Unsealed Fusion GPS Bank Records Reveal $523K Payment From Russian Money Launderer

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Unsealed court documents reveal that the firm behind the salacious 34-page Trump-Russia Dossier, Fusion GPS, was paid $523,000 by a Russian businessman convicted of tax fraud and money laundering, whose lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was a key figure in the infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower arranged by Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone.

In short, D.C. opposition research firm Fusion GPS is the common denominator linked to two schemes used to damage the Trump campaign.

Founded in 2011 by former Wall St. Journal journalist Glenn Simpson and two other WSJ alumni, Fusion was responsible for the Clinton/DNC - funded dossier (which two Kremlin officials participated in), and was also involved in the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russian attorney of another Fusion client - an encounter some suspect may have been used to obtain a FISA wiretapping warrant on the Trump campaign. 

He [Simpson] worked closely with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who also showed up at the infamous Trump Tower meeting held on June 9, 2016.


Simpson’s research ended up in the Trump Tower meeting in the form of a four-page memo carried by Veselnitskaya. She also shared Simpson’s work with Yuri Chaika, the prosecutor general of Russia.


Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week that he did not know that Veselnitskaya provided the Browder information to Chaika or to Donald Trump Jr., the Trump campaign’s point-man in the Trump Tower meeting. -Daily Caller

Of note, the 34-page dossier created by Fusion was reportedly used to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on one-time adviser to the Trump campaign, Carter Page.

Quite a bit more notable is the fact that Glenn Simpson met with Natalia Veselnitskaya hours before the Trump Tower meeting, and also met with Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta the day after the 34-page dossier was published by BuzzFeed. Glenn gets around. 

InFusion of Funds

The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross - who has done an outstanding job turning over stones and finding gold - now reports that the heavily redacted Fusion GPS bank records unsealed Tuesday reveal DNC law firm Perkins Coie paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 in 2016 for opposition research on then-candidate Donald Trump - including the 34-page dossier.

Ross also reports that law firm Baker Hostelter paid Fusion $523,651 between March and October 2016 on behalf of a company owned by Russian businessman and money launderer Denis Katsyv to research Bill Browder, a London banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act - named after deceased Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who Browder hired to investigate Russian corruption.

Veselnitskaya, through Baker Hostetler, hired Glenn Simpson of the firm Fusion GPS to conduct a smear campaign against me and Sergei Magnitsky in advance of congressional hearings on the Global Magnitsky Act. -Bill Browder, Testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee, 7/26/17

Magnitsky Act

Magnitsky uncovered a high level embezzlement and money laundering scheme, sanctioned by Russian Officials, in which large sums of money were stolen from the Russian government and invested in New York real estate. Some of the missing funds were traced to Katsyv's firm, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., which settled with the Justice Department in 2017 - paying $5.9 million in fines.

Magnitsky was arrested and thrown in prison for just under a year, only to die seven days before he was to be released. He developed gall stones, pancreatitis, and a blocked gall bladder for which he received little to no medical care, and was found to have been physically assaulted shortly before he died. 

In response to Magnitsky's horrific death and because Russian money laundering occurred on US soil, Congress and President Obama enacted the Magnitsky act in 2012 - imposing sanctions on Russia and barring Russian officials believed to be involved in Magnitsky's death from entering the United States. Russia retaliated by halting an adoption program for US foster parents.

Enter Natalia

What's strange is that Katsyv's attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya - a John McCain fan who hates Trump and uses Democrat lobbyists, was initially denied entry into the United States, only to be allowed in under "extraordinary circumstances" by Obama's Homeland Security Department and approved by former AG Loretta Lynch so she could represent Fusion GPS client Denis Katsyv's company, Prevezon Holdings - and attend the meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr. - arranged by Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone.

