Merkel Tanks In German Polls As Critical Discussions Take Place With SPD

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Angela’s Merkel’s ability to restore her power in Germany should be decided in the next few days, as talks take place with Martin Schultz’s SPD.

In the meantime, Merkel’s ratings have unexpectedly “tanked” in the latest German polls. More than half of Germans believe she should not run for office in a poll conducted for, as the Daily Express reports.

Angela Merkel’s worries continue as the latest polls reveal the majority of Germans did not want her to run as a candidate for Chancellor again. The survey, carried out in the coalition talks breakdown, makes worrying reading for Angela Merkel. While Mrs Merkel said yesterday she wanted to stand again in any new snap election the German people appear to be turned off by the prospect.

Of those polled, 54 per cent said she should not run for office, according to the polling institute Civey for Only 38.5 percent of Germans would welcome a renewed candidacy of the chancellor. A breakdown of those views saw Mrs Merkel pick up 76.2 per cent support amongst the supporters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) which stood at 76.2 per cent.


Amongst supporters of the Greens, Mrs Merkel also seemed to gain a sizeable backing with 52.2 per cent wanting the current leader to stand again. Among the FDP supporters that was only about 30 per cent. Perhaps unsurprisingly supporters of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) do not want her to stand again with 88.5 per cent calling on her to step back.

There was little comfort for the German leader in another poll published yesterday in Der Spiegel.

The latest SPON poll indicated that support for the coalition between Mrs Merkel’s CDU and the CSU fell below 30 per cent to 29.2 per cent. This is believed to be their lowest ever level. The polling institute Civey, based in Berlin, indicated the fall is part of a downward trend for the two parties.

There was no joy though either for the main opposition party the Social Democrats (SPD) which also suffered a decline in popularity. Leader Martin Schulz saw the support for his party drop to 19.5 per cent, its lowest level since December 2016. A similar fate was suffered by the AfD which had been making progress in popularity recently. The latest poll shows the party has fallen by 1.5 per cent points since negotiations over forming a new coalition had failed. It is now at to 13.6 per cent.

The FDP, which ruled out a forming a “Jamaican coalition” with Merkel and the Greens, rose 1.7% to 13.3% and the Greens rose 1.5% to 11.9%. The co-founder of the Greens, Hans-Christian Strobele said recently.

"The end of the chancellorship of Angela Merkel has already been announced by the outcome of the general election. "Now Merkel's political end can indeed come very quickly. In my opinion, Mrs Merkel will not be able to stay at the top of the government for much longer."

After the “Jamaican Coalition” talks broke down, Merkel indicated her preference for a new election, rather than ruling with a minority. However, we suspected it was a bluff to scare other parties back to the negotiating table. On this note there are signs of progress. Merkel’s former “Grand Coalition” partner, the SPD, has been under pressure support Merkel to secure Germany’s stability. According to Bloomberg.

Germany’s biggest opposition party is ready to begin talks with Angela Merkel on a minority government, offering her a way to restore political leadership in Europe’s biggest economy.

It’s the first sign the Social Democratic Party is ready to help the chancellor stay in office after her talks on forming a coalition with three other parties fell apart. SPD head Martin Schulz, who faces party pressure to go further and disavow his refusal to join a Merkel government, is meeting Germany’s president on Thursday for consultations on the way forward.

SPD officials are making positive noises about shoring up Merkel and German stability, which could include ditching Schulz. Bloomberg continues.

“Of course we want to help Germany and we haven’t ruled out anything,” SPD lawmaker Karl Lauterbach said in a ZDF television interview. That includes the option of a “grand coalition” with Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led bloc as a last resort, he said. Schulz, who led the SPD to its worst result since World War II in September, faces increasing pressure within the party to step aside, a move that might help clear the way for a grand coalition.

He is ready to hold talks with Merkel and is prepared to back her in a minority government, though he won’t offer another grand coalition, according to a person familiar with his thinking who asked not to be identified. Schulz will inform President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of his plan at their one-on-one meeting in Berlin, the person said.

Germany’s political establishment is in turmoil but, in its quest for stability, we can’t rule out a rapid resurgence in Merkel's at the head of a reformed Grand Coalition, if Schulz is sacrificed. In the meantime, Merkel is almost making Theresa May’s position look stable.

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She's out. She doesn't know it yet, but the world is rapidly changing.  

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They know what to do with almost anything, including goats, but what to do with this haggard heap of wrinkled-up evil might stump them at last.

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Merkel should be burned at the stake in a public square for what she has done to Germany.

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Merkel should be burned at the stake in a public square for what she has done to Germany.

she is just one of many executioners of the Kalergi plan


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Democracy fails because it is not true ... instead the elites use it for minority rule and really it is a pay off the objectors system so a reasonable number stay content. The elites do no want to pay no more so democracy is out ...

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All this is simply to prevent the AFD from forming the official opposition.

