Nasrallah Accuses US Of "Daesh Conspiracy" As Feared 'Tehran-To-Beirut Land Bridge' Is Established

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Washington's past decade of Syria policy has been driven by fears of the so-called "Shia crescent" or Iranian land bridge which would conceivably connect Tehran with the Mediterranean in a continuous arch of influence. With events rapidly unfolding in Iraq and Syria, foremost among them the defeat of ISIS and the connection of Syrian and Iraqi national forces at the shared border, that land bridge has now been established for the first time in recent history. 

Plans to undermine the Syrian government were manifest as early as the mid-2000's, when Damascus was put on notice by the US that "you are next" after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Indeed, this was so well-known and openly talked about in diplomatic circles that CNN's Christian Amanpour directly informed Assad on camera that he was being targeted for regime change in a 2005 interview. She told him, "Mr. President, you know the rhetoric of regime change is headed towards you, from the United States. They are actively looking for a new Syrian leader. They are granting visas and visit to Syrian opposition politicians. They're talking about isolating you, diplomatically, then perhaps a coup d'etat or your regime crumbling."

The geopolitics driving the current Middle East war were framed and set in motion under the Bush administration, as Seymour Hersh reported in 2007:

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

But now as 2017 comes to a close, the Syria-Hezbollah-Iran alliance appears victorious, and it's the House of Saud and US-backed alliance that is fragmented and in shambles. And consistent with what Hersh predicted all the way back in 2007, the US has for years supported a jihadist corridor in Syria in order to "isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)."

This week Hezbollah's Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has once again accused the United States and its allies in Syria of aiding ISIS. In televised remarks on Monday related to the recent fight for Albu Kamal, Nasrallah said, “The US helped Daesh as much as it could in Albu Kamal short of directly engaging forces that fought to liberate the town from Daesh.” He further accused the US of giving air cover to ISIS terrorists in Syria's east, as well as facilitating their escape from advancing Syrian army forces. 

But what is the truth behind what Nasrallah calls "the Daesh conspiracy"The current geopolitics of the Syrian battlefield, and US policy and interests east of the Euphrates, in reality gives the US military every incentive to pressure the Syrian Army while at the same time allowing a Daesh escape - as even a recent bombshell BBC investigation confirmed. But to understand the intricacies of how US policy and strategy is playing out, it is important to chart the significance of the establishment of the historic "Iranian land bridge" which occurred this month. 

Below is a dispatch authored and submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media, who is currently on the ground in the region and has interviewed multiple officials involved in the conflict.

A US buffer zone in northeastern Syria and a land-bridge from Tehran to Beirut. Map source: Stratfor

Following the victory of the Syrian army and its allies over the “Islamic State” group in the town of Albu Kamal in the northeast of the country, the road has been opened for the first time since the declaration of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 between Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut and become safe and non-hostile to the four capitals and their rulers.

The United States tried to block the road between Tehran and Beirut at the level of Albu Kamal by forcing the Kurdish forces into a frantic race, but Washington failed to achieve its goals.

The Syrian Army along with allied forces (the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iraqi Harakat al-Nujaba’) liberated the city, opening the border with Iraq at al-Qa’im crossing. ISIS militants fled to the Iraqi al-Anbar desert and east of the Euphrates River where US and Kurdish forces are operating.

The United States established a new rule of engagement in the east of the Euphrates, informing the Russian forces that it will not accept any ground forces (the Syrian army and its allies) east of the Euphrates River and that it will bomb any target approaching the east of the river even if the objective of the ground forces is to pursue ISIS.

Thus, the US is establishing a new undeclared no-fly-zone without bothering to deny that this can serve ISIS forces east of the Euphrates and offer the terrorists a kind of protection. Moreover, the US-led international coalition air bombing against ISIS has reduced noticeably.

With this US warning, it is clear that Washington is declaring the presence of an occupying force in Syria, particularly as the presence of the coalition was linked to fighting ISIS as previously announced. Today ISIS has lost all cities under its occupation since July 2014 in Iraq and before this date in Syria. Therefore there is no legal reason for the presence of the US forces in the Levant.