Let's Review:

  • Russian businessman Denis Katsyv was a key figure in an embezzlement and money laundering scheme involving New York real estate, uncovered by Russian lawyer and accountant Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky died in Moscow's Butyrka prison after a year of inhumane treatment. 
  • The embezzlement scheme uncovered by Magnitsky along with the circumstances behind his death resulted in the Magnitsky Act - a bipartisan bill signed in December 2012 by President Obama which imposed sanctions on Russia.
  • Katsyv settled with the U.S. Justice department in 2017, paying a paltry $5.9 million in 2017 to settle the case - less than 3% of the amount originally sought by federal prosecutors. 
  • Katsyv's attorney, Natalia Veselnitskayalobbied to remove the sanctions imposed by the Magnitsky Act. 
  • Fusion GPS was paid $523,651 by Katsyv to investigate London Banker Bill Browder who pushed for the Magnitsky Act
  • Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone set up the infamous meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr., Katsyv's lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and various associates. The meeting was pitched to Trump Jr. as a "discussion on adoption" (not opposition research on Hillary Clinton) and was shut down by Trump after it became clear Veselnitskaya wanted to discuss the Magnitsky Act, which Don Jr. apparently didn't realize was linked to the adoption issue. Others present at the meeting include Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and Goldstone.
  • Hours before the Trump Tower meeting, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson met with Veselnitskaya.


  • Fusion GPS was paid $1,024,408 by a DNC law firm, funded in part by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, to create the salacious 34 page dossier.
  • Fusion paid former British spy Christopher Steele $168,000 to assemble the document (which had the cooperation of two senior Kremlin officials).
  • Clinton campaign manager John Podesta met with Fusion CEO Glenn Simpson the day after the 34 page dossier was made public.

For their efforts, Fusion GPS was paid over $1.5 million dollars between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the holding company owned by pro-Kremlin businessman Denis Katsyv.

Russian Ties Galore!

Looking at other Russian affiliations on the left - since that's the entire impetus of the witch hunt against President Trump:

  • Russia gained control over 20% of United States uranium after the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Uranium One affiliates and Russian oligarchs connected to the deal.
  • The Obama administration approved the transaction after the FBI knew of a Russian plot to corner the US Uranium market and a racketeering scheme involving a Kentucky trucking company. Over 5,000 documents and a video of Russians preparing a briefcase stuffed with bribe money for Obama administration officials were obtained by an FBI informant.
  • Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin at his house in Russiathe same day he collected $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank which upgraded Uranium One stock. Clinton sought approval from Hillary Clinton's State Department to meet with 15 Russians.
  •  Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, lobbied for Uranium One after Russia state-owned energy giant Rosatom owned the company outright.
  • Tony Podesta met regularly with Clinton Foundation and was considered "basically part" of the organization, according to a former long-time executive of the Podesta Group, who also said Podesta was "peddling Russian oligarchs" all over D.C.  
  • Clinton campaign chief and longtime DNC operative John Podesta recommended that brother Tony hire Hillary Clinton's chief legislative advisor at the State Department, David Adams, which allowed a direct link between the firm's Russian clients and the Obama administration. 
  • John Podesta sat on the board and owned shares in Joule Unlimited - a green-energy company which received $35 million from the Russian government while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State. In addition to Podesta, Joule's board of directors included senior Russian official Anatoly Chubais and oligarch Reuben Vardanyan - a Putin appointee to the Russian economic modernization council. Podesta jettisoned his shares before the 2016 election, transferring them to his daughter via a shell corporation. 

Unfortunately, Attorney General Jeff Sessions feels there isn't 'enough basis' to investigate any or all of the above. 

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Iconoclast421's picture

That uranium from the uranium one scandal could be brought back to america in the form of a mushroom cloud and clinton would still walk.

E.F. Mutton's picture

This calls for yet another Grassley or Gowdy meeting that goes nowhere.

But with lots of extra harrumphing!

terryg999's picture

I did't get a 'Harrump' outta you!

piliage's picture

Give the Governor Harrumph! You watch your ass...

MisterMousePotato's picture

"Magnitsky ... developed gall stones, pancreatitis, and a blocked gall bladder for which he received little to no medical care, and was found to have been physically assaulted shortly before he died."

