US Calls For 'Genuine Transition' In Zimbabwe As Mugabe Resigns

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Update: During a small roundtable with State Department reporters late Monday, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto urged the Zimbabwe military to implement “real, genuine, economic [and] political reforms" and to ensure elections scheduled to be helpd next year are fair and transparent.

The message came hours before Zimbabwe's parliament speaker announced President Robert Mugabe had resigned Tuesday.

Yamamoto said the international community wants to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe and see the country, once an economic success story, become a pillar of stability on the continent, according to VOA News.

The way for Washington to lift sanctions is for Harare to carry out the due process, to respect human rights, and to give the opposition a genuine opportunity to form a government.

“What we don’t want is a manipulation by the government or by the ruling ZANU-PF party - holding rush elections, not taking into consideration a lot of the reform issues that the opposition wants to implement; also, not giving political space for Zimbabwe people for them to express what they want to see in a new government," Yamamoto said.

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas has been meeting with officials from ZANU-PF party and the opposition party behind the scenes to try and help push the political process forward.

* * *

Zimbabwe’s Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda had barely finished reading the rules and regulations of how impeachment proceedings would proceed against President Robert Mugabe when the 93-year-old leader and former revolutionary surprised his colleagues by officially resigning the presidency – something he had been reluctant to do even after the military placed him under house arrest last week.

Both Reuters and the Associated Press confirmed that Mugabe had resigned, citing an announcement made by Mudenda.



"I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation... with immediate effect," said speaker Mudenda, reading Mugabe's letter.

"My decision to resign was voluntary on my part."

Zimbabwe's Parliament has erupted in cheers as the speaker announces the resignation of President Robert Mugabe. The speaker stopped impeachment proceedings to say they had received a letter from Mugabe with the resignation "with immediate effect." It is an extraordinary end for the world's oldest head of state after 37 years in power.

Mugabe’s resignation came days after the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party fired him as its leader and ordered him to step down. In his place, Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, who Mugabe dismissed as vice president earlier this month, will take over as interim leader and the leader of ZANU-PF, the country's ruling party. Mnangawa will also be ZANU's candidate in presidential elections next year, the party said.

Mugabe came to power in 1980 after Zimbabwe gained its independence from the UK. He was ousted earlier this month after he fired Mnangagwa and appointed his much-younger wife, Grace, 52, in his stead. Mugabe, it was widely believed, was positioning Grace to succeed him as ruler of Zimbabwe.

Once an shining example of economic progress, Zimbabwe's economy began crumbling in the early 2000s as Mugabe seized land from white farmers and turned it over to friends of his government. The country's currency experienced a hyperinflationary spiral that rendered the savings of millions of Zimbabweans worthless. The recent unrest has sent many Zimbabweans scrambling to buy bitcoin, which recently traded at $13,000 on Golix, the country's primary bitcoin exchange. That's a more than 50% premium over its global price. Bitcoin's global price of around $8,000.

Mugabe baffled many of his countrymen on Monday when he refused to resign during a widely watched public address, insisting instead that he would lead the next Congress. In response, both opposition and Zanu-PF lawmakers said they would immediately begin impeachment proceedings.

The president furnished his resignation after only three cabinet ministers showed up for a cabinet meeting he called for Tuesday.


The BBC tweeted footage of Mudenda reading Mugabe's resignation letter aloud:

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Will Dear Leader Obama be taking his place?

At last, home again!...

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What happened? Did he grope a female staffer?

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No kidding!  I'll rush out and book my Zimbabwe vacation right away now.  /NOT

That and news that fish are in the sea were at the top of my wish list.



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Kind of like voluntarily taking a shit after drinking a jug of magnesium citrate.

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Paraphrasing our own reverse Midas touch embarassment, at some point you've made enough bodies. 

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I wonder what his son's parties are like now?

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"My decision to resign was voluntary on my part", burped the Congoid, Robert Mugabe, as he paused from a feast of freshly-roasted human thigh.

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Let the whites take over and accept apartheid rule indefinitely, degenerate back into a tribal society in perpetual absolute poverty, or submit to the iron fist of the Chinese.

These are their three choices.

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Dear US Government... 

    The majority of Americans are calling for a just and "Genuine Transition" back to the original founding fathers vision of a true Constitutional Republic..

. with the US Bill of Rights not being usurped what so ever

. with a US Gov Coinage of Money (End The Fed & Debt)

. with a strong US defense that does not include aggressive illegal war crimes

. with term limits on all gov positions and campaign spending limits on pol activity

. with foreign lobbies like AIPAC regestered as a foreign agent & end $3.8B Yearly Gifts to Israel

. with a true oversight over Gov budgets and Intelligence agencies

. and etc.... etc... etc... 



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Nice. Very nice. Well done,Sir! It's not going to happen ,unless after the total collapse ,patriots get the power,which is a long shot.

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So now the USA wants to help Rhodesia? Where were they when the whites were bravely trying to hold back the hordes?

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Right after the wire transfer was confirmed...

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If only wishing made it so.

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Obama has been a little more willing than Hillary and Bill to cede power, stepping down from elected leadership in the system of voluntary ceding of power designed by the Founders. Obama might regard a life of 1-hour speeches @ $3.2 million a pop and yachting trips with the Crony Elite as a more leisurely way to make a living than 24/7 SS scrutiny and harsh MSM critiques. Oh, that’s right...President Obama was exempt from the media carping, even on that shady-cubed uranium deal.

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Political Prisoner given European Protections... perhaps backed by the English somehow?

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More importantly, how many Bitcoins did he buy and take with him after looting the country?

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What's the over/under on the number of days he survives post-resignation?

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He'll be fine.  Job well done. 

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Who cares.

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Joos control the media and they are the ones behind the entire list, so no you won't hear any of it ever.

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The heavily lobbied morph into Zimbabwe’s.

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It is a game just more ruthlessly played in Zim than SA.

I discuss many aspects of this weird coup. I also read Dr Peter Hammond’s letter to me regarding the events in Zimbabwe. I point out black hypocrisy in Africa and the African Union and how the blacks have now created problems of their own where they break their own rules.

Is this coup real or a hoax or a trick? I discussed this with various Rhodesians as well as with blacks from Zimbabwe and I mention a number of facts that the Mass Media are not actually mentioning.

Also, will this result in improvements to Zimbawe? Should we whites care? My own view is that its good to watch our enemies fighting each other. This could lead to many problems for the blacks – whom I have no sympathy with.

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It's about black "commie" factions fighting over who gets to loot Zimbabwe for the next 30 years... same same but more savage each time.

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China is asking itself the same thing

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I know some fine South Africans.

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Africa:  the home of civilization.  

Ancient Greece, birthplace of Honkeyville, was a COLONY of EGYPT.