Core Capital Goods Orders Plunge Most In 13 Months

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After rebounding from its July jolt, Durable Goods New Orders dramaticaly missed expectations in October (dropping 1.2% vs expectations of a 0.3% rise). Perhaps even more concerning is the drop in Core Capital Goods Orders (-0.5% MoM vs expectations of a 0.5% rise) - the biggest drop in 13 months.

The June/July swing (Boeing orders) and storm bounce has gone and October's preliminary print suggests a slowdown...

Aircraft orders tumbled:

  • Nondefense aircraft orders -18.6%

  • Defense aircraft orders -11.3%

Removing the impact of aircraft orders and defense spending, we have a problem in the real economy...


Is this as good as it gets?


But then again - what does the real economy matter anyway?

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Arnold's picture

We dropped the ball, coach.
Take a knee, son.

shankster's picture

Defense aircraft orders off 11.3%?..hmm me thinks a lot of gubmit under the table orders not being reported.

shankster's picture

Dow will go big on this news.

CunnyFunt's picture

Right, should be good for another BTATH.

onthedeschutes's picture

Stats...made to order.

I am Jobe's picture

Not enough wars. Chop Chop. Get those brainwashed Americans to war. More Opiods deaths needed

Rainman's picture

" Why aren't the other hands up " ? ....Gary Cohn

jamesmmu's picture

If this data cant sink the stocks, nothing will.

Amphius1's picture

It is all good news. Nothing can ever sink stocks again.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

All good news during Clinton....

All good news during most of Bush....

(Housing Collapse [brief bad news interlude])

All good news during Obama....

All good news now.....

Trump was elected because the economy is great—GREAT—and we had nowhere to go from up but up.

The slogan should have been Make America Even Greater.

Greatness must equate with a Third World-sized middle class and gig economy-style paychecks, mostly consumed by rent until you lose the job/gig.

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Airbus got a bunch of huge orders at the Dubai Airshow. Boeing, not so much.

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There isn't only one 'reality', or haven't you been paying attention?

The Devil's Real.

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It's priced in!


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LOL.  Fundamentals. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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All Gobermint numbers are noise. Look back 3 years and everything looks flat. Just like corporate earnings. Besides we don't produced anything DURABLE in this country anymore.

Endgame Napoleon's picture


And we probably need more [real] innovation, along with more production of durable goods and high-tech goods.

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The Median household (us census data) is taxed at 62% on their $56K income.


Not only does the household not have money for a new dish washer, they don't have money to eat and run up their credit cards to survive.

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

It's going to be a slow and disappointing Christmas season.

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USA needs moar war to keep its economy going, sad!

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Policing the globe does not generate widespread wealth. Industrial investment to mobilize for WWII did, but it would not have if the Rosie Riveters had stayed in the workforce, driving wages down by their willingness to accept low pay due to unearned income. They helped during the war mobilization and then went home in most cases, raising their own children.