Charlie Rose Terminated By CBS News, Effective Immediately

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CBS has terminated Charlie Rose, effective immediately, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct.

In a memo, CBS said that "Despite Charlie's important journalist contribution to our news division, there is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace—a supportive environment where people feel they can do their best work. We need to be such a place."

On Monday night, the Washington Post reported that eight woman accused Rose of sexual misconduct.

The CBS “This Morning” co-host had been accused of making unwanted sexual advances that ranged from walking around naked in front of women who worked for him, making lewd suggestions during phone calls, and groping their breasts, butt or genital areas.

Overnight Charlie Rose released a statement in which he apologized "deeply" and said he had learned a great deal as a result of these events, although he countered that he did not believe "all of the accusations were accurate."

Some were surprised by Charlie Rose's sudden and dramatic fall from grace; some were not...

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Fester's picture

Roast that PIG!

Latina Lover's picture

The Bloom is off the ROSE,  ROTFLMAO


Life of Illusion's picture



Like CBS never knew WTF was going on for all these years.

Brave truth spoken women came forward and CBS had to respond!





City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Exactly, these jerks are acting shocked when these acts are revealed, meanwhile I am quite sure it was common knowledge around the office.  Liberals are just such assholes.

Future Jim's picture

Look everyone, all these Hillary supporters have really high standards for public figures ...

JimmyJones's picture

The Rumor was that the next shoe to drop was going to be Sexual misconduct in the MSM it self.  Looks like the shoe is dropping.  Its also become common knowledge that minions of TPTB are all into really weird deviant stuff.

Future Jim's picture

In fact, hillary supporters have such high standards that they are willing to sacrifice any friends and family who don't share their high standards--a phenomenon I call Roy Derangement Syndrome.

CheapBastard's picture

"I apologize for being "insensitive.""

Charlie was just "excessively careless." He had no intent.


Ha ha ha.


Looks like all the Marxist and criminal alibis are crumbling.

BTW, where is crooked Comey hanging these days?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Women need to understand, dry humping is simply not a professional behavior.

J S Bach's picture

Nice way to leave your prestiged career, Chuck!

These commie-libs crack me up.  They claim to be the defenders of women, minorities, etc... yet, ALL of the recent outings of sexual deviency have been comprised of THEM and ONLY them.  Hypocrisy is perhaps the most loathesome of human vices.

Chupacabra-322's picture

I’m shocked.

He is a Bilderberg attendee & Globalist Minion.

Watching these Pure Evil Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths eat one another is quite satisfyin.

bluez's picture

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only male creature that is not a total animal.

If I didn't know my own self, I would suspect that all men are just animals. I suppose most women must think that.

These idiots are giving men a bad name.

Actually, there seems to be a very strong correlation between having a powerful social position and being a compulsive groper. Seriously.

J S Bach's picture

You're not alone, Bluez.  Although I am far from perfect, the thought of cheating on my wife would never even cross my mind.

Most men who aspire to positions of power have immense flaws in character, morals and are just plain psychopathic.  This is why ALL who seek such grandiose dominance over others are to be watched with great suspicion.

NiggaPleeze's picture


Actually that's not true.  While I'm not keeping a tally, recently a (male) republican "family valus" Oklahoma senator, Ralph Shortey, pled guilty (in return for dropping some child pornography charges) to soliciting prostitution from a "boy" and faces a potential life jail sentence. 

J S Bach's picture

Sorry, Niggapleez. I hadn’t heard about that one. Okay, then it’s 99% commie-libs. (All politicians in this corrupt democrazy are crooks to me - whether they’re Tweedle Dum Dems or Tweedle Dee RINOs.)

Cardinal Fang's picture

Actually, what Bach said is true.

Human history is replete with tales of psychopaths seeking power over other people.

That's what made the US potentially different. The founding fathers took that into account when they devised their system.

What they didn't account for was the psychopaths in the relative positions in the checks and balances to work out 'arrangements' with the other psychopaths in order to undermine and game the system.

So, no, humans have not devised a foolproof system of checks and balances within governance.

This makes the social contract null and void, therefore we live in a state of nature and survival of the fittest and the smartest is extant.

I think your reading comprehension deficit is apparent and indicates your survival instincts are found wanting.

CJL_n_SF's picture

That's because women are coming forward.  The right wing fascist types like young boys.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Mr. Bach,well said. Kudos. I love it.

We live in amazing times. Apocalypse.

I have to be honest,if somebody told me 7-8 years ago that this would happen,I would have said,no way.

Future Jim's picture

As usual, we cannot believe their motive is to help victims because the stated crimes are so much less worse than what is really happening in elite circles.

Also, we cannot believe their motive is to help victims because they are completely ignoring how so many no longer believe the accusers when the media is on their side because the courts and the media are SO biased, SO dishonest, and thus so often wrong.

bloostar's picture

At this rate we’ll have no more guys on tv and just some talking iCandy doing the news on ‘feelings’ and ‘cute n cuddly’ yet strangely irrelevant news snippets.. oh.. wait!

sagramore's picture

This is not new AT ALL. Media people are almost always narcissists and cokeheads.