Note to self: Do not get personally involved in cases involving government corruption.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Unsealed Fusion GPS Bank Records Reveal $523K Payment From Russian Money Launderer

My response: These news events just keep getting DARKER and DARKER. Corruption, evil and open in your face tyrannical lawlessness as far back as the eye can see.

By the way since we are talking about corruption, anyone take a look at the DEBT PICTURE lately? I hate to throw COLD WATER on the MARKET PARTY now underway, but this looks like the last hurrah.

DEBT IS EXPLODING and there is a LOT OF WEIRD FINANCIAL stuff going on from CHINA to the USA. The USA is spending over 400MM more PER DAY than it is taking in.

WVHillbilly's picture

Maybe not the best investment ever....

macholatte's picture


The Soros SWAMP is very active spending US tax payer dollars.

U.S. State Dept Puts $700,000 into Hungarian Media, Demands ‘Programming’ Against Orban, Patriots

91% of DC voted Hitlary
99% of DOJ & State Dept. political contributions went to Hitlary

Do you see a pattern?

The whole idea that Putin did NOT want Hitlary to be POTUS is ridiculous.
Think about it for twenty seconds... if that long.
Putin already knew Clintons could be bought (see Uranium One). He knew that for less than it costs to feed his army for one day he could own the White House. Hitlary as POTUS would be a political wet dream come true.


The Wizard's picture

On the flip side, Putin could have been part of a sting focused on the globalists. Plenty of speculation.

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1.


CuttingEdge's picture

So, let me get this right....

The Russian lawyer was "extraordinarily" enabled by Obama's DHS and Lynch to attend Trump Tower (and potentially compromise DTJ).

Adding to the list of Obamination's misdeeds here. Can we call it entrapment? Not as bad as using the full force of the 17 intelligence services to wiretap the opposition presidential candidate's team, justifying it with a piece of tripe to the FISA courts, I know.


Man, by the time history is written about this period (and not by the MSM), Obama's reputation will be little more than a shitstain.

JimmyJones's picture

I have a feeling that Putin is a True Christian and knew he could setup the Clintons and those that support them in a situation that provided him a win win.  If Clinton wins he has a compromised president in the Whitehouse that he can hold Uranium one over her head and also has a 20% stake in US Uranium.  If she loses he can use it to take out a large swath of the Satanist / Globalist / Banksters while building a positive relationship with President Trump.

brianshell's picture

The question is, who ISN'T corrupt in government.

It appears if the corrupt were removed from government, there would be no government.

Think how many loyal soldiers and sailors have spilt blood for them.

The deepest worm of all, the federal reserve, has not even been mentioned yet.

RAT005's picture

Also, Team Obamanation/Billary could be more flexible after the election.

Giant Meteor's picture

Amazing ain't it ..

My thesis as well ..

"It appears if the corrupt were removed from government, there would be no government."

All corruption, all the time .. ergo fake news, false flags, distractions aplenty ..



thinkmoretalkless's picture

Obama was no more than the “Johnny Donovan” of politics. “Tell our Russian friends what they’ve won Johnny!” This confirms BO was the emcee of the most corrupt show on earth. Get him by the short hairs, take away his TelePrompTer and this low level con artist will squeal like the pig he is. This is the deep state of political fellow travelers run by greedy sociopaths that are the devils spawn. Either Trump is a part of it or is planning to root it out. The cancer is deep and has infected many of the organs of government. I’m hoping the diagnostic portion is done and they have identified the cancerous cells. Now I hope they have a plan to cut it out completely and still survive.

peippe's picture

yes, let's let her go....

& cram her into an Argentinian submarine.

MoreFreedom's picture

I think Putin's hackers got Hillary's emails and used them to blackmail Obama and Hillary into, as Obama promised Russian President Medvedev on a hot miccrophone "more flexibility after the [2012] elections" and that they payoffs to the Clintons was just funding them to payoff other Democrats to facilitate the sale of the Uranium, and for other favors.  Such as helping Putin's ally Assad fight ISIS, doing nothing meaningful about Putin's invasion of Ukraine, and the Iranian deal.  They covered it up, and are trying to keep it coverd up, and panicked after Hillary lost because of all the circumstantial evidence showing what they've done.  They then created a diversion in accusing Trump of collusion with Putin. Those emails are still useful to Putin, in what he's been forcing Clinton and Obama to do.