Merkel and Shultz are boths jews.  Shultz ruled out any cooperation with Merkel, before all the vote were even counted, because he was convinced that Merkel would form a coalition without him.  So he planned to take up the opposition benches effectively side lining the AFD.

This is the sort of horseshit that got the jews into trouble in the 1920's.  Fuck them both.

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I think we are seeing much of what happened pre-WW2 all over again - and so it begins.

Frankly I no longer care one way or the other, the only question I have is "has the jewish population taken over everything and are they the drivign force for the NWO of them being kings".

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What an utterly stupid statement - there can only ever be ONE opposition?

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Maybe they will both end up in the Landwehr Canal.


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Go on drag it out but even without Merkill at the head of the CDU this is still the same combo that Germans rejected in the election for having spawned the EUSSR'S Coudenhove Germanistan in the first place. Just one more muslim terrorist "event" coming up to Christmas and AfD will sweep to power as the country erupts. The hatred shown by the frothing aristocratic bullhorn media towards everything AfD is like a re-run from NAZI Germany days. They are truly scared of losing power like their Clintonite cousins in USSA.

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The ongoing stain of muslim crime spreading across Germanistan...with daily updates!

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Nazis in Germany never disappeared but went on to rebuild Germany. EU is their proud moment.

Here is a good book on the subject but good luck finding it in English. Wink wink ;-)

"La seconde histoire du nazisme : Dans l'Allemagne fédérale depuis 1945"
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But the slaves are slowly waking up to the fact that the EU is not a happy dream but a deadly nightmare.

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Part of the awakening is to realise now there is no point in voting in the EU in any form if the commission is not controlled by the vote but by somebody who appointed the commission to tell the populatuion what to do.

Too many countries are being told to implement things against the will of their populations and so the anger grows.

Can be solved but it means removing the most powerful form of governance to control slaves ever envisaged the "EU commission".

Nope can't have that!

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Merkel tanks in Merkelstan. How does that make any sense?

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Any grand coalition between CDU and SPD will backfire on the both of them because this is not what people voted for. That coalition would only materialize if the CDU does great concessions to the SPD, concessions which they will demand. That will piss off a lot of people in the CDU against Merkel. For the SPD, the best thing to do for them is to support a CDU minority government which they can blow up any moment they want. For Germany, as for Europe, it is best to have new elections and that Merkel goes.

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"In the meantime, Merkel’s ratings have unexpectedly “tanked” in the latest German polls. "

Oh, so they noticed that there is no way to resurrect this dead body. But Herr Shultz will be an even better image for Germany as he look just like the one from Hogan's Heroes Show.

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The German people will end up with the same pile of shit as before. Even though most of them tentatively voted against it.

This is the nature of modern European elections. Doesnt matter who you vote for, a way will be found to re-instate the same regime as before. The politicians and their media outlets then potray the process as "restoring stability". Its pure gangsterism and the German people swallow this propaganda whole.

I know this because I live and work in Germany and I hear it all around me. Talk of "restoring stability" and how "parties need to put country before party" etc etc. So the bug-eyed weirdo Schulz will now be potrayed as some kind of selfless hero when in fact he is a lying bastard with no principles.

Its a total f*cking joke.

The only positive to take from this shitshow is that the insane "Green" cultists will be kept far away from any kind of power.

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+1 Its a total f*cking joke - same everywhere.

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WaaWaaaa Germany.  You shouldn't have relected her if you're going to whine about the globalist policies she obviously stands for.  No different than the French who were too lazy to show up for LePenn and let Macron get in office due to abysmal voter turn-out.  Based on their voting behavior, Europeans ssem to enjoy being financially raped by negative rates and then physically raped by refugees flooding in from bass ackward cultures.  In the US, at least the votors flipped the middle finger to the establishment by electing Trump.

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Get rid of Merkel and Schultz and install AfD for at least a decade in order to clean the smut from the government.  

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I doubt that would do it. They'd just get strong armed, like Trump.

They'd have to seize control of the state - not just the parliament, go nuclear, shut down the central bank and give Putin a call to get Germany out of the shit. Ain't gonna happen - Europe - or at least the West is history.

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Fuck off Merkel. And that Schulz is another refugee welcoming wanker.

Germany is a fucking disgrace.

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re In a poll, more than half of Germans believe Merkel should 'not run for office'

Too bad that Germans weren't polled on whether Merkel should - applying the penalty used in the "Good Ol' Days" - be "Hung, Drawn & Quartered".

The charge: TREASON

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The Germans used the guillotine for a hell of a long time. They should return to it as it sounds very good to their new Islam Brothers when falling on the victims head.

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“I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job,” declared Farage.


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No big deal. They can always find another Merkel.

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We heard that the EU and Merkel imported Muslim immigrants to boost the economy but what if the EU and Merkel imported Muslim immigrants to spark a war and that was what was going to boost the economy?  Charles Manson would be proud.

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