Lebanon's "Odysseus" Hariri Returns To Beirut, Puts Resignation On Hold: What Comes Next?

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Saad Hariri finally returned to Beirut late on Tuesday amid tight security after what was essentially a two week house arrest in Riyadh which began on November 4 after his resignation announcement in Saudi Arabia. Lebanese television aired live footage of the former prime ministers plane landing, though he left without addressing the expectant throng of journalists gathered at the airport.

His shocking resignation, which President Michel Aoun has refused to formally accept, came amidst Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's (MBS) aggressive crackdown within the royal family and against high officials, which resulted in the deaths of at least two princes, and the arrests of at least a dozen others. And, in the latest Wednesday morning development in this ongoing saga, Hariri said he has changed his mind and has puts his resignation on hold at the request of the country’s president.

In televised comments quoted by Reuters, Hariri said that he “presented my resignation to President Aoun today and he urged me to wait” for more dialogue. “I showed responsiveness to this hope.” Hariri also denied reports that Riyadh forced him to step down. He says the claims that Saudi Arabia was keeping him against his will are merely “rumors.”

Meanwhile, as reported previously, in the midst of MBS' purge, new revelations emerged and were confirmed of an official Saudi-Israeli intelligence sharing relationship targeting Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon late on Tuesday. Image Source: Reuters.

Though Hariri tried to calm Lebanese fears during an awkward and likely coerced televised interview from Riyadh, saying, "Resignation could be withdrawn if Lebanon sticks to its policy of disassociation [from Hezbollah/Iran/Syria]. I was at my home [in Saudi] and not The Ritz [in reference to the detained Saudi princes]" - he didn't immediately return to Lebanon, instead traveling to France last Saturday to meet with President Macron.

Some analysts dubbed Hariri's strange travels an Odysseus style exile and wandering as he left France for Egypt to meet with Sisi, after which he arrived in Cyprus to meet with that nation's president, before finally returning to Lebanon. And according to reports Hariri is now at his home in Beirut as Lebanon is set for independence day celebrations on Wednesday. 

Yet since Hariri's over two week long odyssey, regional powers have threatened war resulting in both the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah being placed on "high alert" with Syria also promising to present a united front with Hezbollah should Israel escalate. 

And what come's next for Lebanon and the region? Below is a dispatch authored and submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media, who is currently on the ground in the region and spoke to a high level source and decision maker privy to diplomatic discussions regarding the current crisis. 

Hariri landed in Beirut amidst tight security and did not address the media. Image Source: Reuters.

“It is not a question of war against Hezbollah, Iran or Lebanon, it is a preliminary preparation for an overt Saudi Arabia and Israel relationship.” This is what a decision maker related to the Israeli-Arab-Iran struggle said.

In Yemen, Hezbollah was never present with large numbers: a few dozen advisers were in the country to offer training and shared their long experience gathered during many years of war against Israel and in Syria. Those who formed the Hezbollah special forces were present in Yemen to teach the Zaydi Houthi [Zaydi sect of Shia Islam,, Yemen's rebels] how to defend themselves against the US led coalition and the Saudi continuous aggression...

“Today Yemeni are being exterminated and the world is watching, impotent and numb, allowing Saudi Arabia to destroy the country and kill,” the source said.

However, today there is less need for Hezbollah expertise in Yemen. The resistance has acquireded enough experience and training, fighting in a different environment than Lebanon, Syria or Iraq. There is no need for Hezbollah to stay in Yemen or in Iraq where the “Islamic State” group (ISIS) has been defeated and expelled from every Iraqi city. Today the Iraqis have enough men, advance equipment and huge experience to stand against any danger. Therefore there is no need any more for Iran or Hezbollah or even for the US forces to remain in Mesopotamia.

As for Syria, the source believes that “Hezbollah is in the Levant by the request of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to fight rejectionist Takfiri, and terrorism. With the city of Albu Kamal under Syria Army control, ISIS has lost the last city in Syria though it still exists east of the Euphrates, in al-Badiya (the Syrian Steppe) and in a few pockets on the Syrian southern borders. There are still thousands of al-Qaeda in Idlib and around al-Hajar al-Aswad and the south of Syria. Therefore, it is only by direct request from the Syrian President that Hezbollah can stay or leave the country. No matter how loud the US, the Israelis and the Arabs scream, Hezbollah’s presence in Syria is linked to the Syrian government and to no one else.”

For Lebanon, Prime Minister Saad Hariri has been liberated from his Saudi "golden jail" and is now returned to Beirut. According to the source “there is no Arab war against Iran in the region or an Israeli war against Lebanon. That doesn’t mean Hezbollah can go home and cease any preparation for a possible future war."

