Gold, Bonds, & Yen Surge As US Equity Markets Open

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US equity futures were deleriously bid from the moment Europe opened overnight...


But as US equity cash markets opened, 'risk off' flows suddenly hit sending Yen, bonds, and gold kneejerking higher...

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buy all the things!

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"Gold kneejerking higher"?

Is that a typo? Someone get Janet on the line and tell him to get back on the button!

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I don't watch the markets anymore, just Disney cartoons or Thai hookers...all come with happy ending.

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Do you ever think someone is getting very rich off all these up & downs in PM's? 

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Yeah the AUD to USD gold price. 

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>Do you ever think someone is getting very rich off all these up & downs in PM's? 
More the ones in HFT Dark Pools. ;)

I stick to what you can put your hands on these days...for eg:

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bonds as a "risk-off" investment is a joke.   in the future, all loans and bonds will be catagorized as  assets at risk.

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Gold.... tumble, surge, tumble, surge..... I can't keep up. Then I realise it's all usually less than 1%...........
And by the time I think I've caught up the surge is a tumble......

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So the catalist for this is what again? the exact opposite of yesterdays unknown catalist?

Especially concerning the gold market...

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Shhhh- must not disturb the sheep as  they rest up for The Spending Orgy

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Good  thing I know all bonds will collapse and be worth nothing along with any fiat currency besides gold backed Yuan. Everything points back to gold. How could that be?Like how financial planners always want to lose 90% of their people's portfolios because they only reconned 10% gold allocation if that. Comical. 

Sadly understandable since they don't make commissions recommending gold. Financial planners had their place in the good ol days but today they are worthless.

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Gold is looking pretty good here. Good but volatile. Looks like a fine time to run a GDX straddle. Dec 15th $23.00 calls, $22.50 puts. It looks like it is going to break hard one way or another.

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A 0.0001% rise or fall in anything is big news on ZH...!

Tyler will be running out of adjectives to describe falls and rises in the stock exchange!

Next ZH headline....Gold swampolines 0.001% OOOH!

Bitcoin gushes 0.0000000001% Whoah!

Hey TD go fuck yourself with your phony headlines...!!



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Everybody calm down, Mnuchin was twitching at the control panel and accidentally bought Yen this morning. False alarm, resume buying the S and PISS


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Quick question for those knowledgeable.  If gold is stolen from a depository are you reimbursed from its value at time of loss or at time of payment?  The answer suggests if you are getting gold back or money back.