s sons bragged in another snapchat video ‘daddy run the whole country’, as we might add - not anymore...

According to the Daily Mail, Grace Mugabe and her sons live the expensive life flaunting wealth like it’s no tomorrow.

The ‘First Lady of Shopping’, currently under house arrest with her husband at their 25-bedroom Blue Roof mansion military coup, has lavished millions on bling, including £200,000 on a diamond-studded headboard.


She is widely loathed in Zimbabwe, where seven in ten are stuck in poverty. The population has been incensed by reports of a lavish lifestyle that once saw her spend £120,000 on one shopping spree in Paris. 


In Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, Bulawayo, a speaker at a rally said anger at Grace Mugabe, whose apparent attempts to succeed her husband were a factor in the military’s decision to step in. ‘You and your husband should go today and not tomorrow,’ the speaker said.  

Zimbabwe’s crippled economy was once a major economic driver in Africa–thanks to its abundant agricultural assets, but in more recent times the Mugabe family through corruption has collapsed the economy. 

Last month Transparency International estimated the country lost $1 billion a year to corruption, which it seems the citizens and the military have finally had enough. Even worse, most citizens have had their savings wiped out thanks to hyperinflation. For sometime the lavish lifestyle of the Mugabe family was flaunted, but that has now come to an end.

The one question we ask: Did China influence Zimbabwe’s ouster of Mugabe? After all, China, the world’s second biggest economy, now accounts for nearly half of all foreign direct investments in Zimbabwe.

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Lamp Posts are in their futures contract! Short term futures!!

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So why hasn't his entire family been "shot while trying to escape" yet?

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Dictators families are to fat and lazy to run. Where are they going to escape too???? 

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Worth a copypasta here... BorraChoom Nov 19, 2017 5:47 AM

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In addition to this, the standard divide for "mental retardation" in America was an IQ of 85 up until the 1970s. It was lowered to 70 because a high number of Blacks in the judicial system were proving to be "mentally retarded" with the old standard and thus justice had to be doled out differently. With a lower standard Blacks could simply be thrown into regular prisons rather than developmental institutions. 

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Zimbabwe's Mugabe's = USA's Obozo's.

Maybe not gold & diamonds...

But every bit as selfish poaching on the country.

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It shows this is the wrong society for them.  They should be with others of similar or closer IQ, so they can compete and be judged fairly.


Africa comes to mind as an appropriate destination.

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Well, then they’d all sell each other into slavery. I recommend southern California. They can at least all become rappers there.

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You realize all that shit has been debunked right?

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Thanks to the wonders of Post-modernism, we are aware that everything everywhere has been "debunked" by Jews arguing that water isn't actually wet and that Africa is actually filled with high-functioning supergeniuses kept back by colonialism.

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Thank goodness for affirmative action! /sarc

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I knew they were lying to me about water.

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Links? Or you are either a moron..or a liar (or both).

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The debunking was done by Stephen Jay Gould, a tribe memeber, in his book the mismeasure of man. Just more Cultural Marxism???

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Please submit the research papers, studies, and tests that refute the information.

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So easy to say, impossible to prove.

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I saw that and disagree. There were no Neanderthals (made up by the evolution comunity, ya we all had tails and came out of a pond to?) There is and has never been any proof for change of species or kind. The Blacks did come out of Africa. IQ issues are a factor, with variances.

To much to go into on ZH, much less ZH late night addition.

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Regardless of reasons and history we cannot observe directly (I thought we had skeletons of neanderthals and others though) the IQ test results are consistent, stable, and unexplainable by anything but a basic difference in ability.

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Well duh.  Just check out BET sometime.   No mention of anything remotely scientific or intelligent.   Left to their own devices,  they will devolve back to mud huts.  

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They already have. As the article mentions, Zimbabwe used to be a food exporter. Now they are starving. They say this is just because the corrupt Mugabe is in charge, but really its because the country is now run by blacks rather than the white colonialists. Does not matter who they put in charge, the result will be the same.

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Precisely.  And yet the leftists will argue all day about equality.   Closing their eyes while opening their mouths.   

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Did you leave out the East Asian deets because they hurt your feelings?

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It is copypasta. I did not write it. Pretty sure there are some deets in there about East Asians.

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There is no argument which isn't enhanced with PHRENOLOGY.

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Walking on the Moon is what got me. Oh the irony. Too bad Superman can not appreciate the irony. And why stop with walking? Hell we popped wheelies in dune buggies on the Moon.

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This is one reason why some of these "Ivy League" colleges are going down the tubes. In addition to their far left wing ideologies, they are accepting 20% blacks for "social justice" reasons; nothing to do with merit or qualificiations.

The Whore-vord alumni 10 years from now will look quite different then now.

