In Escalating War Of Words, Saudi Crown Prince Calls Iran's Ayatollah "New Hitler Of The Middle East"

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Godwin's law states that "as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1." Saudi Arabia's powerful, and controversial, 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - who in just a few months has made more local (and foreign) enemies than most of his predecessors accumulated over a lifetime, decided he does not need to wait that long, and in a glowing interview with the New York Times' Thomas Friedman, which touched on everything from the accommodations of the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton, to the recent power grab anti-corruption campaign, to Donald Trump, to the Saudi social and religious revolution, called the Supreme Leader of Iran “the new Hitler of the Middle East”, escalating the war of words between the arch-rivals. For his part, Khamenei has referred to the House of Saud as an “accursed tree”, and Iranian officials have accused the kingdom of spreading terrorism.

MbS, as he is also known, and who after the recent purge is also Saudi defense minister, also slapped down the ISIS card and suggested the Islamic Republic’s alleged expansion under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei needed to be confronted.

“But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East,” the paper quoted him as saying.

As reported previously, tensions between Iran and the Saudi Kingdom soared once again this month when Lebanon’s Saudi-allied Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned in a television broadcast from Riyadh, citing the influence of Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and risks to his life. Hezbollah called the move an act of war engineered by Saudi authorities, an accusation they denied.

The NYT subtitled the Friedman interview "The crown prince has big plans to bring back a level of tolerance to his society", which is ironic considering MbS just rounded up most of his country's wealthiest royals and gave them an ultimatum: your money or your freedom. And speaking of extortions, the Crown Prince said that 95% of of suspects agree to a "cash settlement", adding that the public prosecutor expects govt to recover about "$100 billion in settlements."

Needless to say, Saudi Arabia desperately needs the money: with oil refusing to rise to its previous level of $100/barrel, Riyadh is hard-pressed to find sources of cash for its ongoing war of aggression against neighboring Yemen, now in its third year, to defeat the Iranian-aligned Houthi movement that seized broad swaths of the country. Salman told the Times that the war was going in its favor and that its allies controlled 85% of Yemen’s territory. Which of course, is meaningless: the Houthis still retain the main population centers despite the war effort by a Saudi-led military coalition which receives intelligence and refueling for its warplanes by the United States.

Some 10,000 people have died in the conflict, largely thanks to weapons made in the US.

Ominously, Bin Salman said in May that the kingdom would make sure any future struggle between the two countries “is waged in Iran." Now that Israel is openly on the side of Saudi Arabia in the upcoming middle-east war, said Iran-based "struggle" may be imminent.

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Tugg McFancy's picture

This mutherfucker's gotta go.

This is it's picture

As if name calling is enough to start a war 

Justin Case's picture

Israel will say that's what started it.

Truther's picture

The Zionists never give up name calling while crying wolf.

Scar Bro's picture

Since when is being called Hitler an insult. It's an hounour, synonymous with bravery. Now if the Ayatollah called him a jew in return... that could be cause for war.

ne-tiger's picture

fucking clown prince camel fucker

tmosley's picture

>Ayatollah is the new Hitler

wtf I love Iran now.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Couldn't have picked a more compliant toady than Thomas Friedman to interview Netanyahoo's new playtoy.

lil dirtball's picture

This whole Saudi thing is just another shoah, along with the (((Hollywood))) thing, along with the Russian thing, along with the impeachment thing, along with the latest mass shooting thing ... etc.

It's all an elaborate, well-managed stage show of magnificent bullshit.


"It's propaganda. It softens your brain while you read."

"Mmmm ... sounds sublime."

"You're soaking in it!"

eforce's picture

US sells expensive toys its "friends" can barely use without help.

Iran shows its friends how to build and maintain stuff themselves.

End result is Saudi's getting their asses kicked and ballistic missiles rain over Riyadh.

malek's picture

Great statement to prove he is a NWO puppet.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yep, here I had some hope for the young guy, and he just throws it all out the window.

I guess that is how he expects to galvanize his population, but uhhh... Good luck getting the West to fight this particular battle for you, MBS!

Mementoil's picture

Not very clever of you.
The Iranians want to destroy the west just as much as they want to destroy Israel.
They themselves say that Israel is the main obstacle in their way for global domination.
Yes, they actually aspire for global domination.
Don't believe me?
Here's the proof, right out of the horse's mouth:

tmosley's picture

Boy are you kiked.

Iran isn't going to take over shit, and everybody knows it. That sandnigger isn't even president anymore. Current administration doesn't even want to wipe out Israel anymore, more's the pity.

TruthHammer's picture

Tom, you are way to much of a pussy irl to be talking shit like this.

You dont know shit about world affairs, just regurgiate 4chan dumpspeak.


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Not very clever of you.

The Iranians want to destroy the west just as much as they want to destroy Israel."

Not very intelligent of you. You can cherry pick anybody to get stuff like that. 

Maybe you dont understand, but the NWO is out to destroy the west. And they are doing a good job. And the Iranians know it. They just need to let us bleed ourselves out with all our do-goodings around the world. Do you know any US-Iranian history?