The Wizard's picture

Putin's invasion of Ukraine? What was Vicki Nuland doing?

Putin isn't stupid, if he could use corrupt agents, like the Clintons, to get control of the uranium market, he will take advantage of it. Hopefully, those who control the markets in the U.S. would to the same with corrupt Russians or any other foreign government.

The reason it would be difficult to find corrupt Russians or Chinese is the perpetrators know their lives would be terminated if busted.

hannah's picture

vicki nuland 'nudelman' is a jew working for isreal. she thought she was playing putin yet putin played her and annexed crimea and eastern ukraine. what a dumb bitch... she is even dumber than hillary....LOL

keep the bastards honest's picture

Sadly you err, East Ukraine has not been able to escape Ukraine much as its russian speaking Russian population would like to escape to safety.
Crimea voted to re join Russia.

Keeping you Bastards honest

Kayman's picture

But, but, but... Trump talked dirty in a locker room, and most agregious of all, he took 2, I tell ya, he took 2 scoops of ice cream.

Raping the American People?  Hell man, that's everyday stuff for the Washington Mob. Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ are compromised and for a very long time.

kochevnik's picture

You are neocon asshole.  Ukrainians are "invading" Russia.  For gainful employment after you fucks trashed their country with NAZIs and stole their gold

Demologos's picture

Yeah, deployed to ZH after Trump won the election. MoreFreedom would be happy if the US was taken over in a coup by Hitler saluting, NAZI flag carrying fascists. And if Americans resisted the coup, the new regime would bomb them and blame Putin. Sound about right?

11b40's picture

You lost me on the "doing nothing meaningful about Putin's invasion of Ukraine".

t0mmyBerg's picture

Good points MoreFreedom.  As for the question of the main article whether Sessions has enough evidence ot open an investigation, the answer is absolutely.  On the other side of the ledger however is the fact that that then looks like they are merely using the levers of power to go after their political opponents after the fact, which sets a very bad precedent for the balance of power and for the system of government in the US, even though Obama did it on a lesser scale against the BACKERS of Romney rather than Romney himself. 

So the question is what is the balance between the two ideas: let the despicable human filth of Clinton and her hangers on go free, flouting the concept of justice before the Law for all no matter how powerful?  Or cross the line into apparent use of the main legal prosecutory arm of the executive branch for persecution of ones losing opponent?  Close call.  Personally I think it is worse to let the politically powerful go free and flouting justice. 

ATM's picture

Putin's hackers? LOL. There was never a hack. If there was the NSA would have brought forth the evidence immediately.

What we have here is a cover story. The 'Hack", the "Russian meddling" are all bullshit.

The only Russian meddling was via the Democrats who are their fellow travelers.

Bernie Madolf's picture

This analysis of the DNS logs used to obtain the FISA proves the DNS logs were faked by April Lorenzen of Tea Leaves


You techie fuckers should read

woody188's picture

Seth Rich leaked Podesta's emails. The hacking story is a lie made up with the help of Ukranian security firm Crowdstrike. Russia didn't need to hold anything over the Clintons. They were selling influence via the Clinton Foundation since its inception. They now have to pin everything on Russia and start a war to avoid being charged as traitors here in the USA. Sessions won't go after them because administrations never prosecute former administations. For some reason they think the scandal would be more harmful to the nation.

Volkodav's picture

     Agree exactly



Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

They have to prevent scandal to keep the myth of benevolent government going. Second, they have to maintain the precedence and tacit understanding so that they won't be tried as traitors by their replacements. That, leading in to point number three, is that most people who wind up in high office are entwined with The State previously, which means they are probably parties to whatever corruption occurred during the last administration.