By becoming an occupation force, the US troops expose themselves, along with the proxy Kurds operating under its command, to attacks similar to the one in Iraq and the one in Lebanon in 1982 during the Israeli invasion.

The United States will no longer be able to block the Iraqi-Syrian road (Al-Qaim-Albu Kamal) because it is related to the sovereignty of the two countries. But this does not mean Tehran will use this route to send weapons across Baghdad and Damascus to Hezbollah in Lebanon, for two reasons: First, Iraq has sovereignty and the Prime Minister Haider Abadi will not allow any Iraqi armed party to keep its weapons because the Iraqi armed forces are responsible for holding security, especially after the defeat of ISIS in all cities. Abadi’s next step will be to disarm all Iraqi movements and organizations by the year 2018 and most likely after the forthcoming elections in May. According to well-informed sources Iran and the Marjaiya in Najaf (and the majority of the Iraqi parties) want Abadi to be re-elected for another term.

This means that Iraq will not allow its territory to be used to finance non-state actors, even if these have taken part in the elimination of ISIS. Neither will Abadi allow weapons to cross his country to an ally that fought alongside the Iraqi forces – such as Hezbollah – because he is not positioning himself against the United States and the countries of the region. This is not Iraq’s battle.

Secondly, Hezbollah does not need the land route from Tehran to Beirut because the sea and air links with Tehran are open through Syria and from it to Lebanon. Moreover, Hezbollah is no longer in need of additional weapons in Lebanon, especially since the Lebanese-Syrian front is unified against any possible future Israeli war.

As for Syria, the preparations for starting the challenging and complex rounds of negotiation to open the way for political talks which have begun in Sochi, Russia. Naturally, these talks are difficult because the United States has demands, as does Turkey, which has shown its intention to stay for a very long in the north of Syria.

In this context, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is ready to prepare for a new constitution, on which work began several months ago. Syrian and international human rights experts and law specialists have been discussing with various groups how to establish new constitutional foundations for Syria, aiming to invite the numerous anti-Damascus parties to lay down their arms and join in the negotiations for the future of Syria.

The only problem remains with al-Qaeda in Bilad al-Sham, and the thousands of foreign fighters in Idlibwaiting for the results of the Turkish-Syrian negotiation. The war was long and complex, mainly because of shifting alliances. But the peace will be no less complex to construct if future wars based on revenge and a greedy desire for territory are to be avoided.

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Even more so than for war crimes, the people who plan our foreign policy should be hanged for incompetence.

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not first.

if for some dumb damn reason which escapes me, the US foreign policy wanted to separate iran from lebanon, why in the fuck would bush 43 take out saddam hussain?  he fought a terrible war with iran and ruled as neither sunni or shia but tribal.  he was a natural buffer, and then bush 43 took him out.  and through the incompetence of his administration allowed iran to move in.

all because SH tried to kill his daddy.  it is times like this i wish he had been successful. 

that is who should be first.

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If Syria is in need of a new constitution they should take ours. Its pretty good... was written by a lot of old dead white guys... and we aren't using it anymore...

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Yes to the first part of your post, but this is just a bs cover story.

"all because SH tried to kill his daddy."

Sadam was taking Euros for oil and Sadam was compensating the families of Palestinians who's homes were destroyed by Israelis. The Zinos call the shots in occupied DC and they could easily find a replacement for Bush the pedophile senior.

So the Zinos tried to have their cake and eat it too and now they have the IRGC on their (stolen) doorstep.

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And Syria aren't actually Shia, for a start. So, they can stop blowing off about that one.

Neither are Iraq, and Iran aren't Arabs anyway, their language should be a clue...

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What happens in KSA in the near future will be your answer.Let the plan unravel.

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Wolfowitz should be first.

