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Because nothing says BTFD like a good government crisis...

The DAX is up almost 3% from the Sunday night post-coalition-fail lows...


But EURUSD is at those lows...

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Its just massive piles of printed fiat jumping on anything that moves. It's like a horde of vultures spotting a fresh corpse.

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The massive piles can't jump by themselves.  Who owns all the fresh money?

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(((Who))) owns all the fresh money!

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Joo owns all the fresh money?

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And people wonder why cryptocurrencies continue to surge.

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Buy equities get paid out in Deutch Marks

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You vill buy zee stocks

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Vee have vays of making you buy

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dey are killing da girl tonight old man

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I cant sign zee paper!............. AND WHY NOT ................... because you broke both my hands

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The answer to every government crisis is to print what they don't have.  German stocks went up during the Weimar inflation as well.  Now we are seeing it globally in an orchestrated race to the bottom. No wonder these central banks are so cozy with one another.  Floating exchange rates and gold manipulation make them look like they are the smartest people in the world, but inflation always finds a way to show itself and reveal the con.

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Anything valued in dollars is of course going to go up in dollar terms as the dollar becomes worth less.

It takes more dollars to buy the same value.

Equities and toilet paper.

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Never underestimate the power of central banks to drive markets up for longer than you'll be on this Earth.  They conjure up the money from thin air and will never stop.

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People are getting out of fiat currencies and in to 'assets' that are inflation resistant.

This is the beginning of HYPERINFLATION

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Crack up boom.  Theory that has never been observed. The default will hit before a crack up boom. I bet the boom is a war not a expansion of economic activity

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This is a collapse. Collapses are deflationary in nature.

Revolutions are inflationary.

Cycle's picture

Equities are more anchored to reality than Euros at this point.

dark fiber's picture

Buy the total disconnect from reality whenever and wherever you have the chance.  Act surprised when it finally hits.

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Paper currency crisis coming.

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Buy equities and get paid out in Deutch Marks

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Never let a crisis go to waste.

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Crisis, war, natural disaster - it is always party time! Just imagine if the day of judgement arrived, the markets would be in ecstasy.

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and this is exactly how far shit has distanced itself from the fundamentals.. past totally retarded to fvkin places unknown

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When (((you))) can just print fiat out of thin air and "buy" world stocks - which is what every (((fiat-center))) is jooing - then it's nothing more than an absolute and total f'n farce.

"Hanzen ze zum of zat papieren, bitte."  "NEIN!"

Death to the (((money-changers)))

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No matter what part of history you read, when the state\Empire start to debase their currency...... the collapse is never far behind.

Money demands the most moral of behaviour otherwise confidence is lost.

Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value: zero

The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.


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The Swiss Central Bank.... Printing then selling CHF every day to buy the EUR and other currencies to keep CHF/EUR parity.... then using the resulting foreign exchange surplus to buy equities .... they already own 10% of Apple stock .... think they are not buying the DAX ?