RAT005's picture

Along those lines, 9/11 was an obvious gov. inside job regardless of whom they were working with.  At face value it was a Bush job, but many experts feel the complexity and timeline of the preperation must have started under Bill Clinton.  Next comes the Obamanation who could have outed all of them and been the true Golden Kneegrow but he didn't. Presumably they all hate each other but none outed the other regarding the obvious involvement of US gov. in enabling 9/11.  Now Trump, a new camp preportably at odds with everyone and no outing of the guilty parties.  They all cover for each other regarding 9/11 so to some extent they must not be doing all they can now to out who did what with whom...Russians, etc.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Australian politicians Gillard and Turnbull also paid the Clinton Foundation for influence, the Clinton Foundation was active, a country or person cannot buy influence unless there is a seller. Norway paid heaps to the Clinton Foundation until Hillary lost

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"Sessions won't go after them because administrations never prosecute former administations. For some reason they think the scandal would be more harmful to the nation."

It's called strategic thinking.  You put yourself into another's shoes and evaluate things from their perspective, not yours.  Doing so, Sessions probably realizes the next administration would prosecute HIM if he prosecutes their boyz.   That's why he's where he is:  he is compromised.  

Giant Meteor's picture

Classic Clinton ..

Yell louder while accusing others, to deflect from their own crimes and criminality. Textbook.

Volkodav's picture

      Medvedev told later he had no idea what O was talking about.

      Media is there to keep your type dumbed down.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Putin did not invade Syria, drongo, he was invite.
Your country, the. USA invaded. It's helpers invaded and bombed, its mercenaries killed, tortured, chemical attacked, looted historic items and oil. Stop lying.

SaintInix's picture

Yeah, common sense prevails here.

If he's already got her in his pocket, and has evidence that could be used to keep her in line, why wouldn't he want her in office?

land_of_the_few's picture

It all stinks like a Hamburg wharf

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

(((Browder))) likely has a much more extensive role in all this #russiahoax stuff than has been discussed.


Very, very likely.

The above is absolutely worth your time. Fascinating read.

nmewn's picture

          Executive Summary 

Fusion GPS exchanged money with...now wait for it...RUSSIANS!...and then Team Hillary paid money to...wait for it again...GPS for...now this is the good part...an "Intel dossier" which was THEN USED as "evidence" to have a FISA warrant issued, in order to spy on an associate of Trump...and then...(I swear it just gets better and better...lol)...the content of those (what are now ILLEGAL wiretaps)...is leaked "anonymously" to the Alinsky press. 

Ok, that's it. I'm calling my doctor, I've got to do something about this raging schadenboner  ;-)

Hulk's picture

If it lasts more than 4 hours, that bloods going to coagulate, giving you a permanent boner !!!

But seriously, there is so much info out on this scandal that I do not think there is any way they cover this up...


JimmyJones's picture

Notice that the typical mouth pieces that would provide cover for the Criminals are being systematically taken out.  Holllyweird Sex scandals and now MSM sex scandals.  They, I will call them the "Alliance" because its obviously more than just Team Trump.  Are discrediting all of those that could and would usually aid to provide cover for the cover up.  More to come, this is a drip, drip, drip technique designed to make them react, lie and then be exposed again for the lie by the next "drip" of info further discrediting them.  I bet this is the US Military Intelligence engaged in the biggest operation ever, they are just as large and capable as all others combined and probably the hardest to infiltrate.  Its brilliant.

Kayman's picture

It's either a great plan or Murphy's Law in action.

the artist's picture

Hulk, we are looking at the natural concequences of the digital age. Nothing disappears. It also becomes harder and harder to keep it under wraps...and the leaks start in ernest...

Drip Drip Drip...Gush. 

CosmicSauce's picture

It's not fascinating. Self aggrandizement.

StarGate's picture

National debt is a fictional black magic spell that everyone who thinks the Federal Reserve is a USA bank believes.

If Nixon removed the Gold back from the dollar making it only PAPER, it only costs 2 pennies to print a paper dollar and nothing to magically manifest billion$ of Obama’s quantitative easing (QE) to gift to the private banksters.

There’s no logical reason to borrow and cause national debt to create computer digits or monopoly paper money.

National debt = Black magic spell.