There's no doubt in my mind that undergrad schools like U Chicago that reject concepts such as "safe spaces" and "triggering" are a better place to be then Whore-vard or Yale.

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Just remember what a bell-shaped curve looks like - it has very long tails. Therefore, if you feel smug and superior because you are white remember that there are probably a million blacks who are smarter than you are. That's an accurate statistic.

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Jokes on you, whitey, I'm hapa master race.

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According to the fellow with all the statistics above, fewer than 1000 blacks have as high an IQ as me.

I have been to MENSA gatherings, and I would like to say (and this is without even a trace of false modesty):

I'm really not that smart.

I was once married to a woman with an IQ of 168. Her talking to me was like me talking to a squirrel.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Methinks you underestimate yourself. Did any of what she said make sense or was it merely gibberish meant to impress?

MisterMousePotato's picture

Picture this: I once sat with her and a counselor (whose IQ was even higher than hers) at his request. He engaged her in conversation for several minutes, then turned to me with a satisfied look on his face and said, "See?"

I had not followed even a single word of their conversation. They may as well have been speaking Klingon.

When I told him that I had no understanding whatsoever of what he (they) were talking about, he looked puzzled, turned to her, and they did it again.

This time, he didn't press the point, but I will tell you that appearance is my only similarity to such as they.

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The bell curve for blacks does not have long tails, just the opposite.


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"The bell curve for blacks does not have long tails, just the opposite"


Blacks have long tails, not the bell curve?

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I read somewhere that the Japanese are the second cleverest people in the world. Careful pruning of the herd by the Samurai for 17 generations will do that.(Yes Gladys, I am aware of the Bell Curve).

And the cleverest people in the world? ( Drum roll, please.)

Ta. Da. (Sit down Gladys, its not you.) Its the Inuit, of cause.

An illustration. A lady was dropped off by helicopter at the North Pole to fulfill her dream of walking back. She had misplaced her gloves. She had to find them muy pronto or lose her hands.

You are allowed one mistake in the Arctic.

But all that aside, stupid Ape, there is no limit to the IQ of Sophia. You see, her brain of not encased in a skull. She relegates the hard problems to Skynet. Anticipate numbers in excess of 1000.

Don't make those loud barking noises that you use as the "all clear" signal too soon, Ape

She's only one year old


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Do you have a source for confirmation. I have a friend who never believes anything without multiple sources.

jaxville's picture

   Your own cognitive ability should be proof enough.  Perhaps you have given up on that and now let your TV do your thinking for you.

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Brevity, please. I have a short attention span, must be the Neanderthal in me...

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you need to get out of the cave more often, shake it up a bit.

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Not so, hominid. You inherited your short attention span from "the other side" of the family tree.

Our venerable Neanderthal ancestors survived a much more challenging environment for 5 million years.

Perhaps it is time you got acquainted.


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                 10% above 120 IQ
                 18% above 115 IQ
                 27% above 110 IQ
                 40% above 105 IQ
                 50% above 100 IQ
                 60% below 105 IQ 
                 35% below 95 IQ

                 = 240%


                 5% above 110 IQ
                 16% above 100 IQ
                 40% above 90 IQ
                 60% above 80 IQ
                 40% below 80 IQ 
                 18% below 75 IQ
                 10% below 70 IQ

                         = 189%



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The categories overlap...

Dindu Nuffins's picture

He just got a free IQ test. The results weren't good.

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The sociopath elite want mix us to make people more stupid so more easy to control ( to fuck ) . Simple

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It says the boys are in South Africa, they're already out and probably won't be back except for in body bags maybe...

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He's marketing the pride of his countrymans efforts. It's like condeming Ivanka for driving a Tesla Model S for $200k. It is specific to what their country is proud of producing. 

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A place where people know the difference between too and to???

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Generally, in nature, when the Alpha dies or is displaced the children of the Alpha are either killed or shuffled to the lowest rung of the group.  And, frankly, I don't see any problem with that.


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Primitive cultures in the modern age do not mix well.

These savages should be swinging from trees in the jungle.

Mr. Universe's picture

I agree that they do not mix well, for various reasons.

However, let us examine for a minute the last vestiges of no contact tribal culture from the Amazon or even Papua New Guinea. They have lived on their lands as long as anyone can remember and their civilization is crafted around their environment. Is it right, proper or moral to remove, expose to deadly diseases or kill these people because we want to extract mineral wealth or raise cattle? Have we advanced beyond the "we are stronger and have bigger guns so get lost or die " mentality?  How enlightened can we claim to be when we allow the wanton destruction of one of the last pristine places on Earth (the Amazon) while gathering the uneducated poor to be slaves. More slaves exist today than at any other time in history. Nobody takes a knee for them. I'm not so sure it isn't us who should still be swinging from trees.

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I have no reason to say the PNG people should be shut down.  But most of this post is about our society here.