The return of Hariri is obviously linked to a Saudi agenda where he will ask Hezbollah to pull out of Syria, Yemen and Iraq and put down its weapons. It should be noted that Hezbollah supported Hariri’s freedom because he was illegally detained by Saudi Arabia and because he is the Prime Minister of Lebanon. Saudi Arabia cannot be allowed to deal with the Lebanon as if it were a Saudi province. And for Hariri it is illusory to believe he is returning to Lebanon as a hero to dictate Saudi policy, that he can implement Saudi Arabia’s wishes, and that he can achieve what the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia failed to obtain.

If indeed he insists on the Saudi agenda, he can return home to Saudi Arabia this time as a defeated former Prime Minister. Saudi Arabia’s vision of the Middle East simply doesn’t apply to the multi-ethnicity and coexistence in Lebanon between all religions and the various political groups and their representations.

It is therefore not a question of Iran or the weapon reserves of Hezbollah or its regional military intervention. The war in Syria was won by the “Axis of the Resistance” and the other side (US, EU, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia) has failed to change the regime, to destroy the multi-ethnic culture in Syria, and to tie the hands of the extremists. It is simply a question of Saudi Arabia preparing a wider, overt relationship with Israel.

Saudi Arabia is acting as if it needs this scenario to cover up its future relationship with Israel. Every day, we see Saudi academics, writers and even officials using the excuse “fighting Iran, the common enemy” to justify the forthcoming relationship with Israel. In point of fact Israeli public opinion is ready to welcome Saudi Arabia, and vice versa.

This new Saudi project is clear and won’t fool the Arab in the street. The Arab countries have promised to establish an official relationship with Israel in exchange for the heads of Hezbollah and Iran on a plate. In return the US and Israel promised to engage positively with the Israeli-Arab conflict.

This is no solution for the Israeli-Arab conflict, and Trump can certainly not fulfil his promises. Israel won’t give up to the Arabs what it is getting for free (the relationship with the Gulf countries). Those running to establish ties with Tel Aviv are coming of their own free will in order to use Israel as a bridge to the US. On the other hand, even the new US-Saudi-Israel alliance will be unable to deliver those heads of Iran and Hezbollah without engulfing the region in a global war. Are these countries ready for such a war where the costs outweigh the benefits?

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The world has been infiltrated with demons in human skin. This much should be obvious.

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All Hezbollah should be killed, down to the last dog flea.

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so many chess pieces being moved at once. if i am confussed, i am sure a simple result will emerge.

moar war to consolidate power. this never ends. just evolves to a moar desparate situation with dewindling oil reserves at the root, hence SA consolidation of wealth. there will be some losers, yup the dead ones...

and maybe the ultimate coup of da dolla royal reserve king...

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Some move chess pieces, others play poker without any strategy.

Hint: look at who's foaming at the mouth and who's not.

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Hey Hasbara cunt. Hows the weather in Israel? From the very piece you posted:

Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, in his 1990 book By Way of Deception, has accused the Mossad of knowing the specific time and location of the bombing, but only gave general information to the Americans of the attack, information which was worthless. According to Ostrovsky, then Mossad head Nahum Admoni decided against giving the specific details to the Americans on the grounds that the Mossad's responsibility was to protect Israel's interests, not Americans. 

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My family likely manufactured and operated the valving on the decontamination chambers.

Yet you quote others hazy experience as part of your own hatred.

Hezbollah has grown in military and political strength, and currently control Lebanon.
They should be exterminated.

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I think I'll take Hitler's advice on who should be extermintated. Not some worthless scumbag from the middle east.

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6 weeks 4 days

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Sounds like you've got your plan in your pocket.

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Perhaps we should not be feeding the troll.

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And born from a Arab whore in 2012.

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Hezbollah has grown in military and political strength, and currently control Lebanon.

Caused directly by Israeli aggression. Duh.

The noble Hezbollah repelled Israels attacks 6 times and has spent 6 years killing terrorists.

We all know the cockroaches running Israel and infesting the US is to blame.

Israelis are paranoid schitzophrenics with delusions of grandeur and psychotic tendencies, who are busy exterminating their semite 'hosts' in direct defiance of the Torah.


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Maybe you could volunteer to crew a Merkava in the next war against Hezbollah.

Didn't work out so well last time.

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When did you first realise you loved terrorists?

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Probably when I read about some of the guys from the neighborhood of my youth, dressed as Indians, put a cargo of Tea into the Harbor.

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Hezbollah are Lebanese citizens...so you're advocating for genocide against Lebanon.

