FBI Warns Of Growing Threat Of Left-Wing Violence

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Via Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog blog,

Best-selling author Edward Klein’s latest best-selling book is called “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.”

Klein reveals that this plot started in the Obama White House just weeks after Donald Trump won the 2016 election.  Klein explains,

“Susan Rice was invited to come to a dinner party and give the President (Obama) a plan, and her plan was to unmask the names of Donald Trump associates who had been inadvertently picked up by electronic intercepts by the National Security Agency (NSA).   The names of these Americans were supposed to remain confidential.  She (Susan Rice) suggested they would be unmasked, meaning they would become public, and they would be distributed widely throughout the intelligence community.  Inevitably, therefore, she admitted those names would be leaked to the mainstream media (MSM), and the story would begin that there was collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. 


This, of course, was always a fairytale because we have had an investigation going on for more than a year and a half, and no one has come up with a scintilla of evidence to prove that...


She (Susan Rice) wasn’t doing anything illegal, but clearly she was doing something unethical, to put it mildly, because President Obama and his national security advisor were using the intelligence community as a weapon against their political enemy Donald Trump.”

So, will anyone be investigated? Klein says,

“I honestly don’t believe that there is going to be an investigation of Barack Obama, the former President.  I do think, however . . . that there is a lot of pressure on Jeff Sessions to investigate Hillary Clinton and her connections with the Russians in commissioning that famous, or infamous, “Russian Dossier” that we all know about that accused Donald Trump of all kinds of sexual misconduct and collusion with the Russians, almost all of which has been disproved as disinformation from the Russians. 


We do know that she (Hillary Clinton) actually authorized the purchase of this dossier and used campaign funds to pay her law firm to actually launder that money and use it to buy this dossier.  That’s against the law because you are supposed to acknowledge and say what your campaign funds are used for, and they are supposed to be used only for the campaign.”

Another big bomb Klein drops in his new book “All Out War” is his publishing of FBI documents warning of violence coming from Antifa and other left-wing groups, which Democrats support.  Klein says,

“In the FBI report that I have reproduced in full in my book, it says that these violent left wing groups traveled to Europe, met with representatives of al-Qaida and the Islamic State, or ISIS.  They also went to Syria and got bomb making instructions and toxic chemical instructions.


The FBI has followed these people and continue to follow these people now that they are back in America, and (the FBI) believes that when the 2018 mid-term elections come, things are going to get hotter and hotter in this country politically and that these groups are going to become more and more violent. 


The FBI has said in this document, I have in this new book, that these left-wing groups, like Antifa, represent the greatest threat to law enforcement since the 1970’s and the Weather Underground.”

Full interview below

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Breitbart: After Six Years in Coma, Israeli Teen Dies of Injuries from Palestinian Terrorist Attack - http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2017/11/23/six-years-coma-israeli-tee... - Zionist stooge Bannon attacks Palestinians daily - while pushing multiculturalism in the USA - 


Bannon: Must Give a ‘Voice to the Voiceless’ in Black, Hispanic Working Class - http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/24/steve-bannon-we-have-... - Irish Bannon pushes zionist ethnic puppet Ted Cruz, at a time when the spics have declared open war on the whites. Every candidate who Bannon supports will be a zionist stooge. Anglo-saxon hater Bannon says that white nationalists are "clowns" while he supports jewish nationalism in Israel. The Irish mic Bannon was just recently attacking the KKK, a white defensive organization.

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Nothing new under the sun. It wouldn't be a 1st. Former Soviet bloc left fascist aka communist regimes where well known for making friends and supportive in the open of islamic fascist regimes even when the evidence pointed clearly for their engagement in leading policies of active terrorism. Ceausescu used to brag about his friendship with Palestinian terrorist leader Arrafat. Ceausescu's last foreign visit was to see his dear friend Khomeini.





Escrava Isaura's picture

Oh boy. The level of the ignorance of current facts and history is amazing. Check it out:

Luc X. Ifer: …..left fascist aka communist regimes where well known for making friends and supportive in the open of Islamic fascist regimes

Trump is supporting the most fascist nation in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.


Ceausescu used to brag about his friendship………..

Your history is very distorted. Let me help you:

When Ceausescu came to London he was feted by Margaret Thatcher. When George Bush the First came into office, I think the first person he invited to Washington was Ceausescu. Yes, Romania was a miserable, brutal regime supported by the United States right to the end.


Luc X. Ifer's picture

Let me call you out idiot. You teach me the history of my own nation and of the times I was raised into. Go fuck yourself fascist leftard.

house biscuit's picture

Aww...that's adorable.....An American bragging about knowing history...

