Gold Jumps, Dollar Dumps After Dovish Fed Minutes

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The dollar index had been falling in early trading - extending its freefall from the Nov 1st Fed statement - but legged down on the dovish minutes to the lowest in 5 weeks. Gold is extending its gains, above key technical levels and while the curve is steady, long-end bond yields are sliding modestly.


Today is the worst day for the dollar index since Sept 7th...


And Gold has erased its plunge from Monday...


Early weakness in bonds has been entirely reversed...


For now the machines have not figured out how to kick stocks higher...

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Pandelis's picture

and ... Bitcoin reaction ???

FreeShitter's picture

Its says fuck you to all the naysayers

Raffie's picture

The last gold pump before the holiday tomorrow. 

Manic Monday paper gold dump comming.

dead hobo's picture

Glad she's gone. Anyone but Trump would mean negative rates were on the way shortly. Savers will soon be able to generate income. The Age of Radical Financial Halfwits is over.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

It is hard to save on low-wage, part-time, churn jobs or 1099 gigs with twice-as-high SS tax, particularly when rent takes more than half of your earned-only income, but it would be nice if, on the rare occasions that anyone outside the top 20% has a little money to save they could make a little on it.

10mm's picture

Bump stocks overrated.  Other two,spot on.

Herdee's picture

On Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai the physical delivery gold buyers were out in force on the last pull back. It's resulting in foolish behaviour by the crooks in Chicago, London and New York that think that they can keep gold prices down just with slamming gold with unlimited naked short futures contracts. It doesn't work that way anymore because the far east sees the cheap price as a deal and an arbitrage against the demented mindset of Washington that uses propaganda as its' only tool left now besides bombing. You can talk to commodities traders, physical demand and storage is very important, not the cheap manipulation by Banks. Once gold is gone to China, it's not coming back.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Somewhere there is a plan to go Liberate that shit.  you know for the children and such.

wmbz's picture

Not to worry, once Au. gets around $1300.00

Bam! Right square between the eyes with hammer.

HominyTwin's picture

No shit. They might let it go a little higher just to screw with some traders. We are in a cage, and they are poking us with a stick, and giggling with delight.

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

Au should have been at 10K an once had TPTB not intervened in supressing its true value.....

I mean, spike a mere few fucking bucks while BTC is heading to 9K......

shit is sooo fucked up....

Raffie's picture

WACK-A-GOLD game...played hourly.

JibjeResearch's picture

BTC will hit 10K.

I missed that boat..

But Tezos is my shit ahahah...


Pandelis's picture

well they say it will go to 500.000 or 1 million given the limited number of numbers so you still got some time.

or if you wish can take the next train ... like litecoin or shitcoin etc.... i think there are few thousands of these codes.

JibjeResearch's picture

BTC is not limited in practical usage.  I have posted some messages on that.  I will never get BTC.  BTC is good, but there are flaws.

dark fiber's picture

So in the light of the recent gold smackdowns, who had early warning of the Fed's intentions?

oddjob's picture

Any idiot that can do basic math.

dark fiber's picture

We ned an idiot with a few billion to burn trying to run the stops.

In.Sip.ient's picture

You read this and a few other articles and then you

ask yourself;  With polticians ( and their flunkys ) doing

more stupid things, BtC must be getting ready to

jump... right???


And I check and 1BtC = US$8,294   ...


Even I find it hard to believe, but clearly the

idiots running ( or ruining... take your pick )

governments around the world are clearly

dissing their own stock in trade here.

If this keeps up, blockchain ( such as BtC )

will be the ONLY "currency" out there in about

5 years...  !!!


alexcojones's picture

When Gold "jumps" over $1300 and skips happily & quickly to $1400, then these columns matter. Not papper gold either.

MAGGA - Make Authentic Gold Great Again

FreeShitter's picture

We have definitely have life north of 1400.

pc_babe's picture

AU monkey hammer in 3, ... 2, .... 1, ....

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Join the Global Class action fightback against gold/silver manipulation!

Investors from 18 countries around the world have signed up so far...will you?

Together we can end this.