There is about 100 of these evil doers who should all be first

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Put Wolfowitz and the other 99 on an Argentine sub and crash dive it with the hatch open.

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Save a place for Meryl Streep

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I will be celebrating when Henry K. bites the dust. Zbig is already happily rotting and being eaten by the worms in the one place where ALL ARE EQUAL, Underground.

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Hezbollah Leader reveals 'WHY the US created Daesh (ISIS)' - English Subs

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Joominati inspired to be exact

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I think the fourth great wave of red team/blue team stupidity is upon us (4th? Maybe 8th. I lost track).  It's almost as bad as Sundays.  As soon as they are done watching football with their cousins Cletus, Dale and Burdette they will enlighten us on how the red team is breathlessly fighting for our freedumb.  Those bastards need to get the jackboots on if they are so excited for war.  They also should be the only ones paying for it.


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Muslims are liars. The fact you give any credit to them is appalling.

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Jews are liars. The fact you give any credit to them is appalling.

Kol Nidre - Judaism's License To Lie - Rense. com

Refute that asswipe.

And get rid of the American flag avatar. It's not yours.

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Hah, can we at least agree to despise both in equal amounts?

I'm not biased, I dislike them both intensely.

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Did you even check out what is prayer is all about ? I am guessing NOT as you said nothing about it. Well lets take a look,

Kol Nidre

"The Kol Nidrei prayer has been used by non-Jews as a basis for asserting that an oath taken by a Jew may not be trusted.[64] Historically, this accusation was leveled so often and so persistently that many non-Jewish legislators considered it necessary to have a special form of oath administered to Jews ("Oath More Judaico"), and many judges refused to allow them to take a supplementary oath, basing their objections chiefly on this prayer. As early as 1240 in the Disputation of Paris, Yechiel of Paris was obliged to defend Kol Nidrei against these charges.[3] The Russian government, in 1857, decreed that the prayerbooks must include, as an introduction to Kol Nidrei, a Hebrew explanation to the readers of the limited nature of the vows that could be released by this ceremony.[65]"

Yep, people back then were so stupid in not understanding that Kol Nidre was just a harmless ritual and was completely misunderstood by the naturally stupid goyem. Winki wink ;-)

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This excellent article is dated back to pre-war II and is startrng some shit as the title plainly states for history buffs wanting to get the word out regarding how deviate the Zionist were, and truly are today!    (the normal jew has no idea of the destructive path they're being led down...sad!)

Ps. a bit lenghty with FOIA info, with a whole lot of history -- lots of history! 

"Why Ken Livingston Got It Right Over Nazi Support For Zionism"    (They Naz/Zionist even made a coin for exchange!?!)

*scroll down for story

Note: The Bolshevik Revolution was quite litrally the prerequiste for WWII as for being the pretext for genocide (one group having no knowledge that religion was afoot?),  think about it!

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"Who financed Lenin and Trotsky?" - the same ones who today are robbing Americans blind.

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Well let's just say we are nearing Christmas.  Google Damascus Christmas and you will see that Christmas is openly celebrated in Syria where people were pretty tolerant of other religions.

Iranian Guards, Qids, Russians, Hezbollah and others went to Syria to protect ALL Syrians including Christians.  The USA, UK, Saudis, Nato, UAE, Qatar and I$rael have been engaging in genocide against Christians in the ME.

I have more in common with blue eyed Christian Vlad Putin than the demonic Bushes, Clinton$, Obama, $ee Eye A, N$a, Jared Kushner, McCain, Graham, Feinstein, Wolfowitz and the rest ofthe evil satanic scum in DC, Hollywood and NY.  The USSA Inc, a Roth$child coropration, is run by demonic pedophiles who kidnap, enslave and murder children.

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You should move to Russia, Iran or Syria so you can be with your "people"

Vlad hates the Muslims, too. He just makes too much money selling weapons to them to show his true colors.

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And you should move out of the Appalachians.

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Edgar said Russia would become the hope of the world. I think he was right.

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OUTSTANDING comment, well said!