Why don't you instead direct your rage towards Saudi Arabia, which is the real problem at the moment.

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Saad Hariri's family remain in KSA. Is he puppet singing Saudi tune? or with new confidence of coming internal power changes in process in KSA. Watching Egyptian & Jordainian signals, and ordering more popcorn...

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You can consider him as good as dead, as is the case with every traitor to his country and his race, and he knows it.

His face on the pictures already says it loud. And if you pay attention his bodyguards know this as well.

His death in the most gruesome way possible is the end result sought after all: this will provide ample justification to anyone to intervene under the pretext of "maintaining peace" in the region or any other bullshit like this. And of course there's nothing we can do about it, it's already done.

Tick tock mudafokas...

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Why would Lebanon want this foreign agent back?  The country he's loyal to is threatening to attack Lebanon and now their worm is back to eat the Lebanese from the inside out.

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Lebanese have a very specific way of dealing with dificult people.

That's called negotiating, and they're just every bit as virtuosos as noble iranians.

You need not to fear for them, every last one of them knows hariri will have no choice but hara kiri soon.

His best move will be to finally act with honor and integrity.


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Aren't the Lebanese descendent from Phoenicians? Seems to me you would be right. You have to be very good at negociations to travel the world and trade.

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These guys... What is it with their love for the stone age? These morons are indeed playing a dangerous game. While for the average sand muppet everything is Allah (I will never fully understand that shit) they're not completely retarded. And the average follower of that magic muppet in the sky is not very fond off the jew. So good luck with selling that one. This MBS is in way over his head. These sand muppets are very tribal.

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 And the average follower of that magic muppet in the sky is not very fond off the jew


About the only thing that is to their credit. No one with any conscience is very fond of the jews.

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Perhaps Israel are all prisoners, trapped behind a wall, only interacting with outsiders when trolling on social forums or formenting border raids.

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Scar Bro,

it's look like you know a lot about the mossad and hasbara....

i wonder where are you from....

sounds like an israeli to me.....  not tryin to offend you, just sayin 

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Hopefully, when the purge in the US is finished, Israel would need to learn its place and realize that it needs to fight the wars it creates on its own.

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In that case you should refer to the prediction made by the Kissinger gargoyle/world class criminal a while back, and that is slowly becoming reality...

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Kissinger said 5 years ago that in 10 years time Israel would not exist anymore. Where did he get that knowledge? Why would he say that?

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I don't know, insider information maybe?

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Wishful thinking is something Arabs excel at.

That's why they keep losing to Israel: wars, territories, hopes and the underwear.

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Dead man walking. Either Hezbollah takes him out, or the Saudis because he doesn't deliver, or somebody wanting to create a false flag or to start a conflict. He might end up like his father.

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The reason he left is because Hezbollah has a hit out on him. 

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He is caught in a web of intrigue so it could be anybody. Goes to show that it really sucks being a country with a geopolitical strategic position and not in a power to do something about that.

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He might not, he will, and he knows it.

As written above, he's as good as dead.

The saudis would not have freed him if they didn't know it already. A clever way not to do the dirty job while playing innocent... They must have been coached by no one else than Mr Benjamin N. himself.

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I have never seen your avatar -which is giving me an epileptic attack ;-) - before so I looked you up. You are new here. Welcome. I sometimes trash newbees but that is just me. Everybody can a valuable contribution here so I am looking forward to seeing more from you.

I looked at your bio. Looks like you had a rough ride.

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He's too decent to survive Lebanon/Syria/Iran.

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A President AND a Prime Minister? Sounds awkward.

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You have goddam royalties and goddam presidents for life as well in other countries.

But the top of the heap is definitely the klinton krime kartel (kkk).

Fortunately I never depart myself my precious klintonite.

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Where are all the fuckin' idiots that were saying the Saudi's had kidnapped and detained Hariri?

He doesn't look kidnapped or detained to me.



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He's gone back to Lebanon leaving his family (kids and all) in KSA. I don't think he's on a free rein at all

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keeping his family safe from hez hit squads is a bad idea? 

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Left his kids away. Looks like is perfectly safe in Nasrallahstan.

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AFAIK, his kids are still in Saudi Arabia.  If so, then Hariri has to play ball or else.

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An OLD BYZANTINE custom. That was practiced on the Beligerant neighbours.

The Kazarians did not forget.

People have learned from History , there is not doubt about that.


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What's the better of killing him than to ship him back to his little kingdom where no one will never trust him anymore?

Read my comment above...

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If I had a hez hit squad after me, you can bet I'd keep my family out of reach. 

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Tell me, you really do seem to understand things quickly, but this requires a lot of first hand explanations before, right?