Luc X. Ifer's picture

U talking 2 Me? Sweet, if my n*th language is so good that I can easily  pass as American, thanks cowboy!

eforce's picture

Perhaps the FEMA camps weren't for us...

WorkingFool's picture

Does your mom know you’re using the computer?

crazzziecanuck's picture

Bill Casey was told by his own CIA personnel that everything he was reading about the connections between the Kremlin and international terrorism was shit the CIA was making up.

Fast forward twenty years and they can trot this crap out at the speed of "social media."

Luc X. Ifer's picture

I piss on Bill Casey lies and you are deluded if you buy into his bullshitt. I was raised in the Soviet Bloc and due to the media specifics I honestly think I was aware of at least 75% of the so called camaradery visits our dear leader had with his fascist terrorist Islamic buddies trough TV, Radio and printed press. Always the prestitutes of the era used to brag about the glorious success of the relation with known terrorist supporting governements. After 1990 there is another story, Russia had to suffer way too much at the hands of the fascist Islamic terror so there would be illogical for them to nurture the same kind of relations since then.

WorkingFool's picture

Violence is something the left is very good at. Murder by the 10’s of millions. Americans should take this seriously. Of course in the past those populations were inarmed and unable to defend themselves.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Try to stay on topic shit for brains.

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Breitbart=Fake News

Israel First Bannon! What a puppet.......

‘I’m Proud to Be a Christian Zionist’: Steve Bannon Gets Standing O from Leading Jewish Organization


The Zionist Organization of America’s annual awards gala gave Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon three standing ovations Sunday after the former White House chief strategist delivered a fiery speech praising President Donald Trump’s leadership in the Middle East and calling on America’s Jewish community “to bind together and work as partners” in his war against the GOP establishment.

“It is time for us to act,” Bannon said, addressing the Jewish community and other American supporters of Israel, “and I believe the only way to act is not through moderation. I am not a moderate, I’m a fighter. And that’s why I’m proud to stand with the state of Israel. That’s why I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist. That is why I’m proud to be a partner of one of the greatest nations on earth and the foundation of the Judeo-Christian West.”

Calling Trump “the strongest supporter of Israel, since Ronald Reagan,” Bannon recalled President Trump’s inauguration speech:

“On the 20th of January, 2017 … President Trump said we will reinforce old alliances and form new ones to unite the civilized world against radical terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.”

Escrava Isaura's picture

Simpleton, you’re too involved in the details of a problem and the propaganda that you’re forgetting to look at the situation as a whole. See if this post by SeaMonkeys helps:

Friedrich List was the father of economic nationalism, and this is what Bannon draws upon. WW1 was a war that Germany should have won. The world might be a beautiful place today had they done so. Anglo capitalism and its money markets was what triumphed. So much of our troubles today can be traced back to this sad outcome to WW1. If Germany had won, it's conceivable that the Soviet Union might have become a healthy productive force and the East and the West might have been able to synthesize a more productive and fairer political economy for both capitalism and communism.

The Anglos used money markets and bank lending for the purpose of profit, with no concern for the welfare of the community, and Germany did the opposite-Werner's window guidance. 

You should read Costas Lapavitsas' "Profiting Without Producing." The first part of the book goes over 19th and early 20th century German finance up to Rudolph Hilferding.

You should also read Erik Reinert's "How Rich Countries Got Rich and How Poor Countries Stay Poor." He is a heterodox economist and draws upon many, including Karl Menger, Joseph Schumpeter, Friedrich List, and Werner Sombart, who you've written about in the past.

Please don't fall into the trap of looking for the Jewish scapegoat-you'll miss the forest for the trees. Sombart did, and he was a genius in spite of it, not because of it. 

Bannon is right about the Democrats. The only thing they have is identity politics. They killed Bernie Sanders' campaign, which opened the door for Trump (Bannon). Economic populism is what this country needs. I disagree with Bannon that it has to take the form of nationalism, because we live in a world of accelerating increasing returns that is far outpacing what labor can contribute. Our problems are more fundamental than just plain old us vs. them. 

But Bannon and Sanders understand the political economy. I don't mean to elevate Sanders (or Bannon) above good economists, like Richard Werner or Joseph Huber, who truly get it. But since our choices in America are limited to the puny menu selection of red meat and blue meat, I have to talk about them.


house biscuit's picture

My guess is- after calling him 'simpleton'- he's a lot less likely to read your book on 19th century German finance...

...And let's face it, that was going to be a stretch to begin with.....

TheReplacement's picture

Please explain how a private bank printing the national currency, which we are all obligated to use for debts public and private, resembles free market capitalism.  If you cannot do that then every thought you've ever had is bankrupt and you should just shut to fuck up or admit you are a stooge and a sock puppet.

TheLastTrump's picture

You're fake news.

Bannon is a US patriot.

