Trump And Putin Speak "For More Than An Hour" By Phone; Discuss Syria, North Korea, Ukraine

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As previewed this morning, when we discussed the surprise meeting between Syria's al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in which the Syrian president said “Today, on behalf of the Syrian people, I extend my gratitude to you for what you did, we will never forget it", the Russian president was set to hold a phone call with Donald Trump ahead of further meetings in Sochi on Wednesday with the leaders of Iran and Turkey. Moments ago both the Kremlin and White House released read outs of the talking points on the call that took place around noon.

According to ABC, president Donald Trump spoke for more than an hour Tuesday by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Syria, Iran, North Korea and Ukraine were on the agenda, the White House said.

The Kremlin echoed the White House, and said that the two leaders discussed "a number of topics", including the Syrian crisis, the North Korean nuclear problem and the situation in Afghanistan as well as the Ukrainian crisis. Putin briefed Trump in the phone call about his talks with the Syrian leader and plans for a political settlement in Syria.

Putin stressed that there were no alternatives for full implementation of the Minsk agreements on peaceful settlement of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. .

"Considering the crisis situation in southeastern Ukraine, the Russian president pointed out the absence of a real alternative for the unconditional implementation of the Minsk accords signed on February 12, 2015," the statement said.

The Kremlin also said Putin also called for coordination of anti-terror efforts with the U.S. Afghanistan was also discussed, the Kremlin said.

Oh, and as CNN was quick to point out, there was no mention of Russian meddling in the 2016 election as per the WH print out.

Trump and Putin spoke informally several times last week when they attended a summit in Vietnam, where they agreed on a number of principles for the future of war-torn Syria. The following close exchange also took place:

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Don't fear the reaper...

Joe Davola's picture

Alleged transcript of call to be leaked in 3, 2, ...

gmrpeabody's picture

Wonder how long before WaPo or NYT (failing) print the transcripts...

YUNOSELL's picture

Apparently there were a lot of people coughing in the background on Putin's end, and Trump asked "What's with all these Russian hackers I hear?"

JimmyJones's picture

My guess is the shoe is dropping on the MSM sexual misconducts now and the spin doctors may have thier hands full. 

rccalhoun's picture

more outright collusion by trump with the russians. 

Four chan's picture

they laughed at hillary  and the democrats for half that tme.

CIABS's picture

I notice that Ryan Nobles did not use the word "the" before "Russian meddling".  He missed a chance to assert that Russian meddling in the 2016 actually happened.

Bush Baby's picture

They spoke about golf and their grandchildren

343 Guilty Spark's picture

That is most likely how the fake news MSM will try to spin it.

Consuelo's picture



Little Miss can't be wrong...?

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Exactly...But still no surveillance footage of the Vegas shooting....go figure!

JimmyJones's picture

Psst.... Thats because that ultra Wealthy Saudi prince who is under arrest now was behind it.

dark pools of soros's picture

did they laugh about our black politicians?

BlindMonkey's picture

If they want to laugh at our black politicians, they need to get in line and  wait their turn.  That line is long. 

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They were talking about Charlie Rose and Al Franken.  I'm sure of it.  

veritas semper vinces's picture

No.I think Mr. Putin was trying to explain that Lebanon is not Libya. Especially after the US lost in Syria,Iraq

CheapBastard's picture

CNN [allegedly] reports their 'anonymous leaker' heard the entire phone call where Trump thabnked Putin for getting him the election.

National Propaganda Station [allegedly] agreed with CNN thereby confirming it's 100% sure to be FAKE.

However, I'm waiting for either George Klooney or Meryl Streep to positively say it's true.

E.F. Mutton's picture

"Why is James Brown wearing Women's clothes and yelling for impeachment? I thought he was dead?" - Putin


Rick Cerone's picture

I wonder if they discussed radioactive clouds.

olibur's picture

Fukusima Daiichi perhaps?

Rolln's picture

Yeah I bet Putin did keep Cheeto on the phone for an hour. Trump probably blabbed all kind of shit. What a sucker...

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This is partly how the communists attempt to control the dialog on a national scale.

They do it here, too, and Reddit & Twitter & on & on.....

"FCC to Free Internet from Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules

>>> Soros’ pro-censorship coalition floods FCC with “bot-generated” campaign to keep Obama “Net Neutrality” rules"

Dontblamethegoat's picture

I take it you don't mean Russian when you say communists, right?

Fairly droll to see most of the MSM, Dems, RINOs, our CI and our deepstate apparatus acting more like Communists now that the Russians, but it seems to be like that now.


mc888's picture

Hard to believe I'm upvoting you but nice catch. That "Net Neutrality" Obamunist diktat was always a wolf in sheep's clothing. Good riddance.

@echo chamber yes he's a troll, just read the damn article

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You must have taken some bad drugs!

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Hey dimwit....Go back to huff-poo.

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Huff Poo has lost all its advertizers and is begging for money now...





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Watch: This is the Most Ignorant and Deluded Man to Grace Our Screens

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Go ahead you sons of bitches, release the transcript so you can be hunted down by the mole chasers.

Sleazy treacherous snakes.

0hedgehog's picture

It's about effing time!

replaceme's picture


I hope that doesn't require a sarc tag w/ this crowd - I honestly hope they were making fun of Al Franken and his weak-ass creeping ways.

groundedkiwi's picture

Meanwhile Yemen starves.

GunnyG's picture

Meanwhile I don't give a fuck about Yemen. As a matter of fact, I couldn't give a flying fuck about the rest of the world. In fact, fuck the world, they can suck hind tit.

Deathrips's picture

When my government takes money from me to kill strangers in a foreign land in some kind of saturn moloch worship, instead of good education, community benefit and securing the border...i care. Kids dont even have pencils and if they did they wouldnt know what to do with them....does that have any meaning to you?

The only reason you wouldnt cause youre an idiot.



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Did they not talk about Vichy DC being a cesspool of sociopaths and general scourge to Mankind?

Did they talk of Vichy DC getting the F out of Syria or al-CIAdu'h air-lifting DAESH Commanders from same?

Did they talk of Israel & Saudi's warmongering against Iran?

If not, then Putin should not bother taking that call, siting, they do not negotiate with Terrorists.

Magnum's picture

The Israelis didn’t get their way...

Remember the fake gas attack videos ? I think that schmuck comedian Will Mahrer on tv was pushing war over that. Is he next on the groper list ?

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This is Higgins. He says stay tuned.

BlindMonkey's picture

It would be a shocker. He comes across as a gamma that would be abusive with power. 

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Maybe groping little boys. I'm sure he's been to pizza parties with Hillary and the Podestas. 

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Have the democrats and their fake news douchebags whined about collusion yet? Nutsy Pelosi dribble her gruel out of her cock holster whining about this yet?

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 The Turks have gone rogue. Did I forget to mention what an Ass-hole Erdogan is?

nah's picture

Russia's Great grandpa Ukraine should be at least doing as well as Poland.


Going forward

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Where are Yats and the Ukie Gold Reserves??

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Google this: Bezos 24k crapper.