Dame Ednas Possum's picture

I watched 'HyperNormalisation' on YouTube tonight. 


Take some of the inherent bias within along with a pinch of salt... but very interesting. I learned much about the ME (and I've lived here over 10 years). 

intotheblack's picture

Yes, whatever, but I think the question we all need to ask ourselves is what can we do to support Iran's struggle against the Zionist Entity? Right? Is that what you're saying? Because if that's what you're sayiing I heartily agree.

musimann's picture

Thats laughable idiotics Zionist propaganda........but there are a lot of fools in the US that are programed to go to war. Sadamm was another Hitler - with WMDs. Sounds like the rouge nation Isreal to me.

StychoKiller's picture

All right, someone remind me here, just WHO was it that rounded up 1000's of his own countrymen for the crime of amassing a fortune or being a prick?

strannick's picture

Those who imprison in glass Riyad Ritzs shouldnt throw Hitlers.

buttmint's picture

....clown prince camel fucker?

Are you calling Thomas "Asshole" Friedman names?

BRAVO to you sir on!


If any of us looks up "jerk" "azzhat" or "fucktard" in any dictionary, they would all fit Thomas Friedman.

Crazy Or Not's picture

  ... We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East,”

and why ever not? If ever there was a place that was in need of a good clean up it's Middle East! Personally I'd start with KSA headchoppers then move right on up to Dancing Israeli Country. I've no issue with Iran, they haven't bombed me, there was that Embassy thing - but we did shove a Shah down their throats and arm Saddam when he was a useful idiot. So I'm happy to call that even.

BlindMonkey's picture

You bring up a great point.  If Iran were to manage to throw the entire Saud family tree into the ovens, would there be more peace in the world or not?

Crazy Or Not's picture

Yeah thanks for that BlindMonkey
Sorry for the delay, it's been an intensive afternoon (in Spain). Iran is Persia - and if we're honest we owe as much to them culturally as we do to the Ancient Greeks - numbers, math etc. Saud's are peasant lottery winners - know how that ends! Worse they're in bed with the kniving Israeli masters of death, deception and skullfuckery. ...taking them out is the only way to be sure.

The Irony of the Saud despots name calling is just precious. MbS is an infantile spoiled child, I give him a month - tops. 

Mementoil's picture

"Personally I'd start with KSA headchoppers then move right on up to Dancing Israeli Country".
You are welcome to come over and give it a try.
Or are you just another keyboard warrior?

tmosley's picture

Hahaha, another kike outs himself.

Now hold still while I gas you.

veritas semper vinces's picture

That shitty little zionist apartheid "country",you know,the occupied Palestine,would not last one month if it wasn't for the Uncle Shlomo (and other idiots like Us) to support it.

Crazy Or Not's picture

> hopefully you be honest enough to admit your people have contributed to significant conflagrations in the world:
Kennedy, taking out Carter's (said) Embassy rescue choppers to enable Bush/Reagan Ticket. 
The 9/11 thing, and general asswipes to the major ponzi schemes. addition to being the biggest arms enablers on the planet.
Kidon Unit and Unit 269 AKA Sayeret Matkal have plenty of crimes to answer for.

Aside from that - Boradswords or Dojo in Barcelona and I'll post the video outcome linked from ZH.
Skinless Prick.

Cry Baby Moe's picture

1 Billion Arabs screaming "We will destroy you and push you into the sea" for 70 years...

5 Wars against the "zionists"

Rocket and Mortar fire for 70 years...

terrorists murdering innocent women and children in pizza shops...

yeah, the zionists are crying wolf...

Scar Bro's picture

Spot the Hasbara brigade.

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

New graduate: 2 weeks, 3 days.

Scar Bro's picture

Place is crawling with them. A lot of "Western" posters who apparently care a LOT about Israel and really hate Hezbollah. I fucking ask you, WHO THE FUCK in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France and Europe in general gives a shit about Hezbollah. If it wasn't for the fact that we recognise the jewish domination of our societies, and the siphoning off of our wealth to aid their fake nation building project, I could not care less what happened over there.

Bloody Fkn Muppet's picture

I'm a western poster, been living in Riyadh for five years and the ME for 8. My first concern is the Zionist illegal occupation of Palestine, as is most of my colleagues. My second way, way, WAY lower is Iran but Saudis have that 'rating' in reverse. It's a dumb Shiite / Sunni pronlem, not unlike the dumb Catholic Protestant issues in Ireland way back when I was a kid.Suffice to say I am n the side of MbS as he's trying to find a way to get past decades of stagnation, corruption, an ultra conservative Islam (I'm Catholic, BTW) and general shitiness in Saudi. If it takes him 'siding' with Israel for a time, because he knows that will juice a lot of influence, then so be it. The direction of the Palestine-Israel conflict has been going the wrong way for decades, so is it really a big deal if MbS ignores that shit-fest for a few years?


N.B. Peace, brother. 

Scar Bro's picture

The Saudis are the source of the "ultra conservative" death cult. Look up the history of WW1. This is by design. It's their USP; what differentiated them from the Ottomans and their only reason for existence.