Breitbart runs stories the mainstream media won't because the facts make leftist fucks look bad.

White Devil's picture

Has your mom gotten the abortion yet?

besnook's picture

breitbart is the right's equivalent of the left's sjws. both are equally nutz.

jcbudmo's picture

Yes he's a patriot but he's also a Zionist. And last I looked Zionists do not have US interests at heart.

gearjammers1's picture

Here's Irish Bannon's recent anti-KKK (anti white anglo-saxon) Breitbart article - Bannon Discusses Growing Up in ‘a Very Observant Catholic Family’ in the South Where the KKK ‘Tarred and Feathered’ Priests - http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/16/bannon-discusses-grow... - antifa hates KKK also - neoconservative Bannon is left imitating right - the neoconservatives never quit -neoconservatives are liberal zionists who switched to the right to push Israel's war

Ms No's picture

How many agents does the stormer employ?  IDK, that's why I am asking.  Trust no one.

gearjammers1's picture

Not sure I would trust you. Female reasoning

Ms No's picture

Go ahead and join them if you wish.  You'll probably get set up for the next Oklahoma City bombing, or end up a dead accountant in a hotel but it's your choice, or end up fighting against their counterpart BLM... Nothing good will come of it. 

gearjammers1's picture

Really ? You think the FBI is tryiing to set me up ? You're a headcase.

JSBach1's picture


What a truly idiotic devoid of any substance response that is!!!

If you cannot formulate a well-reasoned, logically-driven response than ask yourself: "Why bother at all?!"

BTW: Ms No is a well-respected female who's insight I would take -- on her worst day of clarity -- over your's anyday!

gearjammers1's picture

I think she's a headcase. It's obvious you want to sleep with her, and that clouds your reasoning.

gearjammers1's picture

Are you Irish ? I'm watching you defend Irish crimes against civilized American Anglo-Saxon.

JSBach1's picture

Don't waste your time with a lout...

gearjammers1's picture

Ms. No - all the guys who want to fuck you are downvoting me. Even after you used deceit to bash a white defensive outfit. The female full of deceit.

Ms No's picture

The KKK claims to be a white defense organization but it is at least half federal agent (Church Committee) which essentially means it's the same as BLM or Antifa.  Which makes sense considering they have spent so much time making us look like shit and getting us to fight each other, as opposed to looking up.

gearjammers1's picture

KKK was a white defense organization - in the past - it is the KKK of the past that Bannon hates - old white America

gearjammers1's picture

 You're a girl. With girl logic. You are attacking a white man's defensive orgainization by using deception. Confusing the past with the present.   I'm a guy who opposed you, non-violently with words, and I am accused of being a lout. Fuck off for opposing a white man's defense organization - and then you got the gall of saying I'm FBI bait. You're a crazy bitch - take my word for it - FBI is going notice a crazy bitch like you long before it notices a quiet mathematician like me.

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Girly - who used deception to bash the KKK the white defensive organization - did you ever wake up early in the morning with a semi-hardon ? No ? Then you should fuck off with your bitchy opininion .

gearjammers1's picture

from your article - Bannon recently announced his intent to help Trump defeat the influence the Jew Singer’s money has in Washington>>>


Breitbart article says Singer is "liberal", doesn't mention that Singer is Jewish. Jewish controlled right will never blame Jewish left.

gearjammers1's picture

I'm anglo-saxon here in middle america - and I'm onto a scoop - that the american Irish are trash and they are Jew suckups - watching that lefty Bannon suck up to Zionist Jews

gearjammers1's picture

Here's the American Irish TV show "Shameless" - typical Irish trash - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1586680/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 - show starts out every week with Irish American actor sitting on the  toilet - Irish are trash -  they are white niggers

koan's picture

Son... every president since Clinton (when I started paying attention) has been a Zionist stooge.

Blankenstein's picture

DId you even read the second article you posted?  Sounds to me like you're just trying to smear someone who is trying to drain the swamp.  

The deplorables are also the black and Hispanic working class,” he said in a video conversation with author Keith Koffler about his new biography of Bannon.


He said he wanted inner city kids to have the chance to be fully invested in the country, by stopping illegal immigration from driving down wages, and by fixing trade deals.


During the financial crisis, Bannon said that the Wall Street class were taken care of by the government but that the smaller banks got crushed since many of them loaned money to working-class people who didn’t get rescued by the government.

The elites took care of themselves,” he said

gearjammers1's picture

I read the article dimwit. Zionist neoconservatives like Bannon imitate conservatives. I have already covered that topic, dummy.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Finally seeing the manifest war from within that people like Gordon Liddy were claiming as a justification for their malfeasances over 45 years ago.

restelle's picture

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to muster up any fear of libtards.