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"Google Damascus Christmas and you will see that Christmas"

Are you trying to cause people's heads to blow-up due to Cognitive Dissonance ? Shame on you :-)

Putin's memorable Munich Speech 2007

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Credit to muslims,

Hezbollah waged a guerilla campaign in South Lebanon and as a result, Israel withdrew from Lebanon on 24 May 2000, and SLA collapsed and surrendered. They liberated their country from illegal occupation.

Hezbollah and Iran (muslims) fought against the destruction of the Syrian state.

Muslims may be liars but mere apprentices compared with the gilded myths of the State Department or the toxic forked tongue of the zionist.

I now feel kind of warm inside.


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Few few Americans know how this all played out. CNN and Christiane Amanpour certainly made sure that the viewers did not understand the truth. Seeing who she married tells one everything about this agent,

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Mr. Nasrallah is brilliant. A great leader of the Resistance axis. Love him!

Let's wait to see the army of hasbara trolls unleashed upon us!

They will be apoplectic ,like the zionist entity in the ME,if you only   mention his name ,(they) start foaming at the mouth like rabid hyenas.Love it!

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Re. Zinos Foaming at the mouth.

Indeed. See exhibit A, Rjh above.

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I have Christian friends in Beirut, who have the utmost respect for Hassan Nazrullah. They said he is the only one helping all the Palestinian refugees that have fled to Lebanon, and his rhetoric is always mild and common sense. It's such a shame the US call him and Hizbollah a terrorist group. He has saved Lebanon many times.

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Israel Deporting Swedish Holocaust Survivor's Daughter - Because Her Father Allegedly Converted (and she was Baptized)
read more:


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I had a friend who worked in Syria for SHELL and said the place safe and friendly even though he was British !!!! Hence civilized not like the racist Israel where he felt like being in a prison when visiting as a tourist.

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How the fuck did this get on ZH? This is not a story!

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Propaganda!!  Thats all ZH has become.

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ZH = muslim, chink and Russian propaganda machine. I hope you are all on a list so you can be rounded up and gassed when the time comes.

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It's not a war crime when the country is 98% muslim. Muslim countries have no sovereignty. Muslims must be exterminated. Men, women, and children; kill them all.

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NATO early shift, is it? Got your 30 pieces of silver?

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Yeah..with ISIS gone it will go back to the love fest it always was. The best thing is to get out and watch the fireworks begin. There are so many groups involved with historical hatred, it’s worthless to even call these countries..Soon enough it disappears from news and it’s a footnote of two incompetent American administrations that need to be held to account

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WTF are you talking about?


i count 8 just off the top of my head.  if i looked further i could probably say at least 10.

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There is NO INCOMPETENCE here my friend. You just don't want to consider the option that the one sitting in the WH does not really care about you or me.

Get this book and it just might give you an insight as to what we are watching today.

"The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power
by Daniel Yergin"

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America is the number one terrorist.The world is sick of it's evil and destruction.History will not treat these people(Neo-cons,military leaders etc.) kindly.They speak with forked tongues.They are a cancer which needs to be removed.
Glad to get that off my chest.

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You know these people who have wreaked this mass destruction of Libya, Syria and Iraq will burn in hell for their actions. 

Too bad they don't have a conscience. I am sure they have it all moralized out in their minds. Too bad they cant see the actions of their souls.

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No one gives a fuck about dead sand niggers; not even history

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You should read The History of the Sand Niggers by Ray Cisto Illiterati.

Mentions very obscure works like the Old and New Testament, Koran, Tora etc. and provides many examples of dead sand niggers who billions of people do apparently give a fuck for.

Also mentions Sumerian and Babylonian Sand Niggers but as we know they along with the Egyptian, Moors and Ottoman Sand Niggers are not even history.

Do you burn books too?



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They propped up Daesh and got their asses handed on a silver platter by Iran and its strategic allies.

The Chosenites and their CIA / head chopper friends are having a bumpy menstrual cycle.