How the fuck is any Saudi going to solve the "ultra conservative" death cult problem by attacking Iran. Iran is not the source. You're being fed baloney.

Bloody Fkn Muppet's picture

Thanks for no ad hominem attack, good on you. By my observation, the crazy Muslim stuff started in 79, before then Saudi and Iraq were pretty cool. The Saudis I see everyday are also usually cool, and tolerate the overly conservative minority, because they've been living in a highly restrictive society for so long. Now they can be 'themselves' in the kingdom, they're a lot happier.

Jim in MN's picture

The underlying problems aren't about whether the people in any nation want war; they don't.  We have a nearly complete 'outbreak' of world peace right now, which none of the POWER ELITES want to talk about.  That is where wars come from....ordinary folks, shopkeepers and schoolteachers, never want them.  There are gangs of underemployed youth in all societies, of course, and this is another important element--but from Chicago, to Bogota, to Cairo, the ultimate question is whether gang violence is supported by the kids' parents (the shopkeeper and the schoolteacher)...and unless their nation is being occupied or bombed, they don't.

In the ME, it happens that neither Saudi Arabia nor Israel is a natural regional power.  Iran is.  So are Turkey and Egypt.  That's it.  All three of these states should and will get along just fine in today's world.  But that is not a solution for the power elites.  It's a problem.  Russia is messing up plans to keep collapsing nations (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.) that have been well-documented for many years.  World peace?  No way.

Israel uses technology and bribery and blackmail.  The Saudis use oil and bribery.  Those are merely temporary sources of brittle power.  They won't last and are failing.  Both nations cannot hold more than a refugee camp in a war situation without USA incinerating more brown babies.  A habit we look to break.

The US Independent voter has ushered in the era of "TWEETS NOT BOMBS".  This resulting in world peace and doubled economic growth.

KSA and Israel are on their own.  I fervently pray that bluster is all it is.  The path to peace is open to all at this blessed time.


Merry Christmas, and God Bless America and the world.

Cry Baby Moe's picture

you arguing with the facts or making snide comments to ignore them... if you want to explain why the arabs are so incompetent that 1 billion cant beat 5 million zionists, pray tell. or explain what blowing innocents has to do with furthering political aims, again, please tell me. but until you help me understand the situation, ill side with israel and america over terrorist states... 

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

, ill side with israel and america over terrorist states...

false dilemma! : you are with the trrrrrists or with us <<Bush>>

Scar Bro's picture

Israel and America... bullSHIT. It's just Israel. What the fuck do 98% of Americans care about Israel? Oh but the 2% who are jewish, comprise 48% (MINIMUM) of the billionaires in this country so now the 98% have to follow the 2%. If we go to war, and it's for the 2% why isn't the army 48% jewish? No JUST 48% OF THE BILLIONAIRES ARE JEWISH! THAT'S THE DEFINITION OF A BLOOD SUCKING LEECH!

Akzed's picture

if you want to explain why the arabs are so incompetent that 1 billion cant beat 5 million zionists, pray tell.

Maybe it's the unqualified multifacted support from the world's sole "superpower" that tips the scales in favor of the Zionist anti-Christs. Just spit ballin' here.

NiggaPleeze's picture


It's not just the 300 million plus Americans who are forced to do Israel's dirty work and destroy themselves in the process, but also the 300 some million in the EU.  All of those countries serve their Joo-masters, unfortunately, in their longstanding quest for global rule from Jerusalem.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Man,they are like cockroaches. But ,maybe if we shine enough light on them... And some strong insecticide...

tmosley's picture

>Mudshits killing mudshits that pretend not to be mudshits

All for it.

Truther's picture

When the land was handed to you for FREE by the ZIONIST Rothschilds a 100 years ago, you never stopped murdering, invading, inciting, and maiming palestinians or any other country you se DEARLY imposed false flags upon. It's in your Talmud, your evil covenant, in your blood. A lot of video proof from your rabbi handlers.

So, don't cry wolf while gasping for your last breath. There is even proof MBS and Thamer Sabhan were initiated by the Mossad 8 months ago, in ISRAHELL, upon the KUSHNER request.

So yeah, the ZIONISTS are crying wolf.

msamour's picture

Care to explain to us what the Zionists are doing there in the first place?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

You might try to brush up on your history. If you only tell one side of the story it is silly.

Are you saying "Isreal has the right to defend itself?"

That is one of the funniest memes I keep hearing. 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

But, but, but, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east? By what standards? Israel is a demographics project while the Jews only claim is from some biblical text, but no land deeds. This demographic project is to build exclusive Jewish only settlements and they are Jewish only settlements. For Jews alive now, and for Jews yet to be born.

According to Israeli records, they have given the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, 7%=878 of building permits to extend their homes in the last 5 years. While the Jews have received over 11,603. Apartheid?

Then you fucks use your agents in the west to fight BDS and slander those who stand up to you, as well as crush free speech for daring to point things out. Lets not even talk about the home demolitions, or the forging of title deeds. Fuck the Jews and go and tell the mods.

Zionists rule and traitors doing your bidding, is coming to an end in the west. Get use to it and tell your bosses what I said in your debrief.