The question is, why now? Pizza delivery coming?

JimmyJones's picture

That guy was a monster, good riddance 

Future Jim's picture

Thanks for the link. I'll bet there's a lot more to THAT story. That guy sounds like enough of a true believer and enough of an insider, that by 46, he must have had some idea that he was working for the bad guys and that both parties work for the same bad people. That would make him genuinely disturbed--not enough to kill himself, but enough to concern his handlers greatly. He was a fighter, he had money, and he had inside information, so they could not let him turn at all costs. He must have had some idea this was coming

f.thomas's picture

An article that I read yesterday on Zerohedge when the story broke quoted

a producer of one of his shows saying 'that's just Charlie being Charlie'

Yeah, they knew.  And the producer was another woman.  Sisters..  yeah

SDShack's picture

Now everyone knows who the real generals, commanders and soldiers were/are in the "War on Women!". This has revealed that libtards are nothing but hypocrites orchestrating a giant psyop to keep their greatest crimes buried. The last gasp will be when PizzaGate comes back from the dead like some unstopple zombie to devour the libtard hypocrites. The ultimate Schadenfreude!

SafelyGraze's picture

"CBS has terminated Charlie Rose, effective immediately, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct"


he deserves to be defended from these accusations. even if they are true.

missus william jefferson stand by your man clinton

NoDecaf's picture

May as well double down and start his own independent show "Charlie's Hoes"

He can team up with Weinstein as soon as he makes parole.

JonNadler's picture

what's the Bilderberg group going to do now?

TheDude1224's picture

Kevin Spacey: I did it, but it's okay because I'm gay.

Charlie Rose: I did it, but there might be some hyperbole.

Can we get people to turn off the television yet? 

JimmyJones's picture

People are tuning it off and the easy way to tell who still is on it is to look at the advertising on it.  It is all geared towards older people and women.  This sexual harassment stuff may, just may smack the women in their heads enough to wake them up and say "hey, Entertainment news is a waste of my time", we can pray.  Also Just say no to Soy, it messes with your hormones.

nmewn's picture


Charlie Rose could lose his seaside home in Bellport! He might have to (GASP!)...move into a condo!  ;-)

Offthebeach's picture

Charlie off the air?  How am I now to instantly fall asleep?

null's picture

Hello, actual but unaware, zio-lackey, sigh.

Juggernaut x2's picture

That's so clever. I do as little as possible to support those psychopaths. 

sgt_doom's picture


Or, no s**t Sherlock!

One hears some low-level fakey newsy types bemoaning the loss of Charlie Rose's "professionalism"  --- OH MY GOD!!!!!

Long ago I checked out submediocrity Charlie Rose (but he's won all those "awards") and found that he was a long-time member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission (his name only being removed from their membership list when he went big-time on CBS).

Rose, always the farce along with Brian Williams, Dan Rother, Cokie Roberts and all the rest.

Ghost of Porky's picture

Hey, who hasn't whipped out his schlong at the office Christmas party once or twice?

Idaho potato head's picture

Pretty sure he got enough saved to make it through to the end.

whosyerdaddy's picture

I never "whipped my schlong" at a Christmas party. I've seen more than one career derailed at these senseless seasonal blow-offs. I dreaded them, make nice Peace on Earth Good Will To Men with the exact people who had been stabbing you in the back all year. I worked in a corporate snakepit and it was repulsive to see all the snakes slithering in the barrel. I was known as an "honest" man, I would never have made it today. It is a form of corporate Bolzhevism.

hannah's picture

funny how some of the women execs would come in to work the next day with obvious rug burns on their knees........i couldnt believe they would wear short dresses almost like a badge of honor they got backened in the supply closet.

whosyerdaddy's picture

I have seen similar behavior. It's not so much badge of honor as it's I'm in the clique, I belong, I'm a member of the team tribe club. People need a sense of belonging. I had a love/hate relationship with my employer. If familiarity breeds contempt then I had four decades and a bellyfull and yet I was one of the old guard that strongly identified with the "work".

whosyerdaddy's picture

Thank you. I am of a different age. I value literacy almost to the point of snobbery. "I'm a 20th century man but I don't want to die here". Ray Davies The Kinks Muswell Hillbillies

yaright's picture

Thats why I work for a privite the Corp world I make it mmm 10 or so years then a saw the "shit" I was working  with and in and I jumped, best thing I ever did

Quantum Bunk's picture

Another hire for RT America

Quantum Bunk's picture

But im not sure what to believe ? did this retard really walk around naked one time ? are these guys this fuct up and stupid ?

Sofa King's picture

Shit, I once set-up a girl with a rather well-off aquaintence and after their date they went back to his place.  He excused himself to use the bathroom and she sat down to admire his beautiful piano...then smack, he ploped his shlong on her shoulder from behind. She turned around and the dude was balls-ass naked...true story. 

Turns out the motherfucker was notorious for just stripping naked after a date and doing all sorts of wierd shit.

He never thought he was doing anything wrong.

The world is a fucked up place.